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A Born Leader is the ninth episode of Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy and the twenty first episode overall.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Leo awakens in the Cave's cell, after having been gagged. He looks around the area, then seeing Marcus looking down at him and saying hello. In Louis' quarters, Brooke and Daniel are on the couch, talking with Louis, Judy and Jason. Daniel then points out that something had smelt good to the right of him.

Brooke then guesses that Louis had prepared beef bourguignon , with Judy then correcting her by saying that she meant the five-hour famous Osmond beef bourguignon, with Louis then revealing that Judy had actually put in a request. Judy then explains that she had felt bad for forcing Louis to work for them so hard, with Louis then pointing out that Judy had been a hard woman to say no to.

Jason then chimes in, agreeing with his father, with Judy then stating that she'd take what they said as a compliment. Louis then beckons the group to the dining table, asking Jason to bring the meat up. Judy then points out Daniel and Brooke sitting together to Louis and calling them a beautiful couple. Judy then gets up as, Brooke states that she and Daniel were meant to be.

Judy then leans down to Brooke, telling her that that had been music to her ears. Brooke then flashes back to when Hayley had told her that she needed to say "We were meant to be" in front of Judy. Daniel then remarks that that was a good point, before calling it weird. Brooke then cuts in, asking Jackie and Max how they'd manage to get Enna's chess set from her brother.

Max then explains that while Brooke and Daniel were at dinner, he'd give Jason a call and notify that he thought he'd found Emma's chess set in the Ravens clubhouse, adding that he'd make Jason believe he picked up the wrong chess set. Back in the present, Jason gets a call at the dinner table, then taking the call to Max. Jason then expresses his shock at what Max had told him, with Judy asking him whether he was ok.

Back in the flashback, Jackie explains that once Jason gotten the call he would need to leave the dinner table and head to his office, to see whether anyone had taken Emma's chess set, with Jason then hanging the call up in the present and passing it off, as having been admin stuff. Jason then makes the excuse that he had forgotten to send an email to CDE, with Louis then asking his son whether the Californian Department of Education had really been calling him.

Jason then apologizes to everyone, getting up and assuring them that he'd only need a minute, while back in the flashback, Hayley explains that that had been part 1, with part 2 being that when Jason left, Brooke would need to find a reason to leave dinner as well, while in the present, Daniel accidently knocks over Brooke's glass, spilling drink on her. Daniel then apologizes, with Brooke then getting up and telling everyone that she'd head off to clean it up.

In Louis' office, Jason is looking through the bookcase, as Hayley explains that all Brooke needed to do was follow her brother, which would therefore lead her to the chess set. Just then Jason manages to find the set in the bookcase, with Brooke then arriving through the door. Jason asks his sister what she had been doing there, with Brooke making up the excuse that she was looking for the stain remover and had thought that she saw it in there.

Brooke then begins to look for the stain remover, then deliberately bumping into her brother, causing him to drop the chess set. She apologizes to Jason and kneels down to help him pick up all the pieces, as Jackie begins to go over the third part of their plan in the flashback. Max places two duplicates of the white knight chess piece from Emma's set on the table, explaining that Brooke needed to replace Emma's piece with the ones he gave her.

Hayley then asks Brooke and Daniel, what they thought of the plan, but Daniel then says that he didn't know as there was a possibility that Jason would be onto them. However Brooke promises them that he wouldn't, as she had it. In the present, Jason tries to assure Brooke that everything was fine, but Brooke insists that she help him. Just then Brooke manages to make the swap.

After helping Jason, Brooke arrives back at dinner, just as Jason gets another text from Max. Max's text notifies Jason that it hadn't been Emma's chess set after all, apologizing for the mix-up. Curious, Louis asks him what it was, with Jason just telling him that he'd received a text from a student, adding that some of the Greenhouse kids had no boundaries. Louis then states that boundaries were something Jason would be able to learn to control as he gained more experience, while being the dean.

After dinner, Brooke and Daniel head back down the corridor to meet with Max, Jackie and Hayley. Brooke then passes Max the white knight chess pieces from Emma's chess set, with him then heading off as Jackie and Daniel high-fived. In the Cave, Marcus is asking Leo whether he'd do what he asked, with Leo assuring him that he would.

Marcus then tells Leo that he could leave the Cave. However, Leo just stands there and stares at Marcus, prompting him to re-iterate what he had told Leo. Reluctantly, Leo then leaves the Cave, while back at the Ravens dormitory, Hayley is commending Jackie for the work she did, with Jackie stating that she was just happy that they hadn't been caught.

Just then they see Leo standing at the sink in the locker rooms, with Hayley asking what had happened to him. Leo tells the pair that he'd forgotten to brush his teeth, prompting Hayley to further ask why Leo had been dressed like he had just been outside. But Leo just makes the excuse that he had been tired and as such fell asleep in his clothes, with Hayley and Jackie then heading off.

In the computer lab, Max is examining the white knight chess piece, using his magnifying glass. In the Eagles dormitory, Alex is sitting contently on the couch, just as Daniel arrives back with Brooke. In the computer lab, Max continues examining the chess piece, taking off a piece of material at the bottom of it and discovering a microchip. Alex then gets up from the couch in the Eagles dormitory, as Brooke walks up to him.

Brooke then gives Alex a hug, with Daniel then heading off. Back in the lab, Max inserts the microchip into a nearby peripheral while on his laptop, attempting to decrypt the data contained within the chip. At the FBI headquarters, Eric and Perry are over at the coffee machine, with Perry assuring Eric that he had traced the outgoing calls to Emma's old phone number, with Eric then asking Perry to continue.

Perry explains that he didn't have an exact location for the outgoing calls, but noted that they had been coming from the Greenhouse grounds, with Eric then asking Perry whether he had tapped Emma's new phone. Perry then assures Eric that he had, with Eric then expressing that they didn't want anyone from the Greenhouse getting in contact with Emma, just as Carter rocks up asking what about the Greenhouse they were talking about.

In response, Eric quickly makes up the excuse that they were just talking about the taser investigation, with Perry adding that they had just been tying up some loose ends, with Eric revealing it had just been paperwork. However, Carter then mentions he had read Eric's report, and as such he had found there was no connection with the Greenhouse, with Eric agreeing, as Perry notifies them that he had to head off.

Having noticed Perry's watch, Carter tells Eric that he hadn't know that Perry got a raise. Confused, Eric asks Carter what he'd been talking about, with Carter then pointing out Perry's watch as an at least 10 grand Rolex watch. Eric then chuckles and reminds Carter that Perry had always liked to try and show off, noting that the Rolex was probably a fake, then walking off.

In the biology lab, Hayley apologizes to the group for being late, explaining that Aspen had been watching her and as such she had to make sure that she wasn't being followed, before saying hi to her brother. Hayley then asks Max to show them what he managed to find, with Max explaining that at first he hadn't found anything, having removed the felt from underneath the white night chess piece.

Max then continues, saying that he'd scanned the chip and then made use of a Geiger counter to check for any isotopes. As Max tries to continue, Jackie then just deduces that it had taken Max a long time to receive the clue, before asking him to show it to them. Max then apologizes and reveals that he had checked the other knight and found an encrypted microchip that contained a video, then adding that Emma had made a video before she left the Greenhouse on the night of the dance.

Jackie then tells Max to show them the video, with Max then complying. In the video, Emma reveals that she had lied to Max, apologizing to him for doing so. Emma expresses that she didn't have a lot of time, but had to tell him everything she knew even though it had only been in bits and pieces. Emma then explains that the reason she'd been late to Max's picnic on the day of the satellite launch was because she was busy hacking into NASA's servers.

Emma continues, saying that she had managed to help bring down the satellite, having done it all from Max's laptop. Hayley then expresses her surprise, as Max explains that his laptop had the ability to be able to access encrypted sites that normal laptops wouldn't be able to access, revealing that he'd shown it off to Emma to impress her, with Jackie calling that a bad idea.

In the video, Emma then reveals that it had been Jason who had told her to do everything she did and that he had told her that he was working with the government on a classified project, but then adds that she knew Jason had been lying, as Jason had never told her that they were going to shut the satellite down and that when she confronted Jason on the subject, he'd threatened to kick her out of the Greenhouse.

Emma then states that she knew all of that would break her parents hearts and that that day when she tried to call NASA and tell them everything, Jason said he would of turned her in, as it was Jason's word against hers. Emma then concludes by saying that she was so ashamed, as she couldn't risk her parents finding out, so was forced to agree to leave. Just then Jason calls for Emma, asking whether she was ready, as Emma states that she didn't know who Jason was working for, but did know that he wasn't working alone.

Emma finally asks Max to be careful, warning him to not trust anyone, before the message ends. Back at the FBI headquarters, Eric rocks up to Perry, asking him how he could of been so stupid, pointing towards Perry's watch. Perry asks what his problem had been, with Eric then taking a note and storming off. Having heard the conversation, Carter rocks up and takes a seat in his cubicle.

Back in the biology lab, Alex realizes that their situation had now turned criminal, stating that they had to head to the police. Hayley then asks her brother what they'd go to the police with, with Alex then suggesting that they take the footage from Emma's video message to them, but Jackie then reminds them that all they had was Emma's confession and that the first thing the police would, would be arresting Emma as well as Max, after they found out that Emma had used his laptop.

Hayley then reiterates that it was Jason's word against Emma's when it came to the police. Brooke then ponders why her brother would be doing all of this, with Daniel then cutting in and saying it was because he'd been working with Judy, noting that he'd seen the way his mother had looked at Jason when Max had called him, adding that he just knew the two were working together.

Alex then laments that they didn't even know what it was, with Hayley then revealing that whatever was going on had something to do with their mother; Ryan, as the satellite had been a part of her research. Curious, Jackie then asks Hayley what her mother's research had been about, with Alex then revealing that Ryan had never really told them and that it had been very top secret.

Hayley then points out that they hadn't asked their mother either. Daniel, after having done some research, mentions that Ryan had a PhD in geophysics at Caltech with the highest honours, being summa cum laude. Hayley asks him where he'd found the statistics, with Daniel then revealing that it had been in Ryan's obituary on the L.A Times. Hayley then borrows Daniel's Louie, expressing that she'd never seen it, before then seeing CSL mentioned on her mother's obituary. Confused, Hayley asks what CSL was.

Max, after having done some research reveals that CSL was Caltech Seismological Laboratory, with a lot of geophysicists studying seismology. Jackie then asks for clarification as to whether seismology was the study of earthquakes, with Max then nodding his head. Daniel then puts the pieces together and realizes that Hayley's mother had researched earthquakes, then pondering whether it had something to do with the satellite.

Brooke then remembers that she had heard Marcus talking about an earthquake in the Cave, with Jackie then pointing out that they had obviously felt the same earthquake that they did, just as Daniel realizes that Brooke had returned a day before the earthquake had occurred, as Hayley points out that that meant that the conspirators somehow knew about the earthquake that was about to occur.

In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Leo is at the bar, asking for a small double chocolate ice cream, just as Aspen rocks up to him. Leo then says thanks to the bar-tender, with Aspen then taking a seat next to him. Aspen then notifies Leo that if he was wondering where Hayley was, she'd be able to tell him, then asserting that Hayley was with Daniel after having not received a reply from Leo. Aspen continues, revealing that Daniel and Hayley had been in the biology lab.

Aspen then reveals that she had also seen Hayley's brother; Alex and Max and Jackie heading into the old biology lab as well. In response, Leo asks Aspen whether she had really been that bored, but Aspen tells him that she had only been trying to help him, adding that Leo was their captain and that they had been conspiring behind their backs. Leo then takes his ice-cream from the bar-tender and walks off.

Back at the FBI headquarters, Eric is seeing David in his office. Eric expresses that he was in an awkward situation, reminding David that when he had given Carter his job back, he had asked him whether he thought Carter was ready, with him having said yes, but then reveals that at that point he'd had second thoughts about his decision, as Carter's paranoia was starting to surface again, causing him worry.

David then asks Eric why he believed this, asking whether Carter had been coming up with conspiracy theories about his wife again, but Eric states that Carter had believed that Perry was taking bribes. In response, David asks for clarification as to whether Eric had their Perry, with Eric then saying it was and mentioning that Carter wouldn't let this thought go, adding that he wouldn't listen to him.

Eric goes on to explain, that Carter had been his best friend, but it was just that he was worried about theirs and Carter's safety. This causes David to believe he may of been too quick, allowing Carter to come back to work, stating that he had been sure that Carter had recovered, then concluding by telling Eric to just keep an eye on Carter, with Eric agreeing to do so.

In the lab, Brooke asks Alex who he was calling, with Alex revealing that he was giving Brandon Thomas a call, as they had to let him know about the satellite, with Brooke then saying that they should notify her father first. However Jackie then reminds them that Emma had said to trust no one in this situation, with Brooke then asking whether they really thought her father could be involved.

Hayley then states that she didn't think so, but had also felt the same way about Marcus, Judy and Jason, with Alex then adding Eric. Brooke then realizes this fact, pondering how they could of missed it, with Alex pointing out that Eric had said that he'd taken Brooke to the station, asking her whether he really did take her to the station.

Brooke then starts remembering that Eric had been the one, who took her to the Cave, to see Marcus. Daniel then chimes in, noting that Eric had been the one to turn Brooke in, with Hayley then believing it to be too much for her. Jackie then states that she hated Eric, ever since he'd forced her to take a polygraph test and as such she knew there was something sketchy about him.

Hayley then says that Daniel's mother, Marcus, Jason and her dad's best friend; Eric were involved, with Alex then announcing that he was going to call their father. Alex gives his father a call, but Carter then declines the call. Carter then looks round the office, to make sure no one was watching him, before getting up and heading over to Eric's cubicle.

He then looks under Eric's keyboard, to get his password, managing to then log into Eric's account on the FBI's computer network. Just then Eric arrives, asking Carter whether he could help him, before then further asking why he had been trying to break into his computer. Looking at Eric, Carter asks him what he and Perry had been talking about that morning, but Eric just tells him to stop it, as he was his friend.

Carter then stands up, telling Eric that if he were really his friend, he'd let him log into his computer, but Eric tells him that that wasn't going to occur. Carter then asks Eric what he had been hiding, with Eric then just suggesting that Carter get some rest, attempting to put his arm round Carter. However, Carter is quick to swat Eric off, demanding Eric get off of him. In response, Eric says that he had been wrong about Carter and that he hadn't been ready to come back to work, with Carter then firing back by saying that he had been wrong about Eric.

Just then, David arrives on the scene, splitting up the fight and asking them what was going on. Eric then notifies David, that Carter had been trying to break into his computer, but Carter tries to explain that Eric and Perry had been keeping some sort of evidence and that he had heard them talking about said evidence that morning.

Carter then tries to remember that it had been something about tapping into phone calls, with Eric then citing what Carter had said as evidence he was getting worse to David. Carter then tells David that he had to believe him and that Internal affairs needed to know what was going on there. However, David then tells him that he needed to take the rest of the day off, with Carter then grabbing Ryan's letter and asking David whether he knew what it was.

Carter explains that his wife had written the letter on the night before she had died, then believing that there was a possibility she wrote something about Eric. Carter opens up the envelope, only to find nothing contained within it and believing that Eric had stolen the letter. Eric tries to say that he didn't know what Carter was talking about, but Carter is quick to lunge at him.

Struggling, Eric orders Carter off of him, with David then pulling Carter off of him and telling him that he was dismissed. David orders Carter to leave both his gun and badge at the personnel office, with Carter then leaving. David then orders Eric into his office. Back at the Greenhouse, Hayley reveals to her friends that she hadn't been able to get in contact with her father either.

Alex, then worried asks his sister whether she believed they were too late, believing there was a possibility that Eric could of gotten to him. Jackie then asks the group for clarification as to whether they were just imagining the conspiracy, but Brooke then notes that they knew something terrible was occurring but had no one they could turn to. Just then, Daniel makes a brash decision to head to the Cave, getting up and heading off.

Brooke asks him, where he'd be going, with Daniel revealing that he intended to go to the Cave. Daniel states that he'd stand there at the entrance until they let him in and he'd then tell his mother that he knew all about him. Hayley then asks him what he'd do next, guessing that Daniel would look her in the eye and then repent and do volunteer work at a soup kitchen.

Daniel then asks Hayley whether she had a better idea, with Max then lamenting that Emma had been right, as they couldn't trust anyone. Just then Hayley gets a call on her Louie, with Alex who it was, guessing it was their father. However, Hayley then reveals that it was Leo, with Daniel asking her what Leo had wanted. Hayley then reveals that Leo had wanted to talk with her alone.

Hayley then texts back to Leo, telling him that she was busy, but Leo then texts back notifying Hayley that it had been about her mother and as such was important. Hayley then announces that she was heading off, with Daniel offering to go with her, but Hayley assures him that it was ok. Daniel then says that it could of been a trap, with Hayley asking him whether he really believed Leo was working with the conspirators, with Daniel then asking how they knew he wasn't.

However, Hayley stands her ground and heads off, assuring them that she'd be quick. Outside by the beach, Leo is sitting on a bench, just as Hayley arrives. Hayley takes a seat next to him, assuring him that she was listening to what he had to say. Leo the flashes back to when he met with Marcus in the Cave. Leo gets up in his cell, asking Marcus whether he was going to hypnotize him.

Marcus then firmly says that he'd never hypnotize anyone again in his life, with Leo then asking what he was going to do. Marcus reveals that he'd show Leo something that he thought would be of interest to him, asking Leo to go with him. Leo then does so, following Marcus into Ryan's secret chamber. Leo recognizes Ryan, with Marcus confirming it was her.

Leo walks over to Ryan's bedside, asking Marcus how she was alive, with Marcus then revealing that he'd rescued her. Leo then expresses his disbelief, saying that it was impossible as they'd all seen the explosion. Marcus then tells Leo that Ryan had made use of the escape pod before the explosion occurred, adding that he had waited for Ryan at sea, then retrieving her before the authorities arrived at the site.

Marcus then concludes that no one had found Ryan's body, prompting Leo to then ask whether Ryan was actually ok and why she was unconscious, but Marcus tells him that it had been the only way that he could keep Ryan alive. Marcus states that Ryan's vital signs were fine and that she had been asleep for the time being. Leo then asks him why he hadn't told anyone else about her, but he then informs Leo that no one else could know about it.

Marcus then continues, saying that if the people he was working for were to find out about Ryan, it'd be the end of her, asking Leo understood what he had been telling him. Leo then asks why Marcus had been working for his employers, with Marcus saying that it had been greed at first, as he had wanted to support his family, but that he was in too deep now and had to look after Ryan and that once they had finished, he'd be able to wake Ryan up.

Curious, Leo asks what mission Marcus was on, but he then just tells him that telling Leo the information would be unfair, with Leo then asking Marcus why he had told him about Hayley's mother. Marcus explains that Leo and his friends were smart kids and that he'd been keeping tabs on them and that he knew they were close to discovering what they were up to there and that as such they'd try to stop them.

Marcus then mentions that Leo was a born leader and was close to Hayley and that he was sure Leo would like Hayley to see her mother alive once again. Marcus then concludes, that if Leo wanted Hayley to see her mother again, he'd need to let Marcus and his co-workers finish their mission and stating that he'd risked everything to save Ryan, asking Leo to help him see it through, as it'd be over in a few hours.

Back in the present, Leo reveals to Hayley that her mother had been alive, having seen his own eyes. Leo then asserts that they just needed to let Marcus and co complete their mission and that she would then be able to see her mother again.