A Day Off is the third episode of Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy and the fifteenth episode overall, premiering on Netflix; February 14th,2018.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Judy is continuing her phone call with the Client, assuring him that they'd let him know of the results of the trial run, once they initiated it. The Client then says the time of 3:16, confusing Judy, who asks for clarification. The Client then clarifies, revealing that 3:16 would be the exact time they'd start the trial run.

Judy then agrees to do so, as the Client tells her that he'd be looking out for a nice little earthquake around that sort of time, adding that if they succeeded their pay would downloaded into their bank accounts by 3:17, before wishing them good luck. After, Judy had finished her call, Marcus asks her what she knew about the Client.

In response, Judy just says that she knew the Client was generous with is pay and that he'd be on time, just as Marcus reminds her that he was paying them to control earthquakes. However, Judy reminds him that earthquakes happened all the time and that the small they were going to cause that day, would land 5 million dollars in their accounts, with the next one being 10 times that amount.

However, Marcus still insists that they were doing something wrong, before Judy tells him that all she cared about was providing enough money for her son and his future family, so that they'd never have to worry about their finances, as well as Marcus' kids. In the Eagles locker rooms, Daniel has just opened Brooke's locker and is reading the notes she made in her copy of the Great Gatsby.

Just then, Brooke rocks up and asks Daniel what he had been doing, with Daniel making the excuse that Brooke's locker had been open and that her copy of the Great Gatsby had fallen out, before pointing out that Brooke did read the book and that she'd even made notes in it, but Brooke just says that it must of slipped her mind. In response, Daniel questions it, as he knew Brooke had one of the best memories out of everyone he knew.

Brook then reminds Daniel that she'd already said she was sorry, and that as she was human she made mistakes, but Daniel is then quick to say that it wasn't that and that he didn't care about the quiz. This prompts Brooke to say that that was good, attempting to kiss Daniel, before saying that the important thing was they were back together, then adding that they were meant to be. Brooke then takes her tennis racket out of her locker, and tells Daniel that she'd see him at dinner later, before heading off.

In the Greenhouse cafeteria, the Ravens are preparing for their day at the beach, as Jackie says that she hadn't had a proper day off since she started at the Greenhouse. Just then she sees Max packing a study guide into his picnic basket, but grabs it off him, telling that a day off was a day off, before noticing the look on Max's face and asking him what was up, before guessing it was something to do with Emma.

Max then reveals that he and Emma had barely spoken with each other, when he called her and that she had sounded like a robot, before adding that Emma had sounded upset even when he called her. In response, Jackie suggests that Emma may of had a lot on her plate, with her mother having been sick, but Max is quick to question it as Emma wouldn't of been able to dance and have fun at the party, if she had to leave the Greenhouse, due to her mother being that sick, adding that it hadn't made any sense.

Jackie suggests that it could be that Emma wanted to have one last good time before she left the school, with Max then saying that could of been a possibility, before Jackie tells him that while she knew Max missed Emma, he was overthinking it too much, adding that he had to let it go. Max then finishes his packing and heads off with Jackie, walking past Jason, who had heard their conversation. In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is carrying out cheerleader practice, directing their moves to music.

Just then Parker, rocks up and accidently gets hit by one of the girl's pompoms. Sophie then turns the music off, as Parker apologizes to the girls for interrupting them. Sophie then gets the girls to take five, as Parker reveals that he had just wanted to thank Sophie for her help with the maths equation. Sophie then says that Parker was welcome, before he starts to ask her, saying that he understood she maybe busy.

Just then Sophie asks Parker to put his thought on hold, just as she sees Alex. She then walks up to Alex and asks him whether he was ok, after seeing the look on his face, but Alex assures her that he was fine. Sophie, however is persistent and tells him that he knew he could tell her anything, with him then attempting to walk past her. Just then, Sophie jokes that Alex was upset because he didn't make the cut for their cheerleading team.

Sophie then gets her cheerleaders back together, to resume practice, but Alex assures Sophie that it was alright, but Sophie just asks him to trust her on it. Sophie then tells Alex to drop his basket ball, while handing him some pompoms and giving him a direct order to dance as the captain of the Eagles.

Sophie then turns the music on, and directs both her cheerleaders and Alex through their various cheer moves, with Sophie then commending Alex on his effort and telling to work more on the arms, as Parker glumly watches on. At the beach, the Ravens have arrived for their day at the beach, having set up refreshments and shady areas. One of the girls then takes a sandwich over to Suzanne, who's supervising the day.

Suzanne thanks the girl and says that it made her glad that she had volunteered to be the supervisor for the day. Adjacent to Suzanne, Max is busy putting on some sun-screen, asking Jackie whether she wanted any, but she then reveals that she had already put some on. Elsewhere on the beach, Leo is watching Hayley, just as Aspen asks him whether he could help her rub some sun-screen on her back.

Aspen then looks in the direction Leo was looking in, before then re-iterating what she had just said, with Leo then complying and doing so. While he attempts to help her, Aspen moves and chuckles, prompting Leo to ask her to hold still, with her telling him that it tickled, just as Hayley starts to walk over to them. At the Eagles basketball court, Alex is practicing his basketball, just as Daniel arrives.

Daniel then says hello to Alex, prompting Alex to ask how his leg was, as he continues to score nets, with Daniel then revealing it was then better. Daniel then asks Alex whether he could join him, with Alex then saying he could, as it wasn't like he owned the court. Daniel then walks over to him, saying that he was right as his mum owned the court, adding that she'd payed for the entire court.

Daniel then asks Alex whether he wanted to play some Horse , with Alex then passing him the ball. Alex agrees to do so, before Daniel tells him to keep in mind that he was a little rusty, before then scoring a net, with him then correcting what he'd said, by saying that he guessed he really wasn't rusty. Alex then takes his turn and manages to score as well. Back in the Eagles dormitory, Sophie tells Parker that he'd make a great cheerleader, as she continues the cheerleading practice.

Sophie then continues by saying that Parker was tall enough to fit in the formation that the cheerleaders were currently performing, but Parker then insists that Sophie wouldn't want him in her cheerleading team, then noting that he'd be clumsier that Alex, with Sophie then agreeing that that would be bad. Parker then asks for clarification as to whether Sophie was dating Alex.

However, Sophie didn't hear him, as she tells Susie that she had missed a step , reminding her of the steps, telling her to go from the top. Sophie then asks Parker to re-iterate what he had asked her, with Parker just telling her that it was nothing and that he had just been talking about her and her boyfriend. Confused, Sophie asks for clarification as to who he meant, then realizing that he had meant Alex, with Parker then confirming her suspicion.

Sophie is then quick to clear up, that she and Alex were just friends, but Parker then reminds her that he had seen her at the dance and that it had kind of looked like they were a couple. Sophie, in response then notifies Parker that was simply a captain's way of trying to keep the peace between Brooke and Daniel, adding that it hadn't been like that idea helped the situation. Parker then says that was good, as it still seemed Sophie was single.

Back at the beach, Hayley takes her shirt off, just as Aspen approaches her, exclaiming that she was having so much fun, with it being a lot better than the dreary Atlantic. Aspen then tells Hayley that she wanted to thank her for helping to set her head straight the prior day, but Hayley assures her that everything was alright. Aspen then goes on to explain that when she got competitive, sometimes she just lost it.

Aspen continues saying that her mother had told her it was because she was a natural born winner and that she struggled to accept that not everyone was like her and that if she were Hayley, she would be upset as well, as all of a sudden someone like her had showed up at the Greenhouse, being all confident. Aspen then sees Leo in the ocean and calls out to him, to tell him that she was on her way, then racing off towards him.

Back in the Eagles basketball court, Alex and Daniel are standing in the bleachers, with Daniel then managing to score a net from the bleachers, in an attempt to show off to Alex. The pair then head to the other side of the court, with Alex attempting to score in the net over the opposite side of the court, to which he does. Next up, Daniel attempts to score a backwards net, also managing to do so and shocking Alex.

Daniel then takes the final shot, announcing that it was time to break their tie, taking his shot and managing to score a net, with that then making an E for HORSE and Alex calls it a lucky shot, before he then attempts to take a shot, managing to miss the net. At the beach, Max has set up his chessboard and is playing by himself, just as Jackie rocks up.

Jackie tells Max that they were one person short for their frisbee game and asks him to get up, but Max then states that he was ahead in his chess game. Jackie then reveals, however that that'd be their chance to kick Aspen's butt and that they couldn't miss it. Max then gives Jackie a grin, before getting up to play, with Jackie then notifying the other Ravens that Max would be playing with them.

The pair then join Hayley, as Leo asks whether everyone was ready to play, before tossing the frisbee to Hayley who tosses it to one of her team members, who then passes it to Max. Max then tries to repeatedly dodge Becca's opposition as Jackie tells him to pass it to her. Max then accidently passes it to Becca on the opposing team, who passes it to Leo, therefore scoring a point. Leo then tosses the frisbee to Becca, who's on the other side of the playing field.

Becca then accidently passes it to a member of the opposing team, who then proceeds to pass it to Hayley. Leo then runs up to Hayley and tries to block her from passing the frisbee, but Hayley then just tells him that he looked ridiculous, as he asks her whether she was going to talk or throw, with Hayley then managing to pass it to Jackie and therefore tying up the points. Leo then commends Hayley on her skills, with a jealous Aspen watching on.

At the Eagles basketball court, Alex and Daniel have finished their game, with Alex passing Daniel a water bottle, just as he sat down next to him. Daniel then tells Alex that he was glad that he'd joined the Eagles as it made him work a lot harder. Alex then jokes that Daniel had meant it made him work harder to find ways to make him miserable, with Daniel then agreeing.

Daniel then tells Alex that he wanted to ask him something, but that it would have to just stay between himself and Alex. Alex then agrees to this, with Daniel asking him whether he knew where Brooke was when she was gone the previous day, with Alex then asking Daniel why he didn't ask Brooke himself. Daniel then reveals that he had tried to do so, but that he had been having some issues with Brooke.

Alex then tells Daniel that Brooke had gone with Eric to his office, in order to investigate Daniel's mother, but that in the end Brooke wasn't able to find anything on her. Daniel then says that he understood, just as a sudden thought comes to Alex, before he brushed it off. Curious, Daniel asks what it was, with Alex then revealing that at first he had thought that someone had messed with Brooke's brain or something along those lines.

Alex then continues, saying that Daniel had to admit that Brooke had done a total 180 when she came back from her trip, but then Alex just brushes it off, as he was just upset, as he had realized that he was nothing more than a rebound guy for Brooke. Daniel then tells Alex that he had to stop putting himself down in that way, saying that they had had a good game. Alex then heads off, with his bag, leaving Daniel in deep thought.

Back at the beach, the Ravens are continuing their game of frisbee, as Leo tries block a member of the opposite team, all while Max just stands there. Seeing Max, Jackie pulls him aside and tells him that he needed to focus, telling him to think of Emma and make her proud, with Max then quickly reminding Jackie that Emma didn't even care about sports, but Jackie expresses that that wasn't the point.

Jackie then instructs Max to improvise, as his mother hadn't paid for all his expensive ball-room dancing classes for nothing, before whispering something in his ear. Jackie then picks up the frisbee, as Max goes long, getting ready to catch it, with Hayley also trying to convince Jackie to pass it to her. Jackie then tosses it towards Max, who is able to catch it and score a point. Leo then walks over to Max and helps him up, commending him on his touch-down.

Max then says that that was a line, he had never expected to hear, as Hayley and Aspen wait for their team-mate to pass one of them the frisbee. However when he throws the frisbee, Leo is able to intercept it and takes possession. Leo then attempts to toss it to Hayley, but she's knocked down by Aspen, who then receives the frisbee herself. The other Ravens then rush over to Hayley to see whether she was okay, with Aspen asking her whether she was alright, before adding that she hadn't known her own strength.

Aspen then sees the look on Leo's face and exclaims that it wasn't like she had done it on purpose, before Leo declares their game over, giving the win to the opposite team and telling Aspen that they needed to talk. In the Eagles dormitory, Daniel is reading a web-page on hypnosis theory, while the cheerleaders continued to practice, before then clicking into the clinical and practical hypnosis e-book and scrolled down to discover the book was available in the school's biology lab.

Daniel then heads off. At the beach, Leo has taken Aspen aside, with her trying to explain to Leo that Hayley had been deceivingly fast and that she had miscalculated, having not meant to knock Hayley down. However, Leo says that hadn't been the point, with Aspen then confused, asking him what the point was. Leo then explains that he had just wished that she told him before she got on the plane there, with Aspen then asking him why.

Aspen then gives in and admits that she didn't want to talk to Leo because she was afraid that he'd tell her not to come to the Greenhouse and that she was afraid she could lose him. Leo then tells her that there was something he needed to tell her, but Aspen stops him saying that she already knew what he was going to say and that she had known what had happened between him and Hayley prior to the dance.

Aspen then assures him that it was okay, as she and him were in an L.D.R, and that she was far away, but that as of that point, she was there. However before Aspen could finish, Leo tells her that he was in love with Hayley, with Aspen then telling him that that was fine and that people fell in love, but then notes that what she and Leo had was special and was for life and that Leo had only had a crush because he was lonely and had missed them being together.

Aspen then continues, telling Leo that she understood his feelings completely, but that they both knew that what they had was much stronger than any affair that he may or may not of had with Hayley. Aspen then concludes by saying that she knew that Leo knew deep down that she was correct, before realizing how hot it was and deciding to go off for a swim. In the biology lab, Daniel arrives to look for the book he required.

Daniel flicks the lights on and takes a look round the lab, walking over to the bookcase. In the Cave, Marcus is showing Judy a graph of where the earthquake trigger points were located, knowing that they were susceptible to seismic stimulus, then pointing out one in the ocean that he thought would be perfect for their trial run. However Judy is then quick to note that that point seemed to be close to where they were based.

But Marcus then tells her that the point was 4 miles into the ocean and that all they would need that day would an extremely localized and measured tremor which would be detected by that of the US Geological Survey monitors, adding that down in the Cave they wouldn't feel the quake. Judy then asks Marcus whether the Greenhouse would feel the earthquake, with Marcus then assuring her that they wouldn't unless they were to hire a yacht and sail 4 miles to the west.

Judy then says that they should proceed with the trial-run, with Marcus then complying. Out in the ocean, Hayley is swimming and letting the waves take her, just as Jackie asks Max to teach her how to play chess back on the beach, with Max asking her for clarification as to whether she meant right then, before stating that it took years to master chess, before Jackie beckons him to help her.

Leo then walks up to the pair and asks them whether they'd seen Hayley, but Jackie says that she hadn't. Max then tells Jackie that chess was all about strategy and patience, as well as planning moves ahead of time and always thinking of the bigger picture. Max then sees Jackie laughing, and asks her what about it was so funny, then lamenting that he knew she was going to find it boring. In response to this, Jackie leans forward scraping sun-screen off of Max's nose and realizes why Emma had called him her white-knight.

Max then realizes something, with Jackie confused, asking what he had meant. Max then raises up a chess piece, asking Jackie whether she knew what it was, with Jackie calling it a horse. Max then goes on to correct her, telling her that it was a white knight and that Emma had been trying to tell him something in the letter Emma had left him and that she must of wanted to leave him a message or something along those lines.

Jackie then asks him what he had been talking about when he talked about a message, with Max then reminding Jackie that he had told her that Emma was acting weird, believing that she must of wanted to tell him something, but wasn't able to do so. Max then gets up and heads off back to the clubhouse, but Jackie tells him that she wouldn't go back to the school as it was their day off, but Max is persistent and tells her to be a sport, taking her by the arm.

In the Cave, Judy realizes that it was time to start the trial, asking Marcus to start it, with him then complying and initiating the programme, as the pair put on their sunglasses and watch as the electricity around the magnetite crackles and sparks. Out in the ocean, Hayley continues to swim, just as a beep sounds in the Cave. Judy asks Marcus what it was, with him revealing that seismic activity had increased and that that wasn't the ocean.

Marcus realizes that the radius had increased on the scale, with Judy asking whether it now included the Greenhouse. Back at the beach, Max and Jackie are walking back up the path to the Greenhouse, with Jackie telling him that all the food would be gone by the time they got back to the beach, while out in the ocean, Hayley lays on her back, letting the water take her. In the biology lab, Daniel continues to look for his book, managing to find it in the bottom shelve.

Daniel opens up the book to find a list of the previous people, who had taken the book from the library, noticing that Marcus' name was on the list. In the Cave, the magnetite is sparking out of control, with Judy telling Marcus to stop the test, but he tells her that nothing had been happening, adding that there was nothing he could do. But Judy is quick to say that she didn't care, with Marcus then revealing that they'd have to wait for the programme to complete it's cycle.

Just then the earthquake begins, as all the equipment in the Cave begins to shake, while at the beach, a Ravens girl tells everyone that they needed to get out of there as the earthquake continues, with Hayley getting drowned by the waves. In the Eagles dormitory, Alex points out that the entire Louie network had gone down as the earthquake rumbles on, also causing trouble for Daniel in the biology lab. At the beach, Hayley calls out for help in the ocean, with Aspen struggling to walk over to a nearby boat and watching on, as Hayley struggles.



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