A lesson for the Next life is the forty eighth episode of the first season of The Greenhouse, premiering April 3rd, 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Ellali and her mother are hugging in their cell, as Naomi expresses that she couldn't believe she was actually looking at her daughter, with Ellali then teary-eyed expressing that she felt the same way. Naomi then tells Ellali that was she was so beautiful having grown up so much, as Ellali asks her where she had been.

Naomi then reveals that she had ran away from the Cave, heading home, before asking her daughter whether she had been there the whole time, with Ellali explaining that she had come looking for her, as the two hug again, while crying. Naomi then asks Ellali how Alfie was, asking whether he was alright, with Ellali then nodding her head. Naomi then asks how Guri is. Outside Guri is hiding in amongst some plants within the Greenhouse grounds.

Upon seeing a light, he quickly ducks back into the bushes, while seeing some of Ze'ev's guards patrolling the school grounds. Guri then takes out his phone and calls the office of Israeli Prime Minister; Mordechai Rosen. At the Ministerial embassy, Mordi is busy writing some papers, just as secretary informs that Guri Reshef was on the line. Mordi then picks up the call and asks Guri how he is.

Guri then reveals that unfortunately he wasn't feeling too well, expressing to the Prime Minister that he was the only person who he could trust at that moment. Mordi then tells him that he's listening, as Guri informs him that he's outside the Greenhouse, expressing that something crazy was going on at the school, being that the place was full of armed guards. Surprised, Mordi goes what, as Guri continues revealing that he couldn't get in contact with his kids, expressing to him that he had to send help.

Mordi then expresses to Guri, that he knew that he was distressed, revealing that he had talked with the Chief of Police, who had told him that Guri was going through some sort of crisis at that time. Guri then tells the Prime Minister to forget about his talk with Davidi, then saying that he was being framed by dirty cops. However, Mordi tells him that while he didn't know what they'd said to him, just as Guri expresses that he was fine, and that Mordi knew him, begging him to believe in him.

Mordi then asks Guri where they were right now, with Guri revealing that they were hiding out in the bushes just outside the Greenhouse, with Mordi then concerned about Guri, asking him whether he should send a medical team, but Guri then asks whether he had properly heard him, adding that he needed a Tac team or a SWAT unit, basically any sort of unit, as he expresses that Ze'ev and his men were serious, then saying who knew where Naomi was being kept.

Mordi having heard what Guri had said, asks which Naomi he had meant, guessing his wife, with Guri then expressing that that was the thing, being that his wife; Naomi was indeed alive. Mordi then tells Guri, that he couldn't help him, apologizing and then telling him that he needed help. Guri then re-iterates over that he wasn't the problem, before ducking back in a bush in order to avoid capture. Mordi then hangs up the call.

At his vacation hotel, Louis is having a soothing massage, just as Alona, Matti and Dina arrive through the entrance of the room. Dina then apologizes to him for interrupting his massage. Back in the Cave, Ellali and Naomi are still recuperating in their cell. Upon seeing the pair in the cell, Judy asks Ze'ev how long they'd allow them to continue their little reunion for, with Ze'ev telling Judy to allow Naomi to spend some time with her daughter, being that in that way she'd understand what she had to lose if she didn't do what they say.

Naomi then asks Ellali whether both of her kids were at the Greenhouse, with Ellali then nodding her head, as Naomi expresses her disbelief. Ellali then gets tear-eyed again, with Naomi then asking what was wrong, as Ellali begins to apologize to her mother, as she had dreamt about sitting and talking with her mother so many times and that she'd always hated to wake up and remember that she was dead, then adding that she didn't want to wake up, before embracing in hug again with her mother.

Naomi then asks Ellali where Marcus had gone, with Ellali then confused, as Naomi tells her that Marcus was the one who had saved her, then asking where he was again. Ellali then apologizes to her mother, prompting Naomi to ask what had happened to him, with Ellali then revealing that Marcus had sacrificed himself in order to make sure that the bad guys didn't succeed. Naomi then asks her daughter what they had been stopped from succeeding in, as Ellali reveals that they'd wanted to create an earthquake to destroy the Kineret.

Ellali then says that she thought that's why they'd brought her mother back there. Over in the main hall, Ze'ev is talking to Mordi, assuring him that everything was fine, as he'd talked with Robbie Klein and promises Mordi that there were no armed men at the Greenhouse. Mordi then thanks Ze'ev, expressing that that was what he had figured, but that he had just wanted to make sure, with Ze'ev then expressing that Mordi was probably right that Guri had just been hallucinating.

Mordi then reveals that he felt sorry for Guri, as Ze'ev then asks Mordi where Guri had said he was, guessing the bushes just outside the Greenhouse. Mordi then tells Ze'ev to forget about it, apologizing for interrupting his vacation, but Ze'ev assures him that it was okay and that he didn't need to apologize, as Mordi wishes him a good night, before Ze'ev hangs up the call. Ze'ev then gets on the phone to Arik.

Out in the Greenhouse grounds, Ze'ev's guards are on the search for Guri, as Guri crouches behind the bushes. Back at Louis' hotel, Louis has just been given the brief about what's occurring back at the Greenhouse, asking whether Robbie was involved in the dilemma, with Alona and Dina then both nodding their heads, confirming Robbie's involvement, with Dina then expressing that that was the reason Robbie had sent him on his vacation.

Alona then chimes in expressing that she knew that it must be hard for him to hear it, but that Robbie was her handler and that he was the one who had told her to steal the satellite's access code. Stunned, Louis then asks about Judy, with Matti then expressing that Judy had been the worst one of them all, with Dina then revealing that Judy had hypnotised Louis' daughter; Natalie. Surprised, Louis exclaims what, before Dina assures him that they had managed to dehypnotize his daughter.

Alona then reveals that Robbie and Judy had been working together alongside Marcus. Louis, then in disbelief asks the three for proof of what their telling him. Dina then exclaims that the villains had tried to kill them a million times since that morning. Louis then tries to take out his Louie, but Alona tells him not to bother as the network had been down for the last few hours, with Dina then expressing that that was why even though they'd managed to stop the conspirators plan, they still thought something was going on.

Alone then says that they would of called the police, but reveals that they were working for the bad guys, as Matti begs Louis to believe them as the students were in danger. Louis then apologizes, as he expresses that it all sounded crazy, with Alona then telling him that he hadn't heard the craziest part, with Dina then revealing to Louis that Naomi Reshef was alive. Louis then breaks into laughter not believing the claim Dina had just made.

Matti then has an idea and grabs his laptop, syncing it up to show Louis what they had filmed on the camera that they had managed to plant in Judy's bag. Seeing the footage, Louis recognizes the site as Naomi's site, but asks what the Cave's opening was upon seeing Judy activate it, with Dina then explaining that it was some sort of cave and that it was where Iftach had seen Naomi alive. However Louis then expresses that Naomi had gone, as the whole world had watched it happen. Matti then notes that there was something new that the camera had filmed, that they hadn't seen just yet.

Louis then looks back to the footage and sees Naomi appearing outside the Cave, just as she came face to face with Judy. Surprised, Louis says oh my god, with Dina then expressing her surprise that she was actually alive. Back in the Cave, a security guard opens Naomi and Ellali's cell, taking Naomi with him.

The guard walks Naomi over to Ze'ev, forcing her into a chair. Ze'ev then remarks that he had seen that the reports of Naomi's death were greatly exaggerated, with Naomi then sussing out their plan; to destroy the space shuttle and steal the magnetite which no one had thought to look for. Judy then chimes in, expressing that it had all worked greatly, except for one thing; getting rid of Naomi. Naomi in response then exerts that they were nothing but murderers.

Ze'ev then expresses that as Naomi could see, the late Marcus had already done most of the work, but that he had corrupted the device at the last minute, adding that he wanted Naomi to fix it and install a remote activation device too. Naomi then questions Ze'ev as to why she'd help him, with the guard then opening the cell again and taking Ellali, handing her over to Ze'ev. Naomi then begs Ze'ev not to shoot her daughter, giving in and promising Ze'ev she'd do it.

Ze'ev then says that that had been what he thought, before telling Naomi to get to work, before shoving Ellali back to the guard, who takes her back to her cell. Naomi then begins to get to work on the device. Back in the storage room, Iftach, Daniel, Alfie, Natalie and Sophie are feeling down, just as Natalie tries to comfort Alfie.

In Louis' office, Robbie is pouring himself a glass of beer and sitting back in his chair, as he takes a sip of his drink. Robbie then opens one of his draws and sees a gun contained within one. Back in the Cave, Naomi is busy working on the device, attaching wires to the inside of it.

In the morning, Arik is out in the Greenhouse grounds, looking for Guri with his gun in hand. Arik then calls out to Guri asking him where he thought he was running off to. Just then he turns a corner and sees Guri, firing a couple of shots at him, before chasing after Guri. In the Greenhouse corridor, Dina, Matti, Alona and Louis sneak in through the door, managing to make their way around the side of the stair case.

In the gym, Arik arrives after having chased Guri there, closing the doors behind him. Arik then cautiously makes his way down the hall, taking aim at certain rooms, before advancing towards the court. Arik then climbs the steps next to the bleachers , as Guri creeps up on the right-hand side of the bleachers, with his gun primed , before he makes a sudden move and aims at the corridor, believing someone to be there.

Guri then proceeds to make his way up the left-hand set of steps, just as Arik rises up behind him, aiming his gun at Guri's head. Guri then turns round realizing Arik's presence and putting his hands in the air. After tying Guri up to a chair, Arik tells him that he had good news and bad news, asking Guri which he wanted to hear first, before jeeringly saying that he had forgotten that Guri couldn't talk saying that he'd decide.

Arik then decides to begin with the good news, revealing to Guri that he had seen his wife; Naomi Reshef the night prior, adding that she looked great for somebody who had just come back from the dead and that that was the good news. Arik then goes onto reveal that the not-so-good news is that both Guri and Naomi would be dead by the end of that day, as he crouches down in front of Guri. Arik then expresses that even the worse of criminals got a treat before they were put to death, adding that Guri had after all been his friend.

Arik then reveals that he wanted to give Guri a little treat, telling him that he'd read him Naomi's letter, taking it out and revealing it to Guri. Arik then expresses that he didn't want to let Guri die without him realizing that the solution to the mystery was right under his nose the whole time, then calling him an idiot as he asks him to listen up. Arik then begins to read the letter, reading: "Dear, Guri, Ellali and Alfie, I pray you'll never have to read this letter"

Back in Louis' office, Matti has arrived with Louis and is busy working on reconnecting the Louie network, as Dina and Alona wait by the door on look-out duty. Matti then notifies Louis that the network should now be fixed, with everyone then checking their Louie devices, to find them working again. Matti then takes a look at the map of the building, looking for where everyone was, as Louis asks him to find Natalie. Matti then points out Natalie's Louie.

Dina and Alona then walk over, as Matti discovers that Natalie's Louie signal was being picked up, alongside Sophie, Iftach, Daniel and Alfie's Louies, with Louis then asking him where they were. Looking at the map, Matti sees where they are, but confused asks where it is, with Louis then pointing out that according to the map, that room was Marcus' room, before asking what they were doing in there. Alona then notes that they were probably trapped in that room.

The kids then head off to try and find them, but Louis then tries to stop them, but to no avail as they head out through the door. Louis then rummages through one of his draws, looking for his gun, but gets confused when he couldn't find it. Back in the basket ball court, Arik is continuing to read Naomi's letter: "If we can show the world we have the ability to prevent natural disasters, We can achieve true peace with all enemies. That was my mission and there was nothing harder than keeping it from you". Arik then notes that that part had even surprised him.

Just as Arik says that Naomi had never said a word about her mission for all those years, Guri manages to use his phone to record their conversation. Arik then goes on, explaining that even as a police investigator, Guri wasn't very good at reading people. Just then Mordi gets a call from Guri on his phone, as Arik asks Guri not to fall asleep on him, then shaking him and re-iterating it, as he expresses that that was the best part. Arik then reads the final part of the letter: "Evil forces have managed to take over and thwart our operation, Operation Nexus. I'm suspicious of two people: my secret service handler Judy Goren and Prime Minister's Chief of Staff, Ze'ev Ne'eman".

Back in the storage room, Natalie notices that someone was at the door, with Iftach guessing that it must of been them, as they had a key, with Alfie then going right. Just then, Alona, Matti and Dina come through the door, saying hi and hugging with the rest of the group. Sophie then remarks that she'd never been happier to see anyone before. Alona then asks them how long they'd been there, with Iftach then asking how they had managed to find them, with Alona then expressing to Iftach that had been a long story.

Daniel then asks the three how they had managed to get back from the Space Agency, with Alona saying that it was an even longer story. Alfie then asks the three if they had seen his sister, but Matti reveals that they hadn't, but reveals that they had seen Alfie's father; Guri. Surprised, Alfie asks where they'd seen his father, with Dina revealing they'd seen him outside on the lawn in front of the gym, expressing that she was almost sure it had been Guri. Alfie then expresses that he must go and find his father.

Alfie then heads off, as Natalie asks him to wait, and whether that would actually be a good idea. Just then Alfie heads out of the door, with Dina then suggesting that they should head out of there, with Sophie then asking where they'd go. Iftach then says they'd go to find Ellali, believing that she must of been in the Cave, suggesting they head there. Matti then asks whether they should wait for Louis. Natalie, surprised asks whether it was true, with Alona then revealing that they had brought Natalie's father back from the hotel and had told him everything.

Concerned, Natalie questions the fact that they'd told him everything, as Dina reveals that had taken Louis more than an hour to just get his head straight, but that he was now alright. The group then asks where he was, just as Boris walks into the room with Louis. Natalie then runs over to hug him, but is stopped as Boris pushes him forward. Louis then expresses that he was fine, notifying everyone to do whatever Boris said and that that way everyone would be ok, as Boris points his gun at the group.

Back in the gym, Arik is finishing reading the letter: "I love you in life and in death. Yours always, Mother Naomi." Arik finishes the letter, just as Alfie shows up in the gym. Arik then notes that the letter was so touching, asking Guri what he could say, telling Guri to let it be a lesson for his next life and that if his wife left him a letter, open it. Arik then takes out his gun, announcing that the show was over, before saying goodbye to Guri.

However just then, Alfie tosses a basket ball at Arik, knocking the gun out of his hand and allowing Guri to kick out at Arik, making him collapse. Alfie then quickly races to his father and unties his father from the chair. Guri then asks where his son had come from, then pointing his gun at Arik and asking him to put his hands up. Arik then gets up uneasily, and puts up his hands, as Guri tells Arik not to try anything. However, Arik then manages to take Alfie hostage, taking out his knife and threatening to kill Alfie, claiming that just like in the movies, the tables had turned.

Guri then places his gun down on the floor, just as Alfie is able to break free from Arik's grasp, with Guri then ordering him to run, as Arik lunges at Guri. Arik manages to get his arms around Guri, but then all of a sudden faints, leaving Guri gasping for breath. Alfie then jogs up to his father and gives him a hug, with Guri assuring him that everything was ok now.

Back in the Greenhouse corridor Boris is leading the kids and Louis down the stairs, as Matti tells Dina that he was scared to death, with Dina then assuring him that she was as well. Louis then asks his daughter why she hadn't told him anything. Natalie in response explains that she hadn't wanted to trouble him before, but that when she was sure Robbie had made sure to get rid of him, with Louis then asking whether it had been true that Robbie was on the bad guy side, with Natalie then expressing that Robbie wasn't there with them.

At the ministerial embassy, Mordi is taking in what he had heard, then picking up the photo of himself and his partner Ze'ev. Back in the Cave, Naomi is still working on the device, just as she finishes. Ze'ev then asks whether she was done, having seen her put down the tools, expressing that he hoped she wasn't dumb enough to play a trick on them like Marcus had, but Naomi then says that they had her daughter; Ellalli and as such she wasn't playing any tricks.

Ze'ev then explains that once he had pressed his red button, the device would start the two minute count-down, with Ze'ev then asking Naomi whether he should check the device. However, Naomi assures him that the device worked, having checked it herself, but Ze'ev expresses that he'd still like to check it, asking Naomi whether she minded. Ze'ev then begins to press the button, expressing that he hoped the countdown really worked, for the sake of Naomi's daughter.

Ze'ev then presses the button, which starts the count-down of the device, with Naomi then proving it. Ze'ev then asks her how he could stop it, with Naomi then typing in a code on the device and halting the count-down, asking whether there was anything else, with Ze'ev then revealing that he wanted to change the password, with Naomi then asking why he wanted to do so.

Ze'ev then expresses that two minutes was a long time and that he didn't want anyone to be able to stop the device after he'd activated it. Naomi then sets up the device to allow Ze'ev to enter in a new password, with Ze'ev then telling her to step aside in order to allow him to enter his password. Naomi then asks Ze'ev whether he was really just going to destroy the place and escape. Ze'ev then reveals that that was exactly the case thanks to her, adding that when Marcus had died he thought it was all over and that then Naomi showed up to help them complete their mission, while ordering his goon to pick up his bags.

Naomi then asks him, how far he thought he'd manage to get before he got caught, with Ze'ev then revealing that he'd go as far as he wanted to, due to the amount of hostages that he had, with Naomi then asking him what he was talking about, as everyone had already thought she was dead, but Ze'ev then reveals that he didn't care about Naomi or her daughter, as he already had enough hostages.

In the Greenhouse cafeteria, the group and Louis are being kept hostage alongside the rest of the Greenhouse students, as armed guards patrol the area.



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