A New Hero is the twenty sixth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering March 4th,2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


During a flashback, Louis is busy explaining that neither the Eagles or the Ravens had found the secret treasure chest during the challenge, as a young Naomi clambering over the rocks. Naomi then discovers the meteor site, as Louis announces the Eagles as the winners of the challenge. Naomi examines her compass, as the needle spins round, pointing towards the hole located in the site, then pointing towards the right wall, as Louis asks where Naomi is. She hears him and says she's coming, picking up a rock and placing it near the opening of the hole, before heading off.

Back in present day, Naomi lies in a stasis pod, unconscious, with Marcus arriving. Back at the ceremony, hospital workers are carrying a stretcher to the scene, as Guri calls out to his kids, as he's being pinned down. On the stage, Alfie helps Ellali up, as the sniper lays unconscious in his firing spot. The hospital workers then carry Robbie, who had sacrificed himself to save the Prime Minister, to hospital, with a devastated Natalie and Louis following behind.

Out in the grounds, Mordi is being evacuated by his guards, before he asks them where their taking him, expressing that he wouldn't run away. However Ze'ev tries to tell him that the area hadn't yet been secured, but Mordi's still firm on staying at the Greenhouse until they had managed to find out what had happened, adding he doesn't want people to believe he's panicking. Elsewhere, Dina and Matti run to Ellali and Alfie, exclaiming their glad their ok, hugging them. Alfie then asks whether they'd seen their father, with a security guard walking by and Alfie trying to ask him whether he'd seen Guri, before being cut off, as Iftach arrives, exclaiming he saw their father.

Alfie asks Iftach where, with Iftach explaining that Guri had been taken in handcuffs to the classroom, as Ellali expresses her surprise, as she and Alfie head off to find their father. In the classroom, Guri is expressing that they saw what had happened and that had they listened to him, none of it would of happened, with the guard captain questioning how Guri knew the suspect, as Guri explains he saw the suspects picture at the police headquarters.

The guard captain, asked whether it had been just chance, with Guri confirming it was. The captain then says that's a bit of a strange coincidence, believing that Guri could of been working with him. Guri questions whether he was really that stupid, adding that he killed the assassin, with the captain expressing how convenient that would of been to get rid of the man who could of incriminated him. Guri then questions what he even wanted from him, with the captain saying he just wanted the truth.

In a flashback, young Naomi is in Marcus' workshop, as Marcus asks whether she discovered something that she doesn't want to tell him about, but that she did want him to answer a bunch of physics questions, with Naomi expressing it was just one question. Naomi then asks whether it's possible for an object on the ground to have magnetic polarity, but Marcus says that question was a bit too general in nature, adding that every object had a certain level of polarity, being just a question of she'd measure it. Naomi then asks him whether he'd ever encountered something which was unusually magnetic, for example in his workshop.

Marcus then questions whether she'd discovered the Einstein-Rosen bridge and that she was actually just a Naomi look-alike from another dimension. Naomi then expresses that she also needs a few things from him, such as gloves, a flashlight and a pick-axe. At the meteor site, Naomi is pulling out plants from around the rocks, discovering something, to which she takes out and tastes, before taking her bag and throwing out her pick-axe. The pick-axe, however bounces and then gets attracted to the surface of the wall behind the plants.

Back in present day, the guard is telling Ellali and co that they couldn't enter the classroom, but Ellali exclaims that her father's in the room, but the guard then tells her it's not up for discussion. Ellali then questions what the guard was talking about, calling it totally unreasonable, with Iftach then asking whether he knew, who the two even were, asking whether he knew why the Prime Minister had even attended the ceremony. The guard then sees the press and asks them to clear the way, exclaiming there's nothing to see there.

Iftach then points out a nearby poster, explaining that Naomi is their mother and that that's their father in the classroom, putting his hand on the guard. The guard orders him to take his hand off of him, as Ellali tells Iftach not to bother wasting his time on him. Alfie then asks what they should do, explaining that Louis isn't around and that there isn't really someone to turn to. Iftach then suggests they could turn to the Prime Minister, as Ellali calls him a genius.

Before they could leave to find Mordi, Ellali and co are stopped, by Miki Sevan, who explains she's a news reporter, asking Ellali how it felt to deliver the speech of her life, and to then find herself in a scene of assassination only a second later, also asking whether it was true her father was personally involved with the incident. Alfie tells Miki to leave them alone, as Ellali huddles them, asking what they should do, Iftach then tells them that he'd delay them, to allow the 2 to escape.

Iftach then walks up to the reportersintroducing himself and remarking he had an announcement to make. Miki asks him what he has to say, as Ellali and Alfie head up the stairs. Iftach says that he hates nosey journalists, thanking them as he walks away, saying peace-out. Elsewhere in the corridor, Matti is asking Dina whether's she realized that the last thing Robbie had seen was their text message. Dina however expresses Robbie's not dead yet, but Matti then says he'd see Robbie on that stretcher in his dreams at night.

Dina then says yeah, with Matti continuing by saying that would be even if he could manage to get to sleep, just then Judy arrives round the corner, as Dina pulls Matti aside, hushing him. Matti, confused asks why she's hushing him and why their hiding, just as Judy exits the building. Dina then leads Matti to the storage room, explaining that Judy had come out of it, as Matti confused asks so what and why Judy would be in a store room, with Dina calling that a good question, as they walk around the corner and Dina begins to try and pick the lock to the store room.

Dina manages to open the door, as Matti says it's so dark, asking where the light switch is, as Dina exclaims she couldn't find the light switch. Matti then says it smells funny in there, as Matti says he couldn't see a thing with his torch. Dina then tries hers, shining it in Matti's face. Matti then questions what the difference was, as Dina shines her light on a wardrobe, opening it, only to find a body inside, as exclaims that at least Matti wouldn't have to dream of Robbie anymore.

Back in the flashback, Naomi has brought Marcus to the area she had dug in the meteor site, with him asking why she had dug all of it, with Naomi then asking him for his keys. Marcus gives her his keys, as she then holds them up, only for them to be attracted to the walls surface. Marcus confused, asks a magnet, with Naomi exclaiming it's a magnet in the middle of Jordan Valley. Marcus then walks up to it and takes his keys back, adding that he'd been there a thousand times but had never noticed that. Naomi then expresses that he's not the only, explaining that scientific literature had made no mention of her discovery of the magnetic field in that area, adding that she had checked all he libraries, including Microfilm.

Marcus then says that if that wasn't some sort of trick, it would make her one very famous young lady. Naomi expresses it's no trick and that it was actually the real thing, just then a young Robbie then arrives on the scene asking what they're doing their during the middle of the night, adding that no one is allowed there, with Marcus then saying hi to him, as he shakes his head.

Back in present day, Robbie is in the surgery room, as the doctors operate on him. Louis and Daniel are waiting outside, just as Natalie shows up. Natalie sits next to her father, as he tells her there's no news just yet, with Natalie telling him not to worry, adding that there's excellent doctors at that hospital, asking Daniel for his thoughts. Daniel nods his head in agreement, explaining that his mother had said the best doctors in Israeli had worked there. Natalie then further adds that they know how stubborn Robbie was, and that he'd surely come out of it. Louis then questions how such a perfect day could become such a nightmare.

Natalie then keeps trying to comfort him, telling him it'd be alright, asking him to trust her. Daniel then says he'd go and see how things are going, getting up to do so. Back in the flashback, Robbie expresses that he had expected that sort of behaviour from Naomi, but not from Marcus and told him to wait and see what his father would of thought of that. Marcus tries to stop him, but Robbie explains that his father had told him all about Marcus, having heard he was once in prison. Naomi then guesses he'd like to know what they were doing there, asking Robbie whether that was correct.

Naomi then asks him whether he'd ever heard of the black magic of the Kineret, with Robbie shaking his head. Naomi questions it, asking really, adding he was a curious boy that had never heard of the mysterious forces that draw in anyone who did bad things. Robbie in response then questions whether she believes he's a stupid baby. Naomi then gives in, telling him to go ahead and tell his father, that he found them, but Robbie in disbelief says their just saying that so he wouldn't tell his father and adding that he's no fool, with Naomi telling him to go ahead in that case.

Robbie then exclaims; black magic, calling them liars, as Naomi tells him to take out his Louie and call his father. Robbie takes off his rucksack and produces his Louie, however before he could use it, the magnetic field attracts it and it gets attached to the wall. Surprised, Robbie exclaims oh my god, with Naomi telling him that the black magic was working against him, adding that if she was him, she'd get out of there, with Robbie then running off.

Naomi then sees the look on Marcus' face and tells him to relax, explaining that Robbie wouldn't tell Louis a thing. However Marcus apologizes for not telling her, but Naomi says it's ok and that it wasn't her business anyway and that it surely isn't Robbie's business either. Marcus then questions whether she wants to know why he was in prison, but Naomi just expresses that the main thing is, she knows he's a good person, before heading off.

Back in the present, in the Greenhouse corridor, Sophie is being interviewed by Miki Sevan. Sophie expresses to her that Robbie, wasn't just Louis' son but that he was a lot more than that and that he went to school at the Greenhouse. Sophie goes on explaining she's good friends with Natalie Klein; Robbie's sister and that she would like to tell the entire Klein family that the hearts of all of the Eagles and Greenhouse students go out to them. Mordi is watching the news broadcast in his office, just as Ze'ev comes off the phone, asking the person he called to keep him up-to-date.

Mordi asks Ze'ev whether they've received any news on Robbie's status, with Ze'ev telling him that Robbie was still in the operating room, but that they do have some news on the assassin, explaining that the forensics team had found some marks on his body and an ID which proved that he had ties to a German anarchist organization. Mordi, confused asks German, as Ze'ev tells him it's an extremist organisation, adding that the assassin was working alone.

Mordi then questions why there was any need to still hide out there, just as a guard comes in, telling Ze'ev that he'd be needed for a second. Ze'ev heads out to find Ellali and Alfie Reshef, who introduces herself to him, before he tells he knew, as Ellali continues saying they need to talk the Prime Minister, with Alfie adding it's about their father. Ze'ev tries to assure them that it's ok, explaining their best people are working on it, as Ellali questions whether Mordi knew that Guri's being interrogated. However Ze'ev says he believes the Prime Minister has more important things to do, but Alfie questions what could be more important, adding that Mordi had come there to pay his respects to their mother; Naomi.

Ellali then threatens to go and take up that interview with the Channel 2 news, adding that she's sure Miki would be interested to know that the Prime Minister couldn't find the will to see her 30 minutes after he had hugged, like she was his own daughter on stage. Ze'ev then tells them to wait, saying there could be something they could do, before heading back into the office.

Back in the flashback, Naomi is introducing Mordi to the hole, who calls it incredibly, expressing his surprise that Naomi had managed to build all of it, without anyone from the Greenhouse finding out, calling the feet incredible as Naomi thanks him. Mordi then begins to explain that when he took to office and got the list of secret government projects, he had almost fainted upon seeing her name on it, adding he remembered that she was always a great student and that she'd discovered the meteor site, but that he couldn't imagine her as a secret agent. Naomi expresses that the secrecy was the hardest part, adding no one knew about the place, not even her husband Guri.

Mordi then exclaims that it's not just Guri who didn't know, but also Louis, as Naomi nods her head, adding that was the difficult part and that Judy did a great job playing the role of donor, also adding it was a good thing Judy's son was a great basket ball player, being that way she could donate money in order to help build the gym, going onto explain that when the foundations of the gym were being built, they went ahead and built the hole with no interference whatsoever. Mordi then asks what the hole had to do with flying to the moon.

Naomi explains that the meteor only had a few milligrams of magnetic substance and that only the moon had the full magnetite on it, adding all they needed to do was reach it and bring the magnetite back to earth. Mordi then asks what the problem was, joking that he could drop Naomi off on the moon with his motorcycle. Naomi then expresses that people had always talked about the correlation between the moon's orbit and the natural disasters that occur on Earth, being disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes.

Naomi then asks the Prime Minister whether he knew when the meteor had fallen to earth, with Naomi explaining that it occurred on the day of the earthquake that formed the Syrian-African fault line, adding that if they could bring the magnetite back to earth, they could create a magnetic field that would help to balance the instability inside the earth's core, adding they could prevent earthquakes from occurring and that it'd change the world. Mordi then asks why that hadn't been done before then, with Naomi adding he knew whose place he took as the Prime Minister, adding he was too conservative and afraid and that they had to wait for a leader who had an open mind, as well as a vision, being a leader like Mordi.

Naomi then finally asks, if Mordi would like to make history with her. Back in present day, Guri is still in the classroom and exclaims that the guard captain could ask him that question as many times as they would like to, but that they'd get the same answer, adding he's wasting his time, instead of finding and catching whoever had sent the assassin to the Greenhouse.

However the guard, exclaims that so far all the evidence they'd collected pointed towards Guri, telling him to start talking and that maybe they'd go easy on him, adding he's heard that his kids are worried about him. Mordi then arrives in the room, asking what's going on and asking the guard to let Guri go so he could get some proper medical treatment. the captain tries to explain that they have their reasons, before Mordi cuts him off, telling him to forget his reason, then apologizing to Guri having only just found out about it. Mordi expresses to the guard that Guri's not the man their looking for, with the guard understanding but saying that's just procedure.

Mordi then exclaims that he saw how good their procedures were, adding that if they made less use of their procedures and more use of common sense, then the son of Louis Klein wouldn't be in hospital, telling the guard to let Guri go. The guard then complies and undoes Guri's handcuffs, just as Ellali and Alfie arrive in the room. Guri thanks the Prime Minister, but Mordi tells him thank his children.

Back in a flashback, Judy and Marcus are sitting on a bench in the Greenhouse grounds, with Marcus asking her if she's alright, as Judy expresses that she hopes the shuttle launch hadn't been postponed again, expressing that everything was ready. Judy then tells him that she's got something discreet to ask of him, telling him that she wants him to build an apparatus that would go up into space alongside Naomi, that would help to hold the magnetite, adding it needs to be made to withstand anything, even an explosion or maybe a fire. Marcus however questions it, asking why she'd even think of such a thing.

Judy, expresses that their both old now and that they remember where they were, when Challenger had exploded, exclaiming that the magnetite is too important, adding they must consider every possibility, even being the worst case scenario. Marcus then questions if she even knew what she was talking about, adding that an apparatus of that magnitude could cost more than the entire space shuttle itself. However Judy assures him, that he doesn't need to worry about the money.

Back in present day at the hospital, the doctor reports to Judy that Robbie is still unconscious, adding that cases such as that usually ended in brain death, but that also miracles could happen. He then asks whether she's a relative of Robbie's, with her saying she's just a close friend, asking whether all they could really do is hope for a miracle, with the doctor saying it looked that way, before Judy thanks him and he heads off. Judy then hugs Natalie, apologizing to her, then sitting down next to Louis.

Judy expresses to him, they'd get through this ordeal together, adding they're strong and that their all one family. In a flashback, Marcus arrives at the Reshef house, apologizing for coming late, asking Naomi whether he'd woke her, before asking to sit down. Naomi then asks whether everything was ok with him, as Marcus expresses it's about the pod, exclaiming everything's fine.

Marcus then explains that he built the pod and that it's installed within the space shuttle, but that he had built the pod to be a lot more larger than necessary , explaining that the diameter of the magnetite is exactly 1 feet long , but that he had built the pod to be 6 feet long, asking Naomi whether she understood. Naomi says she doesn't, asking Marcus why he had done that. Marcus then explains that if they were protecting the magnetite, why not protect, before pausing, as Naomi sternly beckons him on. Marcus then asks her to promise him that if anything went wrong with the landing, she'd get in the pod, adding he'd installed some seat-belts in there for her to strap in.

Naomi then says that while she doesn't doubt his talents, no pod on the planet could survive, if something were to happen to the space shuttle during landing, however Marcus re-iterates asking her t promise to get in the pod, if something went wrong. Naomi then gives in and promises to do so, with her saying that Marcus always took care of her, with Marcus adding that he always knew she was special from the day they met, with Naomi then asking him to give her a hug, with her then hugging him.

Back in present day, Marcus is watching over Naomi's stasis pod in the hole, assuring her that her kids are safe, adding she wouldn't believe who was hit by the bullet, asking whether she remembered Robbie; Louis' annoying son, who had always managed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, as he tells her to sleep. Back in the Greenhouse cafeteria, Mordi's being interviewed by the press, as he expresses he had come to the Greenhouse to pay his respects to a heroine who had no longer been with them, adding that he's leaving the school, praying for the safety/life of a new hero; Robbie Klein, expressing that Robbie had sacrificed his life saving Mordi and others at the event from a deadly assassin, also adding that the assassin, who fired the bullet had been stopped.

Mordi then expresses that he could promise them, that the entire government, including the defence officials and himself would not rest until they had found and brought the employers of the murderer to justice, adding it was a very emotional day for all of them, hoping for better day the next day, as he thanks them and says goodbye, heading off.

In a flashback, Marcus is watching the shuttle re-entry from a monitor in the hole, alongside Judy. Having seen the explosion, Judy then pulls a slip of paper out of her bag, giving it to Marcus and expressing their the pod's coordinates, adding it fell in the desert, in a large crater, with only herself and Marcus knowing about it. Judy then expresses Marcus knew that would happen and that sometimes it's better not to know of the truth, adding that she knows it had been while but that she's sure he remembered the prison cell he'd spent 7 years of his life in, telling him not to make her put him back there, before heading off. At the hospital Mordi is condoling with Louis, as Judy expresses to Ze'eve "Two birds, with one stone", explaining that they stopped Mordi and got rid of Robbie, as Ze'ev expresses she never ceased to amaze him.

Ze'ev then asks her when she gave the assassin the order to shoot Robbie, with Judy expressing that she'd done so, as soon as the assassin was hired, exclaiming that Robbie was too annoying, adding that there's no longer anyone left, who could interfere with their plans.



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