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A Not Totally Bad Person is the third episode from Season 4 of Greenhouse Academy and the thirty-fifth episode overall, airing March 20th, 2020.


In the hospital, Leo awakens. Dr. Hovey comes in to talk to him. When asked how he felt, he replied, "Like I got hit by a ton of rocks." Dr. Hovey begins to check his vitals, but his hand is numb, and he feels nothing when she presses her fingers into his hand. She directs his attention to the window, while pressing a tool against his hand. It doesn't even get his attention. "Can you make a fist for me?" Dr. Hovey asks. Leo nods, but upon trying, says no. Dr. Hovey explains that some paralysis can happen after what Leo went through. Leo asks if the paralysis is temporary, and she replies that she hopes so. "Hope?" Leo says. Dr. Hovey explains that since Hayley and him are the only two to recover from the virus, a virus that technically is not from Earth, they don't know what the lasting effects can be. "But Hayley's okay, right? So I will be too." Leo says. However, Dr. Hovey explains that Hayley wasn't as sick as Leo. She says she can't make any promises, except that they will do everything they can to help Leo. "Help me?" asks Leo. "So you're saying this could be forever?" Dr. Hovey replies saying that she just doesn't know, and that they'll just have to wait and see.

Inside an expensive condo, a salesperson raves to Enzo. "3,000 square feet, 180 degree view of the ocean, 2 decks, 2 bedrooms, 3 baths. It's the perfect place for a young businessman like yourself," she explains. "So, what do you say?" Enzo replies with, "I'll take it." When she commends "Mr. Gonzales" on his excellent choice, he asks that she call him Diego.

Back in the hospital, Leo attempts to move his hand, only succeeding in moving the tip of his finger. Hayley comes in and says hi. Then she explains how worried she was for Leo. She asks how he is doing. "Considering I almost met Prince at the Pearly Gates, pretty good," he replies. "Would have been cool though," Hayley asks him if he remembers anything after he left the cave, but he says no. "Hey," Hayley says. "Did you dream about anything?" He says no, and asks her why, and if she had any dreams. Before Hayley can respond, Daniel comes in. Daniel tells Leo he looks like crap. Hayley rebukes Daniel, but Leo replies that he feels like crap. Daniel, who had bought a pizza, puts a slice in front of Leo's hand. Leo obviously wants it, but can't get it. "Actually, I'm not that hungry," Leo tells Daniel and Hayley. Daniel doesn't believe him, but Hayley makes Daniel back off. Daniel puts a piece of pizza on Leo's nightstand. "For when you do get hungry," Leo says nothing, and Hayley tells him that he should probably rest. Daniel and Hayley tell Leo that they will come by. Daniel puts his arm around Hayley and leads her out, while she looks back at Leo.

At the Greenhouse, Sophie is doing her hair when Parker comes in. He says hi. "Hey, you," says Sophie. "What a great day, right? Everything's okay now, Leo and Hayley are alive, and all of this Enzo crap is behind us." "Well, about that..." Parker starts. He tells Sophie that Ryan wants to speak to them, now.

As they enter Ryan's office, they find Max and Emma already sitting down. Carter introduced Agent O'Brien to them all, and explains that he works for the FBI. "We need to talk," O'Brien tells them.

Back in Leo's hospital room, Leo eyes the pizza on his bedside table. In Hayley's room, as she and Daniel eat pizza, Hayley looks sad. "Didn't he seem weird?" Hayley asks. "Who, Leo?" asks Daniel. "He's always weird. He almost died last night, so." Hayley tells him that she knows, but it was something else. Daniel tells her that she literally saved Leo's life. In Leo's room, Leo attempts to reach for the pizza on his nightstand. In Hayley's room, Daniel tells Hayley that she needs to focus on getting stronger herself so that she can get out of the hospital. In Leo's room, as he continues to try to reach for the pizza, he falls off his bed onto the floor and can't get up due to his paralysis. In Hayley's room, Hayley tells Daniel she is going to throw the pizza box out. When Daniel explains that he can do that, Hayley tells him that she has to get stronger. In Leo's room, he is able to break a vase from the floor. Outside his room, Hayley hears. She runs into Leo's room and sees him on the floor. "Cruz, what happened?" she asks, panicked. "I'm fine!" exclaims Leo, but he can't get up, so Hayley says that he's not fine. "Here, let me help you," says Hayley as she tries to lift Leo from the floor. Leo asks for her to get the nurse, but she insists she can help. "Get the frickin' nurse!" Leo yells. Hayley runs to get the nurse, who is able to help Leo get back onto his bed. "You can go now, Woods," Leo tells Hayley.

In the Greenhouse, Carter critiques the kids for letting Enzo, a criminal, work at the Greenhouse and telling nobody. With tears streaming down her face, Sophie replies, "I'm sorry, I wanted to tell you, but I couldn't." Ryan asks her why. Sophie explains that Enzo threatened her. Agent O'Brien reminds her that she just told them that Enzo was in love with her. Parker affirms this, explaining that Enzo actually threatened him, not Sophie, which is why she couldn't say anything. Ryan says, "I can't believe I fell for this guy's act." But Carter explains that they all did because they didn't have the information from the kids. He tells O'Brien to catch Enzo and lock him up for the rest of his life. Sophie protests, saying that Enzo is a crook, but not a murderer. O'Brien says, "Sure, he just happened to leave the day that the cave exploded and almost killed your friends." Carter adds that he also took the magnetite with him. Sophie explains that she knows that, and she's not trying to defend Enzo, but she just doesn't think Enzo is who they should be after. Carter asks why they should trust any of them, after they all lied. O'Brien says that maybe Sophie is right, maybe Enzo didn't do it, but that one of the kids did.

In the hospital, Hayley explains to Daniel that she knew something wasn't right, and that Leo was so angry. Daniel explains that after his leg injury from the taser, he didn't want anyone to help him. Hayley tells him that his injury just isn't the same as Leo's. Daniel tells her that even though she saved his life and she thinks they have a connection now, Leo's just not in a place to express gratitude. "You think I want a thank you from him?" Hayley asks. "Are you my shrink?" Daniel apologizes, saying that he's just trying to help. Daniel tells Hayley that Alex called and that he says hi. He says that Alex and the other eagles are doing a 5 mile run on the beach and spend the rest of the day there. "Sound like fun," says Hayley. "Maybe you should join them." Daniel replies no, that he wants to be with Hayley. Hayley tells him he doesn't have to, and that he shouldn't give things up for her. He explains to her that he's not giving anything up, but she pushes back, telling him she doesn't need a babysitter.

In the Greenhouse, Sophie says that they don't actually think they had anything to do with the cave explosion. "You don't?" O'Brien questions. "I mean, collectively, you guys lied to everyone, stole a car, and forged a valuable piece of property." He explains that even if all they did was help Enzo by covering for him, that is a very serious crime. Max whispers that he's dead, and Emma replies that they aren't going to kill them. Max tells her if they don't, his mom will. "Are you going to arrest us?" Max asks. "Are we already under arrest? There goes Harvard." Ryan tells him that he's not arrested, but O'Brien cuts in saying that they aren't arrested yet. He tells them that if Enzo tries to contact any of them, then tell him immediately. He explains that if Enzo is caught, it will help the kids' case, and he won't have to contact college admission offices like Harvard. Carter dismisses them, but O'Brien tells them to wait, and asks them who else knows about this, friends, family, girlfriends, anyone? Ryan asks Max about Jackie, but he tells her that they haven't talked in weeks. "What? Yes, you have," says Emma. Max says actually they haven't, but what about Leaf? O'Brien asks who Leaf is, and Emma replies that Leaf is no one. She confesses that she made him up. "What? You made up a boyfriend?" asks Max, confused. When Ryan dismisses them, Emma rushes out of the room. When the kids leave, Ryan says, "I didn't know this Enzo kid very well, but he seemed pretty intelligent to me. I don't think he would be stupid enough to contact them." O'Brien tells her to hope that he does.

In the hallway of the Greenhouse, Emma apologizes to Max. Max reminds her that she promised she'd never lie to him again, but he guesses that was just another lie. Emma explains that she wanted to tell him the truth and that she tried, but she was just jealous of his relationship with Jackie. "Wait. Why haven't you called her in weeks?" asks Emma, confused. Max hesitantly tells her that they broke up. "What? Wow. And you call me a lier. This is rich." Defending himself, Max tells her that at least Jackie was real, and not some good-looking, athletic, fake hunk. "Hunk? I never said hunk. No one says hunk," says Emma. Max says that's beside the point, and she should have just said that she doesn't like him instead of creating a hunky barrier to keep him away. "Keep you away? When you're with the wonderful, mysterious, rebellious Jackie? Why would I?" asks Emma. Max tells Emma that he got her all wrong, and Emma says the same about him.

In Enzo's new condo, he gets a massage while watching tv. As Enzo shows up on tv and the reporter says he's wanted, he tells the massage man to stop, and pays him. Then, he picks up his phone.

At the Greenhouse, Sophie gets a phone call. She tells the eagles that she'll meet them down there. She answers on her Louis and says hello. "It's me," says Enzo. Sophie asks what he wants, and he explains that he didn't blow up the cave. She tells him to call the cops and tell them that. He tells her that he can't; the people he works for will kill him if he does. Sophie asks who, and what did he get himself into. He says that he can't tell her over the phone. He asks for her to meet him so he can tell her everything. When she declines, he says, "Please. I'm scared. I have no one else to talk to, my face is all over the news... I need you, Soph." She asks why she would help him after everything he's done to her. "Because you're a good person," says Enzo. "And even if I'm not, you know I didn't do this." Sophie reluctantly agrees and tells him to send her the address. When Sophie hangs up, Parker is behind her. "He called you?" he asks. Sophie says yes. Parker adds that she also has his address, so he starts to call Detective O'Brien. But Sophie says to wait, because Enzo didn't do it. Parker lists the awful things Enzo has done. He tells her that he almost let him and Max get the virus from the Magnetite. Sophie combats him, saying that he saved them, and he's not a totally bad person. "Do you really want a not totally bad person in your life?" asks Parker.

O'Brien, on the phone, tells someone that the address is in downtown LA and he wants 5 units there when he arrives. He tells the person on the phone to be prepared because they don't know what Enzo is capable of or who he is working with. Parker tells Sophie that she did the right thing, but she says that whenever she does the right thing, someone always ends up getting hurt in the process. Parker tells her that being a hero is not easy. At Enzo's condo, he plays pool. The doorbell rings. "Who is it?" asks Enzo. It's the pizza guy. Enzo tells him that it took a while, grabs the pizza, and shuts the door.

One hour earlier, when Enzo finished his massage, he called the Client. He tells the Client that he's all over the news. He tells the Client that they are after him for the stuff the Client did. He tells the Client that he will talk, and that he's not going down for this. The Client tells him he doesn't have to. The Client tells Enzo to call Sophie. Enzo tells the Client that she will call the cops, but the Client says that's exactly what they want. The Client tells Enzo to tell Sophie to meet him at the restaurant Enzo's mobster friends hang out at. Someone working for the Client places the extracted version of the virus underneath the tablecloth there.

At the restaurant, O'Brien and other FBI workers search the table and find the extracted virus. They arrest the mobsters. Enzo watches the news of the Russian mobsters getting arrested and smiles. He jumps up and punches his punching bag in joy.

In the Greenhouse, Max plays chess by himself. Emma walks by and asks if she can play. Max tells her he's doing fine on his own. Emma tells him it doesn't look like it, and that black is set up all wrong. She tells him it will be a dull game. Max tells her at least it would be honest. Emma moves a black piece. "I didn't see that coming," says Max. "Sneaky. That's typical coming from you I guess." Emma apologizes once more, and explains that the only reason she made up Leaf was because she didn't want it to be awkward to be friends while he was with Jackie. "Really?" asks Max. Emma corrects herself, saying no. "I'm not being honest with you, again." She tells him that she wanted to make him jealous. He stares at her with wide eyes, and then looks down. "Interesting move," he says. Emma tells him she knows it was immature and stupid, but Max cuts her off and tells her that it worked. "It did?" asks Emma. "Yes," says Max. He tells her he regrets not spending the last month with her. Emma tells him he's so stupid, and that this whole time she wished she was his girl. He reaches across the table, knocking off all the chess pieces, and kisses her.

In the hospital, Hayley sleeps. Daniel watches her from the doorway. Now in a wheelchair, Leo looks out a window.