A Song in French is the thirty ninth episode of the first season of The Greenhouse, premiering on Nickelodeon UK March 21st 2014.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Natalie has just woken up, seeing Daniel. Confused, Natalie asks Daniel what was going on and what he did to her. Daniel expresses that it was him and that everything would be fine. Natalie then asks what Ellali was doing there.

Daniel goes on informing her that she had just come out of hypnosis. Confused, Natalie asks what, with Ellali then telling Daniel he should give her some water, handing him a water bottle. Daniel tries to give Natalie the water, before she stops him and questions why the words tennis camp were written on the white board, with Daniel then asking what she could remember about the camp. Natalie then remembers that she never went to tennis camp, and that someone had taken her somewhere else.

Daniel then asks who she was talking about, guessing Marcus. Natalie nods her head, remembering that Marcus had locked her up in a cell and that had then managed to remember. Daniel then asks Natalie what Marcus had wanted from her, with Natalie explaining that Marcus had kept apologizing to her, but refused to let her leave. Daniel then comforts her, expressing that he knew how hard it was.

Natalie goes on, saying that there was a strange smell in the cell, with Daniel confused asking about it. Natalie then reveals it was like underground mold, re-iterating that Marcus had locked her up down there. Natalie then attempts to get up and head off, just as Daniel stops her asking her to try and remember what happened next. Natalie leans against a cabinet, before saying that someone else had then come.

Daniel asks who she meant, with Natalie then revealing that it was Daniel's mother Judy. In Robbie's bedroom, Judy is preparing the deadly dioxin injecting it into Robbie's Intravenous Infusion, as Robbie sleeps on.

In Robbie's room, Judy is waiting patiently for the dioxin to take effect, just as the doctor and Louis arrive in the room, with the doctor asking how their doing. Louis then reports that he's sorry to say that Robbie showed no signs of waking up. The doctor then says it's interesting, bending over Robbie's bed and expressing that he was hoping that the time Robbie spent at home would help him. The doctor then asks whether he could examine Robbie, with Judy then stepping aside.

Measuring Robbie's pulse, the doctor reports that Robbie's pulse was normal, then looking at Judy and asking whether he knew her from the hospital. Louis then calls Judy a godsend, as she'd been by Robbie's bedside the entire time. The doctor then begins to further examine Robbie, shining his light on Robbie. The doctor then takes a look at Robbie's intravenous infusion, believing it was time that they replaced the bag.

The doctor suggest, they should try something more arousing, placing the bag back and beginning to de-connect it from Robbie. The doctor then reveals he believed it was possible that that could possibly wake Robbie up, handing Judy the bag and asking her to throw it away.

In the Eagles dormitory, Alfie is slumped on the couch, spinning a basket ball in his fingers. Sophie then walks up to him, in her tennis gear telling him to get up. Alfie asks her where she was taking him. Sophie then explains that they had two hours before it went dark and that she'd checked that the court was free, but Alfie says that he doesn't feel like playing. Sophie however beckons him, expressing that it would do him some good. However Alfie just says they could do so another time.

Sophie then apologizes, saying that it's her job to try and cheer Alfie up, noting that she doesn't think he's actually allowed to say no to her, especially as she was his captain. Back in the science lab, Daniel questions why his mother would do what she did to his girlfriend; Natalie.

Ellali then explains that as Natalie was onto her, Judy had had no choice, just as Natalie remembers something. Natalie reveals that Judy was trying to get rid of the bullet shrapnel that was in Daniel's leg. Daniel then questions whether his mother would really do all that just so that he wouldn't have a criminal record, but Ellali adds that she's sure that Natalie was just a small part in the story. Natalie then asks what story she was talking about.

Ellali then asks Natalie what else she had remembered about the place she had been taken to underground, but Natalie says that she didn't remember too much, but that she did remember it was dark, as well as hearing sounds from an array of devices. Ellali then asks what devices she was talking about, as Natalie shakes her head and reveals that she had heard beeping. Ellali then asks Natalie whether she'd heard any conversations between Judy and Marcus.

However, Natalie reports that she didn't. Just then Natalie remembers that she had heard Marcus talking to someone over the phone, but that she didn't know who he'd been talking with. Ellali, enthusiastic asks her to remember it, with Natalie then remembering that she may of heard Marcus talking about a magnetic field, with Ellali then exclaiming that her mother was an expert in magnetism. Natalie continues, explaining that she was also sure she'd heard something about a meteor. In excitement Ellali, exclaims that that was what they'd been looking for, thanking Natalie.

Ellali then begins to head off, as Natalie asks her where she's off to. Ellali tells her she's off to go and see Marcus, but Daniel questions it. However Ellali expresses that she wasn't afraid of Marcus, adding that she thought Marcus had wanted to help them. Natalie confused, asks why Marcus would want to help them, exerting that the man had kidnapped and hypnotised her, with Ellali then revealing that Marcus was the one who'd given them the key word to snap Natalie out of her trance.

Natalie, confused asks what the key word was, with Ellali then asking Daniel to explain the key word to Natalie, as she headed off to go and see Marcus in his workshop. In Robbie's bedroom, the doctor has just finished his visit, as Louis asks the doctor what his prognosis for Robbie was, but the doctor said that it was hard to tell, but that their doing all they could for him there, adding that he was still optimistic. Louis then thanks the doctor for visiting as heads off, shaking his hand with the doctor asking Louis to keep him updated.

In his bed, Robbie rolls his head across his pillow, with Louis and Judy both having seen. Louis asks Judy whether she had seen it, adding that he thought the new IV bag was helping his son. Just as he's leaving the doctor notifies Louis that a letter had arrived for him, remarking that he didn't want to let it get blown away. Louis then heads to the door to receive the letter, opening it up.

At Marcus' workshop, Ellali is knocking on the door, looking for him, but to no avail. Just then Louis arrives on the scene, as Ellali asks whether Marcus was in his workshop, only for Louis to reveal that he didn't think he was, notifying Ellali that he'd gotten a strange letter from Marcus, just as he managed to open the door.

Back in the science, lab Natalie tells Daniel that she was disgusted that her mind had been controlled in that way, but Daniel tells her to stop it as it was all over. Natalie then asks Daniel how he'd even noticed that she was hypnotised, with Daniel explaining that she'd been saying the same sentence over and over, just as Natalie asks what the sentence was. Daniel reveals that she had said that he and she were meant to be. Natalie in response notes that Judy; Daniel's mother had said that to her, asking him whether he could believe it.

Natalie continues, expressing that Judy had not only wanted to shut her up, but that she had also wanted both her and Daniel back together, calling it unbelievable. Natalie then sees what was written on the white board behind them, reminding her that she had supposedly gone to a tennis camp and that she was Alfie's girlfriend. In response, Natalie says shoot after remembering that she and Alfie were together.

In Marcus' workshop, Ellali and Louis arrive in the room, with Louis switching on the lights. Ellali questions when Marcus had time to leave his workshop, with Louis adding that that was a good question. Louis then reveals that he'd just received Marcus' letter of resignation. Ellali, in shock exclaims what, with Louis adding that he had had the same reaction as Ellali to the news. Louis goes on explaining that he'd been working with Marcus for 20 years, questioning how he could just leave in the manner that he did.

Louis then asks Ellali what she had wanted from Marcus, adding that he could possibly help her instead. However Ellali assures him it was nothing, being that a light-bulb had gone out at the Ravens clubhouse, before heading off. Back in the science lab, Daniel asks Natalie whether she believed that he'd known nothing about her relationship with Alfie, with Natalie then nodding her head.

Daniel then goes on, explaining that he had believed that she'd wanted to get back together with him and that he'd been happy about it. Just then Ellali bursts through the door, reporting that Marcus had run off, explaining that Marcus had emptied his room, written a letter of resignation to Louis and just ran away. Seeing the pairs moods, Ellali asks whether their alright.

At the Greenhouse tennis courts, Sophie and Alfie arrive, with Sophie beginning to take out her racket. As Alfie rocks up, with their bag of equipment, he tells not to expect him to play like their at Wimbledon, with Sophie assuring him that she didn't expect anything of Alfie. In response Alfie exclaims ouch, asking her whether she was trying to imply that she was good, with Sophie remarking she was saying it outright, before getting into position.

Alfie then asks her whether she believed she was better than Natalie, but she just says that she didn't know, with Alfie saying ok as he finished doing his laces. Just then Sophie exclaims she could kick Natalie's butt at tennis, with Alfie sarcastically saying "oh really?". In response, Sophie asks Alfie why Natalie had been happy that he'd taken Sophie's place in their tennis match, adding that she was the one who had introduced the two of them to each other, with Alfie saying that was true, as Sophie jokes that it was a big mistake and that she should of kept him to herself.

Back at the science lab, Daniel cracks, exclaiming that he was sick of what was going on, remarking that he'd go and confront his mother and that he wouldn't leave, until she'd tell him everything. Ellali then stops him, with him then asking her what she wanted. Ellali then reveals that she thought that'd be a mistake, as they didn't know what they were planning, with Daniel asking so. Ellali continues saying that in which case Judy would probably just lie to him and that if push comes to shove she'd just disappear like Marcus did, asking where Judy would be then.

Daniel in response asks what they could do, with Ellali revealing that they'd make use of the only advantage they had, explaining that Judy didn't know that they'd de-hypnotized Natalie. In the Hole, Marcus is busy working just as Judy shows up. Judy tells him she was unhappy that he hadn't told her that he'd moved, but Marcus just tells her that he didn't have time to do so.

Judy asks what was so urgent. Stressed, Marcus repeats the question Judy had asked him, exclaiming that Ze'ev had put some pressure on him to step it up and that Louis had kept asking him to do things, with him scurrying between the two like a rat in a maze. With Judy then questioning whether he had just left, asking what Louis had thought.

Marcus then reveals to her that Louis had said nothing, with Judy irritated, realizing he hadn't even told Louis, before asking Marcus how stupid he was, explaining that was exactly what they didn't need at that moment; for Louis to start fishing around. Marcus then brings up the fact that Judy had technically killed Louis' son, asking her what he'd care about him for.

Judy in response then retorts that unfortunately it wasn't the case, as Robbie had not been killed, adding that was the reason she had come to Marcus; to receive another bottle of the solution. Marcus, confused questions how one bottle couldn't of done the job, with Judy expressing it was a long story, just asking him to give her one. Marcus then gets up and heads round the corner, to fetch a bottle. He then gives Judy the solution, as she tells him to find another place to store his things, as she didn't like seeing clutter, before heading off.

Back in the science lab, Daniel asks Ellali what she was trying to say, questioning whether she wanted Natalie just keep acting like nothing had ever happened around his mother. In response, Ellali just tells him to think about it, explain that it would be the only way they could find out what the conspirers were doing without arousing any suspicion. Ellali then turns to Natalie, asking for her answer, however Natalie said she was unsure as it sounded insane.

Daniel then chimes in, questioning whether Ellali had really wanted to send Natalie back into his mother, after everything she'd gone through. In response, Ellali asks Daniel whether he had a better idea, remarking that she'd love to hear it. Daniel then points out that Marcus knew Natalie wasn't hypnotised anymore, questioning whether Marcus would tell Judy, but Ellali assures him that Marcus wouldn't do that. Natalie then asks Ellali how she knew that. Ellali then says she was sure that Marcus really did love Natalie and that he may of been forced to hypnotise her. Ellali tries to continue remarking that she really thought, before being cut off by Natalie, who tells her that she'd do it.

Daniel asks Natalie whether she's sure about it, with her then assuring him that she was. Back in Robbie's bedroom, Louis is talking about Marcus with Judy, questioning how Marcus could just leave without saying goodbye after so many years, with Judy then saying that Marcus had always been a weird man. Louis then tells her that if he were to tell her how he'd met Marcus, she'd think he was the weird one.

Louis then says that he thinks he's too nae, but Judy tells him to not be so hard on himself. However Louis then resolves to say that he's too gullible, being that's what Robbie had always said and that now he agreed with his son, pointing out Robbie's condition. Judy then tells Louis he should go and work in his office, informing him that she'd stay there and look after Robbie. Louis then smiles, adding that at least he knew there was one person that he could put his trust in. He then gets up and heads off, but not before thanking Judy.

In the science lab, Ellali and Daniel are briefing Natalie on what she has to do, with Ellali telling her that she needed to find out as much as she could and not to ask too many questions and just let the information come to her. Natalie then notes that that should be easy as long as Judy was living with them. Daniel then assures her that she didn't have to do anything that she wasn't comfortable with, but Natalie assures him that she is comfortable with it, with Ellali then wishing her good luck. Natalie thanks her, as Daniel hands her a Louie, also wishing her good luck and then hugging. Ellali and Natalie then hug too, as Natalie heads off.

As she exits the science lab, Natalie walks up to a wall, and slides down onto her knees in tears. Back at the tennis courts Alfie and Sophie's tennis game is in full swing, just as Sophie manages to score a point, leaving the score 6-0 which meant that she won the game. Alfie then asks her to stop , as Sophie remarks that Alfie was smart to stick with basket ball.

Alfie then sarcastically says that was very funny, expressing that she'd just caught him on a bad day. However Sophie assures him there wasn't any problem, asking whether they play again at the same time the next day, but Alfie says no way. Sophie then sits down, packing her racket away, as she says that she had figured as such, but adding that she had at least managed to make Alfie forget that he was bummed out, with Alfie agreeing.

Alfie continues, saying that he was now bummed out about something else, as he took a sip of his water. Sophie then assures Alfie that she meant what she had said earlier on in the day, being that she had made a big mistake. Alfie then gets up having seen someone. Sophie in response turns as well, only to see Natalie up above the tennis court, waving to Alfie. Alfie quickly heads up to Natalie as Sophie watches on.

Back in the science lab, Daniel and Ellali are cleaning up, with Ellali wiping down the white-board. Ellali then tells Daniel that he had managed to save Natalie, assuring him that she'd never forget that act. However Daniel then says that she'd never forget that she was only with him, because his mother; Judy had hypnotised her, but Ellali assures him that Natalie couldn't blame him for that and that he had done everything he could, once he'd realized something was wrong.

Daniel then remarks that it may of been too bad that he'd realized it, with Ellali asking whether he really thought that, asking him whether he'd of rather stayed with Natalie in her previous condition. Daniel then says that of course he wouldn't of wanted it that way, but that he'd rather not know that his mother had a hand to play in it. Daniel then ponders how his mother could of done it. Daniel then calls it incredible as Ellali's mother was; Naomi was a wonderful woman, as well as a hero, but that at the time she was dead.

Daniel goes on saying that his own mother was alive and well, but that he couldn't even look her in the eye. Ellali concerned, asks whether he'd be alright. Daniel then expresses that he just wants to beat the conspirers, with Ellali remarking they'd value victory above all else, with Daniel adding that he was after all an Eagle. Daniel then goes on to say that with the Eagles winning attitude, alongside the Ravens strategic thinking they made a pretty good team.

Back at the tennis courts, Sophie is watching Alfie talking to Natalie from the main court, just as Alfie confused asks whether Natalie never really went to tennis camp and whether she had never wanted to be back together with Daniel. Natalie nods her head, confirming what he'd thought, as he asks her what the day's date was, with Natalie then asking why he wanted to know. Alfie then reveals it was because he didn't want it being an April Fools joke.

On the court, Sophie then collects her gear, as Natalie assures Alfie that he was the only one who knew and that he mustn't tell anyone about it. Alfie agrees to comply, but asks why he needed to, with Natalie then revealing that that way she could continue to spy on Judy. Alfie then realizes that Judy still thought that Natalie was working for her, calling it brilliant. Natalie then reveals that it was Alfie's sister; Ellali who had come up with the plan. Just then Sophie walks up, with Alfie then telling her that their game was fun. Sophie glumly says that she was glad that he'd enjoyed it.

Back in Robbie's room, Judy is pulling some curtains across above Robbie's bed, then heading to the door and taking out the key from the lock. She then walks over to Robbie's bed, telling him that everyone had a certain amount of luck in their life, but that she thought that Robbie's luck had run out, as she injects the lethal poison into Robbie's intravenous infusion. Out on the bench in The Greenhouse grounds, Alfie asks Natalie whether they could start over, with Natalie agreeing.

Natalie then puts out her hand, introducing herself to Alfie again and saying it was nicer to meet him, with Alfie doing the same. Natalie then jokingly asks what sort of name Alfie was, with Alfie explaining that Alfie was the hero of a movie that his parents loved. Alfie then asks why Natalie had been given the name she had been given, with Natalie explaining that it had come from a song in French that her father loved, with Alfie then noting he loved French songs.

Alfie then notes that French songs always wanted to make him kiss a beautiful girl, before then leaning in to kiss with Natalie. The two then finish kissing, with Alfie saying that he could almost forgive her for getting him kicked out of the basket ball team. Natalie then laments that she was awful to Alfie, adding that she couldn't believe the awful things that Judy had made her do. Alfie in response asks Natalie what else Judy had asked her to do. Natalie reveals that Judy had asked her to convince her father to let Judy move in with them. Alfie not surprised, says no kidding.

Alfie then asks Natalie whether Judy had the hots for Louis, but Natalie assures him that's not the case, explaining that Judy had wanted to help them look after Robbie. Alfie confused, asked whether Judy had really wanted to help. Natalie then remembers back to the moment Robbie had been shot, remembering that Robbie had said someone's name when he was unconscious. Natalie then realizes that Judy never wanted to wake Robbie up, realizing that was what it was all about. Alfie asks what she was talking about, as Natalie continues. Natalie says she couldn't believe how she didn't see it, noticing that Judy was afraid that Robbie would wake up and start talking.

Alfie, confused asks who it was she was talking about, guessing Robbie. Natalie then exclaims that she had to go there, before rushing off. In Robbie's room, the dioxin is beginning to take effect, as Judy watches. Natalie quickly rushes up the stairs and to Robbie's room, desperately trying to open the door, only to see what's happening to her brother.



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