A Lesson in Democracy is the tenth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering 20th January, 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


At the hospital, Natalie is bringing Daniel room service, with him jokinh the hospital food's going to kill him. Natalie then removes the cover on the platter to reveal waffles and pancakes with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Daniel surprised, thanks her, proclaiming his girlfriend as the best. Natalie explains she made it herself, with Daniel asking her whether this means she forgives him. Natalie expresses that their true love has to stand to the test, before asking Daniel whether his foot feels better. Daniel explains that the doctor told him he was lucky and that there was no damage to the muscle, adding he could play again in two weeks as an effect of this. Daniel explains his luck, asking Natalie whether she knows the cop who took the shrapnel. Daniel explains that on the way back to the station his car caught on fire, with Daniel expressing he's fine, with Natalie expressing her relief at Perache's luck. Judy then arrives, announcing Daniel could leave the hospital, with Daniel expressing his surprise. Judy explains that she got the head of the ward to agree with her in the fact that Daniel would be better off recovering at the Greenhouse.

Natalie then tells Judy, that Daniel told her about the policeman's car fire incident, with Judy proclaiming it was lucky that no one was hurt during the incident, as Daniel begins to get up. Back at the Greenhouse, Judy arrives through the doors with Natalie and Daniel on crutches, as Louis welcomes him back to the Greenhouse, with Louis adding he's heard that Daniel's feeling better. Daniel confirms what Louis heard, expressing that his foot still hurts from the surgery, but that it'll pass. Louis then asks to have a word with Daniel.

Louis begins to explain that he had thought a lot about the situation and what happened and had come up with a way to best handle the situation. Daniel then ask Louis whether he heard that the police's investigation had closed, with Louis expressing he's not worried about Daniel, adding that the next time Daniel would touch a gun would be in the military. Louis expresses how much Daniel means to him and what he's done for the Greenhouse, expressing however that as a captain, Daniel should of come to him and told him the truth, explaining that he's decided Daniel couldn't continue as the captain of the Eagles.

Louis expresses that the decision wasn't an easy one, hoping that Daniel would accept it, before heading off. Judy and Natalie then walk up to him, with Judy asking if he's ok. The other Eagles then arrive on the scene, with Ron expressing he hoped that Daniel wasn't crying during the night, because he missed him. After hearing that Daniel is no longer the captain, the others are amazed, with Ron asking whether he's kidding. Sophie questions why he was demoted after what happened to him, asking Natalie her thoughts. Natalie expresses that she doesn't understand what's come over her father, Judy adds he may of misunderstood Louis, but Daniel tells her to get real.

Ron, however expresses Daniel's their captain and that no one could tell them differently, with everyone nodding in agreement, but Daniel expresses that if anyone could it's Louis. Ron then tries to assure Daniel, that they'll fight for him, saying no one could replace their captain, with Ron expressing to the team it's up to them, with everyone nodding. Judy and Daniel then head off, with Daniel asking his mother what he does now, but Judy reassures him telling him to just focus on healing and that it would be fine, with Daniel asking whether she'd take care of it, with Judy further reassuring it'd be fine, before heading into Louis' office.

Daniel then walks up to Natalie, with her asking what Judy said. Daniel assures her that Judy's going to take care of it, expressing that he trusts his mother. Daniel then expresses to his team, that they should try and relax, asking whether their just going to leave his cast plain. Ron asks whether he wanted him to draw over it, with Daniel asking for Eagles to be painted all over his cast, not really caring too much, before ushering his team back to their dormitory, expressing he has to rest. Ron exclaims that's a captain.

In the Ravens dormitory, Matti is having another chess game against Alona, moving a piece off the board, with Alona checkmating him again. Matti expresses his shock, explaining that she sacrificed her rook on purpose, adding he should of seen it coming, pondering what's wrong with it. Alona then says she has to go and get dressed, getting up and saying that it's been a pleasure and telling him not to take it too hard, shaking Matti's hand. Matti confused, asks why he'd take it so hard, as Dina strolls up to him. Dina sits down, asking Matti why he's not dressed, adding she's dying to see him in his gym clothes.

Matti, expresses his shock that Alona beat him again, saying she used techniques he'd never seen before. Dina teasingly questions whether he likes Alona's moves. Matti confused, says no before asking what, expressing he just respects her as a worthy opponent, before Dina gets up, before asking what again. In the bathroom Iftach is brushing his teeth, as Ellali walks up, doing her hair. Iftach asks what's up, with Ellali questioning what's up with the gym class they must take, adding she joined to Ravens to get out of gym class, with Iftach trying to beckon her to do it. He explains that they'll run a bit and pretend to be out of breath, noting that he does it for Gershon of who'm he likes. Ellali jokes that he's really taking care of himself today, with Iftach expressing he always takes care of himself to her. Ellali notices the Reshef naming, noticing their back on a last name basis.

Iftach then begins to talk about the day prior, with Ellali beckoning him on. Iftach continues expressing he was thinking about it and that there's no way that, before pausing with Ellali asking him to continue. Iftach continues spitting out, finishing his sentence saying that there's no way Louis would forgive Daniel, asking Ellali whether she knows what that meant, with her asking what it means, with Iftach explaining that it means there's no way Louis will allow Daniel to keep being the captain of the Eagles. Ellali then heads off, saying let's rock and roll.

In Louis' office, Louis is talking to Judy in his office, with her expressing her fury and speechlessness at what her son did, adding it's a disgrace. Louis carries her sentiments calling it a disgrace to her and a disgrace to the Greenhouse as well. Judy says she's proud of Louis for what he did, but Louis explains that he hasn't yet made a decision on Daniel, then becoming confused, with Judy explaining she's proud of him for being courageous, expressing she wish she had that same courage as Daniel's mother finishing saying she's so happy that her son is under education at The Greenhouse. Louis agrees, saying he's happy that she feels that way, also adding that Daniel's going to have a tough time after this incident, but that ultimately it would make him a better person. Judy agrees, getting up and shaking Louis' hand as she heads off.

Back in the Ravens dormitory, Ellali is typing a text on her Louis device, asking what to do if someone she kissed the day prior, just started to ignore her, before then erasing the text she'd typed. At the table Matti is remarking Alona's best qualities, with Matti asking Dina what's fascinating about Alona, explaining that she didn't have an easy life, with her family having immigrated from Belarus during the 90's and that her father was a mechanic and her mother was in charge of a hospital ward and that they couldn't get jobs when they came to Israel, asking whether it seems fair to Dina. Dina in response asks whether Alona told her all that during a chess game, with Matti explaining she didn't tell him anything and that she's like a closed book, not saying a word.

But Dina then questions how he knows so much about Alona, after hearing what he said, with Matti saying he Googled her, with Dina shocked at this revelation, remarking he may only look innocent, adding she's going to tell Louis about Matti's snooping. But Matti alarmed, desperately asks her not to, saying they'd throw him in jail for life. Dina begins to laugh, saying she's only joking, getting up and adding that boys are crazy, with Ellali agreeing. In the Greenhouse corridor Judy is just walking out of Louis' office, before Robbie stops her. Judy stops, asking what Robbie wants, as he questions her behavior in the office, with Judy explaining they must choose their battles wisely. Robbie not surprised, says Judy never ceases to amaze him, but Judy goes on saying that his father would not of backed down, also adding they'll need him on their side if they were to accomplish everything that's ahead of them.

Robbie then asks about Daniel, but Judy expresses that she's helped him out enough for one day and that he'd get over what happened, before walking off. In the Eagles dormitory, Daniel is lying on the couch, with Natalie leaning against him and surrounded by the rest of the team, expressing that Louis will come crawling back to him. Daniel then points out the Eagle that Alfie drew, with everyone complimenting Alfie on his design. Natalie then turns to Daniel, explaining she knows her father and that he probably wouldn't change his mind, with Daniel however saying he knows his mother.

Daniel then asks Eitan to get him some apple juice, with him doing so. Louis then arrives through the door, with Daniel expressing it's too bad that they didn't bet on it. Louis says good morning to the Eagles, thanking Daniel for his contribution to the school and the Eagles, but also adding that Daniel can't stay their captain, expressing it was a difficult decision, finishing by saying it has nothing to do with how they all think of Daniel. Louis then expresses they should use the opportunity to express some democracy, adding they have until the next day to choose their next captain, asking around for questions. He asks whether Daniel has anything to say to his friends, with Danie getting up on his crutches and hobbling away, with Natalie following him.

At the gym, Gershon instructs the Ravens to jog around the court, while he deals with Matti's problem, with Matti presenting a form which exempts him from any physical activities that last longer than 5 minutes, adding he has a problem with the right ventricle in his heart. Matti then notes, he's the fifth generation of his family who suffer from the flatfoot condition further showing Gershon his papers. Matti goes on to explain that they've been to every possible expert, but adding he's not allowed to wear gym shoes, with Gershon giving in and sending him to the bench, adding that it's a shame Matti doesn't also have an exempt from talking.

Meanwhile, Ellali who's running round the court with the other Ravens asks Iftach if they're going to talk about what happened the prior day or whether their playing games. Iftach, confused asks what happened yesterday, with Ellali annoyed calling him an idiot. Just then everyone gets a news update on their Louis, causing them to stop and pull them out. They discover the news that Daniel is no longer captain of the Eagles, with Gershon annoyed at them for stopping. Alona tries to show him the news update, but Gershon isn't having it, expressing it's not the entertainment channel, ordering them to start running again. Dina then walks over expressing the actual news to Gershon. Gershon surprised at the news, gets Dina to show him the news update. Iftach then proclaims he was right about Daniel being demoted, adding he knows the school back to front, finishing saying it must be killing him.

Back at the Eagles dormitory, Daniel is busy dumping his clothes into his locker, with Natalie trying to cheer him up, apologizing for what happened. But Daniel tells her not to be sorry and to go and talk to her father. Natalie however, expresses it wouldn't help anything, explaining Louis' still angry at her. Natalie then asks Daniel to stop what he's doing, explaining that ultimately it was his fault, as he was the one to pick up the gun, fire it and then lie to everyone, including herself. Daniel angrily slams his locker shut, questioning her on her point. Natalie expresses her point is that he's alright and that the police aren't bothering him anymore, but Daniel says he'd rather be in prison that being demoted, while Natalie tries to calm him down as he limps away on his crutches, while telling her he'd like to be left alone for the moment, with Natalie then obliging and leaving.

Daniel then leans his crutches on the lockers and steadily sits down on the bench, just as Eitan shows up, reminding Daniel that he handed him a request for special help for his parents, with Daniel asking so. Eitan explains that he hoped Daniel could give it back, so that the new captain could be handed it, adding it's urgent. Daniel then tells him to take it, saying it's in his locker. Eitan takes the request and leaves. Daniel then sees two of the other Eagles girls, talking about reassignment of the lockers, expressing it's not fair that the girls have smaller lockers than the boys. Daniel overhears however, getting up and angrily asking rhetorically that they don't think the lockers are fair, calling them ingrates.

At the Police Headquarters, with the chief talking to Perach and Arik in his office. He asks Perach where he was when the car caught on fire, confused as to what happened. Perach, however expresses he already told the chief, explaining that black smoke from the motor, started to rise from the AC vent and that he stopped the car, to get out and to stop himself from choking, with the car then exploding. But the Chief, annoyed asks why Perach didn't take the initiative to take the shrapnel with him, expressing it was his mission to deliver the shrapnel, with Perach expressing it was only a matter of seconds and that it was his instinct, taking the blame. The Chief sighs and explains the consequences of this occurrence, adding it's forced them to close the investigation due to lack of evidence. The Chief gives them both strong stares, asking them to both leave his office.

After leaving the Chief's office, Arik puts his hand on Perach's shoulder, expressing that he did great, then seeing Perach's mail box and notifying Perach that he has an envelope that's arrived for him. Perach looks through his mail and discovers the brown envelope, containing his pay, before putting it away in a drawer. At the Eagles dormitory, Alfie walks up to Daniel, as he's lying on the sofa, reading a magazine. Daniel says he bets that Alfie's happy due to the whole ordeal, but Alfie expresses that just because he's not their official captain anymore, doesn't mean they don't respect him. Daniel then sarcastically asks him whether he thinks so, with Alfie adding he's sure of it, further saying that he thinks Daniel should choose his successor.

Daniel, mistaken then believes he's got it, believing that Alfie wants to be the captain, with Alfie expressing that he doesn't. Daniel then calls him a snake and asks him to get out. Alfie dismayed at Daniel's behaviour questions whether Daniel still sees him as an enemy, asking whether their last game together didn't make him realize that he's on Daniel's side. Daniel, then takes swipe at the fact that Alfie didn't replace him in the game, adding their whole ordeal may not of happened otherwise. Just then Ron, up at the table wins an arm-wrestling match against another one of the Eagles.

Alfie then looks over to Ron and back at Daniel, with Daniel realizing he thinks that he should elect Ron for the position of captain, with Alfie adding there wouldn't be a better way to stay in control. Daniel then happy says Alfie really is alright and asks him to get Ron over, to which Alfie goes to do. Back at the gym, Gershon is setting up volt-jump practice, signalling Iftach to go, with Ellali up next. Iftach helps Ellali up after her jump, as they begin to walk to the side, with Iftach predicting Daniel would now elect Ron for the position of new captain, and that he would remain in charge that way as Ron is essentially Daniel's puppet. Ellali questions why he's still going on about it, with Iftach finishing saying Ron would be a terrible captain and that he's sidekick material, not leader material calling him a complete loser at leadership.

Ellali then questions him, on whether he really though she cared about it, with Gershon shouting at them, telling them to stop chatting, while signalling Dina on. Dina then takes a run-up and performs an impressive jump before walking off, with Gershon calling her jump nice. Alona then takes the jump, with Matti clapping in appraisal, with Dina walking up to him and telling him to not be so obvious. Matti asks what's wrong with just cheering Alona on, with Dina saying nothing, but also saying sarcastically that every girl loves a guy who gets out of Phys Ed. Matti, mistaken asks really, with Dina nodding her head, but Matti eventually gets what she's trying to get across. In Louis' quarters, Louis is looking out at the Greenhouse grounds, just as Natalie arrives.

Louis welcomes his daughter, with Natalie asking whether he has a moment, with Louis telling her to come and sit with her old man. The two sit down, with Louis asking whether Natalie is still mad at him. Natalie confused, says she's not, adding she thought he was still mad at her. Louis expresses, that he couldn't stay angry at her for more than 5 minutes, asking how Daniel is. Natalie tells him that Daniel isn't doing so well, but Louis brushes it off, adding he's a strong boy and that he'd recover faster than Natalie may believe. Natalie then asks Louis' opinion of the police car explosion, with him saying that the negligence of the police, doesn't surprise him. Natalie then expresses Daniel could of gotten in trouble had it not happened, but Louis says he doesn't want to think about it, just being glad that it's over and done with. Natalie then announces she's heading back to The Eagles clubhouse, with Louis thanking her for not trying to convince him to re-instate Daniel as captain.

Natalie explains she considered, but decided not to, as not even Judy could convince him, but Louis tells her that Judy had agreed with Louis' decision to demote Daniel. Natalie then in disbelief asks whether he's kidding. Back in the Eagles dorm, Alfie and Daniel are talking to Ron about being captain, but Ron expresses he doesn't think it's a good idea, Daniel however questions his seriousness, and why Ron wouldn't make a good captain. Ron continues, saying he wouldn't be too good at it. Daniel asks as to what, saying the Greenhouse is a leadership school, with Daniel assuring Ron he'll have his back if he takes the position of captain.

Ron however, further expresses he's not good with changes, with Alfie adding that's point, saying that no one likes change, but that if Ron were to be leader, everything would be the same, asking him to think about it and whether they have a deal for Ron to be new captain. Ron looks at Daniel and gives in, agreeing to do it, shaking Alfie and Daniel's hands. Back in the gym, another Ravens takes the volt jump, with Gershon narking him on, saying his grandma, who was born with one leg shorter than the other, could jump better than him. The next jumper then takes her turn, with Gershon sarcastically complimenting her, adding his brother in a wheel chair could jump higher. Matti then walks up, asking Gershon whether he could try.

Gershon, however expresses he though Matti suffers from a condition, but Matti brushes it off saying it would be fine, Dina worried then questions his actions, as he walks over to the start position. Matti then asks Gershon whether he just needs to run and jump over the table, with Gershon saying it's better to jump over. Matti then begins to run to make his jump, but stops at the springboard, thinking of himself not ready, then trying again and slamming into the table. Gershon helps him up and asks Matti to do him a favour, by just sitting on the side-lines, adding he doesn't have the insurance for people like Matti.

Iftach, helping Matti up then asks whether he's alright, with Matti expressing he is. Iftach then turns around asking whether anyone caught the events on video, laughing with the rest of the Ravens. Back at the Eagles dorm, Sophie is trying to explain that her that she wants an interview with ousted Eagles captain's girlfriend, expressing it's for her blog. Natalie bored, asks whether they have to, with Sophie persistently saying they must, beginning by asking Natalie how she is, but before she could continue Natalie stops her, asking Sophie to just listen to her, adding how strange it is.

Natalie, begins saying she heard Judy ask the doctor at the hospital to give her the shrapnel from the bullet and that he didn't want to do so and that the car carrying the shrapnel suddenly exploded, also pondering why she told her son, that she'd be able to get Louis to change his mind about his demotion as captain. Sophie tells her to stop worrying about Daniel's mother and to start worrying about Daniel, with her asking whether they could continue their interview. Sophie then curiously and cheerily asks Natalie what it's like not being the captain's girlfriend, with Natalie expressing she doesn't know what to say, adding it maybe for the best and that being captain is a pain in the butt.

Sophie however, feels it maybe fun to be in charge of their own team, and taking care of everyone's problems, with Natalie confused, asking who's interviewing who. Sophie agrees and continues, asking Natalie where they were. Outside the gym, the Ravens are walking back to their dorm, as Dina asks Matti whether he remembered that she owed him one, adding she may of come up with a way to help him. Matti however says he doesn't need anyone's help, unless they had a time-machine, so he could go back 5 seconds to before he jumped. Iftach then sees Ellali sitting on the bench outside the gym, asking where she'd gone to, with her saying she doesn't know and that if he's going to give her another Daniel update, before being stopped by Iftach.

Iftach asks Ellali whether she feels he's obsessed with the situation, with Ellali saying he is a little. Iftach then asks how she is, with her in disbelief asking whether he's trying to drive her crazy. In defence, Iftach exclaims it was jus a kiss, asking why all the drama. Ellali says there was no drama, with Iftach astounded that she'd be the type to make a big deal out of it. Ellali then tries to express that she didn't, but that it's strange it happened, adding she wasn't meant to even attend the Greenhouse. Iftach then tries to explain how cool she is and that he likes hanging out with her, before she interrupts him, hoping he's not going to do the whole "It's not you, It's me" thing, before getting up, telling him to forget their kiss. Iftach however expresses he enjoys their dynamic and that he didn't want them to be labelled as a couple, adding it complicates things.

Ellali then see's how it is, sitting down, with Iftach asking if their good. Ellali tells him they'd just go with the flow for the time-being, with Iftach saying they should go and find out who the new Eagles captain is. Ellali however shakes her head and asks him to keep her posted on it, saying she wants to be alone. Iftach, worried asks whether everything's alright, before kissing her and getting up. Back at the Eagles dormitory, Daniel is gathering everyone for the announcement of the new leader, telling everyone that if they raised their hand, Ron could be the next captain.

Sophie sarcastically calls it a democratice procedure, with Daniel asking whether she knew of a better way to do things more democratically, than just a vote. Sophie explains there maybe others who want to sign up for the job, with Daniel asking if anyone else would like to be the captain. Daniel then begins to congratulate Ron, but at the last minute Sophie nominates herself. Daniel confused asks what, with Sophie asking whether there's a problem. Daniels says there isn't, with Sophie saying they should spend the rest of the day campaigning with a vote at the end, with Sophie walking up to Ron and shaking his hand wishing him good look, with him doing the same.



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