Abigail Osmond is the mother of Brooke and Jason Osmond and is the deceased wife of the headmaster of Greenhouse Academy, Louis Osmond. Her character is most likely modeled after Avigayil Klein, headmaster Louis Klein's deceased wife.

Appearance and Personality

Much is unknown about Abigail and her personality however Louis mentions her as a wonderful and great woman and an amazing mother to her kids. She was briefly mentioned in The Perfect Solution after Louis was replaced by Ryan at the Greenhouse. Louis tells Brooke that she would have wanted him to have a good life after they both look at her grave. Brooke then asks her dad if he misses her to which he replies "Every day" after Brooke starts crying. Abigail is said to have died in 2005, a few years after Brooke was born. She is also have said to be one of the other founders of the academy and a helper to Louis Osmond.

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