The Academy Cafeteria is where the students eat, socialize, and host events such as teamwork activities. The Cafeteria is also one of the main locations in Greenhouse Academy.


The cafeteria has many vendors that sell food to students and students can pick and chose what they want to eat. The foods served at the cafeteria are mainly, but not limited to, Ceaser salad, meat, Boba, pastries, milkshakes, juice, bread, pasta, etc. Students most commonly pay for the food from the Cafeteria and or someone covers them. The theme of the cafeteria is white so all the tables and chairs are generally white. Vendors usually put up signs with food for the students so it is easier for a student to decide what they can get. Students are also allowed to make their own food at the Cafeteria if they would like such as baking a cake.


Many times, events generally happen in the cafeteria such as conventions, parties, dinners, and team building activities. Students are generally kept in charge to decorate the Cafeteria during these kinds of ceremonies. The most famous ceremonies the school has had are the Halloween dance and the tech convention hosted by Louis Osmond every year. Students also play certain games such as quiz games in the Cafe and it also a pretty big hangout spot for many. Many students may even take their dates out on dinner to the Cafe.

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