Ahuva, played by Rina Horn is Louis' secretary at the Greenhouse and a recurring character in The Greenhouse.

The Greenhouse Ahuva


Ahuva is a middle-aged woman, with black hair done up in a bun, brown eyes and pale skin. She's usually seen wearing a multi-coloured striped, shirt with no sleeves. She also wears long dark blue leggings with a pair of glasses.


Season 2

Ahuva first appears in the second season's fifth episode; One True Leader, where she tries to get in contact with Louis over the phone, after Sefi requests to speak with Louis, but to no avail as Louis is too busy listening to classic music. Ahuva then comes and finds him in person, warning him about Sefi's call, with Louis still not hearing. She then heads to Louis' record player, and turns it off, before expressing how urgently Sefi wants to talk to him, as well as notifying Louis of Nikki Sevan's current intrusion in the Greenhouse cafeteria.

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