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So you remember the time we got married in Vegas?
Alex to Brooke in More Than a Hunch

Alex Woods, played by Finn Roberts is the brother of Hayley Woods, a member of the Eagles and a main character in Greenhouse Academy . He is the American counterpart to Alfie Reshef.


Alex Woods is an American Teenage boy with dark brown curly hair and slightly tanned skin. He normally wears T-Shirts with a high collar or his eagles basketball uniform.


Alex’s Personality is quite chilled but also quite worrying and caring. When the space rocket exploded he went outside and cried, that’s how worrying he is. But he also kept a lot of secrets with Daniel because in season 3 Judy, Marcus, Jason and Eric were causing people to die.


Season 1

In Pilot, Alex's mom, Ryan dies in a shuttle crash leaving Alex absolutely speechless. He works his hardest to get into Greenhouse Academy since he wants to honor his mom. Hayley, on the other hand, becomes an aggressive teen and she tells her friends that Alex is wasting his time getting a stupid ball into a stupid hoop. On the day of the test, Hayley drives him to the Greenhouse since his father was in a really bad state. Upon arrival, Hayley mocks the school motto and Alex meets Daniel Hayward, captain of the Eagles basketball team. Alex tells him that he was trying out but Daniel didn't really care. After Daniel makes Alex aggressive during the basketball tryouts, Hayley tells him to stop and she tells the headmaster some really bad things. In the end, the headmaster, Louis Osmond, lets them both join the school with Alex to the Eagles and Hayley to the Ravens. Alex also gets invited to a party at his new clubhouse. In The Opening Challenge, Alex and Parker wrestle with each other but because of Hayley's texts, he fails to do so. Sophie then tells Alex to cheer up and she takes pictures with him. During the opening challenge when Hayley gets the key, she throws it to him. However, Alex throws it back saying that she found it so she should keep it. Sophie catches this all live and exposes him to the Eagles. The Eagles get mad at him causing Alex to show a little bit of hate towards Hayley when she interrupts basketball practice. Alex then meets Judy Hayward at the end of the episode who tells him that he was born to be an Eagle.

In Breaking and Entering, Alex pretends to forgive his sister in order to replace her Louie with a fake one. That night, the Eagles break into the Ravens' clubhouse and destroy the whole thing and spray paint Leo Cruz's face. The Ravens notice and they aren't very happy. The Eagles then start to like Alex since he officially showed traits of being an Eagle. In Private Screening, Alex and Hayley talk to each other and Hayley finds out that Alex had made a truce with her just to steal her Louie. This makes Hayley leave the Greenhouse, while Alex shows that he is happy about it so that they could beat their rivals. Hayley then arrives at the end of the episode. In Black Smoke, the coach realizes that Daniel was hurt and he decides to call in Alex to take his place. Alex then refuses and Daniel goes back to playing. However, Daniel faints. In Captain Material, Alex helps Daniel and Parker become captain. However, when he sees that they are going against Sophie, Alex and the group decide to back down. In Swimming Lessons, Alex and Hayley come to the Cave to sit down. Judy notices them and hides from them. Alex then remarks to Hayley that the Cave was huge. After getting some advice from Hayley, he decides to follow his heart and vote for the best candidate, Sophie. In The Outsider, Alex watches the launch with Brooke after Brooke notices that he seemed a bit upset. She then put her hand on Alex leaving Daniel mad. In Steph, Alex tells Sophie about the bunny that was in the locker room. Sophie then insists that they return it to a shelter. Sophie then tells everyone that he should be the new Eagles mascot. Alex then follows Brooke into the cave to make sure that she is safe. Just then, a park ranger attacks them.

In Guilt Free Cupcakes, Alex saves Brooke from the park ranger and Louis finds out. He tells them that they shouldn't have broken their curfew and that there would be consequences if it happened again. They both head back to the clubhouse. Alex then talks to Hayley about the whole thing, but Hayley says that it's alright. During the bake sale, Alex points out that they should return the merchandise to which Daniel gets upset and plays dirty. Later, Brooke and Alex participate in the fashion show leaving Daniel even angrier. In Great Scott, Alex and Sophie attend the dance together after Sophie tells him that it would be good to get Daniel off his back. Alex then meets up with Brooke and has fun with her. Alex and Brooke then start to dance together. In L.D.R, Alex tells Hayley that Leo isn't worth it and that he could punch him for her to which she responds, no. Hayley then walks back in with Alex only to see an angry Daniel flipping over a table. He and Brooke then break up on the spot. Alex then picks up a pie and slams it into Leo's face. He then tells him, "Now that's classic". The whole thing then escalates into a food fight. On the beach, Brooke and Alex talk to each other about Daniel. They then start to talk about what exactly might have been happening with the park ranger and Judy. They then proceed to kiss after everything that had happened.

Season 2

In Escape Mechanism, Daniel gets mad at Alex since he took his girlfriend. However, when Brooke comes back from the cave, she gets back together with Daniel making Alex confused. In The Client (episode), Brooke tells Alex that she made a mistake getting with him. Alex then tells Hayley about the situation but Hayley shrugs it off saying that it was good that he actually didn't fall in love with which Alex says that his situation was different. Hayley then calls up Eric to ask what happened to Brooke to which Eric lies to Hayley and Alex. Alex then gets upset and leaves. In A Day Off, Sophie tries to cheer up Alex after what had all happened to him. Alex and Daniel then play horse but towards the end of the game, Daniel asks Alex where he had taken Brooke. Alex then reveals that he thought that someone messed with her mind. After Alex says this, Daniel gets interested. In Meant to Be, Alex tells everyone to stay low during the earthquake. Alex then meets up with Hayley and Hayley tells him about seeing Ryan in the ocean. Alex then tells her that it was a form of PTSD to which Hayley tells him no. Alex then convinces Sophie to send her story on the earthquake to Michelle Wallace. In Surfing Lessons, Alex is the only one who accepts Sophie and is nice to her after the whole Parker incident happened. In The Workshop, Parker and Alex get into a fight. Later in the episode, he suspects that Daniel and Hayley were dating to which Sophie tells him that they can't stand each other.

In The Spiral, Alex still has a hunch that Hayley and Daniel were together. Sophie tells him once again that it would never happen. Alex also defends Sophie when the group troubles her about Michelle. Sophie then sees that Aspen sent a photo of Daniel and Hayley. Alex sees and he tells Sophie. Sophie tells him that she was sorry. He then meets up with Hayley and talks to her about what was going on. She then tells him that they weren't together and that she would explain everything later. In More Than a Hunch, Sophie tries to boost Alex's spirits. She tells him to go on a run with her to which he finally does. He then starts to feel better. Brooke then comes to Alex and reveals what was going on. At that moment he joined Team Eureka. They then both joke around and they get back together. In A Born Leader, Alex joins the group in the biology lab. They then all start to figure out what was going on. They all figure out that Judy and her gang will target Carter Woods. But when they call him, he doesn't pick up. Alex and Hayley both get very worried. In Kyle(Episode), Alex and Hayley figure out that their mother is alive. This prompts them to start planning what to do to save Ryan. Alex and Daniel then decide that they would start stalling their basketball game when the last 3 minutes are there. The team then breaks up into different groups to help put an end to Judy's plan. In Bad Decisions, Alex and Daniel start to stall the game using Sophie's assistance. Alex and Daniel buy each other time. However, one group, Max and Jackie get trapped in the basement but luckily Aspen and Leo find them and free them. In Home, Alex and the group get stuck inside the gym. Alex then thinks of a plan to get out in time and it ends up working. Alex then heads home while telling Brooke that he loved her. He at home then plays basketball with his reunited family.

Season 3

In The Hike, Alex and Brooke are shown to be together at the opening scene when Alex tries to kiss Brooke but gets scared since her dad stood next to them. During the hike, Alex accidentally calls Brooke "the spawn of Satan" which makes her upset. He then tells her that he was joking and the pair make up. Later, they engage in a peanut butter fight with the rest of the Eagles. The next morning, after Leo confronts the Eagles, Alex tells him that someone may have been messing with them. After a fight breaks down at the lake, Becca steals the Eagles' iodine pills which causes them to have dirty water. Alex then proceeds to test the water, saying that the water was alright. Later on, Alex gets sick from the water as he starts to puke everything out. Alex then collapses on the floor. In The Interrogation, Alex is seen at the hospital in terrible condition. Carter asks Alex why he would do such a stupid thing to which Alex says that he was just testing the water for Brooke. Alex later comes back to the clubhouse and lets Hayley get settled into her new team. In The Perfect Solution, Brooke tries to hide Jason from Alex. When Jason first comes into her room, she tells Alex that she looks awful and that she would take a shower to which Alex smiles. Brooke then shifts Jason into the old biology lab and she tells him to stay there while offering him a blanket. When Jason texts her on her Louie saying that he was hungry, Brooke leaves immediately and gets lunch for Jason. Alex then sees her and asks her what all the food was for. She then tells him that since she didn't eat, she would eat. However, Alex shortly after barges into the biology lab and spots Brooke and Jason together. He then orders Jason to leave immediately causing Brooke to get upset and cry. When he leaves, Brooke sarcastically tells Alex "Thanks for being so considerate" before storming out of the room. In Your New Best Friend, Alex and Brooke both argue with each other about Jason. Alex tells Brooke that he wouldn't like it if his sister was a criminal to which Brooke responds that it was different with Jason. He then reminds Brooke of what Jason had done to the Greenhouse to which Brooke responds "He is still my brother". After Carter finds out that Jason is an alleged fugitive, he tells Brooke causing her to get hurt and even more angry at Alex. She tells him that if he had just let him stay, none of this would have ever happened.

In Old Trophies, Alex prepares for a big game against his rivals and he also tries to impress his mother during the game. Brooke then realizes that her life was pretty much gone and that she wanted to start fresh. After Brooke says "I had to do something important", Alex responds with "What, more important than being here for me?" That was the moment of clarity for both of them when she breaks up with him right before the big shot of the game. Alex ends up missing the shot and he loses the game and his girlfriend. In A Piece of Moon Rock, everyone comes at Brooke very strong with mostly Hayley blaming Brooke for everything that had happened. Alex still tries to process everything that was happening, causing him to get upset. In The Hidden Flag, The Eagles couldn't process their loss in Capture the Flag. Everyone gets upset in the clubhouse while Hayley tells them that it was nothing. Later, Alex asks Brooke if she wanted to hang out with him to which she responds "Another time". Alex then talks to his mother about Brooke and she says that in order to be her boyfriend, he had to start by being her friend. In The Beeps, Alex attends a basketball practice but just as they are about to start, they hear a loud sound.

Season 4

In Rock by Rock, following the events of The Beeps, Alex runs outside to the caves and sees that the entire thing has collapsed. He then sees Leo and calls an ambulance to take him. He meets up with his parents and gets mad at Daniel after he reveals that he was supposed to be inside and not Hayley. In The Quick One, Alex, Daniel, and the Woods' parents search for Hayley. Alex then manages to find Hayley and he announces it to the school that they had found her. At the Greenhouse, Alex discusses with Brooke, Parker, Sophie, Emma, and Max about a bone marrow transplant. They then all together figure out a plan to save Leo. In Gummy Bears, Alex hugs Hayley after seeing that she was ok. Alex then sees Brooke trying to make her dad's famous chocolate cake. He then goes over there and helps Brooke out with the baking. After she tells him that he was good at baking, Alex tells her "I wasn't good at being your boyfriend. At least I'm good at doing something." Brooke then thanks Alex for everything that he had helped her with. After Suzzane tells her that she should convince her dad to do the tech conference, she agrees and brings over the cake to pacify him. In Cortinarius Orellanus, Daniel reveals what he had done to Hayley during a game of basketball. Alex then tells him that he had to tell her what he did or else he wouldn't be able to forgive himself. Daniel takes that advice and sticks with it. Alex also helps Sophie prepare for the tech conference by decorating the cafeteria.

In Hundred Percent, Alex gets the paramedics to help Hayley after she faints on the couch. Later he sees that she was doing just fine. Alex gets confused but he decides to shrug it off. Alex then asks Daniel if he told her yet to which Daniel says no. The next morning, Alex reveals to Hayley what Daniel did, causing Hayley to get very upset towards Daniel. In Room 205, Brooke asks for Alex's advice on a speech that she had written to which Alex says yes. After she reads the speech, Alex tells her that there was no her in it, only a bunch of dead presidents. He then tells her that she needed to put Brooke inside the speech and he told her that she would be able to come up with the perfect words for the speech. Brooke thanks Alex for all that he did and Alex smiles back at her. In The Client, Alex and Brooke work to stop the Client and his evil motives. At the end of the episode, Brooke tells Alex how she was very sad about everything and Alex comforted her. They then both kiss to which Alex responds that he liked being friends with her to which she giggles. They both then go on the camping trip hosted by Sophie and Leo and they have a fun time.


Alex and Brooke





  • Alex is of Greek and Scottish origins shortened from the name Alexander meaning "Defender, Protector of Man"
  • Woods is of English origins and can be traced back to Great Britain. It's derived from the Middle English wode and refers to someone who worked or lived in a forrest