Alfie's Story is the twenty eighth episode of the first season of The Greenhouse, premiering March 6th, 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


In the Greenhouse grounds, the Eagles basket ball team has just arrived back, having managed to win their game. The team begins jumping up and down and chanting; "Who is better than the rest? Eagles are the best". Daniel then opens the back of the mini-bus, taking out the keys, just as Iftach walks up.

Iftach says he guessed that the Eagles had managed to win, calling him sharp. Iftach then asks Daniel to listen, explaining that when he had gone to the Space Agency a while ago, he'd forgotten something in the mini-bus, asking whether Daniel would give him the keys to take a look around. Daniel questions it, expressing that Louis had told him not to give anyone the keys. Iftach then tries to express he'd only be a few minutes and that he'd bring the keys back to the Eagles clubhouse, but Daniel still expresses he couldn't, but that if Iftach wanted, he could take a look round for him.

Iftach then says he wouldn't want to waste Daniel's time, with Daniel confused, asking "I didn't want to waste your time?", adding Iftach said it'd only take a few minutes, asking him to make up his mind. Iftach asks him why he's making a big deal out of it, asking him to just give him the keys. Daniel then says there'd be no way Iftach would get those keys, causing Iftach to get angry and start to call him a piece of, before being cut off by Louis, who asks what's going on.

Iftach says hi, as Daniel asks Louis whether he'd heard about the Eagles win at the basket ball game, with Louis congratulating them. Daniel then gives the keys back to Louis, telling him he'd locked the car. Louis then asks Daniel to stop by and say hi Natalie, but stops him before he heads off, explaining that Iftach had wanted to ask him something, however Iftach just says forget it and that it wasn't important, with Louis and Iftach then heading off, as Daniel heads in.

In the Reshef household, Guri is sleeping on the sofa, with the TV on in the background. Guri is having a nightmare, featuring the sniper with Guri aiming his gun at him and shooting him. The dream then switches to the police station, with Guri seeing Arik lying on the floor, as he creeps up to him. Arik then turns his head round, causing Guri to wake up.

Guri then begins to set up traps around the Reshef household, placing a twig at the top of the door-frame. At the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is on the phone to Yinon, the chief editor of the weekend edition of the Channel 2 news, exclaiming it's great and thanking her, adding that of course they could talk the next day. Sophie then says thanks one more time, saying goodbye and taking her Louie out of her ear.

Sophie then gets her fellow Eagles girls to wake up, as they ask what's her problem. Sophie exclaims that she was just talking to Yinon the chief editor of the Channel 2 news weekend edition, explaining that he told her that everyone wants to know about the Greenhouse and that after the interview she had given, they wanted her to send them a video blog, in order to allow them to edit it into a news piece that will be broadcast that coming Friday night. Sophie expresses her excitement, telling her friends to think about it, that that channel had a million viewers.

One of the girls sarcastically says yay, obviously not caring about it, as another just asks Sophie to give them some space. The Eagles basket ball team then arrives back into the locker rooms, chanting "Eagles". Ron then exclaims that there wasn't anything like coming back to their clubhouse, having stunk of sweat after their victory during the game. Alfie then tells him that he stunk even when they lost.

Sophie then walks up to the guys, expressing that they weren't the only ones who had an incredible evening, but that she did too, exclaiming they'd never knew who called her. She then reveals that Yinon, the chief editor of the Channel 2 news, with Ron asking her what Yinon wanted. Sophie explains that he had wanted her to record a video blog of the Greenhouse for the upcoming Friday, adding it was all because of the 2 minute interview she'd given. Ron then calls her a star, asking her to let him know if there's anything he could do to help, as Sophie thanks him, adding she's sure he just wanted to hop into the shower.

Ron says he gets the hint, as Sophie heads off. Ron then turns to the rest of the guys, asking whether they heard how much of a superstar, Sophie was becoming, explaining she she'd film the Greenhouse for the channel 2 news.

In the Ravens dormitory, Ellali, Dina, Matti and Iftach are sitting on the sofa, as Dina asks Iftach why he couldn't of just stolen the Louie, while Daniel wasn't looking, with Iftach asking how he could possibly do that. Dina exclaims she doesn't know, asking whether he'd ever stolen some gum from a supermarket, with Iftach answering no. Dina then expresses that sometimes she forget she was surrounded by nerds, asking where Robbie's Louie was then. Iftach tells her it's in Louis' shirt pocket, as Matti in response, glumly says it's over and that Louis would read the message and call his mother, adding that she probably wouldn't know how to take it.

Ellali calms him down, expressing that it's better Louis have Robbie's Louie, than Daniel, expressing she's not sure that the first thing Louis would do is to read his own son's message, while he is still in a coma. Dina says she's right, jokingly saying that usually a person would wait for them to die for that kind of thing, prompting Ellali and Iftach to give her strange looks. In response Dina says it's only true. Ellali then adds that at least they have time to look for the Louie, as Iftach questions it, asking how, guessing breaking into Louis' quarters again. Matti then exclaims there's no way he'd go back there uninvited again. Ellali then asks if their just going to give up, eventually saying great sarcastically.

Iftach then gets a video call alert, but quickly puts his Louie back down. Ellali tells him to answer it, as it may be important, especially during that hour of the day. Iftach brushes it off, then asking what they'd do. Ellali then gets up, with Iftach asking where she's going, as she exclaims to solve their problem, before heading out of the dorm.

In Louis' quarters, Daniel is frustrated over not knowing what Iftach was looking for in Robbie's car, adding it's driving him nuts, Natalie then questions when Daniel started to even care about Iftach that much, calling him a jerk. Daniel then gives Natalie a stern stare, as she asks what, asking why she couldn't just look at her handsome boyfriend, before taking off with a coffee mug. Natalie brings it to Louis at the dining table, who is busy looking at papers.

Looking over his papers, Louis admits that Orna was right and that he had been neglecting the school over the last days, adding that he must be more involved. Natalie suggests Louis get some sleep first, but he says otherwise, saying that he couldn't, questioning whether she had any sort of idea about the amount of paperwork that's piled up, expressing he now saw just how important Robbie was to the Greenhouse. Natalie comforts Louis, telling him not to worry and that he could give Robbie all the credit he deserved when he woke up.

Louis then expresses his happiness at Natalie and Daniel being back together, as Natalie adds that Daniel and her were meant to be. Natalie then suggests to Daniel, that they should leave her father to work in peace, with the two heading off, to find Ellali at the door. Ellali asks whether Natalie's father was there, with her replying yes, as the two head out and Ellali heads in.

In the Ravens dormitory, Iftach picks up his Louie, only to find he's still receiving a call, closing his Louie and putting it back on the table. Dina then asks him what he's going to do about it. Iftach expresses he didn't know and that he was still thinking about what Dina had said, but also expressing he couldn't just break up with Amy over the phone, as Dina then says that he could of broken up with Amy, while she was there, asking Iftach why he didn't speak to her then. Iftach explains that he had chickened out.

Dina then expresses her opinion, explaining that while it may be a bummer to break up with Amy over the phone, it would be even worse for Iftach to keep playing games with her. Iftach agrees with her, thanking her. In the Eagles dormitory, Eitan is commentating on a basket ball game between himself and the boys, as Sophie films it for her blog. Just then Alfie manages to score a net, with Eitan proclaiming that scored two crucial points, adding that that was great team-work.

Ron then turns around to Sophie, asking whether that would really be on TV in a couple of days, with Sophie explaining that Channel 2 would decide what would appear on TV, but that she could recommend the footage. Sophie then says it's time for an interview with the key player of the team, with her asking the guys to listen up. Sophie turns on Alfie, explaining that he was the youngest, most promising new Eagle and then asking what he'd have to say to the viewers of the Channel 2 news.

In Louis' quarters, Louis' asking Ellali whether she'd like sugar in her hot chocolate, with her answering just a little. Ellali then apologizes about calling upon him that late, but Louis assures her it's alright, adding he couldn't get to sleep anyway, with Ellali understanding. Louis then gives Ellali her hot chocolate as they sit down, as Ellali begins to explain she wanted to know how Louis was doing in the past few days. Louis' expresses truthfully, that it had been awful, having known his child needed him, but that he was unable to help him was just an awful thought.

Louis then continues, saying that he'd been thinking about Ellali's speech a lot as of late, with Ellali surprised exclaiming "really?". Louis continues complimenting her speech, saying it was beautiful and so simple, adding it had given him a lot of strength then. Louis then thanks Ellali for her visit, with the two getting up, as he expresses that he must get back to work. Ellali then accidently knocks down Louis' shirt off the chair, apologizing as she scrambles to put it back up. Louis then tells her to just give it to him, saying it's alright. Ellali then asks if he needed any help cleaning up in there, but he says no, with Ellali adding she's used to it because of her father and that he always made a horrible mess.

Louis then exclaims that he's fine with his mess, explaining that if anyone organized it, he wouldn't be able to find anything. Louis then tells her she could go ahead and finish her hot chocolate, apologizing for being so impolite, but only because he had over 200 emails he needed to reply to. Louis then asks if she'd be able to handle there on her own, with her thanking him, saying sure, as Louis heads off.

Watching Louis head off, Ellali then begins searching through his documents for Robbie's Louis. Back in the Ravens dormitory, Iftach is on the sofa and opens up his Louie and begins to write a text to Amy, reading; "Amy I don't know how to begin or what to say, but...", Iftach then scraps it, and closes his Louie. He then looks over at Matti and Dina, who are sitting up at the table, with Matti staring at Iftach. Dina then knocks him on the shoulder, saying he's terrible. Matti then gets a text from Ellali saying she couldn't find the Louie, with him then texting back, saying it must be there somewhere.

Back in Louis' quarters, Ellali is checking Louis' pots and vases again, as well as in his book cases. Back in the Ravens dorm, Dina then comes up with the idea of calling Robbie, with Matti calling it a good idea and then opening up his Louie, calling Robbie. In Louis' quarters, Ellali gets a text from Matti telling her to get ready, with her asking for what. Ellali then closes her Louie, as Matti asks whether she was still there. Ellali then hears the ring-tone of Robbie's ringtone, with Louis hearing as well and asking whether that was her Louie.

Ellali says it's not, with Louis realizing it must of been Robbie's Louie, taking it out from a pot, in a nearby book case and plugging it in his ear, replying to the caller. Louis then ponders who it was, expressing they'd hung up. Ellali then says she'd take the Louie, to Robbie's room taking it off Louis, adding she was on her way out anyway. Ellali then heads off, wishing him good night. Ellali then texts to Matti, to report that they'd managed to get Robbie's Louie, with Dina and Matti high-fiving.

Daniel then suddenly appears in front of Ellali, expressing it had taken him a while, but that he'd finally figured something out, being that the Louie Ellali was holding, was exactly what Iftach was looking for. On the Ravens sofa, Dina is reading aloud, Iftach's text to Amy.

She begins; "I hope you won't hate me and be mad at me. I had to listen to my heart and do what it told me". After having read it, Dina passes it off as cheesy, calling Iftach a cheesy songwriter, as Iftach takes back his Louie. Matti then sits down, pondering what's up with Ellali, asking why she wasn't back yet. Iftach tells Matti to just let Ellali work in piece, but Matti begins to panic, asking what if someone had managed to catch her. Iftach then asks if Matti had tried calling Ellali, with him saying no.

Matti goes on, explaining that had they called Ellali at Louis' house, it would of only made things more difficult for her. Back outside Louis' quarters, Ellali asks Daniel what he wanted, with Daniel telling her he wanted to know why she was holding Robbie's Louie in her hands. Ellali then tells him it's none of his business, as Daniel expresses he'd ask Louis. Ellali however expresses that Louis had given it to her, with Daniel asking whether he knew that she had tried to delete stuff off of it. Ellali pretends to not know what he was talking about, but Daniel gives her a stern look.

Ellali then tells him that there's a rumour going around that the chemistry test answers were stored within Robbie's Louie, adding that after everything that had happened to her within the last few days, before apologizing and expressing that was the truth , telling him he could do what he wanted with the Louie now. Daniel, however is not buying it, expressing that he knew enough about her, to know she wouldn't think too much of herself to cheat on a test, adding she was too proud to of done that. Daniel then threatens to bother Louis again, if she didn't tell him the truth about what she's doing, pondering what Louis would think, knowing what Ellali was doing, while his son lay unconscious in the hospital.

Ellali then stops him from advancing towards Louis' door, finally giving in. Back at the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is interviewing and filming Alfie, saying that two days after an assassin had almost shot him he had managed to set of all that aside and lead his team to victory, asking how Alfie could of done that. Alfie asks what's up with all the questions, with Sophie explaining that it's TV, being investigative journalism.

Alfie then says ok and answers Sophie's first question, explaining it wasn't just his victory, but the whole team's victory. Sophie then cheerily says she though clichés were for soccer players, not basket ball players, with Alfie saying however that it was true, as Sophie tells him to not be so modest, exclaiming he'd scored the winning basket for the game. Alfie however does note, that Ron had also helped making a great pass to him, asking Ron to come over.

Ron, asks what's up, with Alfie explaining he's telling Sophie about their last attack in the game, as Ron gets up. Ron then sits down beside Alfie, as Alfie begins to explain that when Ron was in position and that he knew just where, with Ron adding he's seen Alfie get open. Sophie then stops them, explaining that she's sure they're finding it fascinating and that she was having fun filming it, but that the TV execs would cut it out in the editing room, adding she wanted to hear Alfie's story after all he'd been through as of late.

Ron, says that's fine getting up, as Sophie asks Alfie to take them back to his mother's memorial, when he was standing next to the Prime Minister and... before being cut off by Sophie, who explains she wanted to get a close-up, asking him to come closer and neatening up Alfie's hair, before asking Alfie where they were.

Back outside of Louis' quarters, Daniel has found out what Ellali's been doing, looking at the text. He asks her what Robbie had been doing to Alona, with her expressing she had no idea, with Daniel further asking if she knew whether that was why Alona had left, as she further expresses she had no idea. Daniel asks in that case, why did she send that text to Robbie, as Ellali explains that they wanted to see what Robbie's reaction would be, adding that in reality it was a pretty stupid idea. Daniel further asks what Robbie had done, when he received the text, with Ellali explaining nothing and that the reason was because he didn't have enough time to do so, as he got shot, adding that now she'd told him, he should delete the message.

Daniel says however that he feels something wasn't right about that, as Ellali asks whether he really wanted Louis to see that message, that it would be better if Louis thought of his son as a hero, rather than a criminal. Daniel then deletes the message and closes the Louie. He then asks her what to do now, as she expresses that they'd now just get on with their lives, as Daniel asks how she'd get to the bottom of the story. Ellali asks how she'd do that, adding that Robbie was in a coma and that Alona had disappeared. Daniel then questions whether she expected him to just forget about it, with Ellali pointing out that she's sure he had bigger things to deal with.

Daniel asks what they may be, but Ellali says nothing, and tries to say goodbye. However, Daniel stops her, asking her what she meant by nothing and what problems he had. Ellali says she's not sure, asking whether he was worried about what had happened to his girlfriend; Natalie, explaining that she'd left for half a day to go to tennis camp, but had come back a different person. Daniel asks her what she's trying to say, but she expresses it's nothing and wishes him all the best, before heading off.

In the Ravens dormitory, Dina and Matti are sitting at the table, as Matti finally gives in and calls Ellali, with Iftach asking to answer it instead, taking Matti's Louie. Iftach makes the call, with Ellali confused as to Iftach picking up. Iftach confirms it's him and asks her where she is. Ellali then comes in, joking that she was arrested, with Iftach falling for it, asking how. Dina and Matti then begin to laugh at the joke, as Ellali walks up beside him. Iftach then sarcastically calls it funny, calling them morons as well.

Ellali sits down, reporting that she had good news and bad news, asking which they wanted to hear first, with Dina saying good news. Ellali then reveals that the mission had been accomplished and that the message was successfully deleted, with Dina exclaiming awesome. Matti then asks what the bad news was, with Ellali explaining that she was forced to tell Daniel everything. Concerned, Iftach questions Daniel?, but Ellali expresses that she had no choice but to do so, being either that choice or tell Louis everything instead.

Matti then glumly says their doomed, as Dina tells him to just shut up. However Ellali then says that she had a strange feeling Daniel would keep this news to himself, as Iftach asks to have a word in private with her, with Ellali saying sure. The two then get up, and head into the locker rooms. Iftach then expresses he wanted her to read something, with her asking what it is. He tells her it's something he wrote for Amy. Noticing Ellali's expression, he asks her not to get mad as it was for her too.

Ellali then exclaims it had nothing to do with her at all, with Iftach asking her to just read it. However Ellali firmly says she's not interested, before walking off. At the Tela-Aviv police headquarters, Guri walks into Arik's cubicle office, turning on the light and Arik's computer.

Guri brings up the police computer network login interface. Guri then looks under the keyboard for Arik's login details and types them in, only to discover a password error had been made. He re-types it but gets the same message. He then turns off the screen and the lamp and heads off. Back at the Reshef household, Guri stands at the door, checking his trap and holding his gun at the ready, cautiously opening the door and heading in. Guri turns a corner, getting his gun out in shock, only to see Arik there with a cup of coffee and a biscuit.

Guri, surprised at his friends visit, exclaims "Arik?", as Arik gives out his password to Guri. Guri confused asks what, with Arik explaining that if Guri had wanted his login password, all he had to do was ask. In the kitchen, Arik questions Guri whether he really believed, he had a connection to the assassin. Guri then expresses he doesn't know what to say, with Arik saying he did, toasting to Guri's health, jokingly calling him a psycho. Guri expresses that it was weird, that it just happened that the assassin who had appeared at the ceremony, was the same man he saw on Arik's computer screen.

Arik however, reminds Guri that he had told him it was only a general feed of intelligence agency warnings, adding that they should actually be thankful for that coincidence and that Guri had managed to get there on time, because of what he saw on his computer screen, as Guri glumly says it wasn't in time to save Robbie. Arik then says however that they both saved the Prime Minister, asking Guri to promise he wouldn't go crazy once again, telling Guri to text him the next time he wanted to hack into his files, with Guri saying the same for when Arik broke into his house, adding that he had almost shot him, calling him an idiot.

Back at the Ravens dormitory, Iftach is dozing on the sofa, just as he takes his Louie and tries to start texting his message to Amy again but to no avail, then receiving a call, before finding that the person had hung up. In the Eagles dorm, Daniel is watching over Natalie, who's sleeping on the sofa. In the morning Amy suddenly appears, saying good morning to Iftach, as he wakes in shock. Amy apologizes for continuing to surprise him, but adds he wasn't answering her calls. Iftach then asks what she's doing there, with Amy expressing that he was looking at the newest member of the Ravens. Iftach calls it great, as Amy exclaims it was what they had always dreamed about, hugging Iftach.



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