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Alfie and Natalie is one of the relationships within the Greenhouse, as seen in The Greenhouse TV series.

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Season 1

Initially, Alfie and Natalie don't see eye to eye, as Natalie is Daniel's girlfriend and the effective vice captain of the Eagles. She always sided with Daniel and picked on Alfie whenever the Eagles maybe ganging up on him, only to be stopped by her best friend; Sophie Neumann, much to her chagrin, when she defends Alfie.

However early on in the season, when Daniel is injured from shrapnel debris, that's ended up lodged in his leg, Natalie begins to drift from Daniel, due to his angry and abusive behaviour. After this she sees sympathy for Alfie and later at the Hanukah "Back to the Future" party, Natalie leaves Daniel and dances with Alfie, starting a friendship with him. Later Natalie helps to cheer for Alfie, during subsequent Basket Ball games. Soon Alfie manages to impress Natalie with his Tennis skills and the two get even closer.

However Natalie is soon taken off to a Basket Ball camp, leaving Alfie. When Natalie comes back, as an effect of being hypnotised, she begins to act like her old self, acting meanly towards Alfie and falling back in love with Daniel. When she's freed however she goes back to Alfie and helps him with the rest of Galapagos to stop the bad guys, from carrying out their plans for the school.

During the invasion of the Greenhouse during the season finale, Alfie and Natalie, alongside Sophie and Daniel get locked in a closet, by some of Ze'ev's men. Natalie is then forced to help Sophie break up a fight between the two. Later Natalie meets up with Alfie in the Eagle's locker rooms in the Eagles Dormitory, as he prepares to head home, asking whether she'll see him again, to which he says he'll be back after a while.

Season 2

In the second season of the show, Natalie and Alfie participate in a Hiking Challenge, with the rest of the Eagles. During the challenge, their love and nattering among other things constantly gets in the way of Sophie, who is trying to direct her team towards the right way, but to no avail. Later on during the challenge, Alfie gets sick from drinking dirty water and Natalie accompanies him, to make sure he's ok.

Later on in the season, when Natalie transfers to the Ravens, in place of the Eagles, their relationship is strained, due to Natalie becoming closer to Iftach, with who'm she becomes good friends with. Throughout the rest of the season, the two hardly have any more interaction with one another as an effect of this.