An Amusement Park Balloon is the fifteenth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering 25th January on Nickelodeon UK.


In the Ravens dormitory, the Ravens storm in after their loss during the Chanukah doughnut challenge, with Iftach kicking a cushion across the room. Iftach then questions how the Eagles won, as Matti looks around for Alona, expressing his worriment that Alona isn't there either, just as Dina walks up to him. Matti then creeps up to the cubicles, putting his ear up to the cubicle door, asking if it's Alona in the cubicle, before quickly apologizing and telling her to continue crying, embarrassedly trying to correct himself, saying cry if it makes her feel better, adding he preferred it if she didn't cry, asking whether she wants him to leave.

Matti then leaves the cubicle, as Dina asks how they could let this happen, with Ellali expressing they didn't let anything happen and that the Eagles were just better than them, however Dina expresses how angry she is, adding they were complacent and that it made her mad. Iftach then expresses how much he hates losing, but that he respected the Eagles win, adding that at least they didn't cheat, as Dina exclaims that hasn't happened in some time. Ellali then compliments the Eagles marketing concept, calling it great. Dina however, asks what's wrong with the two of them, angrily adding that next the two would be happy to hear the Eagles singing in the halls and that they'd have to clean-up the filthy cafeteria after the dance.

Everyone then begins to watch the TV, standing in plain silence at the news of the satellite disaster, with Dina asking what happened. In the news report, Boaz then explains that at 9:07, they lost contact with the satellite; Binyamin, adding that he'd personally gotten in contact with the prime minister about the latest development, calling it a very sad day for the Israeli Space Agency and that years of work had been lost. Ellali then leaves dismayed at the news.

Another news report then pops us, as the news reporter explains that one day after the excitement surrounding the Binyamin satellite's launch, the Space Agency is in shock, following a loss of contact with the satellite, as Louis, Robbie and Daniel watch on in Louis' quarters. The news reporter, continues explaining that there's already calls for a committee, to investigate the malfunction which left the project in ruins. Robbie then gets a call on his phone, from Judy, walking out, as Louis expresses how terrible the incident is.

Robbie then takes the call, reporting to Judy that he'd seen the report of the good news on TV, just as Natalie catches him, while he's talking. Robbie continues his call, saying he's not alone at the moment. Natalie asks Robbie what's going on, noting he looks pleased, asking who he was talking to, with Robbie just saying he was talking to a friend, putting his phone away.

Back at the report, Louis is exclaiming that just the prior day, everyone was talking about the little country, who were going to send the most advanced satellite in history up into space, then pondering what they must think of Israel now, with Daniel adding their little country of Israel, may not yet be ready for space. Robbie then expresses his supposed dismay, at this news, adding it's heart-breaking to see, finishing by calling it a tragedy. Outside Ellali is lying on a picnic blanket on the Greenhouse lawn, just as Iftach arrives on the scene.

Iftach says hi, complimenting Ellali on her choice for the song, she's listening to, calling it the perfect choice. Iftach then asks whether he could join her on the blanket, with Ellali putting her Louie in the middle of the blanket, as Iftach lies down next to her. He then asks how Ellali is. Back in Louis' quarters, Louis, Natalie and Robbie are having dinner with Daniel, as he tries to predict how the satellite was destroyed, believing it to have been a terrorist attack. However Louis expresses he's unsure, adding it could just be human error. Robbie agrees with him, explaining that all it takes, is for one person to press the wrong button and it would all go up in smoke. Louis then offers Daniel another fritter, as Daniel thanks him, taking the bowel and placing one on his plate.

Louis then expresses his pleasure at having Daniel eat with them, adding that it's been a while since he last did so, with Daniel expressing his surprise at being invited, talking about the stunts he pulled. Louis however explains that first and foremost, he's his daughter's boyfriend, as Robbie tries to reach for his phone, with Natalie stopping him. Daniel then jokingly says that he stayed with Natalie just for their zucchini fritters. Louis then asks Daniel, what he thinks of Sophie; his successor as captain of the Eagles. Daniel then tells Louis to ask Sophie's campaign manager, pointing at Natalie.

Natalie, confused asks what, as Daniel continues expressing their victory that day was a good start for Sophie's run as the Eagles captain, but also expressing she still has a lot to learn, with Louis agreeing, adding it's good to hear that Daniel is there to help her during her stint as captain. Natalie then purposely knocks a glass of water over Robbie, in an attempt to try and short-circuit his phone, with Robbie questioning what's wrong with her, with Natalie telling him to relax, adding it was just an accident. Robbie then asks for his phone, with Natalie handing it to him, adding she was trying not to get it wet. Natalie then turns to Daniel and Louis, asking what Robbie's problem was, just proclaiming it as an accident.

In the Ravens dormitory, Matti sees Alona on the couch, reading a book and walks up to her, saying hi, with her sending the same sentiments. Matti sits down beside her, apologizing for what happened before, but Alona says it's alright. Matti begins to explain that he got a bit worried that she didn't turn up for the challenge, with Alona saying she just wasn't feeling well, but that she's fine now, as Matti exclaims they lost, with Alona adding she heard. Matti continues, saying it's nothing compared to the Binyamin satellite disaster, asking whether she heard about it, with Alona saying she'd heard something about it. Matti expresses his dismay, pondering how they'd lose a satellite access code, adding they were both there at the launch and that they were both meters away from the computer that helps to run it all, however Alona expresses to Matti that she's very tired. Matti then gets up, wishing she'd get better, before asking one more question; whether she'd be his girlfriend to the dance during the next day.

However Alona, says she's not going to go to the dance, but Matti questions it, adding he's looking forward to it. Alona however, does add she's a bit sad about the whole Binyamin disaster, with Matti understanding, saying he knows it's only a machine, but that still, expressing his dismay at just seeing the satellite floating about in space, like a balloon that kid left floating around, but Alona then had enough, asking Matti to just leaver her alone.

In the Eagles hallway, Natalie and Daniel are just coming up the stairs, as Daniel asks if Natalie's ok, with her expressing she is, asking why he asks, with Daniel expressing there's no reason, just that she acted a little strange at dinner. Natalie then gives in and confesses, and explains that everything's not alright, with Daniel exclaiming he knew it, asking what's up. Natalie asks him to promise not to tell anyone, as Daniel expresses his concern, Natalie persists asking whether she could trust him or not. Daniel tells her not to be silly, adding it's him their talking about and asking her to tell him.

Natalie then, begins to explain, saying that she overheard a conversation that Robbie was having on his phone back at her dad's quarters, having heard him say "That's good news", with Daniel questioning what's so important about that fact. Natalie explains that it was only a second after they'd heard what happened with the satellite, Daniel then persistently asks what it's got to do with anything , with Natalie questioning why he couldn't see, asking how losing a satellite could be good news, with Daniel expressing he didn't know, adding it could of been a variety of things Robbie was talking about, adding she only heard the end of the sentence, however Natalie tells him to just listen to her.

Natalie continues, saying she thought she heard something fishy and that she had to find who Robbie was talking to, with Daniel asking if she spilt the water on purpose, as well as calling her crazy. Natalie then says that Robbie took the phone out of her hand, but that she still saw the contact, revealing it to be Daniel's mother; Judy, as Daniel questions it, but Natalie confirms it was, adding she was sure it was about the satellite. Daniel questions what his mother would know about a satellite, explaining she barely knows how to use the microwave. Natalie expresses it's strange, but that she could tell something stinks about it. Daniel then tells her that her behaviour stinks adding it's unbelievable and that during the whole gun business, she wouldn't stop investigating him, and questioning her that now she's picking on his mother.

Natalie tries to explain she's not picking on his mother, as Daniel continues saying that he made every effort in order to be nice towards her father after he humiliated him, out of respect for Natalie, angrily exclaiming she paid him back by making all kinds of crazy accusations about his mother, with Natalie saying she shares her feelings with him, asking if that's all Daniel has to say; that she's crazy. Daniel expresses he doesn't know what to say, suggesting she go and see a therapist, before Natalie begins to walk away. Daniel then stops her, admitting that he shouldn't have said that to her, but Natalie says that he just said what he though, however Daniel tells her he didn't mean it. He asks her to look at him and says that he hates arguing with her, asking for them to forget that conversation.

Out on the Greenhouse lawn, Iftach asks Ellali how she is, as they lie down, with Ellali saying she doesn't know and that it's weird, with Iftach asking if she's sad. Ellali then goes silent for a few moments, before expressing she's just happy that no one was hurt during the Binyamin satellite malfunction, unlike the last time. Ellali then asks about him, asking whether he's sad, with him asking whether she meant about the satellite. Ellali says she meant about losing the challenge during the day, but Iftach explains that if it wasn't for her, he'd punching holes in the floor at the moment and that she's made him indifferent. Ellali then asks if that has made him hate her, with him jokingly saying a little bit. The two then kiss and hold hands, complimenting Ellali's music playlist, beginning to sing the song their listening too.

Iftach calls the artist calls the artist a genius, with Ellali confused asking who, with Iftach saying it was Eric Clapton of course. Ellali explains that she doesn't really know him, but just happened to download it. Iftach goes on, once again calling the guy a genius, crediting him as literally reinventing the guitar, but that what is really interesting is, he wrote the song their listening to, is from the wife of George Harrison to the Beatles, with Ellali in disbelief as Iftach confirms it's true, adding Eric and George were good friends and that Eric took George's wife away, with Ellali calling it really nasty, as Iftach continues saying they still stayed friends in the end.

In the sea of Gallilee, two fisherman are out on their boat, just as Natalie and Sophie are preparing to play tennis on the Greenhouse Tennis courts. However Sophie stops them for a second before they play, taking a call on her Louie. She notifies the electrician that the sound man for the party will be coming at around 6:30, so they must finish the lighting by 6:00, Natalie however persists they must start their tennis game, just as Sophie finishes her call. Sophie makes the first serve in the game, before getting a call from Ron, asking whether he's setting up the DJ station, reminding him not to forget about getting the decibel meter from Marcus. Sophie then hangs up once again, serving it up to Natalie, who then hits the ball back, just as Sophie gets another call. She asks who it is, with Matti explaining it's him, with Sophie being puzzled, before realizing who it is. Matti clearly suggests the theme for the party, as Sophie gets confused, asking "Back to the What", before realizing the theme, adding she doesn't know and that she'd think about it, promising to do so.

Sophie then tells, Natalie that Matti rang to suggest "Back to the Future" as a concept for the Hanukah party, calling him rude, adding he should of tried to win a task first before making suggestions. Natalie, fed up by Sophie's constant phone calls, starts to leave, as Sophie calls Alfie over. Alfie then stops doing his press-ups, getting up and walking over to her. Sophie explains that Natalie needs to let off some steam and that she has too many phone calls to make time for Natalie, so she asks Alfie to take her place on the court, but Alfie exclaims he hadn't touched a tennis racket in 3 years. But as the captain, Sophie orders him to get on the court and take Natalie's serves.

Alfie then gives in, saying he couldn't refuse an order from her, as Sophie hands him her tennis racket, wishing him good luck and heading off. Back at the Greenhouse cafeteria, Dina's in disbelief that Matti suggested the Back to the Future theme for the party. However Matti says it wouldn't really make a difference, adding that girls don't even notice him, with Dina sarcastically calling him poor, however Matti says it's true, adding that girls don't look at him and think; "How can I get a date with that guy?" and that why should Alona want to go out with someone that no one else wants to go out with.

Matti continues, saying that people like him keep getting caught up in an endless cycle, with Dina calling that an accurate description of his situation. Matti then realizes that wouldn't be the case if he managed to get a date to the dance, meaning Alona would see him differently and the cycle would then be broken. Dina questions where Matti's going with this idea, adding it's scaring her. Matti then asks where he should pick Dina up for the dance, with Dina in shock saying no, telling him to forget about it.

Matti begins to say that Dina always told him, as Dina clearly expresses no to him, as Matti says she always wanted help. Dina then heads off, saying no way. Back at the court, Alfie makes a serve to Natalie, who hits it back adding that Alfie's not half as bad as he said he was, with Alfie explaining that he used to train, adding he was quite good. Natalie then asks why he quit tennis, with Alfie saying because he didn't like losing, with Natalie returning the same sentiments. Alfie goes onto explain that after he broke his third racket during a game, his mother made him quit tennis training, so Natalie says she'd go easy on him, but Alfie insists she gives him all she's got.

However, Natalie says she doesn't want to get in trouble with Sophie, adding that Sophie likes the racket Alfie's using as the two continue. By the side of the court, Sophie is still on the phone, telling the photographer that each couple must get a photo taken before the dance, before finishing the call, Sophie then calls to Alfie, telling him not to give up, adding she doesn't have a backhand, with Natalie telling her to shut up. Sophie then takes out her Louie and begins taking snaps of Alfie and Natalie together.

In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Sophie is over-looking party preparation, telling the other Eagle girls to help clean-up the bar, thanking the guys for setting up the chairs, as well as complimenting the music choice. Sophie then heads over to the DJ booth, where Ron is busy setting up. She takes a look at the set-up on the laptop saying she likes it, as Ron adds he thinks it'll be cool. Sophie then says she'd be counting on him, just as Ron begins to ask Sophie if she'd like to go to the dance, however Sophie busy with the dance prep, says they may change the general theme of the dance, assuring Ron it wouldn't affect the great music he chose, but that she's bringing an extra playlist.

Sophie then asks everyone to gather round, saying that she knew their already in the middle of preparing the dance, but that someone had given her a great idea for the dance, adding she doesn't think they should ignore it. In the Ravens dormitory, Ellali is busy searching for her Louie, just as Matti notices the news bulletin from Sophie. Matti expresses his surprise, standing up and announcing that at 8:00PM that night the Chanukah dance would be starting and that the theme is the Back to the Future trilogy, adding it was his idea, continuing to read that they should dress up in the spirit of the films and be there or be square.

Matti begins to run round the dorm, exclaiming it was his idea, just as Iftach hands Ellali her Louie, having found it. Ellali asks him where it was, with Iftach explaining it was nowhere and that he'd taken it while she was sleeping. Ellali asks him why, with Iftach explaining that after the prior day, she needs to get back to the roots, with Ellali confused, questioning the roots, as Iftach compliments Ellali's playlist, calling it cute, but adding it's missing depth, missing the roots of rock'n'roll, with Ellali asking if he wanted to educate her. Iftach exclaims that she does, but not in a condescending way, adding it'd be about the Beatles and the first Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley albums, as well as Chuck Berry, adding he was the first guitar player to ever play rock 'n roll and that she'd love it.

Iftach goes on explaining that she'd then move onto more advanced stuff, such as Prince and Stevie Ray Vaughen, as well as Bruce Springsteen, before Ellali stops him, saying she gets it. The two then see Dina eating some crisps, with Dina offering them some. In Matti's computer lab, Matti is looking up pictures of Doc Brown, noticing another laptop next to his.

He opens it up, before taking out a USB chip that was plugged into the other laptop. He then sees the security camera and begins to type rapidly on his laptop, taking a look at the security camera records, that were contained within the USB chip. In the cafeteria, Daniel is busy taking a drink as Ron walks up to him, asking Daniel to help him out with the dance that night. Daniel then says he would, joking that he already has a girlfriend. Ron realizes the joke saying real funny, adding he was thinking of asking out Sophie and he thought that maybe Daniel could ask out Natalie to the dance, if Sophie's dating someone.

Daniel questions Ron's choice, confused as to why he'd pick Sophie, but Ron then asks why not, with Daniel expressing she's just not his type, but adding that if Ron wanted to date her then fine. Daniel then jokingly tells Ron to just forget it, with Ron taking it seriously, before Daniel stops him from walking away, adding he'd help him and that Sophie's cute. In the Ravens dormitory, Ellali is buys listening to her music, as Iftach walks up, asking what she thinks of the music, with Ellali saying some of it.

Iftach asks what she didn't like, with Ellali explaining that the songs are a bit simple. However Iftach expresses those are the basics. Matti then sits down next to Dina on the couch, asking her about the day she helped Natalie, asking exactly what Natalie asked her to do, with Dina asking what. Matti continues to ask, whether she took Natalie to his lab, with Dina expressing no, pondering why she would. Matti then firmly asks whether she did or didn't, with Dina expressing that of course she didn't. Matti then adds he just wanted to make sure, explaining he saw some video footage of Natalie and someone else and that he wasn't sure who it could be, before getting up to go and ask Natalie.

However, Dina stops him, apologizing, saying she didn't mean to and wanted to ask him, but that he was at the event, explaining that Natalie said it was urgent and that she was too embarrassed to tell him about it. Matti in disbelief, exclaims he doesn't know what to say, with Dina telling him not to be mad, as he says he's not, but that he felt betrayed, with Dina questioning it. Dina tries to comfort him, but then notices he's trying to blackmail her, asking whether he's hoping she'd go to the dance with him, so he'd forgive her. Matti questions whether she thinks, whether she thinks that'd make him forgive her. Dina then asks, whether he'd come with her, with Matti saying he would, proclaiming it as awesome, exclaiming it's a Back to the Future dance and that he now has a date to it. Back in the Eagles dormitory, Ron asks Daniel if he found out about Sophie, with Daniel saying he didn't have a chance to do so yet, adding he hasn't seen her since the morning. Daniel then sees her and asks Ron for his Louie, adding he didn't his on him.

Daniel takes a look at Ron's Louie and finds the news bulletin, displaying photos of Alfie and Natalie together on the tennis court, getting up and asking Sophie what the problem is. Sophie, confused asks why what is the problem, with Daniel angrily asking whether she's trying to humiliate him on purpose, with Sophie exclaiming their just playing tennis, as Daniel continues asking whether she just took that picture and posted it on her stupid blog. Sophie tries to calm him, expressing that that there's nothing going on between Natalie and Alfie, adding she was the on who asked Alfie to take her place on the tennis court. Alfie and Natalie then arrive through the door, as Daniel proclaims he'd kill him, before Natalie stops him.




  • Giora Chamizer makes a special guest cameo as a news reporter during this episode.
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