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Ariel Mortman is a newcomer American actress, who plays the role of Hayley Woods in Greenhouse Academy.


Born February 6th, 1994, Ariel Mortman is a 26-year-old actress hailing from New York City, New York, and Tel-Aviv, Isreal. She was originally born in New York City before moving to Tel-Aviv and has two siblings, Daniel Mortman and Edan Mortman. She is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Ariel served in the Israel Defense Forces before she had started her acting career. Ariel's first role on a tv show was on 2014's Disney Isreal's show, North Star or in Hebrew, Kotchav Hatzafon. Her other roles are noted as Tomar in an Israeli short film, Keep it Cool, Emma in another Israeli short film, Dreaming to Fly and her current role as Grace in an American short film, Ghosted, directed by Morgan Gruer. [1] She also appeared in a music video for her Greenhouse Academy co-star, Dallas Hart, in his song, Just For The Weekend in 2018.

As of 2020, She is currently dating a man named Sean Benfey.

Filmography and TV

Year Title Type Role
2020 Ghosted Short Film Grace
2017-2020 Greenhouse Academy TV Series Hayley Woods
2015 Dreaming To Fly Short Film Emma
2014-2016 North Star TV Series Maya
2013 Keep It Cool Short Film Tomar


  • She takes pride in skincare and has a lengthy routine to keep her face perfect
  • She loves Coffee