Arik, played by Mordi Gershon is a former police officer for the Israeli police force and one of the main bad guys in Seasons 1 and 2 of The Greenhouse.

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Arik is a portly man, with short black hair, brown eyes and pale skin. He's usually seen wearing a black shirt with a white t-shirt underneath and dirty grey jeans. He also has his sunglasses hanging from his shirt colour, and has a beard and moustache combo.


Season 1

Arik first appeared in the show as a friend of Guri Reshef, the father of Ellali and Alfie Reshef, and a fellow member of the force. Arik's first seen at the Israeli Police station, during the shrapnel business with Daniel Goren. He appears in his office cubicle at the station and is seen peering over at Guri from his cubicle, talking to Guri.

Later on in the season, when it becomes apparent there's a traitor in the police force, and Guri begins to investigate, eventually suspecting it to be Arik, Arik cruelly teases him and eventually convinces the chief of police that Guri is losing it, when Guri tries to make his case that Arik's the traitor in the police force, however the chief takes Arik's side and suspends Guri. Later after Naomi escapes her pod, Arik runs into her at the Reshef house, where he manages to apprehend her and bring her back to the hole, locking her up in the cell with her daughter.

Later Arik would help to front the takeover of the Greenhouse. Soon he would be confronted by Guri in the Basket Ball court. Guri manages to trick Arik and shoot him while in the chair, leaving him seriously injured and left for the police.

Season 2

Arik makes his return towards the end of the season, where he kidnaps both Ellali and Iftach and hangs them up, torturing them, trying to get revenge on them for what happened to him in the previous season. When Dina and her friend; Ozzie, free the two, Arik tries to hunt them down on the streets of Israel, eventually alerting the authorities, proving he may still have friends in the force. In the end Arik, appears at the UN meeting, just as the thugs have been stopped and tries to kill the Reshef family, but Guri is able to shoot him first, ultimately killing him in the process.


Arik and Guri

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