Aspen and Leo are one of the main couples in Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy. Before Aspen transferred to the Greenhouse, she was studying singing in London. During her time in London, Leo and her were in a long distance relationship (aka an L.D.R. Which is also the title of the twelfth episode of Greenhouse Academy) While Aspen was in London, he fell in love with Hayley. But, Leo was cowardly, and couldn't tell Hayley that he had a girlfriend, even if she was living in London. A similar problem occurred when he couldn't break up with Aspen, nor could he tell her that he was in love with Hayley. Eventually, Leo breaks up with Aspen. Which is a good thing because Aspen was away for a long time and wanted Leo on her side but, he wants to be with Hayley but, that's over now!


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