Bad Decisions is the eleventh episode of Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy and the twenty-third episode overall.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Jackie and Max have been locked in the computer lab and are calling for help. In the basketball court, the Eagles are continuing their match, just as Daniel gets passed the ball. Just then Brooke gets a call from Jackie, then signalling to Sophie call Alex back over.

Sophie tells Alex that he needed to keep stalling, before he headed back out onto the field to continue playing. Parker gets ready to catch the ball, beckoning Alex to pass it to him, but Alex instead shoots it towards a player on the opposite team. Parker then asks Alex what he was doing, with Daniel stating that Parker had been wide open.

In the bleachers, Judy ponders what Louis had been thinking when he accepted Alex into the Eagles, with Brooke then pretending to agree with Judy. As he jogs past Alex, Daniel tells him to continue to stall, while outside Kyle is approaching the Cave. He then activates the Cave's opening mechanism, but unbeknownst to him, Hayley had been watching.

Hayley then slowly tails after him, managing to sneak into the Cave. Inside, Kyle is seeing Marcus and asking him where Judy was, asking him not to tell him that the basketball game hadn't yet finished. Marcus then assures Kyle that Judy would be there any minute and the hour was set to the game's end. Kyle then calls them amateurs, before seeing the magnetite sparking.

Just then Hayley comes out from her hiding spot and manages to duck behind a nearby corner, just as Kyle approaches the magnetite. Marcus then uses the excuse that he had to go and check the servers, apologizing to Kyle and his men. Marcus then takes a deep breath and walks up to Hayley, asking her what she had been doing there, while expressing that she couldn't be.

Hayley asks Marcus where her mother was, with Marcus then opening Ryan's secret chamber and telling Hayley to get in there, to which Hayley complies. Kyle then sees Marcus and tells him not to just stand round, as he had preparations he had to take, with Marcus expressing that it was best for them to go over the initial protocol.

In the secret, chamber Hayley jogs in, only to find her mother's hospital bed empty. Just then Ryan comes out of the shadows, having noticed Hayley's presence. Hayley then recognizes her mother, before embracing for a hug. Hayley begins to cry, while telling her that she had missed her so much, with Ryan then asking her daughter how she'd managed to get where she was.

Hayley then sits her mother down on the hospital bed, explaining that Marcus had brought her there, as her spacecraft had exploded. Confused, Ryan asks how it had happened, before Hayley reveals to her that it had almost been an entire year. Ryan then asks Hayley whether she'd really been there that entire time, with Hayley nodding her head and saying that she thought so. Ryan then looks at her daughter and calls her a sweet girl.

Ryan then asks Hayley how Alex was doing, with Hayley assuring her that he was fine, adding that both she and him had just found out that Ryan was indeed alive and that no one had known Ryan was contained there, not even their father. This confuses Ryan, who then asks why Marcus hadn't told Carter about the ordeal, but Hayley then reveals that Marcus wasn't able to do so, as he was trying to protect her.

Ryan the remembers that Marcus had told her to make use of the escape pod in her shuttle, then pondering how he knew the shuttle would explode, before Hayley reveals that Marcus had been working with the conspirators. Just then Kyle and his men appear in the chamber, with Kyle asking what was going on. Ryan then stands up to meet with Kyle, as she asks her who she was.

Ryan then introduces herself, before asking Kyle who he was. At the Woods household, Carter is just awaking from his slumber, just as his mobile rings. He picks his phone up, only to notice that he had 14 unread messages and 6 missed calls all from his kids. Carter then attempts to ring them, just as Eric arrives on the premise, advising him against his decision.

Eric asks him what was up, with Carter then eyeing up his baseball bat. He says hi to Eric and Perry, asking them what was going on, before attempting to take the two of them out. Perry is then quick to pin Carter down on the couch, as Eric commends him on his work. Perry then ponders how stupid Carter was, before walking off.

Back at the game, Coach Davies is instructing his Eagles to be aggressive and to not let their opponents near the rim, just as the opposing team manage to score a goal. In response, Coach Davies asks what the matter with them was. Later Daniel beckons Parker to pass the ball to him, with Parker then complying, before pretending to fall down.

Coach Davies then calls for a time-out, with Parker telling Daniel just to calm down. As the Eagles head to Coach Davies on the side, he asks Daniel what he had been doing, and whether he was trying to kill him. Judy then looks at her watch and states that she couldn't watch the game anymore, but Brooke assures Judy that her son was probably just exhausted. However Judy then says that exhaustion was still no excuse for mistakes.

Judy then attempts to get up and head off, but Daniel stops her, telling that she couldn't go then as she was his good luck charm. Judy then takes a look at her watch and gives in, saying that she'd stay and taking her seat again. Back in the lab, Jackie is trying the light switch, but to no avail.

Max tells her that it was no use, pondering what they had been thinking, as they were dealing with professionals. Jackie then calls out for help once more, as Max continues saying that they had really thought they'd be able to outsmart the professionals , before Jackie tells him to get up and stop whining, continuing to call for help.

Just then, Aspen arrives just outside the door, saying hello so as to find out whether anyone was in the lab. Max then begs Aspen to open the door and let them out, asking her whether she could hear them. In the Cave, Kyle and his security guards are leading Hayley and Ryan into the Cave's cell, as Kyle deduces that Marcus had known about Ryan.

Kyle then tells Marcus that she should of been very thankful that he was useful to him at that point, before asking how quickly he could initiate their plan. Hayley then calls out to Marcus, telling him that he didn't have to do it, with Ryan asking her daughter what had been going on, with Hayley then revealing that they were going to start another earthquake.

Kyle then asks Marcus to answer his question once more, with Hayley then pointing out that Kyle and co couldn't initiate their plan without him. Kyle then tells them that that was enough of them, telling Marcus that if he wanted Hayley and her mother to live, he suggested he get on with his work. Marcus then takes a deep breath and heads back to work.

Back at the lab, Jackie asks who was at the door, with Aspen then assuring her that it was her, then asking Jackie and Max what they were doing in there. Max then explains that the door had been locked, asking Aspen to let them out. In response, Aspen heads off, as Max asks her whether she was still there. Jackie then tells Max that this was the person who let Hayley nearly drown, believing that Aspen most likely ran off.

Jackie then concludes, saying that they were doomed. Just then Aspen arrives back, notifying the pair that she had arrived with Leo and was going to attempt to get them out. Leo and Aspen then attempt to pull the planks off of the door, using a crow-bar. At the game, Coach Davies tells the Eagles that they had a weak side, telling them to isolate.

Parker then dribbles the ball, before passing it to Daniel, who attempts to score a goal, but is knocked down by a player on the opposing team, with the referee calling for the Eagles to take 2 shots as part of the penalty, with the ball then being passed to Parker. On the side, Coach Davies just asks them to put him out of his misery. just as Brooke gets a call from Leo.

Leo notifies her, that her brother had locked both Jackie and Max in the computer lab, and that they had been trying to get them out, but needed to have more time. Leo then calls to Jackie and Max, telling assuring them that they'd get them out. Brooke then hangs the call up and gives the signal to Sophie to tell Alex to stall for more time.

Alex then notifies Daniel that they needed more time, with Daniel the sighing and saying that he hated doing that to Parker. With one second to go, Daniel takes the ball and gets ready to take his penalty shot, as the crowd cheers him on. Daniel then deliberately misses the net, with Parker then assuring him that it was alright and telling him to focus. Back outside the lab, Aspen and Leo continue to try and free Max and Jackie.

In the Cave, Kyle is watching over Marcus, who was preparing for the initiation. Kyle then starts dialling Jason's number, pondering where he was. Back at the game, Daniel manages to miss another net, with the announcer then announcing that they were then in overtime for the game. Parker then walks up to Daniel and tells him that they'd take the other team down in overtime.

Just then, at the top of the bleachers Jason gets a call from Kyle, walking out of the court. Seeing this, Brooke makes the excuse to Judy that she had to go to the bathroom, getting up and racing after her brother. As Jason approaches the exit, Brooke catches up to him, begging him to stop.

However, Jason tells her that it wasn't really a good time, with Brooke then revealing to him that she knew where he was going and what he was up to. Back outside the lab, Leo and Aspen are finally able to pull the planks off of door. Jackie and Max then come out, with Jackie exclaiming thank god, as Leo asks them whether they were ok.

Jackie then gives Leo a hug, before telling Aspen that they owed her, but Aspen assures them that it was ok and didn't owe her anything. Max then heads past, them saying that he had better head upstairs and get the servers back on. Leo then turns to Aspen and thanks her, saying that he was glad she was on their side.

Back at the basketball court exit, Brooke tells Jason that she knew all about the situation between him and Emma, being how he had forced her to hack into the NASA servers. In response, Jason asks Brooke why she wasn't with Judy, as she had needed her, with Brooke then revealing that she was no longer under hypnosis. Jason then asserts that he needed to go, but Brooke tells him that he didn't

Brooke then continues, saying that Judy had been a hard woman to say no to, but that there was still time to do what was right. However Jason then tells his sister to get back to the game, then heading out of the court. In Louis' office, Max sneaks in and races to Jason's laptop and attempting to turn the power back on, just as Jason arrives.

Max then quickly jumps up, getting behind the chair, with Jason then walking up to him, taking a note and writing down Emma's new phone number, then handing it to Max. Max asks him what it was, with Jason revealing it to be Emma's new mobile number, then telling Max to head back to his laptop, as he'd turn the servers back on himself.

Jason then takes his seat, with Max heading off. In the Cave, Kyle tells Marcus to initiate the countdown, with Marcus then beginning to say that Judy hadn't arrived back yet, but Kyle cuts him off, asking him not to test him, beckoning Marcus on to do it. Just then the magnetite begins to spark, as Marcus begins the countdown. At the Woods household, Eric and Perry have Carter tied up.

Eric switches on the news, for Carter to see what was about to happen and telling him that he wanted him to have the best seat in the house. Eric then explains that the last thing Carter was going to see was the little earthquake that Eric and his partners had prepared, mentioning that the house would then be blown up, as Perry prepares the explosives. Back in the Cave, Ryan believes that this was all her fault.

Ryan then goes on to explain that she was the one who had managed to discover the link between the magnetite and seismic activity, then adding that it had been her goal to prevent earthquakes from happening. Hayley then states that the conspirators had found a way to reverse the effects of the magnetite. Back at the Woods household, Eric is beginning to taunt Carter.

Eric remarks that if Carter had opened Ryan's letter, before he burnt it, he may of known about her classified earthquake research. He says all of this while Carter manages to knock his phone out of his pocket, as Eric continues, mimicking what Ryan had said in her letter; "In the last few years, I've kept a secret from you" and then concluding that Ryan had been on to them, calling Carter an idiot, as he sneakily speed-dials the FBI.

Eric then finally states that their lesson that day, was that if your wife left you a letter before she died, read it. At the FBI headquarters, David has managed to receive the call from Parker and is listening to what Eric was saying through the answer machine. In Max's computer lab, Max has managed to get back in contact with Emma, who expresses how much she had missed them.

Max tells Emma that he knew, but expresses that they were running out of time. Emma then gets to it and explains that she had set up a crypto bypass within the system so he could circumvent the encryption process, before asking him whether he could see it on-screen. Max then assures her that he saw it, before Aspen asks them how that'd stop the bad guys.

Back in the Cave, Ryan tells her daughter that once the satellite was online it'd stop the magnetite by interfering with the magnetite's magnetism, once it had detected it and as such it would automatically shut down their system. Just then Kyle gets a call on his mobile, with him then assuring the Client that they had less than a minute left, before it starts.

Kyle lets the Client know that the Richter scale had been set to 8.4. Back in the computer lab, Leo has rung NASA, telling them that he needed to talk with Brandon Thomas, then identifying himself as Leo from the Greenhouse. Leo then asks NASA to let Brandon know that his satellite was about to come back online, with Max then asking what was taking so long.

Emma suggests that there must of been a delay due to the fact that they were interfering with the VPN network that they were using. The progress bar for the connection, continues to fill, as Emma tells Max that there was a possibility it may not work, while in the Cave, Marcus decides to take a stand. He gets up and hits Kyle in the face, trying to take him down.

Kyle then gets his security guards to hold Marcus in place, with Kyle then tossing Marcus down on the floor in an unconscious state in front of a worried Hayley. Back at the Woods household, Eric notifies Carter that they had to head off, as Perry activates the explosive. As they leave the household, Eric and Perry are confronted by their fellow FBI agents, who then proceed to arrest them.

The first office, then instructs his men to check the house for explosives, as Eric and Perry are taken away. At the computer lab, Max is finally able to establish a connection with the satellite, with Aspen asking him what happened. Leo then reveals that Max had just saved California. In the Cave, Kyle is struggling to initiate the countdown, discovering that it had been automatically disconnected.

From the cell, Hayley asks what had just happened, with Ryan then guessing that the satellite must of come back online, then hugging her daughter, as the pair realizes that Hayley's friends had managed to stop it. Back in the lab, Jackie is on the phone to Brooke, notifying her about the fact that they'd done it, adding that she'd never guess how they were able to get Emma's number.

Brooke expresses her surprise at the fact that her brother had helped them, just as Coach Davies instructs his team to keep their heads up. Brooke then races over to Sophie, notifying her that they'd accomplished their mission, embracing Sophie with a hug, as the coach continues to beckon his team to move up. Sophie then proceeds to give Alex and Daniel the go-to in order to allow them to win finish the game.

While running, Alex lets Daniel know that they had done it, with Daniel then telling Alex to set him up a screen and let him do the rest. Alex then assures him that he had him, while taking his place at the end of the court. Daniel then passes the ball to Parker, who then passes it back to Daniel at the opposing team's end of the court. Daniel then makes his shot and scores the net. The buzzer then sounds, with the crowd erupting in cheer.

The coach and the cheerleaders then head onto the court to celebrate with the rest of the Eagles players, as Judy leaves the scene. At the exit to the court, Brooke stops Judy before she could leave, with Judy telling her to give Daniel all of her love, as she really had to go. Brooke then informs Judy that she wasn't updated on their situation, with Judy then confused, asking Brooke what she was talking about.

Brooke then clarifies for Judy, mentioning the earthquake that Judy had been planning with her cohorts, then revealing that it wasn't going to occur, apologizing and then mockingly saying that she guessed it just wasn't meant to be. Brooke then heads off, leaving Judy in shock.

Brooke then heads back to the court, to celebrate with the rest of the Eagles, telling Alex that it was all over and that the police would be there any minute, with Alex about to see his mother. The two of them then embrace for a hug, just as Judy calls for her son. Daniel then cautiously heads over to meet his mother under the bleachers, asking her what she wanted.

Judy tells her son that they had to head off then, but Daniel is quick to say that he wouldn't be going anywhere and especially not with her. In response, Judy tells him that she needed him to show him some respect, with Daniel then questioning it, asking what he owed her respect for, revealing that he knew what she did to Brooke and that he knew all about her plan.

However, Judy then just bluntly tells him that he knew nothing and that it had been her fault, because she had been hiding too many things from him. Curious, Daniel asks what things she hadn't told him, with Judy then revealing that she was an agent and worked for the government. But Daniel shows that he didn't believe her, asking her when she had become a government agent, with Judy stating that it had been since he was born.

Judy then explains that the quote on quote plan, her son had been talking about was actually a top-secret and highly classified operation, but Daniel then shakes his head in disbelief at the fact that his own mother had still been lying to him, then asking how many people would of died during the earthquake his mother would of created. As Daniel backs away, Judy tries to get him to believe that she had done it for him.

Daniel then tells his mother not to bring him into it, with Judy then quickly telling Daniel that they should head off and that she'd explain everything later after they'd left. Daniel then attempts to walk off, but Judy begs him to stop, admitting that he was right that she'd lied to him and that she had made a lot of bad decisions and that it didn't matter why.

Judy then expresses to her son that if she didn't leave then, she'd spend the rest of her life in prison, asking him whether that was really what he wanted, while continuing to beg him. Judy then adds that Daniel was the only person she had in the world, then asking him to go with her again. In response, Daniel tells his mother to runaway, but states that he was staying put, then walking off as his mother called after him.

In the Cave, Hayley looks down at the unconscious Marcus, saying that he had saved them, with Ryan then saying that she knew. Just then they see Kyle and one of his security guards, carrying a large bomb. Seeing them, Hayley ponders what they were up to, before then seeing Kyle smiling and asking why he was doing so, as he was going to rot in jail for the rest of his life.

Kyle then remarks that he didn't think that'd be the case, revealing that he'd just wired a time bomb to the magnetite, adding that the explosion would destroy the entirety of the Greenhouse and that by the time they were able to clear the debris, he'd be far away from their location, then jeeringly telling Hayley to enjoy her reunion with her mother, looking at his watch and notifying them that they 2 and a half minutes to catch up, then winking at them and heading off, leaving the bomb ticking.



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