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I guess nepotism always tramps hard work. All those CEOs your dad invited are really smart. Yeah, they're able to spot a fake from a mile away. So far, it's really impressive.
Becca to Brooke in Hundred Percent

Becca Williams, played by Amit Yagur is a reccurring character in seasons 3-4 and a member of The Ravens in Greenhouse Academy. She is the only character that doesn't have an Israeli counterpart but since she is most likely modeled after Aspen Fairchild, her counterpart could be Amy Bloom.


Becca has medium-length, brown hair and matching brown eyes. She is commonly seen wearing her hair in two buns, as well as wearing a Raven's jacket. Although, she is seen wearing multiple other outfits and hairstyles throughout both Season 1 and Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy.


Becca is shown to be a very self absorbed and ignorant girl throughout seasons 3 and 4 of Greenhouse Academy. She also feels hatred towards Hayley. Becca is also shown to love Leo and doesn't want Hayley to come ruin things for her such as her "relationship" with Leo. Becca is also shown to lie a lot on various accounts such as the hike in season 3 and Hayley's letter in season 4.


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Season 3

Becca makes her true appearance on the 1st episode of season 3 titled "The Hike". In this episode, it is shown that she doesn't like Hayley and that she lied to everyone about the missing iodine pills which she had kept in her pocket. She was the reason that Alex had gotten sick and eventually Sophie falling off the cliff. Becca is also shown to obsess over Leo a lot in this season.

Season 4

Becca is still shown to obsess over Leo and cares about him after the incident. However, when Hayley writes Leo a letter, Becca throws it away in jealousy and hatred and lies that she gave it to him. Becca also visits Leo in the rehab center in an episode titled "Gummy Bears".