Binyamin is the twelfth episode of the first season of The Greenhouse, premiering 22nd January, 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


In the Hole, Judy is questioning Robbie, as to whether anyone saw him on his way down to the hole. Robbie tells her he's not an amateur, before sitting down, as Judy begins to brief him on the next day's mission, beginning by saying he'll be heading to the Israeli Space Agency with the kids during the next day, it then flashes to scenes at the Israeli Space Agency, as Judy continues. Judy explains that their goal is to get the satellite's access code at the moment of the launch, before adding that the code is the encrypted digital protocol that helps to control the satellite from earth and that this code changes every six hours to prevent a hostile takeover. Judy then stresses that their time window is small and that a specially encrypted supercomputer produces the code.

She continues, expressing how secure the code is, explaining that even the satellite operator doesn't know the code and that he get's it from the supercomputer, before passing it on. Judy adds that 2 minutes before the launch of Binyamin, the computer prints out the code on a card, and that the operator's name is Edo, who takes out the card, with the data immediately being erased from the computer, before Edo takes it to the control room and inputs it into the central control, finally destroying the card. Judy finishes saying that the only time the card would be obtainable would be between the moment it's printed and the moment that the operator inputs the code. Robbie, in disbelief believes she's joking, remarking that not even James Bond could do it, adding he had an array of gadgets. Judy then in response picks up a pair of glasses, explaining their identical to the ones that Edo wears, but that they also have a microscopic video camera, which would send them a video of everything that Edo could see. Judy then firmly re-iterates Robbie's mission, saying he must get into the control room, and secondly to switch Edo's glasses round in time.

Judy finishes saying they'll take care of everything, with Robbie still in disbelief saying it's obviously no joke. Robbie then expresses the consequences of this mission, explain that Espionage could gain him a life sentence, with Judy coldly saying that's the price he must pay for serving his country, with Robbie questioning how it'd help, but Judy assures him he doesn't want to know all the details, but promises that everyone would thank him in the end, with people naming streets after him. However Robbie's still in doubt, saying he's not sure, but Judy beckons him, saying he wouldn't get anywhere in life without taking risks, questioning whether he just plans to sit there and wait to get promoted by his father.

Outside in the dormitory block, Robbie and Alona are waiting outside in the Greenhouse mini-bus, with Robbie looking at the time and asking Alona what's going on with her friends, asking whether they forgot to wake up. In the corridor, Iftach and Ellali are walking down the stairs, with Iftach questioning Ellali whether she believed he really had anything better to do than calling the Space Agency and notifying them that she's Naomi's daughter and that she goes to school at The Greenhouse, but Ellali however doesn't believe him whatsoever. Ellali then stops Iftach at the bottom of the stairs, telling him, she wouldn't got till he admits it. Iftach explains he'd be bored of his mind without her, swearing that to be the reason. Ellali explains she's been trying to avoid her mother's memorial services for an entire month, questioning Iftach's friendship with her, adding why he's dragging her to something like this.

Ellali then angrily storms, off calling Iftach self-centred, with Iftach admitting she's right, adding he couldn't help himself walking off as well. In the cafeteria, Dina is asking Matti whether he got everything Dina told him, adding he must remember what they talked about when talking to Alona, before asking if he wants her to go over it again, with Matti asking her to do so. Dina begins, saying that when he thinks he's going to get over-excited about something pinch himself and go back trying to act cool, adding that secondly he shouldn't talk too much, and that he should try to be mysterious, Matti nods in agreement and then finishes by saying when it's the right moment, before asking him what the right moment is.

Matti answers, saying that when their both alone, the atmosphere is right and he waits for at least 7 minutes would it be the right time. Dina then says that then and only then look deep into Alona's eyes and say she has beautiful eyes. Matti questions it, questioning it whether it's a bit of a cliché. Dina then asks him why clichés become clichés. Dina then dismisses him sending him off to his trip, with Matti saying Israeli Space Agency here he comes. As he leaves however he tries to act cool, saying Space Agency big F***ing deal.

At the Space Agency, the Ravens are just arriving at the complex, with Ellali asking Matti whether he's ok or not, adding he didn't say a word on the way there and that it's not like him. Matti then unbeknownst says those were Dina's instructions, confusing Ellali. Matti explains that it's a secret, adding he kind of wanted to hit on Alona. Ellali surprised asks him whether he meant it, with Matti saying he did and that Dina had told him to be cool and mysterious. Ellali giggling, questions that Dina told him to be cool and mysterious. Matti explains that he's essentially not meant to get too excited about anything. Ellali says ok, wishing him good luck before Matti heads off.

In a secure area of the Space Agency, Robbie approaches from round the corner watching Boaz shake one his colleague's hands before heading into the secured area, where the codes are kept, with Boaz showing the guard his ID. Robbie then approaches the guard, asking whether his ID tag gave him access to the control room, but guard says it doesn't. He then walks away pondering what to do.

In the main lobby Ellali is talking to Iftach, as Boaz approaches them, asking whether she's Ellali Reshef, with her saying yes. Boaz exclaims she hasn't changed at all, with Ellali confused, asking whether they'd met. Boaz explains he was at her Bat Mitzvah, with Ellali expressing she's trying to forget that event. Boaz understands, adding that in hindsight that sort of event always seems embarrassing, explaining he's speaking from experience, having three daughters. Ellali then asks him whether he knew her mother, as Boaz explains they were very close friends and that they worked together, with Ellali asking whether that's why he was invited to the boring event.

Boaz, however explains that he actually invited everyone else to this boring event, he then introduces himself as Boaz Tavor, shaking Ellali's hand and adding he's the head of the Israeli Space Agency. Iftach feeling left out, introduces himself, while shaking Boaz' hand, sarcastically adding he doesn't know Ellali. Over at a table, Alona is drinking a glass of water, just as Matti rocks up.

Alona then asks Matti, why they always give satellite's old fashioned names, with Matti still trying to act cool, saying who knows, it's a mystery. Alona then giggling, jokingly asks whether it would be better if they called it ben, adding that wouldn't sound good. Alona adds that Binyamin is the first satellite in the world that could have the capability to x-ray the world at a resolution of centimeters, asking Matti whether he shares her sentiments of amazement. Matti still attempting to be cool, says it's not that exciting, with Alona confused asking what he means, adding it's now possible to predict when earthquakes and tsunamis may occur, expressing her excitement. Alona then notices Matti, looking confused and looking round, asking whether he's alright. Matti then smoothly says everything's cool, adding that he's just heard much cooler things in his life. Alona confused, agrees with him, before heading off, saying she's going to go and mingle, with Matti not paying attention.

Robbie then rocks ups to Ellali, Boaz and Iftach, greeting Boaz and noticing that he's already met Ellali Reshef, proclaiming her as one of the Greenhouse's students. Boaz then questions whether he's Louis' son, as Robbie puts his hand out to shake his hand, with Robbie confirming he is, as they shake hands. Boaz then expresses how glad he is that Ellali is at the event, adding it's like he's looking into her mother's eyes again, before walking off. Robbie then tries to follow Boaz, to try and get into the control room.

As Robbie approaches, he turns back hearing Ellali sarcastically repeating Boaz' last line, with Iftach adding however that it was nice Boaz, could take time to talk to them during a day like that, but Ellali complains that she couldn't stand all the pity that's being placed on her, with Iftach telling her that Boaz is really touched to have her at the event. Ellali continues saying it's nice, they made her mother a symbol, but also adds that it has nothing to do with her. Robbie then walks up to them, adding he's noticed how Ellali gets on quite well with Boaz, asking her to ask Boaz something for him, with Robbie explaining that they'd come all that way and he though it'd be nice and educational, if they could visit the control room. Iftach asks Robbie to re-iterate, asking whether he meant the room with all computers and screens. Robbie finishes saying there's no better place to catch the launch of the satellite. However Ellali says she's unsure, adding she doesn't really know Boaz.

Ellai continues, by saying she wouldn't really feel comfortable asking Boaz about it, with Robbie questioning what she meant, adding their from the Greenhouse and that sometimes leaders must do uncomfortable things. Ellali however, unhappy apologizes, saying it's too awkward, Alona then butts in saying she may as well try, remarking it could be cool and that she'd be making Matti's childhood dream come true, throwing her arm around Matti. Ellali then gives in and heads over to Boaz.

Ellali begins to talk to Boaz and gets him to allow them into the control room, coming back with a set of passes, allowing them in the control room. Matti excitedly grabs his pass, exclaiming it's a black tag and that he couldn't wait. However he then notices what he's doing and tries to act cool again, saying it's just rather kind of ugly. Iftach asks what going on with Matti, before Robbie says they should get going to the control room. Robbie then begins to type a text to Judy, saying he's making progress with the mission. In the control room, the students are walking down the stairs, as Alona exclaims they could feel the suspense in the air.

Iftach agrees with her, asking what Matti thinks of it, but Matti still tries to act cool, adding he doesn't know and that it's really not that cool. Alona then notices that Robbie's missing, asking whether he was with them a second ago. Alona then says she'll head off and find him, heading back up the stairs. Ellali then walks up to Matti, telling he that while she doesn't know what Dina told him, it's not working. But Matti defensively, asks what she means, adding he's cool, super cool, but Ellali says that's just fake and it's not cool, asking him to just be cool. However Matti says it wouldn't work. However Iftach backs Ellali up, saying he should and that he's making a fool of himself. Matti then explains that he promised Dina he's stick to her plan, trying to reassure them it'll work.

Outside the control room, Robbie is angrily asking the security guard, why he couldn't go into the control room. However the guard just says that he doesn't make the rules there and then begins to check him again, with Robbie stepping back through the detector. It then begins to bleep again, with the guard getting him to stand back again. The guard asks him to take off his shoes and open his bag, just as Alona appears. Robbie then says he doesn't know what's beeping, adding that it's his work bag and that there's nothing special in there and certainly not his shoes, as the guard checks him. Robbie then stops him, telling him it's a violation of his privacy and that he was invited to the event, adding he's the headmaster of the Greenhouse, but the guard's not having it as Robbie tries to pick his things up, just as Boaz arrives on the scene.

Boaz asks what's going on, as Robbie tries to ask him for help. The guard begins to explain, saying that Robbie wouldn't let him perform a basic security check and that his bag was beeping. Boaz tells the guard to just get rid of Robbie, adding he didn't have time for him. Robbie confused questions Boaz, as the guard pushes him away. In the control room, Boaz is about to make his speech, beginning by asking them how long they've waited for this event, adding that it was ten years. Boaz expresses his amazement, expressing that in less than 30 minutes Binyamin would finally make it's way out to space, with everyone clapping, as Boaz asks for quiet as he continues.

Boaz then reminds everyone of the woman who gave her life so that the space programme of their country could progress, announcing her as Naomi. Ellali then sighs, as a photo of Ellali's mother Naomi Reshef flickers on the screen behind her, with Boaz continuing saying he's sure that if Naomi was there right now, she'd be proud and just as excited as he is, but adding that she'd probably slap him for giving his speech. Boaz then puts all jokes aside and says that everything's come full circle, with Naomi's daughter; Ellali being in attendance, explaining she's a student at the Greenhouse, where Naomi went, announcing her as Ellali Reshef, toasting and the new satellite in the process. Boaz then adds he's sure Naomi will do everything up there to take care of their satellite, wishing everyone good luck.

Ellali, then annoyed by the celebrative complementation of her mother, storms off, saying she couldn't do this anymore, so Iftach follows her. The two charge down the stairs, as Iftach tries to stop Ellali from running off. Ellali then stops, explaining she knows it's stupid, but she just couldn't take it and that she doesn't want to watch the countdown again. Iftach says he understands, with Ellali asking him whether he meant it. Iftach then apologizes for dragging her there, with Ellali explaining she just needs time to calm down and that she's thinking of visiting her father; Guri. Iftach then says they should go and find a cab as they begin to head off. But Robbie stops them, asking where their going, with Iftach explaining that Ellali doesn't feel well. Ellali then adds, that she's just going to visit her dad for an hour and then she'd be back, noting he lives nearby. However Robbie says they can't, telling them to go and watch the launch before they leave.

Ellali says however she's not going back in there, with Iftach expressing to Robbie that she couldn't stay there, asking him to trust him, promising they'll be back in an hour. Robbie then tells them one hour and let's them go, with Ellali calling Iftach the best. Back in the control room, one of Boaz' control panellists is pointing at the satellite on it's way, with Boaz nodding in agreement. Just then a power outage occurs and causes a black-out, causing people to panic. Matti then tells Alona she's stepping on him. Boaz tries to calm everyone down as the lights come back on. Alona, then surprised at Matti's appearance next to her, asks how long he's been there for. Matti then tries to explain, he thought she was afraid of the dark, before being cut off by Alona, who says she's not.

Matti then tells Alona that her eyes are the prettiest thing, he's ever seen, with Alona going what, in confusion. Matti then continues to try, with Alona asking what's been up with him during the day, asking why he's bringing up her eyes at a time like this and what his problem is. Matti then mutters to himself, that he shouldn't of listened to Dina and that Ellali was right, with Alona having overheard him. Matti tries to explain that he just likes her a lot, explaining that he's not cool or mysterious at all, however Alona's still confused, explaining she doesn't understand a thing. Matti then asks her if she would like to be his girlfriend, however Alona tells him it's not really the right time for it, saying they should just focus on the launch for the time being.

Back at the Reshef Household, Ellali and Iftach are arriving on the driveway, with Ellali thanking Iftach as they walk up to the door, adding her father would drive her back to the centre, but Iftach questions whether he's home or not. Ellali then explains that she texted her father and he said he'd be there for her arrival. Iftach asks whether she's sure she wants him to leave. Ellali asks him to not be a pain, but Iftach explains he just wants to make sure she's ok, before saying bye and looking pitifully at her.

Ellal tells him again to go and get off, pushing him on his way. Guri then comes out surprised at Ellali's arrival at home, coming out and hugging her. Ellali then re-introduces Iftach again, with Guri questioning why their all still inside, saying they should go in and watch the launch of the satellite. Iftach then says he should go, but Guri stops him, explaining he came all that way, asking him to come in, before putting his arms round both Ellali and Iftach, taking them in.

Ellali surprised at the tidy state of her home, asks Iftach whether their in the right address, Guri explains to Iftach that he's raised a very sarcastic daughter. Iftach sarcastically, says Ellali, sarcastic , no way. Ellali continues saying that the house is just so neat, adding she could actually see the colour of the walls for once, asking Guri when the house became so clean, with Guri explaining since she gave him a piece of her mind about it, before telling the two he's got something to show them.

Back at the Israeli Space Agency, Boaz is overlooking the preparation of the Binyamin satellite, telling them they've got 5 minutes till launch. Back at the Reshef household, Guri takes Ellali into his office and shows her how tidy his office is now. Ellali is in surprise, as Guri explains that if they could back to launching satallites into space, he thinks he could go back to living his life, before hugging with Ellali. Back at the centre, Boaz tells Edo to get the activation code ready. Edo then walks off, down the stairs. In the seating area just outside the control room, Robbie begins getting a call from Judy, but dismisses it, as Guri, Ellali and Iftach watch the beginning of the satellite launch from the Reshef household. The countdown then begins.

The satellite; Binyamin then begins to launch off from the space shuttle. In Ellali's bedroom, Iftach takes a look at Ellali's old photographs, with Ellali jokingly saying she bets he hasn't seen a more ugly little girl in her life, with her sitting behind him on her bed, with Iftach telling her not to exaggerate. However he then sees another photo of Ellali with a bad hair do , saying that maybe she wasn't exaggerating, asking what's with her hair-do there. Ellali, embarrassed says it was chic at the time the photo was taken. Ellali then moves forward and looks at the album with Iftach, adding she hasn't looked at the album in ages.

Iftach then says that since the invention of smart-phones, photo albums have disappeared a lot like dinosaurs. Seeing another photo, Iftach asks whether it was taken at her Bat-mitzvah, with Ellali bringing up the conversation with Boaz they had. Iftach compliments her dress in the photo, with Ellali feeling embarrassed, saying that's why she doesn't look happy in any of the photos. Iftach adds he guesses that Ellali was touch even as a child, pitying her parents, with Ellali saying they got what they deserved, adding they let her leave the house looking dressed like Heidi, but that she then started dressing herself, adding she though she was cool wearing a psychedelic shirt with black baggy pants. Iftach then sees a photo of Ellali's mother, and compliments her, saying she's beautiful. Ellali then sarcastically calls her a real hottie.

Iftach exclaims it's the first time, he's seen an astronaut in a bikini, admitting it looks pretty good. Ellali then smiles at him, with him confused asking what. Ellali just say she likes being with him, taking Iftach's hand. Just then Matti bursts through the door of Ellali's room, saying excuse me and explaining Guri said he could come up. Ellali assures him it's fine, with Matti beginning to say hi, explaining that Robbie's in a rush to get back to the Greenhouse and that both him and Alona were told to come and get them. Ellali asks what happened with Alona, but Matti says their not really talking, with Ellali asking what he did. Matti then says he messed up. Iftach explains he told him to listen to Ellali, but Matti explains he did and that that's when he messed up, before asking whether their coming.

The two get up and then head off. Back at the hole, Robbie arrives back, walking down the steps and meeting once again with Judy, who is sitting at her computer, looking sternly up at Robbie as he hands her the access codes. She takes it, happily proclaiming she's proud of him, she then hooks the glasses up to her computer and manages to gain the view from Edo's glasses through her monitor, seeing the satellite access code. Judy congratulates Robbie on the job, noting the access codes and saying he did great. But Robbie's modest saying she came up with the brilliant plan, causing the diversion, adding he didn't think it would work. A flashback then occurs to the moment Robbie had a run-in with security at the centre, as Boaz rocks up, it then zooms in on Alona who is seen picking up the glasses, and heading up the stairs, which is when the power goes off, thanks to an app on Robbie's phone. As they leave the centre, Alona then hands Robbie the glasses, behind his back. Judy then asks if her friends didn't suspect anything, with Robbie explaining she's been a weird, quiet girl, with Judy expressing her as a classic collaborator.



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