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Black Smoke is the fifth episode of the first season of Greenhouse Academy, premiering September 8th,2017 on Netflix.


At the Ravens dormitory, Leo arrives through the door re-introducing Hayley to his fellow Ravens as Hayley follows behind him. In response the rest of the Ravens begin to cheer and clap, with Hayley asking them to stop as they were embarrassing her. Jackie then commends Leo on his work in bringing back Hayley, but he assures her that he didn't have to do anything.

Leo continues, saying that Hayley had practically jumped in the car when he showed up, with Hayley quickly refuting his claim, before Leo chuckles and continues saying that he had never seen someone pack their bags so quickly and that she had pretty much waited at the window for him, with Hayley then proclaiming him as a liar. Back on the basketball court, the crowd and the cheerleaders are busy cheering the Eagles on.

As the rest of the boys practice, Alex jogs over to Sophie who notifies him that his sister and Leo had shown up on the drive. Alex thanks her for telling him, with Judy up in the bleachers giving Jason a concerned stare. One of the Eagles players, then counts down as the team huddle and then raise their arms, before the game begins. One of the Eagles dribbles the ball around a Whitney player, before passing it to Parker, who passes it forward to Daniel.

Daniel is quick to try and throw a net, but manages to miss, resulting a collected groan from the crowd. Daniel then begins walking towards the side-lines, breathing heavily. In the classroom, Suzanne has met up with the Ravens once more for their assignment presentations, with Leo beginning.

Leo starts by reminding the class that they had been given the task of coming up with a word to describe Woody as a leader, then revealing that he had come up with cow-boy. Leo then explains that he thought every leader needed to be a bit of a cowboy, being a tough and protective sheriff that got lonely from time to time and that that was who Woody was. Leo then asks the class who could lead the team in a better manner than Woody, suggesting Slinky Dog or Mr. Potato-Head.

In response Becca, tells him not to make fun of Mr. Potato-Head, resulting in the rest of the class laughing. Up next is Max, who says that Woody has always managed to recognize the danger before any of the other toys had and that he was always able to take responsibility in the right moments. Next is Jackie, who confesses that she had only seen the Toy-Story movie for the first time that day, thanking Max for organising her VIP screening of the movie.

Jackie then continues, saying that the first word she had come up with, was; friendship due to the fact that the movie was about a friendship shared between two leaders. As Jackie continues, the scene cuts to the Eagles who manage to score a goal, with Jackie saying that one leader was older and more experience, while another was new and fresh, with Alex cheering Daniel on from the side-lines. Jackie goes on saying, that at first Woody had thought he'd be the leader forever, but that then Buzz came along and he realizes he isn't as perfect.

On the court, Coach Davies notices Daniel hobbling away, after the Eagles had re-huddled. Seeing this, Coach asks Daniel to take a break on the bench, with Daniel then expressing surprise. Coach Davies asks Alex whether he was warmed up enough, exerting that he needed to get on the court, as Daniel tries to convince the Coach that he was fine to keep playing as there were just 2 minutes in the game left. However the coach denies Daniel and tells Alex to get on the court.

Jackie then takes over, continuing her assignment by saying that Woody had been willing enough to sacrifice Buzz in order to stay as the leader, but that he had realized his mistake as soon as he tried and that that was why she also chose the word humility, adding that she believed Woody only became a true leader once he was able to admit to his own mistake. Back at the game, Coach Davies tries to beckon Alex forward, but Alex stands by his captain and says that if Daniel thought he was fine, he should be in the game.

Coach Davies then gives in and allows Daniel to head out onto the court, Jackie then takes over once more, concluding that as soon as Woody had done that, he not only earned his own role, but had also claimed a friend for life and that that was what leadership had meant to her. The rest of the Ravens then clap in response to her assignment, as Jackie asks them to stop. Back at the game, the crowd including Brooke and Sophie, continue to chant for the team.

Excited, Jason mentions that if Daniel was able to make the next shot, they'd win the game, with Judy assuring him that her son was clutch and therefore he wouldn't miss. Daniel then breathes heavily once more and makes the shot, managing to score another net, with the crowd then erupting in cheer. Exhausted, Daniel gets ready to make another net, as Alex beckons him onwards, then managing to score the winning net, as the commentator announces the Eagles as the winners.

Daniel then hugs, each of his fellow team-mates, as the crowd chant; "Eagles", with Daniel then telling Alex that he would never forget what he had done for him, before collapsing in front of him. Shocked the crowd comes to a sudden halt in cheer, with Judy expressing concern for her son. As Daniel is taking away on a stretcher, his mother assures him that everything was going to be ok, before asking whether he could hear him.

In the Ravens dormitory, Max is busy cleaning the outside and inside of his locker, just as Jackie shows up. Jackie says tells him that while she knew she'd already said it, she was grateful for his help. Max tries to assure her that it was nothing, but Jackie asserts that it wasn't just nothing and expressed that it was a big deal, before asking Max why he had done it. Max in response, tells Jackie that as Ravens they were meant to look out for each other.

Jackie then notifies Max, that she now owed him for what he had done for her, suggesting giving him breakfast in bed for the next week. Max then says no as he'd crumb everywhere, which would cause ants to appear, with Jackie then telling him that she'd clean-up afterwards. However Max assures her that she didn't owe him anything, as Jackie tries to tell him that that wasn't how it worked and that as he had done her a favour, she'd need to do the same for him.

Jackie announces, that she'd still find a way to help him, just as Becca enters the room, while Hayley and Leo were on the PlayStation. Becca tells her team that they wouldn't believe what had happened at the Eagles basketball game, with Hayley then curious; asking what had happened. At the hospital, Judy, Louis and Brooke have arrived for Daniel, as Louis assures Judy that her son would be fine.

Louis continues, notifying her that he knew Dr. Schwartz and that Daniel was in good hands with him. In response Judy expresses her confusion towards how a fit and healthy boy like her son; Daniel could just collapse in that manner, with Louis expressing that the most important thing was that Daniel came out of the operations safe and sound. While the pair were talking, Brooke was talking to Sophie on her Louie, with Sophie asking Brooke whether she had suspected anything.

Brooke then tells Sophie, that she had known Daniel was going through something, but in the end decided to ignore it, blaming herself for what had happened thanks to her actions. However, Sophie tells her friend to not blame herself for this incident, as she hadn't done anything wrong, but Brooke just says that she should of insisted that Daniel told her the truth about what happened. Just then the doctor arrives, as Brooke tells Sophie she'd called back.

Judy gets up as the doctor arrives, asking him how her son was doing. The doctor reveals that Daniel was still in recovery and was unconscious, while assuring Judy of his safety. Judy then asks about Daniel's leg, but the doctor notifies her that it was too early to tell and that it would all depend on the damage done by the taser barb that had been pulled out. Confused, Judy asked what the doctor was talking about when he brought up the taser barb, with the doctor then revealing that that was the cause of the infection.

The doctor then continues, saying that through judging the severity of the barb, it had been there for days. Judy in response turns to Louis, asking whether he had known about it, but he assures her that he didn't, just as the doctor tells them that he needed to notify the police of their findings, with Judy then asking why. The doctor then reveals that it was a standard procedure with taser wounds. Judy then asks whether she could see her son, with the doctor granting her access.

Judy then heads off with the doctor, as Brooke tells her father that they needed to talk. Back in the Ravens dormitory, Leo asks Becca whether Daniel was now in hospital, expressing his disbelief. Becca then suggests to the rest of her Ravens that they begin to party in celebration, remarking that that is what the Eagles got for messing with them. As the music begins to play, Leo asks them to turn it off, but his fellow Ravens don't hear him. Leo then gets up and demands the music to be turned off.

Once the music had been turned off, Leo asks how they could possibly celebrate something like Daniel landing in the hospital, with Jackie then trying to point out that if some of a similar nature happened to them, the Eagles would be doing the same thing, with Emma then reminding Leo of how the Eagles made him look like a ninja turtle. However Leo reveals that that was his point, being that they weren't like the Eagles.

Leo then announces that he would be heading to the Eagles clubhouse to see if they needed his help, asking whether anyone would be coming with him, before heading off after getting no response. Back at the hospital, Louis asks his daughter whether she really knew about the taser, with Brooke then reminding him that she had told him she wasn't sure about it. Louis then corrects her by saying that she had told him she saw Daniel throwing the taser into the ocean.

Brooke then tries to defend herself, by saying that she was so far away she couldn't make out whether it was the taser or not, that Daniel had tossed, concluding that Daniel had just told her it was a rock. Annoyed, Louis then tells his daughter that he hadn't raised her to be so gullible, asking her whether there was anything else she hadn't told him, suggesting it could be a small detail that would complicate things further. Brooke expresses her disbelief at the fact that her father still didn't trust her, with Louis then telling her that that was what happened when she betrayed his trust.

Louis then reveals to Brooke, that she could of saved her friends the trouble of taking a polygraph test, with Brooke in response saying that it had already hurt enough as it was. Louis then asks his daughter whether she saw how this incident made them look, with the taser having been on Greenhouse grounds, further asking Brooke whether she knew what that could do to the school. Brooke then believes that her father was concerned about his reputation, but Louis just tells her that he was worried about her.

Louis continues, noting that if the barb was to match the taser that the FBI found on the beach, the FBI would arrest both Brooke and Daniel. In response, Brooke becomes confused, as Louis explains that Brooke would be a witness who had remained silent, therefore making her an accomplice to Daniel. At the FBI headquarters, Eric hands David Diggs a photo of Daniel introducing him to his boss.

Eric mentions that Daniel was the captain of the basketball team, as well as a member of the school's honour role, in addition to his high popularity. David then asks his officer, why Daniel was walking around with a taser injury, if this was the case, with Eric agreeing with David. David then tells Eric to notify him as soon as the barb was taken out of the lab, before heading off. Eric then asks David, whether he really believed Daniel had anything to do with the missing park-ranger.

David then asks his officer, how many tasers he thought were lying around the beach, going on to say that the moment they found a match to the park-ranger's taser, Eric would need to get Daniel in for questioning, with Eric agreeing to do so. Back at the hospital, Judy is asking the doctor whether they had managed to get all of the shrapnel out of her son's leg.

The doctor, then reveals that they had managed to do so, adding that Daniel was in great physical shape, expressing his confidence that Daniel would recover in no time. Judy then thanks the doctor for his surgical skills, in agreeance with the doctor. Judy then mentions that she'd like to see the taser barb, asking the doctor where it was. The doctor, in response calls the request odd, with Judy trying to convince him that she was just curious to know what had injured her son.

However, the doctor then tells Judy that even if had wanted to show it to her, he wouldn't be able to due to the fact that it was classified. Judy then gives in, before re-iterating how grateful she was for the doctor's work, announcing that she may want to make a contribution to the hospital as she was very devoted to the area of fund-raising, adding that she was behind the new gym at the Greenhouse, where her son went to school.

Judy then continues, saying that she would love to help sponsor the doctor in any of his endeavours. The doctor then deduces that Judy was trying to bribe him, before revealing that the shrapnel evidence was already on it's way to the lab for it's analysis. Just then a knock on the door sounds, with the doctor walking over and opening it to find Brooke, who apologizes, saying that she hadn't wanted to interrupt anything.

Brooke then notifies Judy, that the vending machine at the hospital had had Daniel's favourite flavour snack, just as Daniel begins to cough. Daniel then regains conscious, as his mother and Brooke crouch by his bed-side. Judy asks him whether he could hear her, with Brooke softly saying hello. Back at the Greenhouse, Hayley rocks up to the Greenhouse cafeteria, to find Leo sitting there.

She guesses that Leo hadn't managed to get into the Eagles clubhouse, before sitting down opposite him. Leo then reveals that that was the case, but that he had managed to talk with Sophie, mentioning that a barb of shrapnel had been found in Daniel's leg. Hayley, surprised asks how the shrapnel had managed to get there, as Leo shakes his head, not knowing how it arrived there. Hayley then asks Leo whether he thought that that was what the FBI had been looking for.

Leo calls it a bit of coincidence, with Hayley then concluding that it was now Daniel's problem to deal with. However Leo then asks Hayley whether she realized what would happen if the FBI were to find out that Daniel was connected to everything that's been going on, saying that criminal investigation would occur, meaning Louis would have to kick Daniel out of the Greenhouse. Hayley then believes that it was good news, but Leo shakes his head, believing it could be bad for the Greenhouse.

Seeing, Leo looking depressed Hayley gets up and asks him to go with her. Curious, he asks her where she was taking him, as she takes him by the hand, leading him out of the cafeteria. In the Ravens dormitory, Max is playing chess, before he calls Jackie over. As Jackie walks over, he asks her whether she wanted to play chess. Not managing to get an answer from Jackie, Max asks Becca whether she wanted to play, but she just says no. Just then Emma strolls up to Max.

Upon her arrival, Max asks her whether she wanted to play chess with him, pointing out that he'd already asked Jackie so as to not make Emma feel uneasy, revealing that Jackie never wanted to play with him and that Becca seemed to be zoning out when he asked her. Before Max could continue, Emma just tells him that she'd play, taking a seat opposite Max. Max then asks whether she'd ever played chess prior, with Emma then saying that she had a few times. Max then tells her that she could just ask if she had any questions.

After doing so, Max tells Emma to take the first go as she was the white-side, with Emma then moving her first chess-piece forward. Max compliments her on her move, mentioning that it was the English Open and then revealing that he had been playing chess since he was 4; having played the game with his grandpa for hours. He also revealed that he had once played three times as much as Kasparov when he was Max's age. Curious, Emma asks Max who Kasparov was, with Max explaining that Gary Kasparov was the greatest chess-player of all time.

In response, Emma asks whether he was basically trying to say that he was better than the greatest chess-player of all time, then sarcastically saying that it would be an honour for her to lose to him, before Max thanks her and makes his first move on the board. Emma then takes the next move, prompting Max to take notice, saying that he hadn't expected that move from her. Back in the hospital, Louis has arrived, as Daniel has awoken from his unconscious state.

Daniel sighs, as his mother takes his mug away, before he begins to explain what had happened. Daniel starts by saying that two weeks prior he was out on his morning jog and that that was where he had managed to find the taser, admitting that it was stupid of him to pick it up, but that his curiosity got the better of him. Unimpressed, Judy asks her son what he had been thinking when he picked it up.

Louis then beckons Daniel to continue, with Daniel continuing his story and revealing that the taser had hit his leg, while in a flash-back Daniel tries to study his injury as he groans in pain and starts to breathe heavily. Daniel then says that he hadn't wanted to get in trouble, while he was hiding the taser away from some on-lookers, having panicked. As Daniel limps forward in the flashback, Daniel expresses that he had planned to give it to them.

Daniel goes on, saying that he had panicked once more after the FBI had show up at the Greenhouse and that was why he decided to throw the taser in the ocean. Daniel then looks up at Louis, as Louis tells him that he was disappointed in Daniel's judgement. Brooke then cuts in, asking her father to stop as Daniel was already in enough pain, prompting Judy to say that it was good Daniel was in pain. In response Brooke asks how she could say that, but Daniel agrees with her judgement.

Daniel continues, admitting that he had messed up big time, before apologizing to Louis, with Louis then saying that it was unfortunate that he wasn't the biggest problem Daniel would have to face, with the FBI being the ones he needed to worry about. Back in the Ravens dormitory, Max is having a hard time combating Emma in their chess game. Emma moves her king forward, managing to check Max.

Emma points this out to Max, as he tries to move another one of his pieces forward, before Max remembers and takes back his queen. Max then attempts to make another move, but Emma warns him off of making it, with Max then asking whether that had meant she check-mated him, remembering that the last time an amateur did that to him was at the Poughkeepsie Chess fair in the prior year, being because he had measles. Emma then jokingly tells him that that was a good game, calling him Kasparov.

Emma then holds out her hand and shakes with Max, before she heads off, leaving Max in bewilderment as to how she won. Having seen Emma, Jackie then rocks up to Max, joking that Emma was a con artist. Max then corrects her by saying that she wasn't a con-artist and was amazing. In the music room, Hayley has arrived with Leo, with her saying that someone had once told her that the best way to let out anger, was through music.

As they walk up to the instruments, Leo asks whether he had really looked angry, with Hayley saying that he kind of did, before he put the guitar over his over his chest. Hayley then asks him to play something for her, with Leo then beginning to strum away on the guitar, as Hayley then asks him to go louder. As Hayley sits down on the couch, Leo begins to go faster, with Leo realizing that he may of been a bit angry. Leo then crouches down in front of Hayley and begins to sing softly.

He begins; "All I wanna do, is spend some time with you", just as Hayley's Louie chimes. Hayley takes her Louie out, discovering that Daniel had awoken through the latest blog post, with Sophie having written that the doctor said Daniel was out of danger. At the FBI headquarters, David has just come off the phone with Perry, letting Eric know.

Curious, Eric asks him what the lab had said, but David then reveals that Perry hadn't even managed to make it to the lab, but that he was still ok. However David then mentions that Perry's car had overheated, with Eric expressing concern. David just says that Perry was lucky enough to make his way out of the car, just before it exploded. Eric then asks about the taser evidence, before David tells him that all of the evidence had disappeared as the fire had destroyed it.

Eric then suggests that he could still interrogate Daniel, but David tells him that that would no longer be able to help them, meaning there was nothing that could link Daniel to the missing park ranger and concluding that they were at another dead end, before walking off. Eric then takes his phone out and reports to Judy, notifying her that the shrapnel had all gone. Judy in response asks him whether he was sure, but Eric assures her.

Judy then says that she knew she could count on Eric, before walking past Brooke at the hospital, who had seen Judy talking on her mobile. Back in the Ravens dormitory, Jackie sees Max on his laptop, asking him whether he was trying to google Emma. In response Max nervously tries to close his laptop, before revealing that he was just researching Emma's background, in order to know what he was against in terms of chess.

Max goes on, explaining that Emma had been using techniques that he'd never seen before, with Jackie then sarcastically saying that she bet he liked Emma's moves, with Max quickly realizing what she was getting at, assuring her that he just respected her as an opponent . Jackie then gives him a strange stare, with Max asking her what she wanted. Jackie then expresses that she was there to help him, as she had told him she owed him.

Confused, Max asks what she meant, with Jackie then explaining that she knew Max liked Emma and that she was going to help him go on a date with her. At the hospital, Brooke and Judy are helping Daniel up off of his bed, with Brooke handing him his crutches. Daniel says his crutches are going to some getting use to. Daniel then tries to move forward, groaning in pain. Judy tells her son to not move too quickly.

Judy then says that she didn't want her son to fall, but Daniel assures her that he had got the hang of it. Just then the door opens, with Louis walking through and revealing that he had just been talking with the FBI, who had told him that the shrapnel had been destroyed in some sort of freak accident, meaning the case was closed. Surprised, Daniel says wow, with Brooke then asking her father what the accident was.

Daniel then asks who cared about it, asking his mum to back him up, with her agreeing. Daniel then promises to Louis that he'd never let him down again, with Louis telling him that while he believed Daniel, he had failed as a leader. Louis then continues, saying that he had appreciated all of the contributions they'd made to the Greenhouse, meaning he wouldn't expel Daniel, but then reveals that Daniel would no longer be the captain of the Eagles.

Back at the FBI, Eric and Perry have come to report to David, with David pointing out that something didn't make sense. David asks Perry, where he was when the car had caught fire, with Perry re-iterating that black smoke had come from the motor out of the AC vent and that he was forced to stop the car, due to his choking, before the car exploded. David then further asks Perry why he didn't take the evidence out with him.

Perry then goes on, revealing that as it had happened so fast, he didn't think about it, before apologizing to David. After their report, Perry and Eric headed out of David's office, with Perry calling it a close one. Eric then tells him that acting wasn't his forte and the he should stick to his day job, before pointing Perry towards his pay in his cubicle. Back in the music room at the Greenhouse, Leo and Hayley are busy strumming away on the guitar.

As the two stop, they both laugh as Leo takes his guitar off. Hayley then asks Leo what the deal was with him and Daniel. Confused, Leo asks her what deal she meant, before Leo says that the two of them had a job to be the best, with it often coming at the expense of each other, and that he respected Daniel. Leo then assures Hayley that he couldn't stand Daniel, with Hayley then deducing that Leo still cared about Daniel, adding that she thought it was great he felt that way.

Leo then says that he just wanted to keep beating Daniel, due to the fact that he was a worthy opponent, with it being a completely professional thing. Hayley then remarks that Leo hated Daniel so much that he kind of liked him as well, prompting Leo to ask her to stop it. Hayley then says that she had just wanted him to admit that he wasn't just sensitive but nice as well, but Leo then tells her that she was getting carried away with that assumption. The two of them then move in for a kiss