Blackmail is the twenty seventh episode of the first season of The Greenhouse, premiering on Nickelodeon UK, March 5th,2014.


Ellali is in bed asleep, just as she wakes up and bends over to her bedside table, taking her Louie. She get's a video call from Amy, who asks her what's up, adding she saw Ellali's speech on the television the prior day and that it was amazing.

Amy continues, saying she managed to get all her friends to watch the speech with her and that she was so touched she decided to translate it into English live for them, before expressing her shock at the whole shooting incident, adding however that she then called Iftach, calling him cute and that they'd talked about the incident for an hour, before Iftach had finally managed to calm her down. Amy then says goodbye, blowing a kiss, with love and peace as she waves. Ellali then closes her Louie and goes back to sleep.

In the morning at the Ravens dormitory, Matti is trying to get in touch with Alona, only to find there's no answer coming back, as Dina asks what's up with Matti, sitting next to Ellali on the sofa, before getting on. Ellali then expresses her disbelief about Amy, calling her a cow, questioning why she was calling her so early in the morning or why she was even calling her.

Dina then guesses it could of been because she was really worried about what had happened, with Ellali then questioning whether she was kidding, expressing that Amy was probably only calling to let her know that she and Iftach had been talking. Ellali continues, sarcastically saying that that's great, and she finally managed to get a shot, before he goes ahead and finds time to chat with Amy for an hour. Iftach then bursts in, exclaiming they'd have no idea what's going on outside the Ravens dormitory.

Iftach exclaims that everyone wanted a piece of Ellali, calling it insane, adding that two journalists who had wanted to interview her had almost trampled him, with him having to step in and physically stop them with his "muscular" body. Ellali then questions him as to why he's representing her, with Iftach asking what she meant explaining that he figured, before asking Ellali whether she wanted to be interviewed, with her saying no. Iftach continues, saying exactly and that he was trying save her from dealing with them.

Ellali then questions whether he's trying to be her agent, with Iftach asking whether she'd like him to be, jokingly saying he's not sure that she'd be able to afford his fee. Ellali irritated by Iftach, says she's sick of him and gets up. Iftach then looks at Dina, before she says that she believes Mati needs her help.

In the Eagles bathroom, Sophie and Natalie are brushing their hair, as Sophie expresses her surprise at what 2 minutes on TV could do to a person, asking Natalie whether she knew that she'd been interviewed by Miki Sevan the prior day, calling Miki inspirational. She also notes that her family had called her after the broadcast the prior day, adding that her mother had rung her to tell her that even her distant cousins and 3rd grade teacher had rung her, asking whether that's crazy. Natalie not paying attention, says it's insane.

Sophie then asks Natalie if she's ok, noticing Natalie's oblivious attitude. Natalie says she's not really ok, with Sophie believing her to be the reason and apologizing, as Natalie begins to explain that she's just been so tired, having come back from the hospital at 1AM in the morning and that now she must go back there. Sophie then realizes, as Natalie expresses she was so glad that Daniel was there with her, calling him wonderful. Sophie then asks if there's anything Natalie needed, anything she could bring her, but Natalie says no and that she's fine.

Ron then walks up with his gym gear, beginning to talk to Sophie, but Sophie stops exclaiming she's in the middle of a private conversation with Natalie, with Ron then saying sorry and moving away. Natalie then says it's fine to Ron, who questions it, but Natalie expresses it is. Ron then explains that the team's jersey's had been forgotten and were not sent to laundry and they have no clean clothes. Sophie questions it, as Ron asks what they didn't understand, expressing they had an away game in 3 hours with no clean clothes.

Sophie then questions whether they actually expected her to go and wash their clothes in a lake, with Ron expressing he didn't know and that Sophie was their captain, adding that she's meant to take care of their problems. Sophie then angrily asks whether all he could think of was laundry, when his friend's brother was in hospital. Ron then says just forget it, before trying to walk away. Sophie then asks him to wash a piece of her clothing, just as he's doing the laundry. Sophie then remarks that boys could be so self-centred.

At the hospital Judy and Louis are in Robbie's hospital room, as the doctor measures Robbie's heartbeat. Louis asks him if there's any improvement in his heartbeat, but the doctor tells him there isn't, but that he's in a stable condition. Louis then exclaims that he could never understand doctors, asking what "stable" meant, before Judy hushes him, telling him to let the doctors work, adding that their job is to simply sit and pray that Robbie would be alright, before apologizing to the doctor for Louis' behaviour, with the doctor saying it's alright, before leaving.

Judy then suggests that Louis head back home to rest, with Louis questioning it, as Judy explains that his son; Robbie is a national hero, with news reports based on his condition coming in every hour. However Louis expresses he just couldn't take hearing the words "Still stable" anymore. Judy then says she's sure that Robbie could hear them at the moment, adding that Robbie's like a son to her, as Louis says his son idolized her, as Judy calls him an angel. Judy then says they've had enough of it, saying she's sure that Robbie's fine.

In the Greenhouse staircase, Natalie and Daniel are walking down, as Natalie tells Daniel that he'd spent enough time at the hospital the prior night and didn't need to go that day as well, with Daniel then expressing he wanted to be with her, as Natalie leans in and kisses her as she thanks him. Daniel expresses she didn't need to thank him, as he was her boyfriend, with Natalie proclaiming that she and Daniel were meant to be. When they open the doors, they discover an array of reporters and camera-men, with one asking Natalie how her brother is.

Daniel quickly closes the doors, asking what that had all been about and whether Natalie was alright. Sophie then arrives on the scene asking what's wrong, realizing the paparazzi wouldn't leave the two alone, before coming up with an idea; that she goes and talks to the press, while Natalie and Daniel escape through the back-gate. Daniel then calls it a good idea, as the two head off, as Sophie says it's so nice to see Natalie and Daniel back together, with Natalie adding they were meant to be, as Daniel beckons forward.

Sophie then opens the front doors, with the reporters asking Sophie where Natalie went. She says hello, introducing herself as Sophie Newman; Captain of the Eagles, expressing that she'd try to answer all their questions but asking that they ask one at a time.

In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Iftach asks Ellali if she wanted an egg, with Ellali replying no. Iftach then asks her whether she wanted some cream cheese, but Ellali says no thanks. Finally, Iftach offers her some chocolate milk, holding forward a glass. Orna then arrives saying good morning, with Iftach returning the same sentiments. Orna explains that she needs Iftach to bring his team; the Ravens to the lawn in an hour, expressing they had to go back to their normal study routine, with Mati agreeing. Iftach then says he'd take care of it. Iftach then tries to tempt Ellali once more, with some pitted olives.

Ellali then asks Matti whether Alona had answered him yet, but Mati says no adding he'd try again to reach her. Iftach then begins playing with his bread, to try and cheer Ellali up, but to no avail. After trying to reach Alona again, Mati exclaims she's still not answering, even on her home-phone. Dina then expresses her surprise at the fact that Robbie had been shot right after they sent him their text message, as Iftach calls it insane. Ellali then expresses their insane for even doing it, however Matti says he's happy that Robbie was never able to get the chance to show someone his Louie, with Ellali agreeing.

Iftach then realizes something, with Mati carrying his sentiments, exclaiming that the text message they sent was still on Robbie's Louie. Ellali then asks what they should do, expressing they couldn't risk someone seeing it. Iftach asks Mati if there was a way, he could extract the message from the Louie, but Mati says there's no way as the message was saved on the Louie's memory as soon as Robbie had read it, as Dina exclaims oh no. Ellali then firmly puts across that they must get Robbie's Louie and erase the message from it, as Iftach adds it's probably in Louie's house. Ellali then asks how they'd get there, as Dina just tells them to leave it to her, before they head off.

At the hospital Marcus has arrived, and is accompanying Robbie alongside Louis. Louis then says to Marcus, that he's known him since Robbie was a little boy and that he'd always thought of Marcus as being family. Marcus then asks if there's anything Louis needed, with Louis expressing all he needed was for his son to wake up, adding Marcus is the genius there, asking whether it was possible for him to invent something that could wake him up. Marcus then heads outside the room and walks up to Judy.

Marcus then angrily asks whether Judy had just decided to toss Robbie to the dogs, as soon as he became a problem to her. Judy turns around, asking what he's talking about, adding that she could sense unpleasant vibes coming off of Marcus. Marcus then questions it, exclaiming that one day she'd pay for all her crimes. Judy then sternly puts across that one day when they manage to accomplish their mission, he'd understand that the ends had justified the mean. Marcus then tells Judy she should try telling Louis that, adding that Louis sees Marcus as family, saying that if only Louis had known what he did to his daughter; Natalie.

Judy then teasingly calls Marcus dramatic, saying it's too bad that the theatre wasn't looking for somebody of his age, asking him exactly what he did, expressing he'd done Natalie a favour through hypnotizing her, straightening her out again. Judy then asks Marcus whether he knew how happy Natalie was with Daniel, asking what it was Marcus told them, guessing "They were meant to be". Natalie then arrives with Daniel, with Natalie hugging Judy as she says hi.

Natalie then thanks Judy for being there, as she and Daniel walk past, with Judy then expressing to Marcus that he'd done Natalie a favour. Back at the Greenhouse, Ellali, Iftach, Mati and Dina have arrived just outside Louis' quarters. Dina then expresses that Iftach was good with music and Matti was good with computers and that Ellali was good at everything and that she's good at getting into places their not allowed, before attempting to pick Louis' lock.

Mati questions her as to whether that was a good idea, but Dina hushes him, as he continues, expressing that instead of getting out of trouble, they were only getting into more, with Iftach hushing him once more. Dina then manages to get the door open, with them heading in, as Ellali says she wouldn't want mess with Dina. Iftach then says they'd split up into two groups and they'd have to be out of there in 2 minutes with Robbie's Louie. The four then begin their search.

Ellali begins searching around the sofa, as Iftach tries the shelves. At the Greenhouse entrance, Sophie is explaining the basis of the Louie device to the reporters, being that it's a prototype for the 5G cellular phones, adding that they could find out more on their official blog, adding that she was the editor in chief of the blog, before becoming the Eagles captain. Orna then arrives, asking Sophie what's going on, with Sophie explaining she didn't want the reporters to bother anyone, so she's diverting their attention, with her having it all under control, before turning back. Sophie then starts again, asking where they were, with one of the reporters, answering the Greenhouse blog. Orna then questions Sophie as to who gave her permission with the reporters.

Sophie questions what Orna meant, exclaiming it's not the military, but Orna expresses that they have certain procedures at the school and that just because Louis and Robbie weren't there, doesn't mean that Sophie could just give interviews left and right, telling her to head back to the Eagles clubhouse, then announcing to the reporters, that press conference was over and closing the doors.

In the Eagles locker room, Alfie and Ron are trying to work out how to use the washing machine, with Ron asking whether it should spin or not, stating that that is the question. Alfie then asks what a spin cycle even was, with Ron expressing he had no idea, but thought it was important. Alfie then turns the top dial, as Ron asks whether it would blow up in his face. Alfie explains that that washing machine model had a few different programme settings. Ron then suggests they use the double spin cycle, adding that people had thought basket ball was complicated.

Alfie then turns the dial to double spin cycle, saying that they should just risk doing it, with Ron turning it on. Alfie then realizes that that's the dryer they're using, then ducking down and noticing the washing machine. Back in Louis' quarters, Mati is searching one of Louis' book-cases, with Iftach looking in the kitchen and Dina in a cabinet.

Ellali then tries a few of Louis' pots, as Iftach walks up asking why she was mad at him. However Ellali's too concentrated on the job at hand, and says the Louie's not there, as Iftach says he thought they were already past that. Dina then says that someone must of taken the Louie . Mati then comes up with an idea, calling himself an idiot for not realizing it. Mati explains that he could activate the location service through his Louie and find where the device is. Dina, annoyed exclaims it's a good thing he remembered that after they'd broken into the principle's house. The four then head off, only to get caught by Orna, who's walking down the corridor.

Orna asks what they were all doing there, with Iftach explaining they were just looking for a picture of Robbie to use during their activity that day, because he thought that it would be nice to dedicate the day's activity to Robbie. Orna then questions whether they went inside to look for a photo, as Dina expresses the door was already open and that they then thought someone must be home, adding possibly Natalie, but that in the end no one was there, so they left. Iftach then says their late and must get ready for the challenge, asking the others whether they'd come. Each of them says yes, as they head off.

In Mati's computer lab, Dina asks how Iftach had come up with his Robbie photo idea, with Iftach saying that at least he had come up with something, adding that she, alongside Ellali and Mati were so stressed they almost puked. Mati then manages to successfully locate Robbie's Louie through his computer. Dina sees the location and asks Matti where that is, with him telling her it's the hospital. Ellali then states that of course his Louie would have to be at the hospital and not at home, with Dina asking what they'd do then. Iftach explains they'd get a cab to the hospital, with Mati adding he'd stay there and direct them around the hospital to the exact location of the Louie.

Iftach then tells Dina, that he thinks she should stay in the lab with Mati, be it that way they wouldn't draw too much attention to themselves, however Ellali then chimes in, saying she thinks it'd be better if he went with Dina, in case he has to pick a lock or crack a safe. Dina and Iftach then head off, with Mati and Ellali staying behind.

Back in the Eagles locker room, Alfie tells Ron that he wanted to say he did a great job of DJ at the Hanukah party, with Ron asking really, as Alfie says yeah, noting that that was one of Sophie's best decisions as captain of the Eagles. Ron then asks Alfie whether he thought they'd win the game that night, with Alfie saying they'd better do so, after he messed up their last game. Ron assures him not to worry, telling him to just pass him the ball and that he'd take care of it all, fist-bumping, as they both get up, heading over to the washing machine.

Alfie then opens up the tumble dryer, only for him and Ron to find that their Eagles basket ball team t-shirts have been discoloured pink, with Alfie asking whether it was just the light in the room, or if they actually came out as pink. Ron questions what it is, as they continue to take out everyone else's sport shirts, and then find the reason to be Sophie's red clothes.

In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Sophie is busy posing for the paparazzi, just as the boys arrive in their discoloured shirts. Sophie turns round and sees them, asking what's up with their vests, as Ron defensively asks if she finds it funny, angrily explaining that thanks to Sophie's red clothes, they all ended up looking like Care Bears. However Sophie expresses it's not her fault they didn't know how to operate the washing machine, asking what was really so hard about separating colours. Ron then exclaims they didn't watch morning shows, just as Gershon shows up asking what's going on.

Gershon then jokes that if the guys are going to be the cheerleaders, then who would be the players, with Sophie calling it funny. Gershon then expresses he was just looking for someone to yell at, explaining that they'd forgotten to arrange a ride for the team to get to the game, adding he doesn't know how they'd make it. Ron then asks how that could possibly be, as Eitan calls it a bummer, questioning what's been going on. Alfie then explains that if they didn't show up to the game, it'd be an automatic loss. Gershon then says it may be for the best, due to the way they're looking, with Eitan disagreeing, saying that of course it's not for the best.

Gershon, then fires back, questioning why their now yelling at him, telling to look at how they appear, just as Orna shows up, with Ron then pointing to Sophie. Gershon then questions whether he's meant to just find them a ride at that point, telling them to go and talk to Louis for use of his private car. At the hospital, Iftach and Dina have arrived and are walking up the staircase.

Mati tests out the four's communications, with Iftach, as Matti says testing 1,2,3, asking Iftach whether he could hear him. Iftach says he could, adding their communicating through use of their Louie's. Mati corrects Iftach, telling him they're not calling each other by name, but rather code-name, with him being Raven 2, asking whether Iftach had heard him, with Iftach saying he could. Mati then starts directing the two, asking Iftach whether he could see the nurse's station at the end of the hall to his left. Iftach replies saying he could see the elevators to his left.

Mati then asks if he's facing north, with Iftach just beckoning him to get on with it. Mati apologizes, explaining it should be on Iftach's right, as well as the fact that everything was in reverse for him on his map, asking whether he sees the nurses station on his right, but Iftach says all he could see was an electrical box and some plants, with Mati telling them to go in the door behind it. Dina then opens it, only to discover it's a storage room, with Iftach reporting this to Matti, who confused, suggests he should maybe refresh his map.

Mati then does so, then telling them that they need to head up to the second floor, Orna then arrives up the staircase, with Iftach and Dina hiding in the storage room, just as Mati loses the signal. Orna then heads around the other corner. Back in the cafeteria, Gershon is on the phone, exclaiming that he couldn't find the keys to their mini-bus either, begging his friend for a car. Mati then tries to get his computer to restart, asking it to not fail on him. Ellali then asks whether he's really talking to his computer.

Just then Iftach and Dina quietly come out of the storage room, beginning to walk forward. Iftach then asks Dina what Ellali's problem with him was, explaining that she was being mean to him all day. Dina then tells him it's none of her business, as Iftach asks what isn't her business, telling her to speak up. Dina then stops, telling him to leave Ellali alone, until he's willing to put the story with him and Amy to an end. Iftach then puts his Louie in his ear, and get's back in communication with Mati. Mati then tells them to take the stairs one floor down and that it'd be the second room on their right, for sure. The two then head off.

Back outside Robbie's hospital room, Louis is about to head off, with Natalie saying goodbye, adding that she loved him, as he says she's the best. Orna then arrives, as Louis asks her whether everything's alright. Orna explains that the entire Greenhouse is in a state of chaos, with the kids out of control, just as Dina and Iftach run up behind them. Orna asks them why they're there, but they quickly apologize and say bye, before heading off, as Orna uses that as an example of what she meant.

Back at the Greenhouse, Mati is getting bad news, from Iftach, reporting that they couldn't get the Louie, with Ellali then seeing the signal dot and asking why it's moving, with Mati exclaiming the signal is moving. Matti then tells the two to keep walking down the hall, as Iftach asks him where he wants them to go. Mati asks where the hall leads to, as Mati reports that the signal has left the hospital. Dina asks Iftach what Matti said, with Iftach re-iterating to her that the Louie had left the hospital, with Dina guessing it could be heading to the Greenhouse.

At the Greenhouse cafeteria, the Eagles basket ball team are sitting around in the cafeteria, feeling down after not getting a ride. Just then Daniel arrives back, having picked up a set of keys, asking whether they needed a ride. Gershon then tells everyone to get in the van, as Daniel asks whether "Hello Kitty" had become the team's new sponsor, Ron says it's a long story. As they head to the van, it's revealed that Daniel had Robbie's Louie.



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