Boaz Devore, played by Icho Avital is the man in charge of the Israeli Space centre and a recurring character in the first season of The Greenhouse.

Boaz Devore The Greenhouse


Boaz is a tall, middle-aged man, with black hair, blue eyes and peach skin. He's usually seen wearing a white shirt and blue tie, alongside some cream coloured trousers and a black belt.


Season 1

Boaz welcomes the Ravens students to the Israeli Space Centre, taking them into the central command centre and giving them a lecture about Ellali's mother; Naomi and the space programme.

When the power to the shuttle mysteriously goes down, he frantically talks to his panellists at the control panel, trying to figure out what's going on. Later in the season, he meets with Dina, Alona and Mati, during the time of Ze'ev's takeover of The Greenhouse. The kids try to warn him about Project Nexus and what Ze'ev plans to do, he then helps them to reprogram the satellite that Ze'ev's planning to use. Together they're able to successfully deprogram it. However he's presumable knocked out when Arik and his men arrive to take control of the station.

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