Bored Kids is the forty third episode of the first season of The Greenhouse, premiering March 27th 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Alona has just been confronted by Amy. Amy walks into Matti's computer lab, as Alona cautiously backs away. Amy then asks Alona what she had to say for herself, with Alona then asking how Amy knew where to find her. Amy then explains that Alona's friend; Matti slept like a log and that she had wanted to turn off his Louie so that it wouldn't wake everyone up and that she then tripped up.

Alona in response asks whether Matti was ok, with Amy then questioning her as to why Matti wouldn't be ok. Alona then asks whether Amy was meant to be back in London, as Amy then asks Alona whether she was meant to in Kyrgyzstan or somewhere along those lines. Seeing the look on Alona's face, Amy just tells her to forget it, asking her how long she had been stuck in Matti's computer lab. Amy then suggests they go and find Alona something to eat, with Amy expressing that she knew the kitchen staff.

However, Alona says that she couldn't, asking Amy to go and instead call Matti. In response Amy tells her that she didn't want to wake Matti up, then asking Alona whether she was sure about her answer, with Alona then nodding her head. Amy then gives in and tells Alona that she'd go and wake Matti, heading out only to find Dina standing in the doorway. Dina asks what Amy was doing there, just as she sees Alona there. Surprised she asks Alona what she was doing there, to which Alona sits down. In the Cave, Marcus unlocks Iftach's cell and takes the bag off of Iftach's head. Marcus then says hello to Iftach.

Back in the Computer Lab, Dina explains herself, saying that she had felt she should stay up that night and that she had also had a feeling it be worth following Amy. Dina then asks Alona how long she'd been there, but Alona just tells her that she wouldn't tell her anything, believing that she knew everything about Dina. Feeling the tension, Amy then declares that she felt she should head off and let both Dina and Alona catch up.

However, Dina stops Amy from leaving, telling her that she'd let her go in a minute. Dina then tells Alona that she knew what Matti had told her, but expresses that Matti misunderstood and that she had tried to explain to her, when she called, but that Alona had hung up before she had gotten the chance to do so. Alona then sarcastically says sure, expressing that she didn't believe a word Dina had said, just Amy getting bored attempts to leave, only to be stopped by Dina again. Amy then asks Alona to listen, expressing that while they didn't know each other that well, but to trust her that she'd watch herself around Dina.

Alona then reveals that Amy hadn't needed to tell her, as she wasn't believing any of Dina's "lies". Dina then expresses her disbelief that this was occurring, trying to get across to Alona that she was one of the good guys. However Amy then tells Alona that together the two of them were stronger than Dina.

Back in the cave, Marcus is confronting Iftach asking him how he'd managed to open the door to the cave. Iftach then reveals that they'd used Judy's fingerprints having printer them out on silicon. In response, Marcus calls it impressive, then asking Iftach if Daniel was meant to be entering the cave at 6am. Iftach then nods his head, as Marcus expresses that he couldn't let that happen, with Iftach bluntly saying he understood.

Marcus then tells Iftach, that he'd already told him it was nothing personal, with Iftach then revealing he knew. Marcus then asks Iftach whether there was anything else he had wanted to tell him. Iftach then shakes his head, expressing that he had already told Marcus everything. Marcus then let's him know that he's free to go, with Iftach shocked, asking whether he meant it, with Marcus saying yes, but that he mustn't tell anyone he was there. Iftach then nods his head and begins to head off up the stairs.

Back in the Computer lab, Amy expresses to Alona that she had to help get out of there, telling Alona that she'd call Matti for her just like they'd arranged. Dina then warns Alona that if she was to get out of the lab, the next person she'd meet would be the person who had gotten her kicked out of the Greenhouse. Dina then tells Alona that she was right, about what she had told Matti, being that someone had been collaborating with Robbie, but that it wasn't her.

Alona then asks who it was, but Dina reveals that as long as Amy was there she couldn't reveal to her any more than that. In response Alona asks her what she suggested, with Dina suggesting they both just leave the lab, leaving Amy behind. However, Amy then says that Alona wouldn't be dumb enough to fall into the supposed trap, as Alona asks Dina why she should believe her, as Matti had said Dina was working with Robbie. Dina then questions Alona as to whether she looked like someone who would work with Robbie, adding that if anyone was working with him, it'd be Amy.

Amy then tries to cover up, expressing that she had nothing to do with Robbie as she'd only just gotten there, but Alona then reveals she had seen both Amy and Robbie talking before, with Amy then asking whether Alona had meant her. Alona confirms Amy's suspicions, but Amy says she didn't. However Alona then explains that she had seen Amy talking with Robbie just outside the basket ball court, being sure of it. Amy then gives in, saying that maybe they had, but that they were talking about the exam schedule.

Dina then exclaims that Amy didn't even know the meaning of the word truth, then telling Alona to call Matti, telling Alona to let Matti's Louie ring until he woke up. Alona then calls it a good idea, with Dina then offering Alona her Louie to use, but Alona says she'd use the one she had on her. Amy however, then swipes the Louie and makes a run for the door, heading out and locking the two girls in there, crying out so long suckers.

Dina then asks Alona whether she believed her now, after having been locked in the room by Amy. Coming down the stairs, Amy reaches the main corridor, just as Iftach enters the building. Amy quickly ducks behind the staircase, as Iftach marches up the stairs. In the Ravens dormitory, Ellali's alarm clock goes off on her Louie, with her then turning on her bedside light, then shaking her Louie to stop the alarm. Ellali then gets up and sends a text to Daniel.

In the Eagles locker rooms, Daniel is preparing for jog to the cave, doing up his laces just as he receives the call from Ellali. Daniel picks up the call, saying hi to her. Ellali then asks him whether she had woken him up, but Daniel assures her that he hadn't slept a wink. Ellali then reveals that she had wanted to wish him good luck, with him thanking her and saying he'd need it, as Ellali tells him not to get into any trouble. Daniel then hangs up the call, as Iftach arrives back in the Ravens bedroom.

Ellali, curious hangs up the call and heads over to Iftach. When see says hello to him, he turns around, noting that she was awake. Ellali in response says that she guesses she wasn't the only one, asking Iftach where he was. Iftach then tries to cover up, saying that he'd been in the bathroom, but Ellali then persists asking why he was wearing outside clothes, with Iftach revealing he'd fell asleep in his clothes.

Matti then suddenly awakes, seeing Iftach and Ellali awake, as he reaches over to grab his Louie. In Matti's computer lab, Dina and Alona are stuck, with Dina in disbelief saying that she couldn't believe that she'd allowed Amy to lock them in there, pondering how she didn't see the key hanging up there. However Alona assures Dina that it wasn't her fault, questioning how she could believe Amy, calling her a psycho. Alona then asks Dina what she thinks Amy would do.

Dina then reveals that she'd be surprised if Amy was talking with Robbie at that moment. Alarmed, Alona then asks what they'd do then, with Dina expressing that she didn't know, suggesting they enjoy their last few minutes of freedom, with Alona adding that they were trapped in the lab, so they'd already lost their freedom. Dina then says that it was all relative, with Alona then asking if Natalie was really hypnotised.

Dina then nods her head, with Alona then saying that it was crazy to hear what was going on around the Greenhouse, with Dina agreeing and saying that it was as crazy as Alona flying home by herself, as Alona then reveals that she had only done it because of Dina. Dina, surprised asks why, with Alona revealing it was because she was worried about Matti.

Dina then realizes why Alona returned, as Alona asks whether Matti was really alright with Dina then assuring her that he was, adding that he was now a little more hysterical than before. Dina then asks Alona what her plan was, asking what she was going to do when she arrived back at the Greenhouse. Alona then explains that the first thing she would of done, would be to make sure that Matti was alright, then to help fix the mess she had created.

Dina, curious asks what mess Alona had created, with Alona then asking Dina why she thought Robbie was so anxious to get rid of her. Dina in response says that she didn't know, asking Alona to tell her, with Alona then complying. Alona then gets Dina to remember back to the Space Agency Tour where they'd seen the Binyamin satellite launch, with Dina then saying that she did, as Alona goes on. Alona then asks Dina whether she had remembered how the next day the Space Agency lost contact with the satellite, then revealing it had happened because of her.

Dina, shocked says "What!" .Outside, Matti is prepping Daniel with the 3D copy of Judy's fingerprint, with Daniel then heading off on his jog towards the cave as planned. As he walks up, Daniel gets noticed by Louis, who is waiting for a taxi. Louis upon seeing Daniel, expresses that it was great he was staying in shape. Daniel then approaches the headmaster, expressing that he had to, as it was the day of the championship. Louis then reveals that he knew, and assures Daniel that he'd be cheering from afar.

Louis then explains that he was being sent on vacation, with Daniel saying that he had known as he'd been told by Natalie prior. Daniel then expresses that Louis had deserved it, telling him to go and relax, with Louis saying he'd try to do so. Daniel then announces that he's off, but just before he could get off, Louis stops him. Louis then tells Daniel that he if he saw a loaded gun on the beach, not to pick it up, with Daniel nodding his head and heading off.

Just then, Louis hears his taxi and exclaims that he's on his way. On the beach, Daniel jogs toward the cave, stopping to climb over a ridge. Daniel then comes face to face with two security guards who had been posted at the cave. Daniel asks them what was going on there, with the two guards then asking Daniel what he was doing there. In response Daniel says he's not doing much, with the guards then telling him to get out of there, with the other one telling him to keep running. Daniel then heads off.

Daniel then jogs back the other way, down the beach. In the Galapagos headquarters, Matti is concerned about Dina and asks Ellali whether she knew where she is. However, Ellali then reveals that she hadn't seen Dina since the prior day. Matti then tries to text her, just as Daniel comes back through the door to report what had happened. Natalie asks what happened, but he reveals nothing had happened.

Ellali then asks Daniel what he meant by nothing, with Daniel revealing that he couldn't get into the cave, as there were two security guards watching over the cave and that he couldn't even get close. Ellali then exclaims seriously, as Daniel apologizes, admitting he screwed up. However Ellali assures him it wasn't his fault with Daniel then expressing that they should of headed to the gave during the day prior, as there would of been no guards.

Natalie then ponders how they could of even known that guards had been posted there that morning, with Daniel then expressing that he swore it had been like someone had told them that he'd be coming. Ellali then asks who it could be, with Daniel expressing that he didn't know, suggesting that maybe someone had been eavesdropping on them. Matti however disproves this, pointing out that he'd made sure there was no bugs in the room, concluding that the room was clean.

Sophie then says it could of just been bad luck, with Alfie then expressing his disbelief, as they'd went through all the trouble of switching Judy's bag and retrieving the fingerprints and everything and that now they'd never manage to get into the cave. Iftach then notes that it could be a sign, with Sophie asking what it was a sign of. Iftach, continues revealing it could of been a sign they needed to take it down a notch on the investigation.

In response, Ellali asks what he was talking about, as Iftach expresses that they'd done all they could and that maybe there was something in the cave that they weren't supposed to know about. Daniel then asks Iftach whether he was kidding, but he reveals he wasn't, with Daniel then asking Iftach what was wrong with him. Daniel continues, expressing that they hadn't made all the effort just to give up when things got difficult.

Daniel then asks Ellali for backing, with her agreeing with him, but then adding that she didn't know what their next move would be. In Louis' office, Robbie and Boris are watching Louis get into his taxi through the security cameras, with Robbie remarking that ever since he was a boy, he'd dreamt of a chance to sit behind his father's desk. Robbie then expresses that the desk was a symbol, a symbol of responsibility.

Before he's able to continue, Robbie is cut off by Boris, who asks him whether he was done blabbering, exerting that they had some work to do, explaining that now Louis had headed off they'd have to find Alona before it was too late. Robbie then agrees with him, then hearing a knock at the door. Robbie opens the door, only to find Amy standing in front of him.

Robbie asks her what she was doing there. Back in Matti's computer lab, Dina asks Alona why she hadn't told anyone about what she'd done, but Alona asks who she could of told, as Robbie had threatened to kick her out of the Greenhouse and that that would of broken her parents hearts. Dina however then adds that even though Alona had done everything she was told to, she'd still been kicked out, with Alona then sarcastically saying thank you.

Dina, after seeing Alona's reaction apologizes to her, as Alona asks whether Dina had thought she wanted to tell someone about what had been going on, explaining that she had been afraid she's get put away in jail, but that she had realized that as long she managed to keep her secret, she would be a different sort of person in prison. However, Dina expresses it wasn't Alona's fault as they'd blackmailed her and that the important thing was that she was there now.

Alona then says great, as they'd be able to get their hands on her again in a few seconds. Just then Amy emerges through the door of the computer lab again, swearing that she had come alone. Amy then admits that she was working for Robbie, but reveals that she supposedly wasn't working for Robbie as of then and that she hadn't told Robbie about Alona, swearing on it.

Amy then reveals, that both Robbie and Boris were looking for Alona and that they'd have to hurry. Confused, Dina asks what she meant by they, with Amy then revealing that both Robbie and Boris; Marcus' replacement were after Alona, adding that they'd have to find another place to hide Alona. Dina, then cautious asks whether Amy was trying to fool them, but Amy swears that she's not, with Dina then asking whether the two of them were hiding around the corner, but Amy also says no to that.

Alona then tells Dina that she believed Amy, with Dina then asking if she was serious. Alona confirms that she was, asking Amy whether they knew where she could hide, with Dina then telling Alona to come with her. However, Amy stops them, explaining that Robbie and Boris were both walking around outside and that she didn't want the two seeing them. Amy then asks Dina and Alona to give her two minutes to distract Robbie and Boris and to then leave. Dina then calls after Amy, with her then asking Dina what she wanted.

Dina thanks Amy, before she heads out of the computer lab. Amy then comes face to face with Boris and Robbie, telling them that she thinks she saw Alona in the cafeteria. The three then head off towards the cafeteria, as Dina and Alona sneak out of the computer lab. The pair then quickly race upstairs, managing to arrive at the Galapagos headquarters. Dina heads through the door first, with Matti telling her that it was about time, as he was worried about her. Dina then asks Matti to come over to her.

Matti asks what it is Dina wants, but Dina just beckons him over. Matti then heads over, heading out of the lab, only to see Alona standing there. Each of them nervously say hello to each other, as Alona approaches him. The two then give each other a hug, with Matti then taking Alona's bag off of her, as Dina suggests they headed in. The rest of the team stand up in shock of Alona's return, with Ellali asking how long she'd been there and Sophie asking where she'd been.

Dina in response, asks where she should start. After having heard what had happened, Ellali is in disbelief that Amy had helped both Dina and Alona escape, with Dina expressing that Amy had really come through for them. Daniel then says that Ellali had asked what they'd do now, with Ellali saying that she had. Daniel then explains that they now knew something even more important; that they knew their conspiracy has to do with the satellite codes that Alona had retrieved for them.

Natalie, then asks what the conspirators would want the codes for, with Dina then calling it a good question. Matti then states that whatever it was that'd be what they were carrying out in the cave and that they must of been controlling the satellite from the cave. Sophie then asks why they'd build a cave underneath the school instead of working within a desert where no one would be able to look for them, with Daniel then adding that there must be something within the cave that they needed.

Ellali then points out that it must of been something to do with the meteorite that her mother had discovered, with Alfie then asking if she was talking about the magnetic field. Daniel then lists off the different points, being a meteor, magnetic field and a satellite that could predict earthquakes, then pondering how all of it was connected. Iftach, however then reveals that it didn't and that everything he'd said was just one guess on top of another.

Iftach then suggests it could of been a state-owned lab, like the reactor in Dimona, then asking how they really knew that they were bad guys, expressing that they knew absolutely nothing about it. Daniel then asks Iftach what he had wanted, with Iftach revealing that he wanted everyone to be honest with themselves, expressing that they were just a bunch of bored kids pretending to be international spies.

Daniel then asks Iftach what his problem was, asking him whether he'd drank too much of cough syrup or something along those lines. However, Iftach just says that Daniel was much better at that than him, expressing that everyone could do what they wanted, but that it all seemed pathetic to him. Alfie then chimes in, saying that while he was sorry to say it, the last time someone had spoken in that way was when Natalie had been hypnotised, with Dina noting that he was right.

Sophie then says that Iftach may of been hypnotised, with Ellali agreeing. Iftach then notes that he was sitting right there, as Alfie says that even if Iftach were hypnotised, there'd be no way of finding out if it were true. Dina then asks when they could of gotten to Iftach, with Matti suggesting they could of gotten him at night. Iftach then tries to get everyone to relax, as he'd been sleeping in the Ravens dormitory all night.

However, Ellali questions it. In response Iftach asks what she's talking about, with Ellali then explaining that she had seen Iftach messing around with Matti's backpack half an hour before Daniel had left to head to the cave and that he had looked like he'd just came back from somewhere. Iftach then remarks that he'd had enough of it and gets up, before confronting Daniel who stands in his way.

Iftach however pushes pass and heads out of the lab, with Daniel then expressing that he had known someone revealed their plan to the conspirators and that it was then clear, that Iftach had been taken and hypnotized into telling them everything. Ellali then gets up, asking Daniel to wait there. Ellali then heads off. Outside Iftach is sitting on a bench, just as Ellali arrives on the scene.

Ellali expresses to him, that she knew something happened with him, as she sits down beside him. Ellali then asks Iftach to tell her what had happened, with it then flashing back to the point where Marcus had freed Iftach. Marcus walks into Iftach's cell and takes the cloth off of Iftach's head, saying hi to Iftach. Iftach then asks whether Marcus was going to hypnotize him, but Marcus assures him that he'd never hypnotize anyone again.

In response, Iftach asks him what he's going to do to him, with Marcus revealing that he'd show him something that would interest him. Marcus then takes Iftach to a certain part of the cave, with Iftach asking what Marcus was trying to do there. Marcus reveals that he's conducting an scientific experiment. Iftach then further asks what sort of scientific experiment he was conducting, with Marcus then revealing that it was the sort he couldn't talk about.

Marcus then suggests they head onwards, as the two then head into the next chamber. Marcus then reveals Naomi's status pod to Iftach. Iftach in shock, says it was Naomi, with Marcus re-iterating what Iftach had said. Iftach then asks how Naomi could be alive, with Marcus revealing that he had saved her, but Iftach asks how he could of done it, as the space shuttle had exploded, having seen it, with Iftach then deducing that Naomi may not of been on the shuttle.

However, Marcus reveals that Naomi was on the shuttle, with Iftach guessing that the shuttle couldn't of exploded in said case. Msrcus then reveals that part of the shuttle wasn't destroyed. Iftach then asked why Naomi was unconscious, with Marcus then revealing that as soon as the people who were conducting the experiment found out she was alive they would kill Naomi, prompting Iftach to ask why that'd be. Marcus then reveals that Naomi knew too much and that the only reason he was helping them, is so that as soon as the mission was finished they'd get off of his back and he'd then be able to wake Naomi.

Iftach then asks about the mission, before asking whether Marcus couldn't divulge on that either. Marcus then expresses to Iftach that while he and his friends maybe a smart bunch of kids and he knew that they were close to discovering what their planning and that they'd try to stop them, but that as of then, both him and Iftach were the only people on the planet who knew Naomi was still alive. However Iftach then asks why Marcus would tell him.

Marcus then expresses that Iftach was a born leader and that he was close to Ellali and that he was sure that he'd like Ellali to see her mother alive again and that if Iftach wanted that to happen, he'd have to let the conspirators finish their mission. Back in the present, Iftach reveals to Ellali that her mother is indeed alive, having seen her with his own eyes and that they just had to let the conspirators finish their experiment and that she could then meet with her mother.



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