Boris, played by Gera Sandler is a recurring character and villain in Season 1 of The Greenhouse.

Boris The Greenhouse


Boris is a tall middle-aged man, with messy dark brown hair, a beard and mustache combo, peach skin and brown eyes. He wears a black shirt with an open collar and black trousers.


Season 1

Boris makes his first appearance in the episode; A Bad Dream, where he is seen breaking into the Reshef household, while Guri was asleep, making his way towards the families laptop and copying some files onto a USB, before leaving the place. He's also seen meeting up with Judy Goren in an dimly-lit car-park in order to report on his success.

Boris is next seen in the episode; Boris, where he is introduced as a mercenary who is assigned by Ze'ev to watch over Marcus in the hole, making sure he continues working for the bad guys and to shoot if Marcus disobeys orders. Later in the season, after Marcus' disappearance and Louis taking a holiday, Robbie hires Boris as his new groundkeeper.

Boris helps Robbie to search the grounds for Alona, when she tries to return to The Greenhouse. He then helps to break into Team Galapagos' hide-out thanks to being tipped off by Amy. However he does not manage to capture them. In the season finale, Boris acts as the main driving force of Ze'ev's takeover of the Greenhouse. However during said takeover Boris is shot dead by Robbie, who betrays Ze'ev's group.

After this Boris is never seen again in the series.