Boris is the forty first episode of the first season of The Greenhouse, premiering March 25th, 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


In the Hole, Judy and Ze'ev have arrived at the request of Marcus, who has something to show them. Ze'ev asks Marcus what he's trying to show them, with Judy revealing to Ze'ev that it was a simulation of the operation, asking Marcus to activate it. Marcus initiates the simulation and pinpoints the island they were currently on, revealing that the island is 353 square KM, with a population of 30,000.

Marcus continues, explaining that the satellite would beam the earthquake exactly one kilometre from the beach and that within just 7 minutes the entire coastline would be submerged under water and that after 52 minutes the entire island would completely disappear, with Ze'ev replying that it was good. Marcus then laments on the amount of people they would be killing, being 30,000 with 10,000 of them being children and admitting that he had hoped Ze'ev would rethink it all after seeing the simulation. Ze'ev in response coldly says that Marcus was right about one thing, being the fact that thinking was their job and not Marcus'.

Judy then assures Marcus that he'd be making history, with his name being added to the list of the greatest scientists ever, then asking Marcus to tell her what scientific advance didn't require a little collateral damage. In response Marcus questions Judy as to whether she just sees the innocent people of the island as collateral damage, adding that being honest the two weren't interested in scientific advancement and that money was the only thing they were after. Ze'ev then quietly approaches Marcus, telling him that they were all under a large deal of stress .

Ze'ev tells Marcus to go and get some rest and then return to the Hole, to continue his work and that if he was still upset during the aftermath of the operation, he'd have enough money to buy a new island all to himself.

In the science lab, the entire group are gathered at the desk, with Daniel asking Sophie whether she'd managed to receive an update, with Sophie revealing that she thought so. Iftach then asks Sophie whether they could definitely trust her. Sophie in response explains that while she knew she had a reputation for publicizing everything, she swore they could trust her with the information. Alfie then tells her that they knew, giving her a smile.

Sophie then reveals that there was actually something they should know, being that Amy is beginning to get suspicious and that she had asked her to spy on the group. Hearing what Sophie had say, Ellali questions whether Amy ever gave up, as Daniel tells Sophie to just forget about that ordeal and not worry about Amy. However Iftach reveals that he'd be worried. In the cafeteria Robbie is talking with Amy.

After taking a sip of his cappuccino, Robbie asks how Amy's adjusting to life at the school, with Amy revealing that the truth was the adjustment hadn't been very easy at all, with Robbie then asking why. Amy in response says that everyone had bonded already, revealing that she had come from London during the middle of the school year and therefore she was a bit of an outsider. Robbie then asks why she was no longer together with Iftach, with Amy then telling him that Iftach was now with Ellali.

Robbie says he understands and asks how Amy felt about that, with Amy saying that what bothered her the most was the secrets they were keeping. Robbie, intrigued asks about the secrets, but Amy apologizes saying that it's nothing personal, but that she wasn't sure whether she should of been talking about it. However Robbie assures her that she shouldn't feel bad, expressing that he was there to help Amy and not to press her.

Robbie then continues, saying that he understands if she didn't want to talk about the secrets that both Ellali and Iftach had been keeping, with Amy then revealing that it wasn't just the two of them, but that it was also everyone else as well. Robbie confused, asks whether there was more students involved with the secrets, other than just Ellali and Iftach. Back in the science lab, Daniel asks Iftach what he suggests doing about his Ex-girlfriend; Amy.

However Iftach tells him that Amy was no longer his, but Daniel just says that if he wasn't mistaken Iftach was the one who had brought Amy to the Greenhouse. Before the two could break out into argument, Ellali stops them, just as Iftach exclaims that it wasn't his fault that Amy was crazy, just like it's not Daniel's fault that his mother was crazy. Ellali then re-iterates what she said, asking them to stop it as they should move on.

Sophie calls it a good idea, as Daniel agrees to do so. Ellali then says they needed to focus, and that their main target was Judy; Daniel's mother, with Natalie in agreement. Ellali then gets everyone to try and think of how they could garner information from Judy, with Sophie suggesting they could follow her. Natalie however, says that would be too obvious and too dangerous. Sophie agrees and then comes up with another idea; tapping into Judy's mobile, with Dina agreeing and saying that they could plant a chip on Judy like they did with Alona. The others in disbelief look at Ellali, who explains that they had done a few things they weren't proud of.

Matti then says that what they had done, had just gotten Alona into even more trouble, with Dina then asking him to just stop it. Iftach then agrees with the idea, calling the chip idea a good one but that it would have to have video capabilities as well. Sophie then says that that way they could find out who Judy would was meeting with and where she would be going. Daniel having heard their plan, expresses his disbelief that their talking about his mother like she's a criminal.

Natalie then comforts Daniel, just as Daniel comes up with an idea, being something to do with his mother's bag. Natalie confused, asks what he's talking about, with Daniel revealing that they could plant the chip on Judy's handbag, expressing that his mother never went anywhere without her handbag. Ellali agrees with Daniel on the idea, but Iftach then questions how exactly they'd do that. Just then Dina asks Matti about the problem, with him asking what it was.

Matti explains that they couldn't just throw the chip into the handbag, but that they'd actually need to take the handbag, sewing a secret pocket and then planting the chip inside the pocket. Natalie then re-iterates that they'd have to get Judy a handbag, with Sophie then suggesting they could execute it when Judy is asleep, but Daniel expresses that he doesn't think his mother ever slept and that even if she did, she could wake up.

Alfie then suggests that they should do a switcheroo, with Natalie confused asking what he meant by it. Alfie explains that they'd get an identical handbag plant the chip inside it and switch the bag with Judy's bag. Looking around the table, Alfie asks whether they thought that was a bad idea, but Natalie assures him they thought the idea was great. Natalie then asks who that genius was, with Ellali pointing out that that was her brother. Iftach then says that he'd like to have Alfie on the Ravens, but Daniel says they're not giving him up.

Back in the cafeteria, Robbie asks Amy if she thought all of her friends were working together, with her then replying that she thought they were. Robbie then says that the last thing the Greenhouse needed at that moment was a secret organization and that nothing good could come of it. Amy then offers her help with the ordeal, explaining that she was good at snooping around, but adds that Robbie would have to promise her that he wouldn't speak a word about it.

Robbie assures Amy that no one would find out about it, with Amy asking out of curiosity, whether Robbie would punish the sort of behaviour her friends are displaying. Robbie, confused asks Amy to specify, with Amy then asking whether Ellali or anyone else could be expelled from the Greenhouse for doing something like that. Back in the science lab, Ellali questions how they could know exactly what Judy's bag looked like.

Daniel then says that they'd need to take a photograph of Judy's handbag, with Sophie then saying she could do that. Iftach then asks whether Matti and Dina would then plant the chip into the handbag, with Matti saying yes to his captain. Iftach then notifies Natalie that it would be best for her to make the switch, with Natalie agreeing to do so. Ellali then announces that by tomorrow they'd have a feed from Judy's handbag. Daniel then asks about Amy, but Iftach assures him that he'd take care of her.

Iftach then re-iterates what he said, saying that both he and Ellali would take care of Amy, Dina then suggests they head off. However, Matti stops them announcing that he'd finished the encryption, explaining that from then on anyone who entered the room, would have to say a code. Dina then asks what the code was, with Matti revealing that he didn't know and asks around for ideas. Sophie suggests open sesame, but it's shot down as too easy, with Alfie then suggesting "The Hardy Boys", but is also shot down as being too corny. Matti then suggests supercalifragilisticexpialidotious, but Dina just says bless Matti in response.

Daniel, then seeing a poster featuring the Galapagos islands, comes up with the idea of Galapagos. The group then realize what he's reading and turn to see the poster. Natalie then says that wasn't a bad idea, as Iftach announces that Operation Galapagos would then start. In the morning Robbie arrives just outside Louis' office.

Upon seeing him, Ahuva says it's good to see him, as he says good morning. Ahuva then gets up and hugs Robbie, notifying him that she had saved his favourite cookies for him, handing him a bowl. Robbie says thank you, as Ahuva reveals that he had a guest waiting for him in his in office. He then heads into his office, to find Judy sitting in one of the chairs.

Judy notes that he's already back into eating his cookies, adding that she now knew that he'd recovered. As he sits down, Robbie asks Judy what she wants, with Judy revealing that she's worried about his father. Robbie, confused asks what his father had done to her, but she reveals he hadn't done anything yet, but that as long as Louis was at the Greenhouse, she'd be worried. However, Robbie questions Judy as to where she thought Louis would be as he lived and worked at the school. Judy reveals that was exactly the point and that she wanted Robbie to send him off on vacation.

However Robbie says that Louis would never agree to a vacation, but Judy says that as Louis' son, who had just come back from the dead he could convince him and that once Louis was gone, he could take total control of the school and manage it properly without any disturbances. Robbie then gives in, saying that he'd try, with Judy then exerting that he'd do it. In the waiting room outside of Louis' office, Sophie is waiting, just as Judy comes out of the room.

Sophie then walks up to Judy, exclaiming that she was so glad that Judy was there, explaining that she's writing a blog post about the day's game and that she'd like to add a photo of Judy into the post. However Judy declines it, saying that she doesn't like having her picture taken. However Sophie says that she must be joking, saying that Judy was such a beautiful woman, but Judy then just says they could take it some other time.

In response Sophie says no, explaining that Judy was their mother, adding that she's like the team's mascot. Judy, confused questions it, believing it was the Eagle's "ugly" rabbit that was their mascot. Sophie notes the rabbit as Nowitzski, revealing that she had just taken his photo, before asking Judy to say cheese as she takes Judy and Nowitzski's photo. In the Ravens dormitory, Matti and Dina receive the photo that Sophie had taken. In response Matti says voilla pointing out the bag in the photo, with Dina saying go Sophie.

Dina then asks for Iftach's credit card, with Iftach then coming in and handing her his credit card, asking her not spend it all at once. Receiving the card, Dina notes it's golden colour, calling it very nice. Ellali then asks Dina if she'd managed, with Dina saying absolutely. Both Dina and Matti then head off to go and buy the handbag. Iftach then turns to Ellali, saying that while he didn't want to jinx it, but that so far everything was going smoothly.

Amy then arrives on the scene, saying good morning, causing Iftach to say that he should of kept his mouth shut. Amy then offers the two some cookies, explaining that she'd been to the bakery in Migdal and that they were still warm. Ellali then says no thanks, with Amy then saying ok. Amy then announces that she'd like all three of them to start over, explaining that despite everything that had happened she was really happy for the two of them. Amy then asks for a fresh start, with Ellali hesitantly saying ok.

Amy then says great, expressing her happiness towards Iftach, with him saying sure as well. Amy then cheerfully claps her hands together and then wishes the two a fabulous day, telling them that she'd leave the pastries there just in case they had a change of mind, before heading off. Ellali then calls it insulting, questioning whether Amy would really think she could just buy them off with some croissants, with Iftach calling it pathetic as he digs into the croissants.

Ellali then asks Iftach what they should do about Amy, with Iftach saying he had an idea. At the Tela-Aviv Police headquarters, Arik is chatting with Guri and Davidi, tellin his chief that he swore his girlfriend had taken him to a dance performance the prior week and that it was way more interesting than their current Sting operation. Davidi then asks whether they'd found anything incriminating, asking whether they transferred anything through customs.

Guri then laments that if only they knew who "they" are, then asking his colleague how many photos he'd taken, with the colleague then taking out his camera and revealing that 362 photos had been taken. Guri then goes over the complicated process of going over 362 photos, placing them into a database and then that way they could find out if they were connected to the cartel in Amsterdam. The chief then questions why they were letting him interrupt them, as the three get back to work.

Guri and Perache then head back to the lockers, as Perache takes out his new watch. Guri asks whether it is new, with Perache confirming it is. Guri then says that was very nice, before asking whether the watch was real, which prompts Perache to ask Guri what he had thought, before closing his locker and walking off.

Guri then puts his gear away in his locker, just as Arik rocks up to the lockers. Guri then asks Arik if Perache came from a rich family or something along those lines, but Arik reveals that he didn't know, before asking why Guri asked. Guri had then said it was Perache's watch that had made him curious, explaining that he knew his watches and that if that watch was truly a real one, it would be worth 20,000 dollars, adding that that watch wouldn't of been able to be bought on a cop's salary.

Arik reveals that he's sure the watch wasn't real as he puts his shirt on, but Guri persists saying that Perache had told him that the watch was real. Arik then asks Guri how nae Guri really was, further questioning Guri as to whether he really expected Perache to say that he was wearing a fake watch that had cost him 50 shekels on the market, telling Guri to get a clue.

Back at the Greenhouse, Robbie is in Louis' office, trying to convince him to go on holiday, but to no avail, with Louis telling him to just forget it. However Robbie asks him to not reject the idea straight away, adding that he had just spent a month in a coma, but that his father hadn't slept a wink during said month, asking him whether he really thought it wasn't reasonable for him to take some time off. However Louis reveals it wouldn't be reasonable at all, as Marcus was gone.

Louis continues, saying that someone must find him a replacement, with Robbie then saying that he'd be happy enough to do it, but Louis tells him that he was still recovering. Robbie then tells his dad to listen, as he'd manage to get his father his favourite room at the hotel in Safed with the view of the valley. Louis tries to stop Robbie, but he just keeps explaining the benefits of it, noting the soft robes, excellent food and his father's favourite herbal tea, before asking his father how long it had been since he read a book.

Louis then says that he didn't know, believing that it had been a while, before saying that while it was nice that his son wanted to take care of him, it just wasn't the right time. However Robbie remarks that his father had never thought it was the right time and that he still obviously didn't trust him, but Louis assures him that it had nothing to do with that and that of course he trusted Robbie. Robbie then asks his father to prove it and that he was sending Louis on vacation and that'd be that.

Back at the science lab, Matti and Dina arrive, with Matti testing out the password of "Galapagos", to which the door opens. Matti then holds the door for Dina, following after her. Dina takes out the handbag they'd bought, in disbelief at the amount of money they'd paid for the ugly handbag. Dina then asks whether they should begin the process.

Matti then opens the handbag, asking Dina to pass him a pair of scissors, to which Dina complies. He then begins to cut the pocket shape in the handbag, as Dina says that they had to admit that that was the coolest thing they'd done all year. Matti then asks for the chip, with Dina then handing it to him. Matti then required the forceps, with Dina passing them to him, with him then planting the chip in the bag, before asking for the needle and thread. Matti then gets a call from his aunt through his Louie.

Matti explains that he had promised he's look up a Kapusta recipe online for his aunt. Dina confused asks what he was talking about, with Matti then explaining that it was a polish cabbage dish and remarking that it was delicious, to which Dina said ok. Dina then asks whether he had thought the text was from Alona, with Matti shaking his head and telling Dina that it was just annoying him that they were messing around with Judy's bag instead of looking for Alona, then asking Dina whether she knew what he meant.

Dina then points out that it was more annoying to see that Alona was not as concerned as he was for her, prompting Matti to ask what she had meant. Dina then explains that Alona was the one who'd collaborated with Robbie and that she was the one who'd left without telling anyone and that Alona was the one who had gotten Matti all excited, being that every time she called, she caused some sort of conflict between the two of them. Matti however questions it, expressing that Alona was just trying to help them.

However, Dina then says that she's sick of hearing what Matti's saying and gets, trying to head off. Matti asks her not to go, expressing that he was no good at threading a needle, but Dina just tells him that he's a talented guy and so he would be able to manage it. As she tries to head out, Dina has a tough time opening the door and in the end just say Galapagos, which opens the door allowing her to head off.

Back in the Ravens dormitory, Amy is in the locker room and has taken out a towel, neatly folding it and storing it in her locker, as she turns and sees Iftach on the couch, who waves at Ellali in some sort of secret code. Amy then notices Ellali doing it, continuing to watch the two send thumbs up to each other. Later on in the afternoon, Iftach is standing outside the cubicle in the Ravens locker room, asking Ellali whether she'd meet him in the usual place in one hour, being the beach by the crooked palm tree.

Iftach then hushes Ellali, asking her whether she was crazy, to which Ellali realizes he was right, with Iftach then asking her to bring all of the material with her, with her saying yes. Iftach then exerts to Ellali that their conversation had never happened, with Ellali going with the flow, asking what conversation they had, as Iftach then heads off.

After Iftach had left, Ellali comes out of the cubicle and heads off, just as a nosey Amy peeks out of the opposite cubicle, having heard the conversation between Iftach and Ellali. She then quietly sneaks out of the cubicle. At the Hole, Marcus is busy at work, just as Judy arrives with someone, asking him to put his gear down at the end of the hall.

Marcus asks what's going on, as Boris takes his stuff towards the end of the hall. Judy explains that she felt like Marcus had been alone lately, so she had brought him a "playmate". Marcus asks who it was, as Boris approaches him. Judy then asks him why he didn't know Boris, asking Boris to say hello. Boris then stands firmly in front of Marcus, as Marcus expresses that he didn't understand.

Judy then explains that both she and Ze'ev had felt that Marcus had been a bit indecisive as of late, saying that Boris was a very decisive guy, asking Boris for backing. Marcus then sees the gun in Marcus' belt, as Judy notifies him that she didn't want to keep the two of them from bonding, explaining that her son Daniel, was playing the championship, before heading off.

At the basket ball court, Daniel just manages to shoot a hoop over Ron's head, just as Ellali and Iftach arrive at the bleachers, meeting up with Dina. Ron then asks Daniel whether he had seen the Ravens, believing they'd come to cheer them on, then suggesting that the nerds had been ditching class, but believing that they liked to study. In the bleachers, Ellali asks Dina where Matti was, but Dina just tells her that she's not Matti's babysitter and that she didn't know where he was. Ellali in response just tells her to forget that she'd asked her anything.

At the entrance to the court, Sophie is talking with Natalie, who expresses that her father had never taken a vacation and that he had just suddenly taken off to stay at a hotel in Safed. Sophie then asks why Natalie even cared, as Louis deserved a holiday, but Natalie expresses her concern, believing that her brother was behind it, with Sophie then noting that that would mean that Judy was also behind it, as Natalie expresses that the worst part was that she couldn't do anything about it.

Sophie then sees Robbie rocking up behind Natalie, with Natalie then asking Sophie what's up. Natalie then realizes that her brother; Robbie was standing behind her, saying hi and asking him what was up and whether he had arrived to cheer the Eagles basket ball team on, however Robbie revealed that unfortunately that was not the case as he had a lot of work to do, but notes that he had faith in his sister's boyfriend.

However Natalie then reveals that her boyfriend wasn't even playing in the match, with Robbie confused, asking whether Daniel wasn't playing, before Natalie says that she was joking, asking her brother what had happened to his sense of humour, pondering whether it had still been in a coma. Robbie then gives her a stern look before heading off. Sophie then tells her friend that that was a close one.

Just then Matti arrives at the match, sitting down next to Iftach, with the bugged handbag in hand. Iftach then takes the bag off of Matti, for him and Ellali to take check. The two then realize that the handbag was exactly the same as Judy's, with Matti then noting that the only difference was that that copy of the handbag had a camera and microphone in it. Iftach then calls Matti the man, with Ellali agreeing. Iftach then instructs Matti to go and get ready with the handbag. Ellali, seeing the look on Dina's face, asks what's wrong with her, pondering whether Matti had done something to her.

Dina then expresses that she didn't know how she could let Matti upset her in that way, with Ellali curious, asking what had happened. Dina explains that it wasn't really anything, but was instead Matti's whole obsession with Alona, adding that she envied Alona, as she wasn't the one who to listen to 24 hours of Matti obsessing about her each day. Ellali then suggests that Dina may have a crush on Matti, to which Dina confused, says "a crush?" outloud, before shrugging it off and saying no way.

Dina continues, explaining that she was just annoyed at how Matti was acting as a friend, with Ellali then reminding Dina that Matti didn't know how to take a hint so that if she was really into Matti, Dina would have to tell him. However Dina exerts that she's not into anything, with Ellali then saying okay. Back at the Police Headquarters, Arik and Guri are analysing the photos from the sting operation.

Arik asks for the next photo, noting that it was photo 15-8, being the third conveyor belt photo and a photo featuring a blond man in his 30's with a mustache and Israeli features, two cartons and a children's toy. Just then Arik is asked over by Perache , telling Guri to finish up the work. Arik then walks over to Perache's cubicle, asking what's up.

Arik then asks whether Perache was crazy, asking him why he was walking around with his expensive watch on, while grabbing his wrist, adding that if that was the case he should just show up in a tuxedo. Arik then asserts to Perache that he needed to keep a low profile, with Perache then saying sorry and okay. Arik then asks Perache to take a look at a photo, noticing a woman and asking Perache whether she looked familiar. Arik then asks him whether the photo had been taken from the photos they took that day.

Perache assures Arik that it was definitely her, as Arik expresses that Judy was going to go mental when she sees the photo. Back at the game, Daniel walks up to Ellali and co at the bleachers, wondering what's up with his mother, as she was usually never late to a game. Just then Natalie sees Judy arriving through the entrance to the court, as Daniel watches her mother walking up the steps.

Everyone begins to clap as the game begins, with Daniel catching the ball and sinking it into the net. Iftach then gives Matti the signal to replace Judy's handbag. However just then Judy gets up with her handbag over shoulder. Natalie quickly gets up, chasing after her and asking how she could leave so quickly during such a suspenseful game, but Judy expresses that she has take a call. Natalie then looks over at Daniel, before saying that while it was Judy's call, her son would be upset, considering it was his first game back.

Judy then gives in, saying that the call could wait and the two head back to their seats. As Daniel plays, his mother Judy called out to him, before getting knocked over by a player on the opposite team, with the crowd then getting up, as Judy asks what that was. As Daniel struggles from his injury, Matti quickly swaps the handbags around, giving Judy the bugged one. Daniel then gets up and begins to play again, with Matti giving the thumbs up to his partners.

Iftach then calls it the perfect plan, that was executed perfectly, with Ellali adding it was too bad that Amy hadn't been there to see it. Outside Amy arrives at the palm tree, wondering where everyone was, checking her watch. Back at the game, the score is 63-43 Eagles, with the game having finished as Judy tells Natalie that she needed to go, asking her to tell her son that he's a real champion. Matti then sits down next to his friends, as Iftach exclaims it was show-time, meaning it was time to start tracking Judy.

Matti then asks Dina whether she was coming, but she said no. However Ellali beckons her on anyway and Dina races after Matti. Outside, Matti asks Dina whether they were good now, with her replying that they were great, just as Alona peers from round the corner of a nearby bush.



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