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Breaking and Entering is the third episode of the first season of Greenhouse Academy, premiering September 8th, 2017 on Netflix.


The episode begins in the Eagles locker-rooms, with a fatigued Daniel rocking up to the lockers. He slowly and limply moves towards the lockers, with his leg in pain, before sitting down on the bench. After sitting down he pulls up his pant-leg to reveal a blood clot appearing through his sock, then further pulling that down to reveal a cast wrapped around his leg, where the bleeding was situated. Daniel then carefully gets up and starts to open his locker.

After opening his locker, he takes out a jar of ibuprofen and takes a sip, just as Brooke appears from behind him. Seeing Daniel in his current state, she asks whether everything was ok, believing that he was looking stressed. Daniel then makes the excuse that he feeling stressed about the upcoming basketball game, with Brooke then noticing how pale he looked and suggesting that he take it easy. Daniel then reaches in for a kiss, in order to prove that he was ok, before heading off.

In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Jackie is reading as the Ravens have lunch. Interested, Max asks her what she was reading, with Jackie telling him that she was reading surf-reports, revealing that there'd be four-foot swells in the ocean the next day. Surprised, Max asks whether she surfed, with Jackie then giving him a blunt look. Max then just comes to the conclusion that Jackie did in fact surf. Leo then asks Jackie where she was from, with Jackie revealing that she didn't really come from one place and that she bounced around a lot.

Emma, then curiously asks why Jackie was in hand-cuffs at the entry exam, with Hayley then answering for Jackie by saying that it was to protect Leo during the exam, adding that Leo was playing his guitar in a very loud fashion, before noting that even she would of strangled Leo at that point. Jackie then puts her sketch-book away and realizes her newly revived sketch-book.

Jackie then asks the group how it could of happened, as the book had been soaked prior. Nervous, Max then makes up the excuse that he had a lot homework to do and quickly heads off. Just then Alex walks by, as Jackie looks through her revived sketch-book. Hayley tries to say hello to her brother, but he just ignores her and sits next to his fellow Eagles at the adjacent table. Leo then reminds Hayley that he had told her that Alex would need some space, causing Hayley to get up and head off.

At the FBI headquarters, David Diggs walks up to Eric in his office and asks him how former agent; Carter was holding up. Eric then assures his boss, that Carter was a tough guy and believed that he would get through his current ordeal. David then hands Eric a paper document, revealing that new information on Bill had arisen. Taking the file, Eric asks for clarification as to whether it was the missing park ranger, with David revealing that they had a new lead on the ranger.

David then explains that the GPS tracking chip found on the ranger's taser had been emitting a very weak signal coming from the Greenhouse. David then finishes by saying that he wanted Eric to investigate the signal, to which Eric shows concern towards the fact that Carter's kids had just been accepted at the Greenhouse. However David just uses that as a further reason as to why Eric should be the one to investigate, before telling Eric to find the tazer before one of the students could.

In the Greenhouse foyer, Louis is meeting with Eric and his FBI partner; Perry, asking them how long their search was going to take at the school. Eric then reveals that at that point they really didn't know as it was a 2-mile search radius, assuring Louis that they would be discreet in their search but that they would also in that case have to be thorough. Louis then tries to argue, but Eric continues, exerting the fact that the GPS signal has been emitting from the same spot all week.

Eric then finishes by saying that this fact meant that the ranger's gun had been lost or thrown out. In Max's computer lab, Jackie furiously bursts through the door seeing Max busy at his computer. Jackie then takes Max by the collar and pins him up against a nearby wall. In pain, Max complains about his aching diaphragm with Jackie then telling him that she didn't care about his diaphragm, expressing that she wanted to know why he had taken her sketch-book.

In anger, Jackie asks him what was going on his little head, with Max then trying to point out that his head was proportional. However Jackie didn't want to hear it and forces him to answer the question. Max then expresses that he hadn't stolen the book and that he had just borrowed the sketch-book to try and fix the damage, then offering to show her how he did it. Jackie then lets him go, demanding that he show her. Max then sits down at his computer and starts by saying that he scanned the images from her sketch-book.

Max continues by saying that he had scanned these images onto his multi-core I9 processor computer, before then hooking the 3-D printer and creating a replica of Jackie's sketch-book. Max then adds that he even crumpled the pages in order to make the book more authentic, before Jackie makes a joke about making use of the technology to print money, which make Max uncertain. Jackie then tells him it was just a joke, before asking him to show her the files.

Jackie then sees her files on the computer, after Max did some typing and takes control, clicking on and opening the files. Then much to Max's surprise Jackie takes the file corresponding to her designs and bins it. Max tries to get her to click no, when the deletion notice appears, with Jackie then thanking Max for the tour as she heads out, adding that she had been impressed.

In the Ravens dormitory, Leo has arrived to find Hayley listening to music in a nearby chair. Upon his arrival, Hayley takes off her head-phones as she asks her whether she was ok. Hayley assures him that she was before attempting to put her headphones back on. However Leo stops her, revealing that he had something that he wanted to show her, explaining that it was something that was especially for people in Hayley's current condition. Confused, Hayley asks for clarification, with Leo pointing out her sad condition.

After that Hayley gives in and gets up, taking Leo's hand and being lead out of the dormitory. Back in the Eagles dormitory, Daniel is taking another shot ibuprofen, before locking it away in his locker. Daniel then turns around in shock, to see Brooke standing there. She asks him how his basketball practice had gone, with Daniel then remarking that they were going to kill Whitney in their upcoming game. Daniel then tells Brooke that he has to head off, as he had a rock-climbing class to go to. In response Brooke says that she had meditations to attend, before Daniel kisses her on the head and then heading off.

Brooke then turns to make sure that Daniel had left, before carefully walking towards Daniel's locker. Brooke then attempts to crack the lock on his locker, but to no avail. Out in the Greenhouse foyer, Jackie is peering from behind a nearby wall, watching Eric and his partner Perry, who are questioning the janitor as a part of their investigation. Eric explains to the janitor, that he just wanted to ask him a few questions. Louis then walks over to the janitor to comfort him, while also thanking him for his help.

Eric then asks Louis, whether there was anywhere that they could quietly interrogate the janitor. Louis then suggests they take it to his office, just as Max arrives behind Jackie. Concerned Max asks Jackie what was wrong, before ducks back behind the wall. Jackie then quietly asks Max whether the FBI agents had left, with Max then taking a look for her. Max reveals that they had gone, before asking why she was concerned, only to find she had disappeared.

Elsewhere, Hayley is trying to tell Leo that she didn't have time for what he had to show her, but Leo assures that she'd love it. Leo then leads Hayley into his music room, with Hayley asking what the room was as Leo turned on the light. Leo then explains that that room was where he went when he needed to be alone. However Hayley tells him that he didn't need to do that for her. Leo then walks over to a nearby stool and picks up his guitar, just as Hayley says she's heading off.

Leo then begins to play some classical music on his guitar, to which Hayley stops and asks him what he was playing. Leo reveals it to be Bach; the world's first rocker. Leo then gets up and asks Hayley whether she wanted to be the next rocker, before she tells him that she couldn't play. Leo then tells her that that was alright and beckoned her over to have a go with the guitar. Hayley then takes Leo's hand and heads over to the nearby stool.

Leo then gives her his guitar, getting her to put it on before taking her hand and helping her to place her fingers on the strings. Leo then jokingly introduces Hayley to the A chord and the A chord to Hayley, with Hayley then responding by saying it was nice to meet the A chord. Leo then asks her whether she was ready to free herself of her depression. Hayley then takes Leo's guitar pick and strums the guitar for the first time.

Hayley then continues to play, as Leo tells her that the louder she played, the better she would feel overall. Concerned, Hayley asked him whether he was sure it was ok for her to strum that loudly, with Leo assuring her that no one could hear a thing, before then proceeding to turn up the volume on the amp. Hayley then begins to really get into strumming the guitar, calling it awesome. Back in the Eagles dormitory all of the Eagles are sitting together, just as Alex arrives in the room.

Seeing Alex, Daniel tells him that he had come at the perfect time, then telling Alex to take a seat. Daniel then reveals that they had just been discussing how they'd break into the Raven's clubhouse. Confused, Alex asks why they would do that, with Brooke replying by saying they'd do it to wipe the smiles off of the Raven's faces after they had won the opening challenge. when seeing a concerned look on Alex's face, Brooke reassures him that it was a Greenhouse tradition. Sophie then explains that the only problem was that only a Raven's Louie could open the door to the Raven's clubhouse, with Brooke then revealing that that was going to be where Alex was put into play.

Confused, Alex asks for clarification as Brooke and the other Eagles nod their heads. However Alex , realizing what he had to do, says that he wouldn't do so. Brooke then hands Alex a fake Louie, explaining that it was identical to the one that his sister carried and that all he would have to do would be swapping the fake Louie for the real one. Concerned at the thought of doing such a thing, Alex refuses to do it. Brooke then tells Daniel that she had told him so.

The Eagles then get up and head off to algebra, but are stopped by Alex, who makes a U-turn on his decision and tells them that he'd do it. Pleased, Daniel walks up to Alex with a smile on his face and telling him that he sounded like a real Eagle. Back in Leo's music room, Leo congratulates Hayley on learning two chords, noting that she was a quick learner, which would mean that Hayley would be able to play 90% of all songs that had ever been written. Surprised, Hayley asks whether he meant it, before he quickly reveals it to be a joke. Hayley then thanks Leo, adding that she had really needed that session.

Leo in response, tells her that he would of done it any-time, before assuring Hayley that her brother would be fine at the Greenhouse, noting that it would always be hard at first. However Hayley says that it was a little more complicated for her and Alex than what Leo had told her, with Leo understanding what she meant and saying that he'd never forget the day of the incident. He then revealed that him and the other Ravens had watched the event on the day from the Greenhouse cafeteria.

Leo continues, saying that it had been the most terrifying silence that he'd ever heard, with everyone breaking into tears, even including the headmaster; Louis. Leo then continues saying that he couldn't image what it must of been like for Hayley, with Hayley then revealing that the last time she had seen her mother, she had promised her that she'd look after Alex until she arrived back, adding that it felt like she had let her mother down. However Leo believes that Ryan would be proud of her daughter.

Later that evening, Hayley is in the cafeteria getting some chocolate sauce poured into her milkshake, just before the cashier produces a piece of cake for Hayley. Alex then comes from behind and tells her that it was his treat. Hayley then leaves her dish on the counter and walks over to her brother and asks him whether the treat had been a bribe. But Alex points out that it was more like a peace offering, with Hayley then remarking that if it was chocolate she would accept the offer. Alex then explains that he wanted to apologize to her, as he was upset and had wrongfully taken it out on his sister.

Hayley then assures her brother that it wasn't his fault, adding that she should of minded her own business and that Alex was no longer a little boy. In response Alex asks for clarification as to whether they were cool, with Hayley assuring him that they were. The two then hug. Back in the Eagles dormitory, the Eagles are patiently awaiting Alec's return, just as he returns through the door.

Parker asks Alex whether he had managed to accomplish the mission, with Daniel believing Alex to had chickened out after seeing the look on Alex's face. Brooke then turns away in dismay, remarking that it had been so predictable, with Parker exclaiming that they had to do something. In response Sophie asked him just what they'd do, with Daniel then suggesting they get another Raven to do it. However just then Alex produces Hayley's Louie, with Sophie beginning to laugh and expressing that she knew Alex could do it.

The others then turn to be pleasantly surprised by Alex's accomplishment. Daniel then gets up with Parker and they leap over the couch, racing towards Alex. The two shake hands with Alex, as Brooke remarks that it would be good, as Alex asks what they're going to do to the Ravens clubhouse. Daniel then corrects Alex, stating that Alex was going to help, with Brooke remarking that they'd let the Ravens know what a little paint could do. Parker then assures Alex that he'd enjoy it, with Daniel further congratulating him.

In louis' office, Eric and Perry are reporting on their findings, with Louis believing that they had found nothing on the premises, before attempting to see them off. Eric then however says that he thought it'd be time to interview the Greenhouse students, with Louis then refusing to allow it. But Eric then firmly says that they knew the missing ranger's taser was on the premises somewhere, with Louis then asking how and pointing out that they had told him the GPS had stopped transmitting a signal.

Louis then continues, telling the pair that unless they had found solid evidence linking his students to the missing park ranger's taser, they'd not longer have a reason to be there at the Greenhouse. In response Eric and Perry then decide to head off. Back in the Ravens dormitory, Max is at his laptop just as Leo rocks up. Seeing the title of the webpage Max was reading, Leo reads it aloud causing Max to close his laptop.

Leo then sits down beside Max, revealing that he believed he now knew why the FBI agents had arrived at the school, believing Max to have been smuggling arms. However Max is quick to assure Leo that that was not the case, but Leo isn't buying it as he says that he knew there had been something off about Max from the start. Max then tells Leo that he could explain, revealing the ordeal to be about Jackie.

Curious, Leo asks what it was about Jackie, with Max then saying that he wasn't sure that he should be telling Leo about his findings, but that he had managed to discover something personal to Jackie. Max then explains that he hadn't meant to knock over the punch after the opening challenge, but that he had scanned and reprinted the sketch-book, then clarifying that it was the sketch-book and not the punch and revealing that Jackie had deleted all the files. However Max then reveals reveal's that he had seen something weird in Jackie's sketches.

Max then realizes that he was telling Leo all of this information, then pondering whether he was mad to of been doing so. Leo then just remarks that he wanted the last three minutes of his life back. Leo then hears knocking on the door and heads over to find Hayley standing there, with Hayley revealing that her Louie hadn't been working. Leo then believes Hayley to have broken her Louie in just one week.

Outside in the Greenhouse grounds, Eric and Perry are still investigating the missing taser case. Perry asks Eric what they were looking for, with Eric explaining that they knew the ranger hadn't entered the Greenhouse grounds, but that somehow the taser had. The two then discover a hole in the wired fence, with Perry asking what Eric was doing as headed towards the hole. Eric then examines the hole, deducing that someone had managed to cut it open, with Perry then believing it could possibly be a wild animal.

Eric then teases Perry on his suggestion, saying that a bear wouldn't be able to know the exact perimeter of the hole, with no surveillance cameras. Eric then suggests that he and Perry head off, as they had managed to find their evidence for Louis, meaning that he'd have to let them investigate the students. In the Eagles dormitory, The Eagles are preparing to raid the Ravens dormitory, as Alex packs his spray-paint into his bag, with Daniel handing more tools for use in the raid. Daniel then apologizes for what he had said about Alex's mom during the audition.

Alex then assures Daniel that it was alright as Daniel hadn't really meant it, but Daniel just says that he shouldn't made the remarks regardless. In the Ravens dormitory, the Ravens are fast asleep in bed, as the Eagles slowly creep through the door of the dormitory, quickly unmasking and proceeding to produce canvases and spray-paint from their bags. The other Eagles also spray the Eagles mantel-piece, alongside their models, just as Daniel starts to spray-paint the Eagles insignia onto a canvas, with Parker.

The two then high-five, as Brooke and other Eagles continue to vandalize the area. Daniel and Parker then sneak into the bedroom, hovering over Leo's bed, as Alex puts up Eagles flags. Back in Louis' office, Eric and Perry have returned with their evidence. Eric is explaining that the only way that the park-ranger's taser gun could of have entered the Greenhouse grounds was through the hole in the fence. Jason who had been trailing back and forth in the office, then asks how a weapon could of travelled through the fence by itself.

Eric then reveals that he believed someone had carried the weapon into the grounds and that whoever the culprit was, they knew the Greenhouse grounds well. In response, Jason exclaims how dare he, as Eric exerts that it was a missing persons case they were investigating, adding that they could get a search warrant and in that case there'd be a swarm of police-men at the Greenhouse grounds, asking Louis whether that was really what he had wanted. In response Louis asks Eric what he wanted, with Eric asking for the use of the school's student files.

Eric continues by asking Louis whether any of his students could of done anything of the sort. Jason then looks to his father, as Louis realizes who could of done this. In the morning, Max has just woken up in the Ravens dormitory and walks into the main living room, to find the vandalism caused by the Eagles. Max is then quick to call on Leo, with him then waking up and being brought into the living room by Max. Annoyed at the vandalism, Leo proclaims that the Eagles would pay. Just then the rest of the Ravens awake, as Max picks up his chess-board.

Hayley and the other Ravens then notice Leo's spray-painted face and start chuckling. Leo, confused asks what was up, with Becca then producing a mirror and showing Leo his spray-painted face. Annoyed, Leo asks what was on his face as he looks in the mirror. Just then Louis came through the door, asking what was occurring. Leo then claims that Daniel had crossed the line, getting Louis to look at the vandalism that had been caused.

Louis then tries to calm down the Ravens, revealing that there was something more important that needed to be discussed, before revealing that he, Jason and the FBI were looking for Jackie. Louis then asks the team where Jackie was, with Max then putting down his chess-board and going to search the bedroom. When checking Jackie's bed, Max finds that she has gone. Jason then rocks up, reporting to his father that he couldn't find Jackie, causing Louis to then ask around again to see if anyone had seen Jackie.

Leo, clearly irritated then says in response that Jackie clearly left the door to the dormitory open wherever she had gone. Eric then enters the dormitory, taking a look round the room and commentating on the state of the place. Hayley then recognizes Eric and asks what he was doing there, with Eric revealing that he and Perry were investigating a case. Curious, Hayley asks what the case was.

Eric then reveals that a park ranger had gone missing and that they had been able to track that of a GPS signal emitting from his taser within the Greenhouse grounds. Eric then attempts to ask whether anyone seen anything, before stops him by saying that that had been enough. Louis then asks the Ravens one more thing; to let him know about Jackie if they were to hear from her, as well as cleaning up their dormitory. Leo then looks in the mirror once more, saying that he looked like a ninja turtle.

Back in the Eagles dormitory, the Eagles are celebrating their victory pouring over the photos that Sophie had taken; in particular the one of Leo sleep in his face paint. Sophie then remarks that she'd place the Leo photo on her blog, just as Daniel gets everyone to listen to him. Daniel begins, by saying that they had all given Alex a hard time in the beginning, but that in the end he proved himself as a true Eagle.

Daniel then holds a toast to Alex. Back in the Ravens dormitory, Becca walks by claiming that she hoped everyone was thinking up ways to get revenge on the Eagles, but Hayley is quick to say that they shouldn't be thinking of revenge, while Jackie was missing. While cleaning, Max points out that Jackie could of been running away from the FBI agents, with then saying that if hypothetically Jackie did, it would of made sense for someone to look for her and that in said case it didn't mean Jackie had done anything wrong.

Leo then remembers what Max had told him about Jackie's sketch-book, then asking Max to bring it up again. Max then asks for clarification as to whether Leo was talking about the sketches of high-tech weapons, with Emma asking whether there were any of tasers within the sketch-book. Emma then sees Jackie's bag and gets up to go and pick it up, as Max begs her not to look inside. Emma takes out the sketch-book and finds the sketches of the weapons.

Emma taking a look at the sketches, said that they looked suspicious, with Hayley then asking them not to jump to conclusions. As Leo reads through the book, Emma notes that Jackie did come in hand-cuffs to the entrance exam, with Leo then agreeing. Hayley then asks Leo whether he believed that everyone was innocent until prove guilty as he was their captain. However Leo says that he didn't know, admitting that the timing had been suspicious. Just then Jackie arrives, with her surfboard in hand.

Jackie then sees the vandalism that had been caused by the Eagles and expresses her surprise, before remarking that the Ravens knew how to party. Annoyed, Leo asks Jackie where she was, before realizing that Jackie had gone surfing before dawn, after looking at her outfit. Jackie then notes that dawn was the best time to go surfing, before Leo asks her why she left the dormitory door open. Jackie then asks him why there's so many questions being sent towards her, asking Leo whether he really thought she had caused the vandalism.

Leo then nods his head. Back in Louis' office, Jackie has been brought to the office, with Eric reading off a list of her crimes from his tablet. Jackie then asks Eric what the crimes had to do with the current events, before Eric then asks her what she was doing out so early. Jackie then re-iterates that she had been surfing, before Louis expresses that the situation was awkward for all of them, but that the FBI were currently investigating the case of a missing park ranger's taser gun.

Jackie then further asks what the case had to with her, just as Perry reveals that they had found her sketches, dropping her sketch-book onto Louis' desk. Jackie then realizes what was going on and sarcastically says her thanks for Louis looking out for her, but Louis then tells her that no one was accusing her of anything, before Eric reveals that the fence had been brushed and that they'd found Jackie's finger-prints. Jackie then reveals that she had taken a short-cut through the fence, with Eric responding by saying that if that was the case Jackie wouldn't mind taking a polygraph test in order to prove she was telling the truth.

Jackie then expresses that she wouldn't take it, with Eric then threating to arrest her if she didn't take the polygraph test. Louis then stops them and tells Jackie that he knew she was innocent, and that if she just took the test the FBI would leave her alone. However Jackie says that they wouldn't, as they had already convicted her due to what she had done in the past, meaning there was nothing she could at the current time or in the future, to change their minds. Jackie finishes by saying that they may as well just arrest her.

Eric then takes Jackie out into the foyer, with Louis, Jason and Perry in tow, just as the other Ravens arrive on the scene. Leo asks Eric where she was being taken, with Eric then revealing he'd be taking her back to the FBI headquarters. Jackie then reveals that she had refused to take a lie-detector test, with Louis then telling her once more that it was still not too late to do so. However Jackie just says that to the FBI she was already guilty. Before Eric could take Jackie away, Hayley says that if Eric wanted to give Jackie a polygraph test, then he'd have to give one to her as well.

Jackie assures Hayley that she didn't need to go through with it, as Hayley points out the fact that they didn't know that wasn't the criminal and it would be careless to not check all of the students. Jason then orders all of the Ravens back to their clubhouse, just as Leo steps up too, alongside Emma and Max. Louis then agrees with their terms and tells Eric that he would have test all of them. In Louis' office, Eric is setting up Hayley for the polygraph test, telling her that if Carter found out he was interrogating his daughter, he'd kill him.

Eric then asks her whether she had come into contact with any suspicious devices within the past few months, with Hayley then answering no, before Eric asked her whether she knew anything about the missing taser. Hayley once again replies no, with Eric then letting her know that the test had finished and that she'd checked out alright. As she's being unstrapped by Perry, Eric asks her whether she talked to her father often, with Hayley revealing that she did, before asking why. Eric then reveals that he had visited Carter a few days ago, asking Hayley whether she knew that he loved Carter.

Hayley says that she did, as Eric notes that they had missed her father back at the bureau, before Hayley remarking that it had been too bad they didn't think about that fact before they kicked her father out. In the Eagles locker room, Brooke takes out the key for the lockers from the safe and attempts to open Daniel's locker, just as Daniel rocks up. Daniel hugs Brooke, while back in Louis' office, Emma is explaining that if Jackie was really hiding something, she wouldn't of been so careless by leaving finger-prints.

Next up was Leo, remarking that while he didn't know Jackie very well, he did know that he trusted her. Next is Max, with Eric producing Jackie's sketch-book and asking him to explain the sketches. Max then recognizes where the images are from and explains that they're not real weapons and could be found in a video-game, before Eric takes away the sketch-book. Back in the Eagles lockers, Daniel tells Brooke that he's going for a quick run, with her asking whether she could go with him, but Daniel tells her that he needed to clear his mind.

Daniel then heads off and Brooke gets back to work on unlocking Daniel's locker, rummaging through Daniel's possessions as soon as she opened it, only to find a bottle of ibuprofen . Back in Louis' office, Jackie's turn has finally arrived, with Eric asking her whether she had ever seen the taser that was pictured on the photo he gave her, with her then saying no. Eric then further asks whether she had heard anyone talk about it, with Jackie once again replying with no. Eric then finally asks whether Jackie knew where it was, with Jackie then answering no again.