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Captain Material is the sixth episode of the first season of Greenhouse Academy, premiering September 8th,2017 on Netflix.


In the Eagles dormitory, the door opens, with Brooke coming through laughing, followed by Daniel. Cheers can then be heard coming from the other Eagles as they arrive to greet to him on his crutches. Parker giver Daniel a hug, as Sophie records the situation, expressing that while it was good Daniel was back, the question still remained as to whether he was still their captain.

Daniel then announces to his fellow Eagles that he is indeed their captain and as such would always be so, with Parker agreeing. Sophie however then tries to say that she had heard Louis told Daniel he needed to step down, before Daniel interrupted her, assuring her that Louis was just a little upset and as such he over-reacted, adding that his mother would talk some sense into Louis.

Parker then asks, the Eagles to calm down, as their captain never let them down. Parker then suggests they head onto the PlayStation to see whether Daniel still had it, heading over to the couch. However just then Louis arrives in the dormitory, beginning by saying that he knew the last few days had been hard for them, but that everything would return to normal as soon as a new captain is chosen.

Daniel, surprised asks whether his mother had yet to talk to him, with Louis continuing by saying that he couldn't overlook Daniel's lapse of judgement, noting it was a very hard decision to make. Louis then commended Daniel for his services, adding that the captain would have some big shoes to fill. Before heading off, Louis tells them that they should start voting for a new captain immediately.

In the Ravens dormitory, Hayley is walking up to the sink, saying hi to Leo as he continues to brush his teeth in the mirror. Hayley then asks her captain what was up with the PE class they had to take that day, adding that she had joined the Ravens because she thought she wouldn't have to run around the gym. Leo then reveals that Coach Davies actually used to be a Raven himself, being one of the first coaches to use advance stats in basketball.

Hayley then notices how thoroughly Leo is brushing his teeth, saying that she had seen how well he was keeping up with his dental hygiene, but Leo just brushes it off, saying that he had always took care of himself. Noticing how Leo had addressed her, Hayley realizes they were back to a last-name basis. Leo then begins to ask about what had happened the prior day, revealing that he had been thinking about it.

Curious, Hayley asks what he was talking about, with Leo going on to say that there wasn't any way in which Louis would forgive Daniel for what had happened the prior day, asking Hayley whether she knew what that would mean, with her asking him for the answer. Leo then answers by saying that there'd be no way that Louis would allow Daniel to stay as the Eagles captain. Hayley in response asks whether that was really what he was thinking about, with Leo then calling Daniel's humiliation the highlight of the day.

Leo then beckons Hayley onwards. Out in the Eagles corridor, Louis is walking with his son Jason, telling him that the new captain's election wasn't going to be easy for the Eagles, just as they arrive in the foyer, meeting with Judy. Louis says hi, before Judy says that she had only one thing to say to him; being that she was grateful that Louis was her son's headmaster. Louis then tries to explain, before Judy begins to chuckle.

Louis, surprised exclaims what, before Judy explains that Louis had done the right thing and that her son had done something stupid and that he would have to now pay the price of his mistakes. Louis agrees, adding that Daniel would have a tough time in adapting, but that it would make him a better person in the end, with Judy in agreement. Louis then notifies Judy that he had a sudoku contest to judge in the logic class and as such needed to head off.

After Louis, heads off Jason expresses his surprise at what had just happened with Daniel, believing that Judy would of bitten her son's head off for what he did, but Judy tells him that they all had their battles to pick, before heading off. In the Ravens clubhouse, Hayley is busy typing a text to send to Meredith, notifying her of what happened after her and Leo's kiss.

However she quickly deletes the text and closes her Louie. Meanwhile Max picks up one of his chess pieces, just as Jackie walks up to him, before making him jump. Jackie then reminds Max that he wasn't allowed to touch the belongings of other students, asking Max why he didn't just ask Emma out on a date, with Max then asking whether that was really what he should do.

Max then believes that Jackie was being sarcastic once more. However Jackie then gives him a strange look in response and takes back what he said, believing she wasn't being sarcastic and ending in confusion. Max then realizes that they were late for PE, just as Hayley gets up, with Jackie remarking that boys were crazy, with Hayley agreeing as they head off for PE.

Back in the Eagles dormitory, Daniel is opening his captain's locker, beginning to remove his belongings from it. Just then Brooke rocks up, asking him whether he was ok, with Daniel then reminding her that his mother had built their locker rooms, angry at the fact that Louis had just "spat" in his mother's face after everything she had done for the school. Brooke tries to apologize, but Daniel tells her that she didn't need to be, asking her to talk to her father.

But Brooke is quick to point out that talking to her father wouldn't do Daniel any good, with Daniel then saying that he had thought that she was on his side, with Brooke telling him that she was and that she was just saying the situation could of been even worse, being that he could of been expelled. In response Daniel says that he had wished he was expelled, as it would of been less humiliating.

Daniel then tells Brooke, that he just wanted some alone time at that moment, as she tries to calm him down. Brooke then heads off as Daniel slams his locker door shut, before hitting it some more. Over at the basketball court, the Ravens have begun their PE class, with each of them jogging from side to side, as Max notifies Coach Davies that he was exempt from doing physical activities that last longer than 5 minutes.

After hearing about Max's condition, Coach Davies tells him to take a seat at the bench, adding that it was too bad Max didn't also have an exemption from talking. Elsewhere on the court, Hayley asks Leo whether they were going to talk about what happened the prior day or whether they would continue to play games as they carried out their exercise. Just then the Ravens Louies chime and they stop mid-exercise.

Seeing this, Coach Davies asks what's going it, remarking that it wasn't recess. However Becca then reads out that Daniel was no longer the captain of the Eagles. Curious, the coach walks over to Becca, as Leo tells Hayley that he had told her so, adding that he had known the Greenhouse like the back of his hand, with Hayley then walking off to the bleachers.

In Louis' quarters, Brooke has arrived to see her father, who asks her how Daniel was coping. Brooke then reveals that Daniel wasn't adapting too well, before Louis assures her that Daniel would recover faster than she thought as he was tough. Brooke then asks her father what he had made of the mysterious car-fire, with Louis just revealing that the FBI had said it was an accident.

Curious, Brooke asks her father whether he thought that wasn't the slightest bit weird, further asking what the odds could of been. Louis then chuckles and asks his daughter to not tell him that she was becoming a conspiracy theorist, with Brooke then assuring him that she wasn't, before continuing by saying that if the car hadn't caught fire and exploded, Daniel would of been in a lot more trouble, but Louis then ponders why they should worry about something that didn't occur.

In response, Brooke agrees with her father, before notifying him that she needed to head off back to all the drama that is occurring at the Eagles clubhouse. Before Brooke could get up however, her father thanks her leaving her in confusion. Brooke asks what he had thanked her for, with Louis then revealing he was thanking her for not trying to persuade him to re-instate Daniel as the Eagles captain.

Brooke then says that she had figured, that if Judy wasn't able to convince Louis to re-instate Daniel, then there wasn't any chance she'd be able to do so. However Louis then reveals that Judy had agreed with his decision. Brooke then expresses her surprise, as Louis re-affirms that that was the case. In the Eagles dormitory, Daniel is sitting on the couch, reading a magazine just as Alex rocks up.

Alex sits down in the seat beside Daniel and gives him a sheepish smile. Curious, Daniel asks Alex why he was smiling, with Alex then assuring him that it was nothing, before going onto say that he had figured out how to deal with Daniel's problem. In response Daniel asks Alex just how he was going to sort it out, while continuing to read his magazine. Alex then nods in the direction of Parker, prompting Daniel to ask what Parker had to do with it.

Alex then reveals that Daniel should try and elect Parker to be the next Eagles captain, but Daniel then just bluntly tells Alex that the decision wouldn't be up to him. Alex then tries to get his point across, stating that if Daniel were to endorse Parker's campaign everyone would support him and because Parker was loyal to Daniel, he'd do whatever he said. In response, Daniel then says that Parker was his bro and that he wasn't good at politics, but Alex assures him that he had nothing to worry about as Parker would do whatever he said.

Alex goes on by saying that Daniel would still run the place under Parker, as if nothing had changed. Daniel then realizes how good the plan was and commends Alex for it, asking him to bring Parker over to him, with Alex then complying. In the Greenhouse gym, Leo is executing his volt-jump over the apparatus, using the jump board, with Hayley following him.

Upon finishing her vault, Hayley collapses onto her knees, with Leo then offering to help her up. Hayley takes Leo's hand, as he says that Daniel will be nominating Parker for the captain's election, so he could be used as a puppet. Leo then asks Hayley what her opinions were on the matter, before Coach Davies tells to stop chatting, prompting Hayley to head for the benches, just as Jackie takes her volt.

Jackie finishes, her attempt quickly, before Emma takes her volt-jump, finishing in a pose. Watching from the bench, Max expresses how impressed he was with Emma's attempt, with Jackie then sarcastically saying that every girl liked a guy who had his mum come up with an excuse to skip PE. Back in the Eagles dormitory, Daniel and Alex have just briefed Parker on their plan.

Daniel asks Parker whether he was on board with the plan, asking what he thought. Parker reveals that he didn't really know how he felt about the idea. Daniel, annoyed asks Parker whether he was kidding him on the fact he may not want to be captain, with Parker then explaining that he didn't know whether he'd be good at it. Daniel then questions what Parker meant, suggesting leading, before pointing out that Parker was going to a school for leaders.

Daniel then assures, Parker that he'd have his back. However Parker still expresses his uncertainty, as he wasn't very good with change, but Alex then mentions that that was the point as no one liked change, but that Daniel had put his trust in him. Daniel then asks Parker whether he'd do it for him. In his office, Marcus is busy arranging his tools, just as Brooke arrives.

Brooke says hi to Marcus, causing him to swivel round in shock. Brooke then asks whether she had scared him, while apologizing, but Marcus assures her that it was okay, asking Brooke how she was. Brooke then reveals that she had a question for Marcus, beginning by saying that it may sound a little strange. Brooke starts, saying that if she wanted to blow up a car, without leaving evidence behind, how would she do that.

Brooke, seeing the concerned look on Marcus' face, assures him that it was just for a science class, with Marcus then clearing his throat, before revealing that Brooke could short-circuit the car-engine. This prompts Brooke to ask how she'd manage to hide the evidence of this short circuitry, with Marcus then asking her whether that was what they taught in class, while chuckling. However, Marcus then expresses to Brooke that he was in a bit of a hurry, with Brooke then asking if there'd be a way to look at a burnt car and figure out what had happened.

Marcus, then just says that he really didn't know, with Brooke then guessing it could of been caught on a surveillance camera, as Marcus re-iterates how busy he was, prompting Brooke to head off. Back in the gym, Becca has just executed her jump, just as Max runs up to Coach Davies, asking him whether he could try the jump. Coach then questions Max's choice, as he had an exemption from breathing.

However, Max says that he believed this exercise would be okay for him to do, asking Coach whether he just ran and jumped. Coach then says that Max was correct in theory, with Max then beginning some warm-up exercise as Jackie tells him that she had just been kidding and that he didn't really need to do it for Emma. In response, Max tells Jackie that it wasn't just for Emma, but for him as well, just as he takes the jump.

Max dashes quickly down the mat and onto the jumping board, springing over the apparatus and right onto his knees, before collapsing. Emma, having seen Max's attempt, gasps and walks over to him with the rest of the Ravens. Leo then turns Max over on his back, asking whether he was okay, with Emma doing the same. Max then wakes up, and upon seeing Emma assures them that he was fine.

At the FBI offices, David calls for Eric as he walks up to, before asking Eric to pull up the feed for the security cameras situated near the hospital, before pulling up an office chair, sitting next to Eric. David then further elaborates, explaining that he wanted to see exactly what happened to Perry's car on the way to the lab, asking Eric whether he could do it.

Concerned, Eric asks his boss whether he really thought that Perry was involved, but David assures him that he hadn't thought anything like that and that he just wanted to see what had happened. Eric then calls it a good idea, before complying and pulling up the cameras. Upon entry into the feed, David asks Eric to go to 9:05AM, when Perry had left with for the lab with the evidence. In the security camera footage, Perry's car is being driven down the road, just as the footage cuts out.

In response, David asks Eric what had happened, before telling him to rewind the footage. Eric then notifies David that there was nothing in the footage before it cut out and the cameras would usually go down every 12 hours for the purpose of maintenance, believing that to be the case. In response David, then heads off as Eric takes a further look at the footage. Back in the Eagles dormitory, Brooke and Sophie are at the table, with Brooke asking whether they really had to conduct their interview.

Sophie then expresses to her friend that it would be for her blog; an interview with the girlfriend of the former Eagles captain, before asking Brooke how she had felt. Brooke then stops Sophie, telling her that she didn't want that part of the interview to be on record. Sophie then complies and re-iterates the question, with Brooke then revealing that she thought she heard Judy trying to convince the doctor give her the shrapnel barb at the hospital.

Surprised, Sophie asks Brooke whether she was absolutely sure, with Brooke saying that she was, before lamenting that the evidence had already disappeared, with the police car having exploded. Brooke then ponders why Judy had told her son that she'd try to convince Louis to change his mind about Daniel's captain role, before agreeing with him. Brooke then tries to go onto Marcus, before Sophie stops her, asking her to slow down. Sophie then notes that she could see that Brooke was stressed out for what happened with Daniel.

In response, Brooke asks so what, with Sophie continuing by saying that Brooke had been overthinking things as a result of her stress, but that if her boyfriend had been demoted as the captain, she'd be doing the same thing. Brooke then points out that that was the one thing she hadn't minded, being that she and Daniel finally managed to spend some time with each other in the prior day, with Daniel's captain role just being a hassle most of the time.

Sophie then looks over at Daniel on the couch, and agrees with Brooke on her opinion, before stating that the captain would get to lead their house and help to solve their fellow students problems. Sophie then realizes that she had gotten carried away, chuckling before asking Brooke what they were talking about. Outside in the Greenhouse grounds, Hayley is sitting on a bench just as Leo arrives on the scene.

Leo remarks that Hayley had left in a hurry, with Hayley guessing that she had missed another Daniel update. Leo then takes a seat next to her, asking her whether she believed he was a little obsessed with Daniel, with Hayley then revealing that she did a little. Leo then asks what was up with her, with Hayley then giving him a stern stare and asking him why he was doing what he was. Confused, Leo asks what she had meant.

Hayley then reveals that Leo had been messing with her mind, but Leo tells her that it was just a kiss and that he hadn't thought she'd be the type of person who would make a big deal out of it. Hayley then defiantly says that she wasn't, then just telling him to forget about it as she wasn't even meant to be at the Greenhouse in the first place. Leo then tries to explain that she was a really cool person, with whom he enjoyed hanging out with, but is cut off by Hayley, who asks him not to say; "It's not you, it's me".

Hayley then gives in, admitting that Leo was correct about it just being a kiss. Leo then assures Hayley that he had meant what he said and that he enjoyed being with her, but that he just didn't want to be a couple as of that time. Hayley then tells him that she understood, as Leo asks her whether they were cool. Hayley says they are, before Leo points out that they should probably head back to the gym.

Hayley beckons Leo forward, assuring him that she'd catch up, with Leo then asking her whether she was sure that everything had been ok. Hayley then nods her head in response, with Leo then heading off for the gym. Back in the Eagles dormitory, Alex is busy on the PlayStation, just as Daniel announces a house-meeting.

The rest of the Eagles then get up and head over to the sofa, with Daniel beckoning them forward. Daniel then explains that Louis had said they needed to assign a new Eagles captain, with Daniel then putting forward the notion of making Parker the next Eagle's captain. Daniel then asks what they thought, with most of the Eagles cheering in support, and Alex calling it a great idea. Daniel then asks around everyone for confirmation, adding that if they were all cool with it, they'd just get on with the formalities.

Daniel then asks his fellow Eagles to raise their hands if they wanted to vote for Parker, with pretty much everyone bar Sophie raising their hand in response. In response, Sophie sarcastically calls it a democratic procedure, with Daniel then stating that they were voting, therefore being democratic. However Sophie then points out that that wasn't the case with only 1 candidate, with Daniel then asking whether anyone else wanted to be captain. After a pause, Daniel then deduces that no one else wanted to be captain, therefore congratulating Parker.

Before Daniel could declare Parker as the official new captain of the Eagles, Sophie cuts in saying that she wanted to run against Parker, with Daniel then questioning it. Sophie then asks whether there was a problem with that, with Daniel then assuring her there wasn't. Sophie then says cool and states that they should start campaigning before having a proper vote.

Sophie then continues, saying that whoever gained the most votes would be the captain, wishing good luck to both herself and Parker in the campaign. In response Parker says they'd let the best man win, with Sophie adding best woman to the statement. Outside by the meteor crash-site, a sigh post gives the background of Ryan Woods, with Marcus then rocking up, opening the cave using his hand.

The Cave then opens up, once his hand had been scanned. Marcus then walks in to find Judy reading some documents at the work bench in the Cave. Judy asks him how his mission had gone, with Marcus promising her that the security camera footage had been erased, with Judy then asking whether he had gotten rid of all of it. Marcus then reveals that he had erased all footage of the event from the camera, with no images of the burning car being left in the camera.

Judy then says that that was good, assuming that Marcus had been discreet with it, as Marcus affirms that he was. Judy then questions Marcus as to whether anyone had seen him or suspected anything, with Marcus then confirming that this was the case. Back in the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is hanging up her campaign posters, with Brooke helping out by handing out flyers.

Brooke then tries to persuade the voters, explaining that Sophie was an advocate organic food in the cafeteria and that she promised to try and push curfew back an hour for the students, concluding by saying that they could go to Sophie's blog to see her entire platform. Just then Daniel hobbles over to her, asking her whether she was campaigning against her, before she corrected him by saying she was campaigning for her friend; Sophie.

Daniel then questions her loyalty, but Brooke assures him that she was loyal, before pointing out that Daniel wasn't even a candidate. However, Daniel then points out that Parker was his candidate, with Brooke then explaining that while Parker may be great, both she and Daniel knew that Parker wasn't captain material. Daniel in response then warns her that she was making a big mistake, as Parker would be the best captain. Parker then rocks up with a campaign board, reading; "It was darker, then came Parker".

Parker then asks the pair whether they thought it was a good sign, with Brooke then sarcastically re-iterating the question, before walking off. Parker then reveals that he had another sign, pulling out another campaign board, with Brooke and Sophie then chuckling at the sight. In the Greenhouse foyer, Marcus is painting the railings of the stairs, just as Louis arrives saying good morning.

Marcus then realizes Louis' happy tone, as Louis reveals that he had been sent invitations to watch the launch of the NASA satellite the next day from the command centre at the JPL compound. Marcus then sees that they were VIP passes, with Louis then mentioning how special the launch was as it was a tribute to Ryan, adding that Ryan's work had inspired some of the research behind the new satellite, therefore meaning her legacy lived on.

Marcus then describes it as something else, just before Louis headed off. In the Cave, Marcus expresses his concern at the fact that they hadn't known anything about the launch of the new satellite. Judy then asks him to calm down and to tell her what the problem was. Marcus then points out that the satellite was the problem, before Judy points out that there were thousands of satellites in space, asking who would care about.

However, Marcus then reveals that this wasn't just any satellite, revealing that NASA were planning on moving forward with Ryan's real mission. Curious, Judy asks Marcus how this could be possible, with Marcus revealing that it was the seismo-magnetic research satellite and that it helped to monitor magnetic fields, allowing scientists to predict earth-quakes and that once it had launched the satellite would be directly over their co-ordinates . Concerned, Judy asks whether the satellite would be able to monitor their activities.

Judy then remarks that this could potentially ruin their entire operation, before Marcus suggests that they re-arrange their schedule, but Judy then tells him that that wouldn't be an option as it was already set in stone, and that they'd have to find a way to get around the obstacle, but Marcus expresses his concern, stating that as the launch was the next day, there was nothing they could do. Judy however remarks that there was always something that could be done, asking Marcus whether he could hack into the satellite's server and stop the launch.

Marcus then sarcastically remarks that all he'd have to do is circumvent national security codes, that would allow him illegal access to NASA's servers and shut down the satellite remotely. Marcus then sees the smile on Judy's face, and expresses that he was just being sarcastic. Judy then heads out of the Cave, leaving Marcus in confusion.