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Carter Woods, played by Ishai Golan is the father of Hayley Woods and Alex Woods, as well as a member of the FBI in Greenhouse Academy.


Carter Woods has brown hair with a few strands of grey in them, and has a thin beard. His outfit often varies, from home clothes to his FBI uniform.


Season 1

Once he witnesses with his kids (Hayley Woods and Alex Woods) the doomed shuttle launch with wife Ryan Woods in it, Carter falls into a deep depression. He tries to decrypt the mystery of Ryan's death through a bulletin board, which Hal

One day, when Hayley comes back from her one-month stay at the Greenhouse, she makes him realize that his two children are alive, but Ryan is dead. Carter finally sees reason and throws away the contents of the bulletin board, and appears to want a fresh new start. He took his job at the FBI back. Eric welcomes him back, and Carter shows him the "Open ONLY if I don't come back" envelope, saying that he's waiting for the right time to read it.

Hayley visits her father a few times during her school year for comfort when Leo leaves her for Aspen.

Season 2

Carter hears Eric conspiring with Perry about the Greenhouse. Carter then notices Perry's new Rolex and asks Eric if Perry got a raise. Eric gives Carter a lame excuse.

Eric, fearing that Carter could discover his affiliation with Judy and the plan, go and sees Officer David Diggs. He tells him that Carter might not be ready yet to retake the job; David considers this option.

Later, when Carter is caught sneaking onto Eric's computer, Eric confronts him. Carter defends himself, and finally decides to open Ryan's envelope; he then discovers that there is no letter. Carter immediately accuses Eric, and provokes him into a fight. The FBI agents around them separate them, and David Diggs dismisses Carter.

The Woods Family with (left to right) Hayley, Alex, Ryan, and Carter. From episode "Pilot"

After that, Carter gets back home and is found sleeping on the couch. When he wakes up, he checks his phone and sees that he'd missed many calls; suddenly, Eric and Perry show up. Carter acts confused on purpose, and punches surprised Eric. But Perry jumps into action and takes Carter down. They tie Carter up and taunt him, not knowing that Carter has called David during the conversation; therefore, David hears the whole conversation.

Eric and Perry set a bomb timer, and start to leave, when police cars rush over to arrest them.


Carter and Ryan

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Carter and Alex & Hayley

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