Charges is the thirtieth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering March 10th, 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


Carrying on from the last episode, Daniel is caught by Natalie, snooping in her backpack. She asks him what's going on, with him confused, having thought Natalie headed off to the hospital. Natalie explains that it was always cold at the hospital and so had come to get a sweatshirt.

Natalie then asks Daniel why he's going through her possessions, as Daniel explains that after their challenge, he couldn't stop thinking about an answer that was given for a Bible Studies question and so he had wanted to take a look at Natalie's test, because he believed she got it correct. However Natalie adds it would been a lot easier for him, to have just searched it on Google, with Daniel agreeing saying he didn't think of that. Natalie then says ok and heads off, adding that her father's waiting for her.

Daniel then stops her, reminding her of the sweatshirt she had come to collect. Natalie then coldly takes her sweatshirt off her bed and walks off. In the Hole, Marcus is trying to write down some notes, while sorting out the activation of the satellite. Marcus then manages to accomplish said task, fist pumping in the air and uncorking a bottle of beer and toasting, before heading off. Marcus takes his beer glass to Naomi's stasis chamber, toasting to Naomi's health and reporting their reaching the end of their journey and that the next day they would find out whether Naomi was correct, adding that the satellite had been calibrated to the magnetic field like she had planned and finishing by saying that once Ze'ev and his boss got everything they wanted, he'd be able to wake her.

In the Hole, Judy and Ze'ev have arrived, as Marcus explains what's happened, saying that had the two arrived there during the morning prior to then, he would of said that the satellite wouldn't of been able to work and that the project was done for, but that the night prior he had some breakthroughs and ideas, now being ready whenever Ze'ev may give the word.

Ze'ev then asks Marcus whether he'd be ready for a trial run, with Marcus saying yes. Marcus then sits down and begins to get things started, as Judy said they knew he wouldn't let them down, asking to see the map. Marcus then brings up the projection screen, showing planet earth, as Marcus asks whether he should bring up the picture of the satellite, with Ze'ev saying yes. Marcus complies and brings up the satellite imagery, noting that the red dots were where the areas of tectonic subduction were placed, which would mean in rheological terms.

Confused, Ze'ev asks Judy what Marcus just meant, with her explaining that the satellite would help to interpret the movements that are made under the earth's crust, with each of the red dots representing a potential earthquake. Ze'ev looks across the map in content, noting they had so many options to choose from, but only needed to choose one.

At the beach, the Ravens arrive for their day off, and begin to get into their swimsuits. Matti begins to put on sun-screen, before Dina walks past scraping it on his back, exclaiming they should get in the water, adding that by the time he finished rubbing sun-screen on himself, they'd have to head back. However Matti expresses that last time he put it on too fast and managed to get sun-burn on his elbow, expressing it wouldn't occur again.

Amy asks Iftach to put some lotion on her back, bending down and giving the bottle to Iftach, having to re-iterate what she said to him. Iftach then notices, apologizing and beginning to rub lotion on Amy's back. Amy exclaims that she's so embarrassed having been in the whitest thing ever, adding she looked like a vampire, with Iftach agreeing. Amy then finishes rubbing sun-screen on Iftach's face and suggests they head into the water.

Iftach then asks her to wait, as he takes off his t-shirt, with Amy then telling him to go in the water with her, exclaiming it had been so long since she had been in the Kineret, as she drags Iftach with her by the hand. At the hospital, Louis and Natalie are asleep, waiting outside Robbie's hospital room, just as a nurse arrives with news on Robbie.

The nurse wakes the two up, as Louis asks whether everything was alright, or whether something had happened, as the nurse reveals that Robbie had finally woken up. Natalie and Louis then quickly get up heading into Robbie's room. Louis quickly bends over Robbie's bed, telling him that his father had arrived for him, asking the nurse whether he'd said anything. The nurse reveals Robbie said a name, with Natalie asking which name. The nurse reveals it was Judy he had said, asking whether that made sense or not.

In the hole, Judy just comes off from a call, as Ze'ev asks her what happened. Judy, annoyed rhetorically says guess who, as Ze'ev realizes, exclaiming Robbie had been shot from 9 feet away, pondering how he managed to survive it, with Judy trying to explain that nothing had happened so far. However Ze'ev exclaims that so far wasn't good enough, asking Judy whether Robbie had said something. Judy reveals Robbie had said her name.

Ze'ev concerned, asks whether it was said in any sort of context, but Judy assures him it wasn't, and that Robbie had just blurted out her name, with Ze'ev adding that was the case as of then. Judy then announces she's heading to the hospital to take care of the ordeal, as Ze'ev firmly tells her he didn't want Robbie opening his mouth whatsoever, not even for breath, adding that they'd never been as close as they were and that he wouldn't let Robbie ruin anything, calling him an idiot.

Judy then heads off, as Marcus asks Ze'ev whether they should wait till Judy got back, to start the process, but Ze'ev exclaims that they wouldn't wait for anybody, telling him to get back to work. In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is busy filming her blog, saying that a new day had dawned in the Eagles clubhouse and that they were still a little upset at their loss in the challenge the prior day, but assuring the viewer that they wouldn't let that happen again.

Alfie and another Eagles boy appear, causing Sophie to cut her video, telling them they were meant to say "Hey Soph" and then head off, once she had said "Don't Worry", telling Alfie not to forget to leave the dorm when she heads over to a certain area, also adding he should be carrying a basket ball in his hand and a backpack. Sophie then backs into the locker rooms and begins to roll the film again.

Sophie then declares "Action, Greenhouse", as Ron ponders who she was yelling action to, guessing it was herself. Daniel then expresses to Ron that he must listen to him, asking him whether he just heard what he was talking about, explaining that he didn't believe Natalie even went to tennis camp. However Ron's not listening, just as Sophie declares cut again. Sophie tells Alfie and the other Eagles boy, that it's not working, as their not focused, telling them to take it from the top.

Ron then questions what Sophie's problem is, as Daniel continues to try and get him to listen to him, exclaiming he's going crazy. Ron then asks Daniel to tell him one thing; asking if he thinks that Sophie is into Alfie, as Sophie asks him to be quiet, expressing their trying a difficult one-shot and that he and Daniel are interrupting. Alfie then informs Sophie that he must get to basket ball practice. Sophie begs him for one more take on the recording, but Alfie expresses he really must get to practice, before heading off. Sophie then asks Ron to step in to replace Alfie.

Sophie continues, saying that he needed to stand there in position, with a backpack and a basket ball. Ron is quick to get up, rushing to his locker. Back at the beach, Ellali takes off her grey vest, just as Amy walks over to here.

Amy expresses how nice the water was, with Ellali not agreeing. Amy then points out how Ellali looks, adding that she feels a lot better now that she wasn't the only pasty white girl there. Amy then tries to explain that she wants to talk to Ellali about the prior day, but Ellali cuts her off, expressing that everything was cool. Amy however persists, saying that she's glad Ellali set her head straight the prior day , explaining that she didn't know and that she just loses it when she gets competitive, adding that her mother said it's because she was a born winner, and that she had trouble accepting that not everyone was like her.

Ellali says ok, as Amy continues, saying she'd be upset too if she was Ellali, especially as all of a sudden some one like her had showed up at their clubhouse, being all sure of herself. Amy then sees Iftach in the waters and says she's going to go in, as she calls out to Iftach, saying she's coming, as well as asking Ellali whether she'd be coming. Ellali says she'd maybe do so later. Ellali then sees Amy piggyback on Iftach, as she puts her grey vest back on.

Back in Robbie's hospital room, Judy arrives, expressing her happiness for Louis, calling it wonderful as the two hug. Natalie then points out that the only thing Robbie said was Judy's name. In response Judy says that she and Robbie had a special bond, with Robbie then adding that Robbie had gone back to sleep, but that the doctor had said he'd probably wake again soon. Judy then calls it exciting, as Natalie expresses that Robbie's being released from hospital.

Louis then explains that the doctor had said that Robbie would no longer need to be hooked up to machines anymore and that it'd be better if Robbie was to wake up in more familiar surroundings, with Natalie adding that they could be with him at home that way, calling it a relief. Judy then calls it a massive relief.

In the Eagles Basket Ball court, Alfie is practicing, managing to dribble the ball towards the net and score a net, before catching the ball. Daniel then arrives on the scene, just as Alfie shoots the ball again. After having seen Daniel, Alfie makes another attempt, with the ball then bouncing to Daniel who throws it back to Alfie. Seeing Daniel's look, asks what, with Daniel saying it's nothing, with Alfie then continuing to play.

Daniel then reports to Alfie that Robbie had finally woken up, with Alfie saying great in response, as Daniel says that's not exactly great as Robbie had said a few words and then fell back to sleep, but that it was a good sign. Alfie then manages to miss a net, nearly hitting Daniel, before Alfie managed to catch it. Daniel then asks Alfie if he could join him, adding it was either that or go back to "Sophie's film set". Alfie then tells him that his dad didn't own the court, so he could do whatever he wanted.

Daniel then corrects Alfie, saying that his mother kind of owned the whole gym, having paid for it, but telling Alfie not to worry about it. Daniel then asks if he make a H.O.R.S.E play, with Alfie saying yes, with Daniel then shooting and managing to get the goal, with Alfie complimenting; not bad, while going to collect the ball.

Back at the beach, Dina is trying to get Matti to play with them, adding that if he didn't join their game, there'd only be five players. However Matti expresses the last time he played soccer was when he was in second grade and that he was placed in the position of goal-keeper, as Dina then adds that Matti didn't have her with him back then. Dina then expresses they actually had a chance to kick Amy's butt, asking whether he wanted to make the most of it.

In response Matti shrugs, which causes Dina to just drag him with her. As Dina and Matti arrive on the pitch, Iftach asks whether they could start, asking whether everybody was ready, before kicking the ball up and beginning to dribble it, as Ellali tries to get the ball off him. Seeing Iftach showing off, Ellali asks whether he thinks he's Messi, with him saying more like Balotelli, with Ellali exclaiming she was a Manchester City fan. Amy then tries to move in on the ball, but is blocked off by Ellali, who manages to score for her team.

Back in the court, Alfie manages to score another goal, as Daniel notes the score is 14 all, asking what score they'd play to, with Alfie saying until he beat him. Daniel then takes the ball and manages to score a backward shot, with Alfie exclaiming he was so lucky, with Daniel expressing that luck and talent just went hand in hand. Alfie then tries a backwards shot, but to no avails. Daniel then says it had been a pleasure, saying he's glad that Alfie had joined the Eagles as they walked back to the bench.

Alfie asks whether he really meant it, with Daniel saying yeah, as it made him work a lot harder. Alfie asks whether he meant working harder to find ways of torturing him, with Daniel that was it as well. Daniel then tells Alfie he wants to ask him something, but asks him to keep it between them, with Alfie saying ok. Daniel asks him what he knew about the tennis camp Natalie had attended. Alfie explains that he knew that he and Natalie had a fling before she went off, but that when she came back she was different.

Daniel then re-iterates that he was talking about the camp itself. Alfie then tells him he didn't know anything, having Googled the camp, but not finding anything, asking Daniel why he wanted to know. Daniel says it was for no particular reason and that he'd just been curious. Alfie then suggests he ask Natalie herself, as they were together, with Daniel agreeing with him and telling him to forget about it. Alfie then reveals that the truth was that when Natalie had first come back, it was like someone had put a spell on her, with Daniel confused, asking what he meant.

Alfie expresses it was like someone had played with Natalie's mind, having possibly hypnotised her, before telling Daniel he should just forget it, adding he was probably only upset about the fact that Natalie had gotten back together with Daniel, before picking his gear up and heading off.

In the hospital, Louis given a file by the nurse, as he takes out his phone and calls Marcus, only to no avail. Louis then tells Natalie and Judy to wait there in the waiting room, as he goes and gets them a cab. Judy then asks Natalie whether she could do her a favour, with Natalie saying sure and that she'd do anything she wanted. Judy explains that Natalie's father not only loved her, but that he listened to her, with Natalie confirming more or less. Judy says that she wants her to ask Louis something to do with her, asking Natalie whether she could trust her. Natalie nods her head and says sure.

Back at the beach, Dina takes Matti's contact lenses, telling him to forget them. However, Matti says no and that it wasn't funny, adding he couldn't see without them. Dina asks Matti to trust her, saying it would be better if he played without them, telling Ellali to start again. Ellali throws the ball to Dina, who tells Matti to run 120 degrees east, as she'd pass it to him. Matti then runs to the ball and kicks it right into the goal, managing to score one.

Dina and Ellali then run to Matti and hug him in celebration, as he asks where the ball was. Dina then tells him that he'd scored a goal, calling him a blind bat. Iftach high-fives him, calling it a nice goal, as Ellali expresses Matti couldn't even see. Matti still in disbelief, says he scored?, with Dina exclaiming without even being able to see. Matti keeps repeating it, as Ellali says that's never happened before.

Later on, Ellali is trying to dribble the ball past Amy, as Amy manages to take the ball over knocking over Ellali in the process. Amy says she's so sorry, helping her up. Ellali then walks into the water, with Iftach calling after her. Iftach gives Amy a look, as she exclaims she didn't do that on purpose, as Iftach asks her to talk to him.

In the Hole, Ze'ev asks Marcus how their machine worked, with Marcus saying they'd be testing Naomi Reshef's theory for the first time, explaining that they'd activate the magnetic field between the meteor and the magnetite and that making use of the satellite the field could transmit seismic vibrations to every point found on the map, with Ze'ev re-iterating it, asking that if he were to choose a place, they could start an earthquake there.

Marcus says that is the case, but their still in the testing phase of it, so their talking about something very minor and measure for the time being in order to prove the system works. Ze'ev asks what minor would be, with Marcus expressing it would be 2.5 on the Richter scale, being something that no one would notice, but that their equipment would measure. Ze'ev then notices their a point on the map and suggests they shake the earth around them, with Marcus questioning it. Ze'ev says if it really was that minor, then why not have a little fun.

Back at the beach, Amy is trying to tell Iftach that she didn't mean to knock Ellali down, adding that she had ran really fast and that that wasn't any fault of hers, but Iftach says that's not the point. Amy then asks what the point was, as Iftach explains that he wished she'd talked to him, before she got on the plane to the Greenhouse. Amy then expresses she was afraid of losing him, as Iftach says there's something they must talk about. Amy then says she knows what he'd say and that she knew about what happened between him and Ellali at the dance and that it was fine because she wasn't anywhere near, but that now she was there and she'd, before being cut off by Iftach, who says he fell in love with Ellali.

Amy expresses that was ok and that people fell in love, but then pondering how she could explain it, being that both him her were meant to be, adding that meant more than just falling in love, asking whether he though the same. Amy then says she's so hot and that she'd head back into the water, before heading off to do so.

At Louis' quarters, Judy arrives, expressing she didn't want to bother Louis, asking whether she should just head into the guest room. Louis expresses he's so happy that Judy had decided to come and stay with them, adding that he didn't dare to ask, but that when Natalie had brought it up, but Judy then assures him, that he'd already told him she was happy to do it, as someone needed to sit by Robbie's side and that she had more free time than Louis, as he had a lot of work. Louis then invites her in.

In the library, Daniel asks the librarian whether there's any books on the theme of hypnotism . The librarian checks the library database, finding that there was only one book they had on hypnosis and that it was in the Psychology section, being the third shelf from the top. Daniel then heads toward that section, with Daniel then managing to find the book. Back in the Hole, Marcus asks Ze'ev whether he was ready to begin the machine, with Marcus then starting the process.

Ze'ev then says "Blessed are you, for supporting us, protecting us and bringing us to this moment. At the beach, Ellali is paddling around in the water, just as Marcus notices the Richter scale going up rapidly, with Ze'ev asking what's going on, with Marcus exclaiming something strange, adding that it wasn't meant to go up like that, with something being very wrong. Marcus then declares that he's stopping the test.

In the library, Daniel asks Rina how he could find out who had borrowed the book last, with her telling him to check the library card on the last page of the book. Daniel then says he should of known that and does so, noticing Marcus' name on the card. An earthquake then begins causing books to go flying. In the Hole, the Richter scale measures 5.3, as Ze'ev tells Marcus to tell him what's going on. Marcus exclaims that there was a huge earthquake occurring in the middle of the Kineret.

In the water, Ellali begins to struggle, getting caught up in the earthquake, and calling out to Dina and Iftach. She calls out for help.



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