Coach Davies, played by Zvika Fohrman is a recurring character and the gym instructor at The Greenhouse in Greenhouse Academy.

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Coach Davies is a middle-aged man with brown hair, blue eyes and peach skin, alongside a light-brown mustache and beard combo. Coach wears a light-grey sports polo shirt, featuring a purple Greenhouse logo, with a white t-shirt on underneath and a pair of black sport shorts. He also has a stop-watch around his neck.


Season 1

Coach Davies makes his first appearance in the Season 1 opener of Greenhouse Academy; Pilot, where he is seen trying to push Max in his physical exam, before later over-seeing Alex in his exam, acting as an obstacle to Alex. He then watches over Alex and Daniel's match and is quick to try and tear the two of them off of each-other, after Daniel started to play mind-games with Alex.

The Coach is next seen overviewing the big basketball game at the end of Private Screening, continuing to do so in the next episode; Black Smoke, where he is seen telling Alex to switch out with Daniel, before allowing Daniel to continue after Alex insists he does so.

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