Cold Shower is the forty seventh episode of the first season of The Greenhouse, premiering April 2nd 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Ellali has just discovered the empty stasis pod, that had once contained her mother; Naomi. Back in the central hallway of the Cave, Ze'ev tells Boris that he wanted him to disconnect the Greenhouse from the rest of the planet, sealing it off and then expressing that he didn't care how it'd be done.

Ze'ev continues, telling Boris to crash the Greenhouse's network, cut off their electricity and disrupt the reception, adding that he didn't want of the kids to be communicating with the outside world until they had managed to figure out what was going on, then asking whether Boris had got it, before sending him off to work. Boris then heads off, with his gun in hand, as Ze'ev tells him to keep an eye on Robbie as well, asking him to make sure that Robbie didn't do anything foolish. Boris then agrees to do so and heads off.

In the stasis pod chamber, Marcus arrives then seeing the empty status pod and asking Ellali where her mother had gone. Ellali then expresses that she had thought he knew, with Marcus then saying that he didn't understand. Concerned, Ellali asks him where her mother was, but Marcus then says that he had no idea. Outside, Naomi ducks under the red and white security tape, carefully treading just as she notices someone approaching.

Naomi quickly ducks back into the nearby crevice. Back in the stasis chamber, Ellali asks Marcus how her mother had even managed to get up, asking him whether he'd woke her. Marcus reveals that he had woken her, but explains that the drug shouldn't have worked as fast it had, with Ellali then asking him how he had managed to miss Naomi leaving the Cave. Marcus then hears Ze'ev asking where he was and where he'd disappeared to. Marcus then tells Ellali to hurry out of the emergency exit, as her mother had headed out there, as there was no time. However before she's able to escape, Ellali gets caught alongside Marcus by Ze'ev and his men.

Ze'ev's men raise their guns at the pair, as Ze'ev tells them to not move an inch. Ze'ev then asks Marcus whether he had brought Ellali in there, then ordering his men to throw Ellali in the holding cell. The men then take Ellali away, as Ze'ev examines the empty stasis pod. Ellali then gets locked up in the holding cell, as Naomi sneaks out of the crevice, just outside the Cave, ducking under the security tape, only to come face to face with Judy.

Judy shocked at Naomi's appearance, expresses that it couldn't be her, as Naomi asks whether Judy had really thought that she'd gotten rid of her. Judy then slowly steps forward, asking Naomi whether it was really her, however Naomi only wants to know how she ended up in the Cave. Judy, still shocked asks what, with Naomi then asking how long it had been, being how long it had been since her mission. Judy then reveals to Naomi that it had been a year since Naomi's mission. Naomi, surprised at how long she'd been unconscious re-iterates the question.

Judy then tells Naomi that they should head inside the Cave, as she didn't look too well. Naomi then asks Judy where her family was, with Judy then assuring her that her family was all there and that they were fine, before asking whether Naomi had wanted to call them. Naomi however then picks up a gun, that had fallen out of Judy's handbag, pointing it at Judy. Judy then tells her not to try anything foolish, expressing that she didn't know anything or what was going on there.

Judy continues, saying telling Naomi that she was in shock and that she hadn't remembered anything, with Naomi then bending down and picking up a set of car keys, before heading off. Back in the Cave, Ellali watches from the cell, as Ze'ev exclaims to Marcus that he'd ask him one more time about what the stasis pod room was for, while pointing a gun at him. However Marcus tells Ze'ev that he had already told him, but Ze'ev then points out that Marcus had been lying.

Marcus tries to say that he hadn't been lying, but Ze'ev then asks whether Marcus had really thought that he was stupid, but Marcus expresses that Naomi had been contained within that room, but Ze'ev then notes that Naomi had died along time ago. However, Marcus then asks Ze'ev why he would believe that he'd lie to him about something like that, but Ze'ev then reveals that he thought Marcus was insane, as well as being a liar and that he had 10 seconds to tell him the truth.

Marcus then says one more time that he wasn't lying, as Ze'ev then begins to angrily count-down. As Ze'ev approaches Marcus with the gun, Marcus tries to prove one last time that he wasn't lying. Just then Judy arrives in the Cave, expressing that Marcus had not been lying and that she had just met with Naomi, revealing that she was indeed alive. In response, Ze'ev then lowers his gun. In Louis's office, Robbie arrives complaining that his Louie wasn't working to Boris.

Boris then reveals to Robbie that he had disconnected the network. Unimpressed, Robbie asks what Boris had done, with Boris then further stating that he had disconnected the network, with then Robbie then exclaiming how dare he, with Boris then revealing that the Greenhouse was now cut off from the outside world until further notice and that those were Ze'ev's orders. Robbie then asks why that was the case, as the operation had finished. However Boris then reveals that there was no operation, with Robbie then asking why he hadn't been informed of that information.

Boris then asks Robbie, why anyone should inform him, then asking him who he thought he was. In response Robbie asks Boris to listen to him, expressing that he was the acting principal at the school and that no one talked to him like that, especially not Boris. Boris then gets up, as Robbie orders Boris to stop right there and reconnect the network or else. However Boris then pins Robbie against the wall, asking him "Or else what" repeatedly and exclaiming that Robbie shouldn't of even been alive right now, then calling him a piece of crap.

Boris then states it would be a problem that he'd be happy to fix, then mocking Robbie's role as the acting principle of the Greenhouse. Boris then lets Robbie go, as he heads out of the door. At the Client's headquarters, his assistant Nicole walks over to his speaker, putting the phone next to his speaker and letting him know that Ze'ev was on the line.

The Client asks Ze'ev what was going on, explaining that he hadn't heard any news of sunken Greek islands within the last few hours. Ze'ev then reports that unfortunately they'd had a little last minute mishap, perhaps even a few and that it had been totally unexpected. However the Client then states that mishaps were always unexpected, with Ze'ev then revealing that it had been the first time they'd activated the equipment, but then says that they'd make it up to him. The Client then expresses that he had just hoped Ze'ev was preparing for the Plan B that they'd agreed on.

Ze'ev then assures the Client that they had done so, expressing that that time it would work and they wouldn't let the Client down. Ze'ev then comes off of the phone to the Client, then notifying Marcus that they were switching to Plan B. Confused, Marcus asks what Plan B was, with Ze'ev revealing that Marcus was going to create a new earthquake, but Marcus then says that he couldn't as the satellite was down. However, Judy then reveals that Marcus wouldn't need a satellite for that earthquake, only needing the magnetite.

Judy then continues, explaining that their client was a very cautious man and that he had hedged his bets on the Greek stock exchange by placing bets on the Israeli stock exchange. Ze'ev then chimes in saying that to think Marcus had been afraid to kill innocent Greeks, with Ze'ev then revealing that instead of sinking a remote Greek island, they would be forced to destroy their very own Kineret.

Back at the game, the Eagles basket ball team are spraying their coach with sparkling water in celebration of their championship win, as Gershon expresses it was freezing. The team then begin to chant that Gershon was the best. Alfie then looks at his Louie and finds he couldn't get any reception, just as Sophie brings Nowitzski the team's mascot onto the field, as the team begin to chant that Nowitzski was their man and their champ. Natalie then walks over to Alfie, asking what was wrong.

Alfie then asks why they hadn't heard anything from anyone, with Natalie suggesting that there must be a problem with the network as when she had attempted to call her father she found there was no reception. Natalie then asks Sophie whether she had reception on her Louie. As the team continue to cheer, Sophie checks her Louie's reception, only to find she doesn't have any. Daniel then walks over to Natalie and Alfie, asking where his sister would, as she had headed off during the middle of the game.

However, Alfie reveals that he had no clue, with Natalie then telling the two to relax as Matti had said that they had been successful and that everything was fine, but Alfie then reveals that that was what scared him, with Alfie asking Natalie whether she had remembered what Marcus had said they'd do to his and Ellali's mother. Natalie then tells Alfie to not get upset for no reason, just expressing that the network was down and that their friends were probably looking for them as they speak and that she betted someone would call them at any minute.

Ron then walks over to Daniel and Alfie, telling them that they had both played terribly, but that they were both winners and that he felt it was an honor to be on the same team as them and that he meant it, before hugging the two. Alfie then says alright, as he pats Ron on the back alongside Daniel. Daniel then jokingly asks Alfie who that was, with Ron then calling him a moron and assuring him that he loved him. Just then, Gershon rocks up notifying them that someone had been looking for them.

Natalie then tells Sophie that she'd told her, as the three of them walk past Gershon high-fiving him on the way. The four of them, then begin to head out of the court, only to be confronted by Boris raising his gun, as he says hello. Boris then gets the four to walk, threatening to fire his gun. Back at the Space Agency, Alona and Matti have discovered that they had no reception on their Louies.

Alona then calls it strange, noting that the network shouldn't of crashed for no reason, with Dina then asking her what she had meant. Matti then reveals that someone had disconnected the network on purpose, as Alona asks where Boaz was. Dina agrees, noting that Boaz had been gone for too long. Matti then asks Dina what they should do, asking whether they should just wait for Boaz.

Alona then reminds them, that Boaz had told them not to leave the room, with Dina then stating that something was fishy. However Alona expresses that they shouldn't get upset for nothing, as they had managed to foil the villains plan, asking for confirmation from Matti and Dina, then going on to say that in which case they wouldn't be able to do anything without the use of a satellite, adding tht Boaz was probably just waiting for a rescue team and that they were just being impatient.

Matti then gets up, believing to have seen Boaz, with the other kids then getting up and following him. Dina having heard who's on the way, remarks that she didn't feel like it was a rescue team who on their way to her. In The Greenhouse corridor, Boris leads Daniel, Alfie, Natalie and Sophie through the corridor, with a security guard bringing up the rear. On the way they walk past Robbie, as Daniel expresses his disbelief and explaining that every-time they had succeeded something else had always gone wrong.

As Natalie walks past her brother, she asks him whether he was proud of himself. Walking up the stairs, Boris continues to lead the kids, with Alfie asking him where he was taking them and where Ellali was, as he opens the door to a storage room. As Sophie tells Alfie to just forget asking Boris, as he wouldn't give him anything, Boris opens the door, revealing Iftach already waiting in the storage room. As they head in, Alfie asks once more whether his sister was alright, as Daniel says that he betted Iftach would know, with Boris then locking the door behind them.

Back at the Space Agency, Matti and Alona are cautiously watching the door, just as two armed security guards enter the room, aiming their weapons at Matti and Alona. However, Dina comes up behind them and begins throttling them, then trying to kick the door open. Matti then says it was a shame as he had loved the laptop he was using, just as Dina tells him to say goodbye as they had to get out of there.

Alona then asks how they'd manage to do so, as there were too many security guards outside waiting for them, before she sees the three security guards tied up together on three nearby chairs and stripped of their uniforms. The kids then take the guards uniforms and uses them to head outside, with Alona then asking Dina where she had learnt to do all that cool stuff, with Dina revealing that when both Alona and Matti had been learning how to play chess, she was busy doing other things.

Back at the Cave, Ellali tries to convince Marcus that he didn't have to help the bad guys, as they wouldn't be able to start the earthquake without him, adding that it was all in his hands. Ze'ev then walks past Ellali's cell, telling her to be quiet and then asking Marcus how Plan B was going, with Marcus then notifying him that it was coming along. Ze'ev then remarks that he was lucky that he had still needed him alive, after the stunt he'd pulled with Naomi, before giving him some advice; stay useful and that when he was done with the device don't forget to install a delay mechanism.

Ze'ev then explains that they didn't want to be there, when the device activated. As Ze'ev walks around to Judy, alongside his mean, Judy has just told Arik to wait on the line and whether he had understood her, then hanging up the call. Ze'ev then asks Judy what it was, with Judy revealing that the three kids had managed to escape the Space Agency, with Ze'ev then calling it unbelievable.

Judy then revealed that they were still holding all the Space Agency employees, including Boaz Tavor, who had attempted to send a distress signal before Arik managed to stop him from doing so, adding that only the kids had managed to escape the Agency. Ze'ev then assures Judy that he wasn't worried about the kids, as he believed that no one would believe the kids anyway, then ordering Judy to tell Arik to continue as they had planned. Judy then picks the call back up and tells Arik to move onto his next target and do what he to do.

However, Arik reveals that he had already managed to reach his next target, standing just outside the Reshef Household. Arik then approaches the house, taking out his gun as he heads round the corner. Back at the Greenhouse, Daniel is asking Iftach whether he had helped Ellali get into the Cave, expressing his disbelief at it and calling it stupid. Angry, Daniel asks Iftach why he had allowed her to do that.

Iftach then explains that Daniel may not of known Ellali, as when her mind is set on something there was no stopping her, with Alfie then confirming it. Daniel then exclaims that the bad guys had her, sarcastically calling it great, but Iftach then fires back expressing that in case Daniel hadn't noticed yet, the bad guys had also caught them. In response Daniel then exclaims that it was the second time that Iftach had gone ahead and did whatever he had felt like with complete disregard towards their decisions. Iftach then mocks Daniel's ability to count, sarcastically telling him that he was proud of him.

Daniel then states that the Ravens didn't know how to be team players, with Iftach then standing up telling Daniel that he had a lot of nerve to say what he said, explaining that while Daniel had been busy playing basket ball he had to fight his mother's thugs. Daniel then sternly says that whatever happened to Ellali would be Iftach's fault, with Iftach then believing that Daniel was jealous that Ellali had asked himself to help instead of Daniel. In anger, Daniel then begins to throttle Iftach, with the girls begging the two to stop.

Natalie then tries to intervene and drag Daniel off of Iftach, but Daniel accidently knocks Natalie over, as Alfie tells them that it was enough, then re-iterating himself over and over again, before asking them whether their crazy, causing them to stop fighting. Alfie then goes on explaining that his mother and sister were both in the Cave and that instead of fighting each other, it would be a better idea to find a way out of there.

Back in the Cave, Marcus is busy preparing the device, with Ellali then expressing to Marcus that he'd risked his life to save her mother and that she was sure he hadn't wanted it to end in that way. Marcus then stops, letting Ze'ev know that he was done, with Ze'ev then stating that at least one good thing would happen that day. Ze'ev then walks over to the device and after having seen inside the device, Ze'ev orders his men to take Marcus. Marcus asks Ze'ev what he was doing.

As Ze'ev's men toss Marcus into the cell with Ellali, Ze'ev remarks that Marcus was dumber than he had thought, asking him whether he had thought he'd just forget his betrayal, before remarking that when the earthquake hit he and Ellali would get to experience the earthquake firsthand and that he had VIP tickets to the event, before heading off with his guards, announcing that they had to get going. Ze'ev then tells Judy that it looked like their plan would work after all.

Back outside the Reshef Household, Arik heads round the back of the house, with gun in hand, but struggles to open the back door. He then holsters his gun and attempts to pick the lock of the door. In the Cave, Ze'ev is preparing the device, as Judy asks Boris whether Daniel was where they had agreed to put him, with Boris nodding his head. Ze'ev then announces that once he had activated the device they'd all have to hurry, telling Judy to go and fetch Daniel.

Ze'ev then continues, explaining that they'd hop into their cars and drive as far west as they could, as all the chaos there would give them enough time to escape and that they'd be long gone before anyone was able to figure out what was going on, with them then boarding a flight to Cyprus at midnight and that when they landed in Cyprus, the money would be transferred into their bank accounts, then asking whether there was any questions, with Marcus then asking whether Ze'ev was happy.

Back at the Reshef Household, Arik has managed to make his way in and sneaks down the stairs, with his gun ready to fire. Arik quietly walks forward into the kitchen, but lowers his gun after failing to find Guri. Out in the countryside, Guri is driving to the Greenhouse, remembering back to when he had been sleeping on the couch, when he'd heard Meshi knocking on the door.

Guri then answers the door, to see Meshi standing there. He asks her what she wanted, as Meshi asks him whether he remembered her. Guri then remembers that she was Ellali's friend, with Meshi then reminding him that she was called Meshi. Guri then asks her what she was doing there, with Meshi explaining that she had just talked with Ellali, who as the Greenhouse, then going onto say that she thought he should pull himself together, take a cold shower and get himself over to the Greenhouse.

Guri, confused asks Meshi what she wanted from him, with Meshi then expressing that there was something Ellali had asked her to tell him, and that it was about Naomi. Guri then asks whether she had meant his Naomi, before asking what it was about his wife. Back in the present, Guri arrives at the Greenhouse, getting out his car, before heading off towards the school.

Back in the Cave, Ze'ev expresses that it was the moment that they were all waiting for, before proceeding to begin activating the device. However Ze'ev then finds that the device wasn't working and asks why it wasn't working. Ze'ev then orders Boris to go and fetch Marcus, with Boris then unlocking the cell and taking Marcus. Ze'ev then bluntly tells him to activate the device, but Marcus says he'd never comply. However, Ze'ev tells Marcus to activate the device otherwise his men would shoot him dead.

Boris then aims his gun at Marcus' head, as Judy tells him that they were a little mad at him, but that that was just a small punishment and that they weren't really going to be leaving him behind, asking Ze'ev for backing. Judy then just orders Marcus to activate the device, and promises that if he did so he could come with them. In anger, Ze'ev orders Boris to go and get Ellali. Boris then takes Ellali out of the cell, with Ze'ev then taking her hostage, holding her at gun point. Ze'ev exclaims that while Marcus may not care about himself, then asking whether he'd care about Ellali, before once again ordering him to activate the device.

Marcus, in response hops over the table, and over to the magnetite, with Ze'ev then asking him what he was doin, while calling him a psycho. Marcus then exclaims that he should of exposed them, as soon as they'd asked him to kill Naomi and that he had only gone along with all of their terrible deeds in order to save her and that he had. Ze'ev then tells Marcus not to do anything foolish, asking him whether he had children and whether he wanted them to be rich, as well as their children. Marcus then remarks that he wouldn't, if that were the price he'd have to pay, then then pointing out the poison that Judy had given Robbie.

Marcus then goes on, revealing that the poison was actually a laxative. Ellali then asks him not to, as Marcus tells Ellali to let her mother know that in the end he did the right thing, before running into the magnetite and disintegrating. Ze'ev then hands Ellali back to Boris, who takes her back to her cell. Judy then receives a call from Arik.

She asks him what's up, as he reveals that Guri wasn't at the Reshef Household, but Judy then tells him to just forget it and get over there as it was all over. Arik asks why, with Judy then revealing that Marcus was gone and as such no one could activate the device. Arik then goes shoot and tells her that he agreed. However just then he sees something, telling Judy to wait.

Arik then tells Judy that she was one lucky lady, as Judy asks him what he was talking about. Arik then asks her to send a helicopter as soon as possible, with Ze'ev then questioning it. Arik then reveals that he was bringing them someone who could activate the device. Arik then comes off the call, and waves at Naomi, who cautiously waves to him from outside the household. Arik then heads outside to greet Naomi, as Arik asks whether it was really Naomi.

Naomi then recognizes it was Arik, and expresses that it was good to see him, as she had finally found somebody who she could trust, before hugging him. However, Arik then says that he wouldn't of said that, grabbing her hand and disarming her, before cuffing her. Naomi then asks whether he was involved too, with him then revealing that he was indeed involved with the conspiracy, placing a sack over her head.

Out in the Greenhouse grounds, Guri treads quietly so as to not gain attention. He looks over the Greenhouse school blocks, watching two patrolling guards walk across the lawn, before hearing a helicopter. Back in the Cave, Arik arrives with Naomi and tosses her into the cell with her daughter; Ellali. The two upon seeing each other then hug.



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