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Cortinarius Orellanus is the 5th episode in the 4th season of Greenhouse Academy and is the 37th episode overall, airing on March 20th, 2020.


Brooke goes over to her dad, Louis Osmond's house. She then brings him the chocolate cake to which Louis smiles. She then manages to get her dad to get the tech conference back on. Meanwhile, at the Greenhouse, Suzanne finds out that the tech conference is back on, prompting her to contact The Client about this. The next morning at the Eagles' Clubhouse, Daniel and Hayley are getting ready in the bathroom. Daniel still hasn't managed to tell Hayley about deleting Leo's message. When Hayley's Louie beeps, Daniel offers to look at it, in fear that Leo might have texted again. Hayley then opens her Louie in front of Daniel to which she gets a text from her mom telling her to come down to start decorating. Meanwhile, Sophie gets a hunch about something that may be wrong. She then meets Parker and tells him that mobsters wouldn't make a virus and tells him that the mobsters may have been framed. She then tries to contact Enzo to get more information on the case to which Parker gets skeptical about.

The two teams then start decorating the cafeteria, to which we see happy couples and project organizers guiding them. One of the couples, Daniel and Hayley are doing just fine but Daniel keeps looking down at her Louie in fear. When asked by Hayley if he was alright, he smiled and said that it was nothing and he was fine. Sophie then asks Becca if she could borrow Emma and Max to which she says that she can take them. Back at Max's computer room, Sophie, Emma, Max, and Parker try to find Enzo. At first, Sophie has no faith, telling her friends that it would be absolutely impossible to find him and that it was useless. Parker then tells her "I didn't know that word was in your vocabulary, captain". He then asks everyone what they knew already about Enzo. At first, Max asks if Enzo would leave the country. Sophie then tells him that Enzo had a fear of flying and so if he was somewhere, he would still be in California. Max then asks her what Enzo would do if he had a lot of money to which she replied that he would buy a pool table. Max and Emma then illegally manage to find Enzo's phone number by tracking his purchases. They stumble upon a man named, Diego Gonzales to which Sophie said that it was him.

At The Client's apartment, he discusses what he will do with Hayley and Leo. He then shows Jason a first aid kid and drops a poison known by the name, Cortinarius Orellanus on the bandages. He then tells him that one innocent bandage soaked with the poison can harm someone but that the poison would work slowly. He then hands the kit over to one of his workers who then pretends to be a fake doctor at Leo's rehab center. He then mails one over to Suzanne, so that she could do it to Hayley. During this time, Suzanne tries to cut Hayley but repeatedly fails. The kids then film a video for Leo, to which the fake doctor asks Leo if he wants a shave. At first, Leo denies but he then gives in. The fake doctor cuts Leo and places the poisoned bandage on him while Suzanne cuts Hayley with her bracelet after she asks Hayley to find it. At first, Hayley denies the first aid, but as soon as she walks in the Eagles' clubhouse, Sophie tells her that her wound was bleeding. She then puts the poisoned bandage on her foot and gets right back to work.

Meanwhile, Daniel starts shooting hoops. Alex notices him and he goes over to play with him. Alex then asks him if anything was wrong to which Daniel opens up about deleting Leo's message. Alex then tells him at first that what he did was messed up. He then tells him that he had to apologize to Hayley about what he did, or else he wouldn't be able to forgive himself. Daniel then takes that advice and goes to the Eagles clubhouse. At night, Sophie tries to call Enzo. However, Hayley walks inside the room and gets her blanket, after remarking that it was really cold. Sophie then tells her that it was actually hot inside and then asks if she was ok after Sophie noticed that she looked a bit pale. Hayley then nods at her and proceeds to walk outside on the couch. Sophie then calls up Enzo and tells him that she still really loved him to which Enzo on the other end feals very happy about. Daniel then tells Hayley that he needed to tell her something, however, he was a bit too late as she ends up fainting on his lap.