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Dana Melanie Schwarz, better known as Dana Melanie is an Indie American actress and environmental rights activist, who will be taking over the role of Emma Geller from Aviv Buchler in the third and fourth seasons of Greenhouse Academy.


Born March 19, 1992, Dana Melanie is a 29 year old actress hailing from LA. It is unsure whether she has siblings but she grew up in LA and has stayed there for her entire life.

Dana started her career when she was only 2 years old, appearing in a New Balance sneaker commercial. After she appeared in the commercial, she went on to take dance lessons at the age of 4 before getting into acting at the age of 11 and starting writing not long after.

Her first role was in the 2015 movie, Jurassic City as Pippi. She then went on to star in many other films and movies before earning her first Showcase Juried Award in 2016. Later in 2019, she went on to replace Aviv Buchler as Emma in Greenhouse Academy due to her leaving for personal reasons.

As of 2021, Dana has her own newspaper titled "The Carbon Report" where she talks about the environment and has started an "adopt a tree" organization titled "Troot" (styled with all caps) where she makes LA greener through the process of adopting a tree.

Acting Credits

  • Emma Geller in Greenhouse Academy
  • Kylie Peck in By Dawn
  • Maggie in Clarity
  • Marcie Lindell in CSI: Cyber
  • Pippi in Jurassic City
  • Elizabeth in Treehouse
  • Emily Dickinson in Wild Nights with Emily
  • Ashley Abundez in Glass Jaw