Dangerous Avalanche is the nineteenth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering 1st February, 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


In the hole, Marcus is busy working, just as Judy arrives on the scene, with Marcus exclaiming she scared him. She asks him what's going on, asking whether he's hiding something from her. He assures her that he's not, questioning why he'd hide something, adding he's not used to, before being cut off by Judy, who tells him to relax and that she was just kidding. Judy then asks if he's made any sort of progress, with Marcus reporting that he's done some, but still has a lot of work that needs to be done.

Judy then asks him to her where they stand right now, with Marcus asking whether that's really necessary as of the then, explaining that he still must calculate the ranges and calibrate the coordinates from the satellite with earth's orbit, as Judy asks when he'll finish. Marcus expresses he'd hopefully finish as fast as possible, with Judy questioning hopefully, asking him whether that's what he expects her to tell their boss; that Marcus is hopeful. Marcus tells her to tell their boss, that he's doing everything he possibly could to finish the work quickly, but that there's a lot of work to do. Judy then tells Marcus that he should tell the boss himself, with Marcus agreeing, adding he's not afraid to do so. Marcus then notices Ze'ev in the room, smoking a cigar, as Ze'ev asks whether there's something Marcus has to tell him.

Out in the Greenhouse grounds, Daniel tries to stop Natalie from walking away from him, after she declared their breakup, however Natalie says no. Daniel then exclaims that she couldn't just drop a bomb on him like that and then just walk away, however Natalie says she has nothing more to say to Daniel. Daniel then asks her to at least tell him, what he did wrong that time. In anger, Natalie suggests they call Daniel's friend from the opposing bb team and ask him, although adding he could be too busy playing with the Play Station that Daniel gave him. Daniel questions what's she's talking about, but Natalie's not having it, expressing how sick and tired of it she is, adding his lies are pathetic, before heading off. Daniel stops her from walking, admitting that Natalie's right.Natalie then says that's big of him to come out and say that, with Daniel asking her whether she'd tell anyone about what happened, with Natalie then leaving.

Back in the hole, Ze'ev metaphorically asks how their baby is doing, with Marcus confused saying what. However he then realizes what Ze'ev meant and says it's doing fine. Ze'ev then tells Marcus that while he respects his talent, time is of the essence, explaining that their client wants results and that they must act soon, adding that no one knows that they have the satellite access code just yet. Ze'ev then asks how long it'd take, with Marcus explaining that he still has to calculate the deviation and fix the flight path and that he must then prepare the magnetic field, but that he if started work on the magnetic force, before being interrupted by Ze'ev, who reiterates his question; "How Long?".

Marcus tells him, it'd take a month, however Ze'ev tells him that instead he has a week to do it, before heading off with Judy. At the Eagles dormitory, Alfie is apologizing to the rest of his team, for what happened, adding he'd take full responsibility for their latest loss and that they lost the game because he acted like an idiot, promising not to allow it to happen again. Alfie then walks past them.

Over on the couch, Daniel glares over at Natalie. In the Greenhouse library, Ellali is busy studying, just as Dina and Matti arrive on the scene. Matti then explains that both he and Dina wanted to let Ellali in on something, that their looking into, adding it's a sort of investigation. Dina then tells Matti he talks too much, then beginning to explain to Ellali that the night she came back from the satellite launch, she was on the Greenhouse lawn and that she saw something very strange near the meteorite, revealing it to be Robbie that she saw next to a bright light, before just disappearing.

Ellali questions whether Robbie just disappeared, with Matti continuing what Dina said, explaining that when they came back the next day, there was a bunch of warning signs like "Danger: rockslide" and "No Entry", expressing however that there's more to it, continuing saying, that around that same time, he found out that Alona acts strangely, whenever Robbie's around her. Ellali confused, asks Alona, with both Dina and Matti confirming it is, however Ellali tells them that their terrible at explaining things. She then reiterates what the two said, saying that Dina saw a bright light and Robbie next to the meteor site and that Matti regardless happened to notice Alona acting weird, with Matti adding like Alona's scared.

Ellali then questions Matti, asking if that's every time Alona sees Robbie, with Matti exclaiming exactly, adding they couldn't ask Robbie about it and that he wanted to ask Alona, but Dina said no, with Dina adding because it may of just been an coincidence. However Matti expresses they've already talked about this and that he told her it couldn't be a coincidence. Ellali finally asks what they want from her. Dina begins to explain that there's Robbie and the cave and then there's Robbie and Alona, adding they believe the two are connected, but that they don't know how, with Matti re-iterating the fact, as well as saying that's where Ellali came in. However Ellali says she can't, explaining that she has to photo-copy all of her notes and then memorize all the material, adding she slept through half of their bible lessons.

Matti, then expresses he though Ellali enjoyed investigating, with Dina adding she's always searching for the truth and that something fishy is going on there. She continues, saying that all Ellali need do is tell them what to do and they'd do it, with Matti adding it's like a consultant. However Ellali apologizes, saying they maybe good at Bible studies, but that the only thing she would intend to investigate and research would be the Book of Judges 19, wishing the two good luck and heading off.

In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie notices Natalie walking off somewhere and asks where she's off to, with Natalie just saying she's heading off to her fathers. Sophie asks whether she's ok, with Natalie just brushing it off saying she's great. Sophie however can see Natalie's not feeling great, as Natalie asks her to stop it, with Sophie asking Natalie not to act in that way, explaining she could already tell the prior day that something was up. However Natalie expresses she doesn't want to talk about it. Sophie then questions it, adding that "it" sounds serious, before saying she's there for her. Natalie says okay, but asks Sophie to promise not to tell anyone, further telling her not to blog about it and just to keep it to herself.

Sophie then agrees with what Natalie's asked her, as Natalie reveals that she and Daniel broke up. Sophie however goes reporter and asks when it happened, with Natalie saying the prior day, before Sophie then asks how it happened, as Natalie tells her it doesn't matter and that it's a long story. Sophie continues however, asking who broke up with whom, as Natalie asks whether it's really that important, Sophie says of course it is, unless Daniel broke up with her, in which case it wouldn't matter.

Sophie then realizes, with Natalie re-iterating that she mustn't tell anyone, otherwise she'd kill her if she blabbed about the news. Sophie tells her not to insult her, assuring Natalie that she has nothing to worry about. The two girls then hug as they say goodbye, with Natalie heading off to her father's.

In the cafeteria Sophie tells Ron about the story, asking him to swear to secrecy with the story, with him remarking he'd swear on his dog Max, however Sophie says that's not good enough, with Ron questioning her on it, re-iterating that he swore on his dog Max. Sophie then whispers the story in Ron's ear, with him exclaiming no way in surprise at the story. Ron then says he's surprised Daniel didn't say a word about what happened, with Sophie explaining that of course he wouldn't, adding that Natalie broke up with him and that they all know Daniel has an ego problem.

Back in the Eagles dormitory, Ron tells all the other Eagles boys about the story, expressing that the story mustn't leave that room, adding that Daniel's their friend. In the Ravens dormitory, Iftach receives a news alert about the break-up on his Louie, reading Daniel and Natalie broke up. In Louis' quarters, Louis picks up his Louie and discovers the news alert, asking Natalie why she didn't tell him. Natalie confused asks what he's talking about, with Louis asking whether he really had to read about her and Daniel on the blog.

Natalie then expresses, she'd kill Sophie. In the Ravens dormitory, Dina and Matti are studying the bible, with Dina asking why they have to keep sinning after they reached the holy land, asking what their problem is. Matti however expresses that he doesn't believe the question would appear on their test, with Dina adding that's the reason she hates Bible studies, with Matti adding that they never ask the right questions. Alona then arrives, asking Matti if he wanted to play a game of chess later, adding they hadn't played in a while.

Matti says he would, after he finished his current chapter, Matti then panics, asking Dina what to do now, with Dina asking what the problem was. Matti explains that he couldn't look Alona in the eye without him thinking of their investigation. Dina just tells him to relax, adding it's just a game and not to stress. Ellali then chimes in, saying that now is their chance, with the two asking what she meant. Ellali explains that now they could find out how Alona acts around Robbie, with the two realizing what she meant. Ellali goes on explaining that Matti plays a game with Alona and they make some stupid excuse to bring Robbie into the clubhouse, finishing saying they could then see how Alona reacts.

Matti then compliments Ellali, calling her sharp, with Dina likening her to that of a razor blade, as Ellali jokingly adds she'd mail them the bill. Matti then questions whether they were being mean to Alona. However Dina explains that it's not like Alona would never meet Robbie again, before the two head back to studying.

In the Eagles basket ball court, Alfie is practicing his net-shooting, managing to miss his first one, before dribbling round and trying again, just as Natalie arrives on the scene. Just then Alfie throws the ball at the court wall in anger, with Natalie saying hi, adding she heard someone getting angry and decided to come in and that she should of guessed it was Alfie. Alfie then asks how long she's been there, with Natalie exclaiming she'd been there long enough, to see Alfie torture the basket ball, as Alfie apologizes that she had to see him do that. However Natalie says it's fine, expressing she now understands what he told her about him breaking his tennis rackets, with Alfie adding that he's kind of a problem child. Natalie then asks if he'd mind that she stays there, with Alfie saying he doesn't mind, but that he must practice, adding that the Eagles couldn't lose again. Natalie says that he was great until the idiot referee kicked him out of the game, as Alfie says they lost anyway, with Natalie telling him to not be so hard on himself.

Natalie expresses that she thinks it's pretty cool of Alfie to care as much as he did, as Alfie begins to shoot hoops again, managing to score one. Alfie then asks why Natalie has time off during the middle of the school day, with Natalie expressing she just doesn't feel like seeing anyone at the moment. Alfie asks if something's wrong with her, as Natalie guesses that he hasn't checked his Louie in the last hour, with Alfie telling her he'd left it on silent, before taking out his Louie and seeing the post. Alfie expresses his surprise, saying wow, with Natalie carrying the same sentiments. Alfie motions his dismay for Natalie saying bummer, with Natalie adding it's not that much of a bummer, with Alfie explaining that both Natalie and Daniel are his friends. Natalie then leaves, believing she's interrupting his practice.

Alfie then asks her if she felt like passing him some balls, with Natalie obliging. Back at the Ravens dormitory, Alona and Matti are having their chess game. Matti then getting trapped by Alona on the board, questions how he always manages to get trapped by her, asking how he could get out of it. Dina then wedges her Louie in her ear, and calls somebody. Back at the court, Alfie is wiping off some sweat, after having finished his training. Alfie then re-iterates that the news alert, had said that Natalie had broken up with Daniel, adding how poorly Daniel was being treated as of late.

Alfie then lists off what happened to Daniel , with the Injury, losing his position as the Eagles team captain and now his dumping with Natalie. Natalie then calls Alfie incredible, asking him why he even cares about Daniel. Alfie explains that while they didn't always get along , he still liked him. Natalie then questions what there really is to like, adding that two days prior Daniel wanted to kill him for playing tennis with her, with Alfie adding he just meant in general. Natalie then says ok, saying that at least Daniel couldn't tell her what to do anymore, with Alfie expressing he didn't think that Daniel intended to be mean. However Natalie questions it, adding that Alfie really doesn't have any idea.

Back in the Ravens dormitory, Alona asks whether Matti's sure whether he really wants to make his next move, with Matti asking whether she had a better idea. Dina then brings in Robbie, with him asking her where she heard a sound, as Dina points to the main study area, where Matti and Alona are sitting. Robbie then sees the two and adds he sees that Alona's taken a break from studying, unless they played chess in the Book of judges. This causes Alona discomfort, as Dina points out where the sound was coming from, adding it could be the pipes, as Robbie checks it out. Both Matti and Alona then go silent.

At the Eagles basket ball court, Natalie asks Alfie what he'd say, if she told him that the reason the Eagles lost their game the prior day. However Alfie questions whether Natalie wants to blame Daniel for that as well, adding he didn't even play that time. Natalie explains that during half-time at the game, Daniel told the tall guy to provoke Alfie. Alfie is disbelief, asks what, with Natalie confirming it, explaining it was all a part of a plan and Daniel is the one who planned it. Alfie then questions how she knew that, but Natalie just says because she knew. Alfie's persistent however and asks again, with Natalie explaining i's because she saw something she wasn't meant to. Natalie then moves Alfie's bags out of the way and moves closer to him, taking his hand. Alfie then expresses that even if that was the case, he should of shown more restraint.

Back at the Ravens dormitory, Robbie explains there's no dampness in the spot Dina showed him and that he couldn't hear anything either telling Dina that next time she should call on Marcus instead, adding it's a technical problem and that he's in charge of the more serious things. Dina then apologizes to Robbie and thanks for him for taking a look. Just then Matti tells Alona it's her turn in the game, with Alona then shaken from Robbie's visit, telling him that he won, knocking over her own chess piece and getting up. Dina then gets up and sits down at the table, asking Matti whether he saw what just happened.

Matti, oblivious says he won the game, with Dina questioning whether he really cared about that, calling him a moron, explaining that something's going on between Robbie and Alona, not knowing what but that Robbie so obviously scares Alona to death.

Just then Robbie arrives at Marcus' workshop, trying to open the room, before knocking the door. Robbie then tries to call Marcus on his Louie, but to no avail. Before heading off. In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Daniel is reading a paper, while having his breakfast, as he notices other Eagles looking at him. Just then Alfie arrives in the cafeteria, as Daniel asks him what's up. Alfie asks Daniel whether he's got a second to talk. Alfie explains that he just wanted to say that he'd heard about him and Natalie.

Daniel then remarks that it's only Alfie and the rest of the country that's heard about it. Alfie expresses that he's sorry for both of them, especially Daniel, with Daniel carrying those sentiments. Alfie then continues saying that he shouldn't of reacted in the way he did the prior day to the tips that Daniel had given him that day, adding he had some good ideas. Daniel says it was ok, and that Alfie was in the game, however Alfie said he was wrong, also adding that he must stop losing it in that way and that it keeps ruining things for him, with Daniel saying yeah. Alfie then expresses that that is just the way it is, and that sometimes they must admit when their wrong, as well as then try and fix it.

Daniel then expresses that that absolutely is the case, Alfie then rhetorically asks Daniel what really bums him out; the he really felt like the tall guy was purposely trying to provoke him and that it was like he almost knew what buttons to push. Daniel then says that he guessed it was written all over Alfie's face, with Alfie agreeing. Alfie then sarcastically tells Daniel to enjoy his food, with Daniel thanking him, before Alfie gets up.

Back in the Ravens dormitory, Dina and Matti are telling Ellali that her plan had actually worked, adding that Alona is definateley panicking whenever Robbie's around, as Matti says he thought he was the one who made Alona panic. However Ellali expresses that this evidence, still didn't mean that there was any big conspiracy conspiring at the school, guessing that Alona's just having problems at school. Matti however questions it, with Ellali expressing she really doesn't know, then asking what their planning on doing. Dina then exclaims it's time to commence stage 2 of their plan, with Ellali asking whether they really had a stage 2.

Dina begins explaining, talking about the meteor site where she saw Robbie, expressing they must find out what's there, asking whether Ellali would come. However Ellali says she doesn't think she would, adding that she's in the middle of all the suspense surrounding the Israelites and that it's total chaos because they have no king, adding that she's just a consultant in the long run. Matti and Dina then head off.

A night Matti and Dina are out in the grounds and walk up to the meteorite, as Matti begins to have doubts, exclaiming to Dina that maybe their sticking their noses where they don't belong. However Dina tells him to relax, noting their already at the site, with Matti expressing he just doesn't want anyone to find out about this, not wanting expulsion. Dina then expresses that at least Matti had a house and a family to go back to and that if she were to be kicked out, she'd have to go to a boarding school, with Dina then suggesting they should just forget about this. Matti however questions it, saying it's a terrible idea, adding they couldn't forget it, as they then head to the site.

Back at the Ravens dormitory, Ellali is studying for her upcoming bible stories test, looking up and seeing Iftach strumming on his guitar on the sofa. Ellali then sighs. Out in the Greenhouse grounds, Natalie is sitting on a bench, as Alfie walks up behind her and surprises her, adding he owed her one, leaping over the bench and sitting down. Natalie asks him what's up, with Alfie saying nothing, adding he realized something. Natalie asks him what, with Alfie beginning to explain before pausing, Natalie beckons him on, before he kisses her.

At the meteorite site, Dina and Matti have arrived at the main opening to the hole, with Dina adding there's something creepy about the place. Matti then asks her , whether she remembers exactly where Robbie disappeared, with Dina saying she thinks so, adding they should go in further. Just then Ellal shows up from behind the two, explaining that she couldn't just let the two walk around at night alone, adding especially not Matti. The three then venture under the tape, as Marcus sees them from within the hole, on a monitor. Dina then expresses that she believed she saw Robbie around there, just as a shadowy figure shows up.



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