Daria, played by Gaia Tzarfati is a recurring character and a former member of The Sparrows in the third season of The Greenhouse.

Daria Newman The Greenhouse


Daria is a young teenage Israeli girl, with tanned skin, brown eyes and long Hazel-coloured hair that goes down to her shoulders. She's commonly seen wearing a white T-shirt with a birds-eye-view of the sky pattern on it.


Season 3

Daria is first introduced as the leader of a group of juvenile delinquent outcasts, who are living in a hand-made den, on the beach just outside of the Greenhouse grounds. Later it's revealed that Daria is Sophie's cousin, when Sophie goes to her for advice on how to get with Iftach. Daria proves herself to be very manipulative and sneaky as she helps Sophie to finally get with Iftach. She locks Natalie(Sophie's best friend and only competition for Iftach's heart) in a janitor's closet, so that Sophie can kiss Iftach, without Natalie inter-fearing.

After Natalie see's Sophie kissing Iftach, she becomes very sad and downtrodden, having been betrayed by her best friend, and so Daria allows Natalie to hang out with her and her group, getting up to tall sorts of antics. Eventually however it's discovered there was once a third team at the Greenhouse, and when Natalie, Ellali and the gang decide to revive this team, Daria and her group make up the new group. After the gang managed to get this team's clubhouse up to together, Daria announces that she does not want to be part of this group and leaves the Greenhouse. She's last seen heading down the road away from the Greenhouse.


Daria and Sophie

Daria and Natalie