Davidi is a recurring character in the first season of The Greenhouse and the head of the Tela-Aviv Police Force.

The Greenhouse Chief of Police


The Chief of Police is a middle-aged man with pale skin, short grey hair and blue eyes. He's usually seen wearing a light-blue Police-branded Shirt, alongside some dark blue denim jeans.


Season 1

He first appears in the fifth episode of Season 1, where he announces the new member of the Tela-Aviv Police force. next time he appears he is seen asking Arik to do further investigation into the shrapnel business, having found a lead to Daniel Goren.

He's later seen, being given a report by Arik and the new recruit, reporting that the new recruit has broken his arm, also showing he's unhappy that no more further information had been found about the shrapnel incident. During his next appearance, he is seen having a talk to Guri and Arik in his office, with Guri explaining that he's found new information about the shrapnel case, before dismissing Guri.

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