Doughnuts is the fourteenth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering January 24th, 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


Carrying on from the last episode, Marcus notices Dina in the hole's monitor, and goes to alert Judy, pointing at the monitor, showing Dina. Judy asks who it is, with Robbie telling her it's Dina, as Judy asks what she's doing there during the middle of the night. Robbie questions why she's asking him, as he asks whether he should go and take care of her, with Judy saying no, telling Marcus to undergo the standard procedure.

In the morning, Dina is leading Matti down the Greenhouse lawn, with him asking where she's taking him, also adding why it's at 7:00AM in the morning, explaining it messes with his biological clock. Dina then stops, asking him whether he trusted her, with Matti exclaiming he's not so sure after the advice he was given by her to deal with Alona. Dina then begins to explain what happened the night prior, with her explaining that she was there reading a book. Matti then questions the fact she read a book, with Dina admitting she fell asleep, but that a bright light then woke her up and seeing Robbie walking down the path she pointed at.

Dina continues, saying she was blinded by the light but went after him anyway, but then poof he just disappeared. As Matti is still in disbelief, she tells him to come with her , show that she could show him the site. Dina then stops, as Matti asks her why Robbie would be out in that area, with Dina calling it a good question, adding that's the reason she wanted to come back during the day, before continuing on. Matti and Dina then arrive at the comet crash site/opening to the hole, only to find it covered with white and red security tape. Dina questions what it is, exclaiming it wasn't there during the prior day.

In the Eagles bathroom, Natalie is busy doing her hair just as Daniel rocks up, calling her beautiful, while saying good morning. Daniel then hands Natalie a gift, with her asking what it is. Natalie opens it up, to discover a piece of paper, confused as to what it is, with Daniel explaining he though they could start a new chapter together. Daniel goes on, saying he knows he's been a bit of a jerk lately and that he let it all out on her, apologizing to her, adding if she's willing, he'd like a fresh start. Natalie then exclaims she's willing, before hugging Daniel. Natalie then says she hates it when they fight, with Daniel agreeing, with Natalie saying no more of it, as they begin to kiss.

Daniel then pulls out a red marker, with Natalie confused, asking whether it was for the paper, with Daniel correcting her, saying it's on his cast, adding she's the only who hasn't signed it yet, as Natalie sits down to sign it. Natalie draws a heart with her name in it, asking what he thinks of her work, with Daniel saying it's perfect, before hugging with Natalie again. Both Natalie and Daniel then get a message on their Louie, discovering there's a new Eagles vs Ravens challenge about to begin, finding out there's a briefing in 10 minutes. Daniel then announces to the team, it's time to head off to the challenge, with Sophie carrying the same sentiments.

Back at the crash site, Matti receives the message and tells Dina they should be heading back, but Dina stops him saying it's in 10 minutes, as she's in disbelief about the red and white tape, remarking they must of put it up the prior night, after she left, with Matti asking who. Dina exclaims she doesn't know guessing it could of been Robbie, with Matti adding she may of possibly not seen well in the dark, adding the signs looked like they'd been there for a while, but Dina brushes it off, saying she's sure Robbie was there last night. Matti then asks where she saw Robbie, with Dina pointing to the place she saw him.

However Matti adds she may of just seen an animal, adding it was quite far away, also saying there were a variety of foxes and wild boars in the area, but Dina asks him to listen to her, saying they may look similar, but that she could tell the difference between Robbie and a wild boar. Matti then replies by saying, she said herself she'd fallen asleep and that maybe she was dreaming, adding it once happened to him. Matti continues, saying that he once dreamt he'd ate some spoiled cheese, but then woke up, with a stomach ache, just as Dina tries to get him to listen to her, as Matti finishes saying in the end it wasn't a dream. Matti then notices something, asking Dina to wait, with her questioning it, with Matti repeating himself.

Dina ducks under the tape, noticing that she left her book right by the entrance to the hole, out of stress, but that it had disappeared, believing them to have taken the book, and that that proves it. Matti questions it, asking what it proves, guessing it may of been that someone saw her, put up a bunch of signs and decided to treat themselves to her book, with Dina asking if he had a better explanation. Dina then annoyed, says that maybe his friend the wild boar is reading the "Da Vinci Code", Matti then heads off, not wanting to be late for the challenge briefing, with Dina following him. As the two clamber over the white rocks, Matti finds Dina's book, adding that may of been where she left it.

At the Greenhouse cafeteria, Ellali is talking to Alfie about their father, calling him cute and explaining their house was all tidied up as if Mary Poppins had been hired by their father, with Alfie surprised, saying no way. Ellali continues saying he also got rid of all the weird message boards with all of their mother's photos, adding she really thinks Guri has made progress. Iftach then arrives, sitting down and calling their father super cool, having overheard their conversation.

Alfie questions Iftach, as to whether he met their father as well, with Ellali explaining that he accompanied her back to their household, asking what's up with Alfie. Iftach then suggests they get a croissant, getting up to go and get it. Alfie, after seeing how Iftach is acting, asks his sister whether that's the same Iftach who was ignoring her two days ago. Ellali begins to say that first of all that wasn't his business and that secondly, she believes he panicked or something of that manner, but also adds he's fine now. Alfie then tells her to just try and not do something stupid, with Ellali expressing her sudden shock, as Alfie explains he doesn't want Iftach to upset her again.

Ellali then questions whether it's really come to this; her little brother protecting her from boys. Just then Dina and Matti enter the cafeteria, as Dina tries to express to Matti, that she knows she didn't dream it, adding it couldn't be. Matti then sourly adds it's too bad that Dina's bad advice for dealing Alona couldn't just be a dream, with Dina asking him to stop blaming her for what happened, exclaiming that he ruined it himself, having spilled his heart out to her like a bowel of jelly.

Iftach then walks up to the two, asking where the two were, with Dina saying they just went for a walk, with Matti adding they went to go and see the boars, confusing Iftach, who questions the existence of the boars, with Matti explaining their always at their noisiest in the morning and so they wanted to go and see them when they go like that, so they went to see them, as Dina begins to get up and walk away. Robbie then appears in the cafeteria, in a strangely good mood, as he says good morning to everyone.

Robbie then sees Matti and asks what's up, asking whether he had a good time the prior day. Matti explains that he did, calling it a once in a life-time experience, going on saying that seeing it up close like that, before adding he's very interested in astrophysics, as Alona's watching them, before getting up, just as Matti finishes saying it fascinates him.

Elsewhere in the cafeteria, Sophie asks Natalie whether both she and Daniel are okay now, with Natalie saying that she thinks so, with Sophie adding Natalie looks a lot better. Sophie then asks whether she's set all her investigations aside, with Natalie admitting she's been a bit like Sherlock lately, adding it ate her up inside and was ruining her relationship with Daniel. The girls then notice Robbie's strange attitude, with Natalie asking Sophie whether she noticed Robbie's stupid smile, with Sophie expressing she though Natalie was done being Sherlock, with Natalie agreeing, as Sophie expresses she needs Natalie at her best today and that it's her first task as captain and that they couldn't lose it.

Natalie then assures her, that they'll kick the Ravens butts in the challenge, before high-fiving with Sophie. Dina then walks up to the two girls, asking to talk to Natalie, with Natalie asking what she needs to talk to her about, with Dina expressing she has something she needs to talk to her about. Natalie then says she's busy for the moment and then for the next few months, causing Dina to leave. Sophie, curious then asks what that was all about, with Natalie expressing she has no idea. Robbie then announces that Louis is ready to make the challenge announcement, asking everyone to come in.

Louis then arrives in the cafeteria, and begins by saying that Chanukah is coming up, beginning to explain their upcoming, adding it's time to organize the Chanukah dance, causing everyone to clap and cheer. Ellali questions the dance, with Iftach telling her she's got a lot to learn, with Ellali sarcastically asking whether Gershon will dj the dance, and whether Orna will light up the dance floor. Matti then questions whether the dance floor would be for couples, calling it cool, before getting stressed about it, adding he's have to invite someone and get dressed up.

Louis then stops Matti, explaining that this year, they've decided to divide the task between both the Eagles and the Ravens, going onto explain that one team would organize the party, while the other would be on clean-up duty for after the dance, adding he's sure that both teams would prefer to perform the first half of the task. Louis goes onto explain, that to work this out, they'd come up with a challenge, saying that leaders also need to be good marketers and that they need to know how to sell, as he begins to explain the challenge. Louis explains that each team will be given a hundred Chanukah donuts, saying they must come up with a marketing strategy and sell them, adding that the team with the biggest profit at the end of the day would win the challenge and would be able to organize the dance, with the losing team having to clean-up afterwards.

Iftach exclaims how much he loves this kind of challenge, as Louis notifies them that the doughnuts, stands and cash boxes are all in the cars. Iftach tells Ellali not to play it cool, with Louis about to commence the challenge. The teams then all quickly rush off, with Alona staying behind. Robbie notices her and walks over, asking why she's not going with the others, but Alona expresses she's not going anywhere. Robbie then asks her what she wants, with Alona expressing she just wants to talk with him. Robbie tells her they could talk another time and beckons her onwards to her friends.

Alona, however says it's no problem, adding they could talk right next to her friends, Robbie then gives in and tells her to meet him in the gym in 10 minutes. At the Tela-Aviv mall, The Ravens are setting up their Chanukah doughnut stand, with Matti asking whether they could see "Back to the Future" for a dance concept, Dina however expresses she has no idea, what he's talking about.

Matti then begins to explain that the first movie in the trilogy, finishes at a 1950's dance, adding it would be brilliant, telling Dina to not tell him, she's never seen Back to the Future, with Dina expressing she hasn't. Matti then begins to point out the best aspects of the series, with Dina adding it sounds annoying. Ellali then tells Iftach she's playing along with the competition, but asks Iftach to admit how pathetic the competitions are, but Iftach expresses that cleaning up everyone's mess after the dance is even more pathetic, adding they should focus and come up with a plan of action. Ellali questions what he said, saying they'd only have to sell doughnuts two days before Chanukah, adding any third grader could do it.

As the doughnuts are being properly set up, Matti then points out that Alona hasn't joined them, adding it's probably because of him, and that she's probably furious at him, as Dina tells him not to stress it, telling him that not everything revolves around him, adding she may of just had to go somewhere, but Matti's still in disbelief. Seeing the Eagles stand, Dina then calls Natalie a hypocrite, with Matti asking Dina what she did, with Dina saying nothing, adding she asked her to help her, and so she took Natalie to, before pausing as Matti asks where. Dina then covers up, saying she forgot.

Iftach calls over everyone, as Ellali adds it's time to tell them a leader is like a doughnut; round and oily and filled with jam. Iftach however, says she's just nagging him now, as he walks up to the table and begins to explain their game plan. Iftach begins expressing that none of them wanted to cleanup after the party, adding that in that case they must win the challenge, asking round what their plan could be, continuing on saying that the plan is to sell doughnuts and that any third grader could do it, telling them to get to work. Dina then asks Matti what's up with Iftach that day, adding he had the same problem Matti did, in that some girl had messed with his head.

At the Eagles stand, Daniel saunters up to Sophie, asking her whether he could share an idea with her. Sophie expresses he could, adding he should share it with the rest of the team, but Daniel tells her to forget them saying they'd do whatever they'd tell them to do, correcting himself, saying they'd do whatever Sophie tells them. However Sophie expresses she'd like to hear what everyone has to say, but tells him to keep his idea in mind. Sophie then begins to explain that they've got 100 doughnuts to sell for the biggest profit, adding they should get creative asking who wants to start it.

Sophie turns to Daniel, suggesting he should start, but he just says forget about it, with Sophie then asking Ron, believing him to have an idea. Ron begins to explain they could do a "Buy one, Get one Free" idea, adding that if a customer bought a large doughnut, they'd get a small one for free, saying his mother is crazy about those deals. However Daniel calls it a bad idea, explaining they'd waste half their products on freebies and that it means no profit. Sophie then stops him, saying they could develop the idea, with Eitan adding they could offer a prize, saying it always works and that they should give away a lottery ticket with every doughnut, and that the customer could win some sort of prize.

But then Daniel expresses they'd waste all their money on a great prize, asking whether their all done, beginning to explain what he believes they should do. Daniel says they should go and buy some white cloth and markers and put up their stand with a huge sign that reads "Donate to the Needy Children", adding who wouldn't pay a few shekels to feel like they'd done a good deed, and that they'd get a doughnut. However Sophie, says it doesn't feel right to lie, as Daniel tries to express it's just a little white lie and that it wouldn't hurt anybody, adding it's a win-win situation, however Sophie says they should listen to some more ideas and then make a final decision together.

Over at the Ravens stand, one of the Ravens girls hands Iftach the current funds from their Doughnut stand, with him questioning the fact that they'd only received 20 shekels for 6 large doughnuts, adding that they'd said that the large doughnuts would cost 7 shekels each, however the Ravens girl explains that they were told the price was too high, so they lowered the price. Iftach however then reminds her that it's a competition and their not playing fun and games, just as Ellali tries attract customers to their stand, expressing their doughnuts are the best they'd ever taste, explaining the doughnuts best qualities.

Iftach then walks up to Ellali and Dina and asks Dina to go and see how the Eagles are doing, before Dina heads off. Ellali then questions why Iftach would care about what the Eagles are doing, with Iftach explaining he wanted to know how many doughnuts the Eagles have sold, a customer then walks up to their stand asking how much their doughnuts cost. Ellali then tells Iftach to watch her, with Ellali telling the customer there isn't a price, with the customer puzzled, asking what she meant. Ellali explains that she should take it, eat and enjoy it and then pay them whatever they believe is appropriate. The two customers then bite into their doughnuts, and say their good, with one of them handing Ellali a couple of shekels, giving it to Matti, who places it in their fund bag.

Iftach then calls Ellali a genius, just as Dina arrives back expressing that the Eagles hadn't even started selling yet, explaining their just standing there and talking, with Iftach jokingly adding they could buy a dustpan and broom on their way back. Matti then notifies Iftach that he's got an idea for the Hanukah dance if they win the challenge, with Iftach questioning what he meant by "If they Win", with Matti correcting himself, saying when they win. Matti then begins to explain his idea, saying he was thinking of a 1950's dance, just like in the "Back to the Future" series, adding it could be a homage to the series, with costumes, before being interrupted by Iftach.

Iftach then asks where Alona is, adding he hasn't seen her all day, with Matti explaining she didn't come, saying it may of been because of him. However Matti then says it may not actually be his fault, looking at Dina. Back at the Greenhouse gym, Alona is waiting in the bleachers of the Eagles Basket ball court, as Robbie walks up to her.

Robbie sits down next to Alona, as she exclaims she couldn't sleep the prior night, with Robbie expressing he hoped it was because she was too proud to sleep, adding she did a brilliant job. However Alona explains that she couldn't sleep, because she was too ashamed of what she had done, adding that she'd betrayed the Space Agencies trust, having been invited as a guest. Robbie tells Alona not to worry about it, explaining that people would thank her for what she did, adding it's over and done with. Alona then asks what Robbie's going to do now with the code he obtained, with Robbie telling her it's no longer her concern, exclaiming that she's done her part and asking her to let the professionals do their job. Robbie then informs her, he's going to send her to her friends via cab, so that she could join them before the challenge is over, however Alona apologizes, saying she couldn't and that she's going call the Space Agency and tell them everything she did, before it's too late.

Robbie then angrily asks her whether she's nuts, questioning whether she thinks it's just a game, before asking who she thinks she's dealing with. Robbie expresses how serious he is, that he doesn't want to hear another word about this from her, but Alona says she just couldn't, before heading off. As Alona walks off, Robbie calls after her, asking where she thinks she's going. Back at the mall, at the Eagles stand, Ron says they should start selling, noting that the Ravens had already started ages ago.

Sophie, however says that first they must decide what to do and that then they'd start, asking Natalie whether she has any ideas as to what to do. Natalie then expresses, that she actually hates doughnuts and that it would be hard for her to come up with a way to sell them, with Eitan confused, asking how she could possibly hate doughnuts, as Natalie explains that each doughnut is 500 calories, calling it poison, just as Ron exclaims he love's that poison. Natalie then comes up with an idea, explaining they should set up a tread-mill and let their customers run for an hour in order to burn off the calories. Sophie expresses her curiosity in the idea, with Natalie trying to express to her, she was just kidding, with Sophie asking whether the doughnuts really are 500 cal, with Natalie expressing that the big ones are, with Sophie then questioning whether the smaller ones have 200 cals, as Natalie says something like that.

Sophie then comes up with an idea, with Ron asking what it is, as Sophie begins to explain her idea. She explains that they could market the smaller doughnuts as healthy doughnuts, being the same flavour but less fattening. Eitan then questions what good that would be, with Sophie adding that people would pay much more for healthy food and that that is how it works. Ron then asks about the big doughnuts, as Sophie says they'd use them as bait, adding they could sell them cheaply for about 3 shekels and the healthy small ones for 12 shekels each, asking everyone's opinion of her plan. But Daniel, however questions whether people would be stupid enough to pay 4 times more for something a lot smaller, with Sophie then expressing that's what good marketing is all about, asking whether they'd ever visited a gourmet restaurant, adding that the dishes are tiny, but people would pay an arm and a leg and still end up leaving hungry.

Natalie believes it to be a good idea, with Sophie beginning to commence it, sending off Dana and Gali to go and buy plastic wrap and ribbons, then telling Ron and Eitan to go and buy some poster paper and markers and that they'd set up the stand. Natalie says to Daniel, that he must admit it's a good idea, but Daniel believes it to be dumb. Back at the Greenhouse, Alona runs to her locker in the Ravens dormitory.

Alona unlocks her locker, then opening up her Louie, making a search for the Israeli Space Agency, getting their phone number and then calling them, wedging her Louie in her ear. Robbie then arrives on the scene, having called Alona's mother, asking how she is. Alona's mother asks whether everything's ok, with Robbie saying everything is fine, and that it is definitely fine, as if to blackmail Alona. Robbie explains to her mother, that he just wanted to wish her a happy holiday and that he wanted to tell her how proud they are of her daughter; Alona. Robbie then replies saying that they knew she's an only child and that their very proud of her and that he is too, adding she's a star pupil at the school, before hanging up and putting his Louie away. Alona then gets through to the Space Agency on her Louie, but is forced to hang up.

Back at the mall, Ellali hands a doughnut to a little boy, giving him another one on the house. At the Eagles stand, the Eagles are trying to advertise, exclaiming the healthy doughnuts are only 200 calories, and only 3 shekels for a large one, but to no avail. At the Ravens stand, one of the girls reports that the Eagles are trying to sell the small doughnuts for 12 shekels each, causing everyone to laugh, as Iftach exclaims good luck to them, remarking their so greedy. Back at the Eagles stand Ron holds out a doughnut, exclaiming it's only 200 calories, as Sophie asks Ron how many doughnuts they've sold. Ron reports, that they've only sold one and that was to Eitan's sister, who happened to pass by.

Natalie then sees Daniel talking to man, explaining their cause is for the homeless children, adding they don't have money and that their selling these Chanukah doughnuts to help raise money and that instead of a donation slip, they'd get a doughnut, just as Natalie asks him what he's doing. Daniel expresses the fact that he didn't want to clean-up after the dance and that he wouldn't let Sophie mess up the challenge, but Natalie then expresses he couldn't just go and do this behind Sophie's back with an idea she didn't like, with Daniel questioning what her problem was, adding he thought they were done fighting, with Natalie annoyed, saying she also though they were done lying.

Natalie then tells the man Daniel was talking to, that what Daniel said was not the truth, explaining their not fundraising. Back at the Ravens stand, Iftach says good afternoon to a customer, who's just arrived. The customer asks how much three of the doughnuts are, with Iftach telling him, their 21 shekels. However the man, expresses his dismay, having only 10 shekels, but Iftach takes the money anyway, saying that's ok and wishing him a happy holiday, as the man thanks them for doughnuts and everyone wishes him a happy holiday. Iftach and Matti then high-five in celebration of getting 228 shekels, also high-fiving Ellali, as she exclaims it all worked out in the end, adding there's no need for stress, speeches or outrageous prices.

Back at the Eagles stand, Alfie tries to sell a doughnut to a passer-by, adding the doughnuts are delicious. Natalie then stops two girls, who are walking by in work-out gear, as Natalie asks whether they'd just finished working out, asking how they are, before asking if they'd like a healthy doughnut, taking a tray and expressing their only 200 cals.

Back at the Greenhouse cafeteria, Iftach is stood up, being asked by Louie what the Ravens strategy for selling doughnuts was, with Iftach explaining that at one point it was spontaneous, but that Ellali had come up with the idea of not setting a price, but instead let the customers decide how much to pay, adding it worked well, with Louis complementing the idea, calling it risk, but original. Louis then asks the Eagles, what their strategy was, with Sophie beginning to explain that it took them a while to come up with something, but that then they decided to market the smaller doughnuts as healthy doughnuts and a better quality product, adding they'd packaged them nicely and marketed them as 200 calories and that that way they could sell them for more. Louis then asks how it worked.

Sophie continues, saying it didn't work at first, but that then two girls came by after finishing their workout and that they tried it, loved it and called their friends from the training centre and that they then called their friends, finishing by saying that within 20 minutes, they'd managed to sell all the small doughnuts, with Louis asking about the larger doughnuts. Sophie explains they were the bait, admitting they ate them on the way back themselves. Louis expresses his proudness, explaining that both teams chose unconventional, gutsy approaches to the challenge, adding they should find out how much each team earned, asking Iftach first. Iftach then announces they got 228 shekels, with Louis then asking Sophie, who says they have 50 times 12. 600 shekels, with Louis then announcing the Eagles as the winners, as they hug in celebration. Dina over at the Ravens table, then says their done for, with Matti displaying his dismay at having no 1950's party.

In the Raven's dormitory, Alona is watching the Israeli national news, with a report on the latest Israeli Space disaster, in an interview with Boaz Devore, who expresses his dismay, as he announces that at 9:07 they lost contact with the Binyamin satellite, adding how tragic the day was for the Israeli Space Agency and that years of work had been lost, with the interviewer asking whether it's been discovered if it was an act of terrorism, with Boaz expressing their looking into it, as Alona watches on in guilt



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