Eeny Meany is the forty second episode of the first season of The Greenhouse, premiering March 26th, 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Alona has just poked out of nearby bush, having just seen Dina and Matti walking by. She then quickly ducks back behind the bush as two Eagles boys walk by, proclaiming Daniel as a star, sitting down as they compliment Daniel on his ability during the game.

As the two boys chat about the game, Alona creeps up behind them and manages to pocket one of their Louies. Just then Robbie walks up to the two boys, asking them what the final score of the game was, with the boys revealing that it was 20. In response Robbie congratulates them, adding that they could tell that Daniel was back, with the boys agreeing. Robbie then proclaims they'd scored one more win, before heading off. However he stops for a moment, having heard something.

Suspecting Alona, Robbie manages to catch sight of her in a bush and searches through the branches. Amy then walks up to Robbie, exclaiming that he wouldn't believe what she had to tell him; being that the group had misled her and that they had sent her to wait at a beach for no reason. Robbie, surprised says what, as Amy continues saying that she had waited by the palm tree like an idiot. Robbie in response asks what palm tree she was talking about, as if in disbelief.

Amy then explains that Ellali and co had obviously found out that she was eavesdropping on the conversation that they had. However Robbie then tells her that he didn't have time to listen to her and telling her that when she had something important to report she should come and update him, but otherwise she should try and spare him the details. Amy then begrudgingly says ok, as she heads off.

After Amy had left, Robbie carefully examines the nearby bushes believing that he had seen Alona, before racing round the corner. In the locker rooms of the Eagles dormitory, Natalie and Alfie are sitting together, with Natalie telling him that she wanted them to go someplace after the whole ordeal had concluded, with Alfie asking if she had meant it.

Natalie confirms that she did, explaining that she'd just like them to go someplace; being just the two of them in a quiet and beautiful place. In response Alfie suggests they could head up to Golan Heights with a couple of sleeping bags. Natalie then however says they could make up sleeping bags, before the two kiss. Just then Daniel takes a towel and heads into one of the shower cubicles.

After seeing Daniel, Alfie asks Natalie whether she thinks that Daniel was upset with him, however Natalie says she doesn't know, suggesting that Daniel could be upset about something else. Just then Robbie arrives in the locker rooms, asking Alfie and Natalie what's up. Natalie says hi and notifies Robbie that he had missed a great game, as he searched a toilet cubicle, before responding by saying that he'd hear. Just then Daniel comes out of having his shower, just as Robbie tells Natalie that her boyfriend was a real winner, before asking where he was.

Daniel then walks out into the locker rooms, with Natalie notifying him that Robbie had just arrived to say hello. Daniel in response asks how Robbie is, as Robbie calls him a star while patting him on the shoulder. Robbie then walks over to the window, with Natalie then concerned, asking whether everything was alright and whether he was looking for something, however Robbie brushes it off, saying he's not looking for anything.

Robbie then heads off, with Natalie calling the confrontation weird. Alfie then asks Natalie what her brother was looking for, just as Daniel asks whether the pair are coming to Galapagos, with Alfie saying he is. However Natalie tells Daniel that she needed to talk to Daniel for a moment, telling him that she'd meet him at Galapagos, with Alfie then saying fine.

Back at Galapagos, Matti and Dina are checking out the live feed from the bugged handbag, Judy was carrying around, with Matti calling the quality of the picture sharp. Dina then remarks that if there was a noble prize for planting cameras inside of handbags Matti would win it for sure. Matti then tells Dina to focus on where Judy was heading, with Dina noting that the place Judy's heading is where she'd seen Robbie disappear.

Matti then adds that it was also where the park ranger had attacked Dina, with Dina pondering how they couldn't of figured out that it was the conspirators secret hideout. Matti then says that they'd see it all live. They then see Judy placing her hand on a wall near to the Hole, seeing the entrance open up. Dina in response asks Matti whether he had seen it, as he calls it incredible, while noting that the wall moved. Dina then notices that it was dug underground. Matti, after looking around a bit more, loses the feed.

Dina asks him what happened, with Matti revealing that he didn't know, suggesting that something was preventing the broadcast. Back in the Eagles dormitory, Natalie begins to say that firstly she didn't get a chance to thank Daniel for everything that he'd done for her. Daniel then questions whether that was all she wanted to talk about, saying it was fine and suggesting they head off. However Natalie asks him to sit down, before heading off.

Daniel then sits down beside Natalie, as she reveals to him that she had something else to tell him, asking him not to get mad when she tells him. Daniel curious asks what it is, with Natalie then revealing that she had watched his basket ball game earlier and that she had noticed something, with Daniel then guessing she noticed how good he was, prompting Natalie to add he was also very humble. Natalie then says that she had seen the way he had been looking at Ellali.

Confused, Daniel asks for clarification, with Natalie explaining that it was right after he'd scored one of his amazing baskets, adding that she had know that look. However, Daniel is still confused and asks what it was all about, declaring that he still didn't get where she was going with it. Natalie then reveals that she wasn't going anywhere with it and that she just wanted Daniel to be happy, asking Daniel whether he knew that.

However Daniel expresses that he and Ellali were just working together and that it wasn't anything else. Natalie then says that regardless it was nice to see Daniel's eyes light up in the way that they did, telling him to keep that light turned on. Daniel then reveals that Ellali had gotten together with Iftach anyway, but Natalie assures that he would be able to manage. Daniel then tells Natalie that she's incredible, being that even after all the craziness with her brother and his mom and that she still manages to notice what his glances meant. In response Natalie says that they were meant to be after all, before the two of them hug each other.

In the Hole, Judy has arrived and is asking Boris how a 15 year-old "brat" could manage to escape the dump that they'd sent her to and manage to land herself in Israel without them noticing her. Boris then reports that he'd talked with his people in Minsk and said that they hadn't known either. Unimpressed, Judy asks what good that'd do her.

Judy continues, exclaiming that she'd like to know what Alona's parents would have to say after they had just received a large pay cheque to leave the country, but Boris reveals that Alona's parents had had no clue about her departure, adding that she'd taken her father's credit card, alongside her passport and had just gotten on a plane to Israel. Judy then questions how Boris' men could of left a passport behind for Alona to find, calling them idiots and adding that Alona could bury them with everything that she knew.

Boris then gets Judy to try and think what'd happen next, explaining that Alona had written to her parents about the fact that she'd missed her friends, adding that Alona would probably show up there. After hearing what Boris had to say, Judy exerts that finding Alona would be their number 1 priority and that she wanted him to hunt Alona down like Bambi. In response Boris then says that the Bambi movie had made him cry. Hearing her phone ringing, Judy picks it up, questioning what Robbie had wanted now.

Judy then answers Robbie's call, asking him what he wanted. Judy then comes off the phone having been told that Robbie had seen Alona. Boris , intrigued asks what's wrong, with Judy then revealing that Robbie had seen Alona 10 minutes prior near the basket ball court. Eager to get the job done, Boris says he'll go and find Alona, taking his gun out. However Judy then tells Boris to get real, as he couldn't just walk around the Greenhouse and especially not with a gun. Judy after looking over at Marcus, get's an idea and calls Robbie back.

In Louis' office, Robbie has arrived reporting to his father that he'd already managed to find a replacement for Marcus. Robbie explains that he had already read the guys resume and that it seemed like the guy was a perfect fit for the role, then going onto explain the different technical skills that the candidate had, including electronics, computers, electricity and engineering, but is stopped by his father before he could finish. Louis then just asks Robbie to bring the candidate in.

Robbie then calls Boris into the office, with Boris then emerging through the doors of the office. Boris then approaches Louis at his desk, expressing that it was nice to meet him, while holding out his hand. Louis in response welcomes him to the Greenhouse and shakes his hand. Back in the science lab, Dina, Ellali and Matti are sitting at Matti's laptop, just as they manage to get the reception back.

In response, the rest of the team gather around Matti's laptop to see the live feed. Upon seeing the feed, Alfie notices the area, expressing that they had been to the area a variety of times and ponders how they couldn't of seen the revolving wall. Confused, Ellali says that she didn't understand it. Sophie then chimes in, asking Ellali whether it was her mother that had discovered the meteorite, with Ellali confirming her suspicions.

Sophie then exclaims that the connection they had been looking for was the fact that Ellali's mother had found the meteorite. Confused, Ellali asks her what she was talking about, with Sophie then explaining that both the place and the meteorite was what had connected Daniel's mother; Judy to Ellali's mum Naomi. Alfie having heard what Sophie had just said, asks her whether she really thought that his mother had known about the secret cave, with Sophie then nodding her head.

Ellali, however denies it saying there'd be no way that could be the case, but Daniel then chimes in telling Ellali that she shouldn't of been so sure about it, as her mother may of built the cave. Ellali, confused asks what he was talking about. Iftach then says that he agrees with Daniel, as had the cave of been built just the year prior, they would of noticed it there. Matti then corrects Iftach, saying that the question was actually when was the cave built without anyone in the Greenhouse knowing about it.

Natalie then adds that she was sure her father didn't know about the cave, just as Daniel realizes something about the gym. Ellali, intrigued asks him what he's talking about, with Daniel then revealing that his mother had donated a large sum of money for the basket ball court to be built. Dina then understands what he was getting at, as Alfie expresses that he didn't get it. Dina then explains that the meteor site was located directly below the gym, with Daniel then adding that the construction project had been a decoy.

Daniel then goes on saying that they had had a ton of cranes and equipment there so that they could dig underground without anyone noticing. In response Natalie calls it ingenious, prompting Ellali and co to give her a strange look, before Natalie clarifies that she meant it was ingenious on Judy's part, then expressing that she wasn't hypnotized. Alfie then exerts that wasn't any way his and Ellai's mother could be a part of it, as they'd have known about it. However Daniel then brings up the point of them not knowing what his mother was up to.

Ellali then says that she didn't know, but that what they did know was that Judy had walked in and out of the wall. Matti then chimes in, saying that they knew something else as well, being that they knew there was something about the wall that made it strong enough to disrupt the reception of the live feed. Natalie then suggests it could of been the magnetic field that both Judy and Marcus were talking about, with Matti hen agreeing, with Dina then adding that they knew how to access the cave as well.

Back at the Tela-Aviv Police headquarters, Guri is on the phone, posing as Yossi Perache's assistant, notifying the jeweller that Perache had lost his receipt for the watch he'd purchased in the jeweller's store and then asks the jeweller to check the date of purchase for the watch Perache had bought. Guri then re-confirms the name of Yossi Perache for the jeweller, with him then finding out the watch had been bought on October 4th.

Guri then thanks the jeweller for their help and puts the phone down, before looking something up on his computer. Guri then calls for Arik after finding something, with Arik then rocking up, jokingly saying "Yes doctor?", before sitting down. Guri then reveals that his suspicions had been correct and that the watch wasn't fake and that Perache had bought it on October 4th of the current year. Arik then questions whether Guri was still hung up on the whole watch fiasco, asking whether Guri was really that bored.

Arik then asks Guri whether he wanted him to suggest a good novel for him, just as Guri asks him to listen to what he had to say, explaining that Perache was almost burnt to death during the explosion of his police car, as Arik beckons Guri to continue. Guri continues saying that two days later, Perache had just happened to purchase 20,000 dollar watch. Arik then questions what he had known, suggesting that Perache could of gotten a new lease on life and that he'd just wanted to treat himself. Guri then comes up with the possibility that someone could of paid Perach to be involved with the accident.

Arik in response to what Guri had just said, asks him to listen to him, expressing to him that his job was to catch criminals and not to waste time on investigating their own people, before heading off. Back in the science lab, Iftach points out that the wall obviously read Judy's fingerprints. After seeing Judy access the cave through the live feed, Sophie calls it a bummer, before Matti says it maybe unless, with Dina then curious asking what Matti was talking about.

Matti then explains that if they could manage to somehow retrieve Judy's fingerprints, his 3D printer could easily print out a latex copy of the fingerprint, expressing that it should work. Dina then jokes that she had taught Matti everything he knew, before Iftach asks how they could retrieve the fingerprints. Daniel then suggests they use Judy's old handbag, as they still had it from the switch, with Ellali then calling him a genius, as Natalie remarks she'd taught him everything he knew.

Iftach then reveals that he had kept the handbag in his locker, saying that he'd head off and retrieve it, with Sophie telling him not to touch it, before Iftach says duh. Dina then states that the team was pretty good at what their doing. Back in the Ravens dormitory, Robbie and Boris arrive, with Robbie introducing Boris as Marcus' replacement. Robbie then introduces Boris to the Ravens clubhouse, offering to show him around.

One of the Raven girls, then asks what had happened to Marcus, as Robbie shows Boris the locker rooms. Boris then heads into the locker rooms, searching the lockers and the two cubicles, before signalling Robbie to head out of the dormitory. Just as they head out, Iftach arrives in the dorm. Once the two had left, Iftach asks the girls who the guy with Robbie was, with them revealing that he was Marcus' replacement. Iftach then heads off to his locker, just as Amy gets up from her seat.

Amy then walks over to Iftach, letting him know that he had kind regards, as he unlocks his locker. In response Iftach asks who the kind regards are from, with Amy then telling him they were from the crooked palm tree, stating that he knew which one it was. However Iftach just brushes it off, stating that he didn't know what she was talking about. In response Amy then says whatever, with Iftach then having found what he was looking for, telling her that he didn't have time for Amy's nonsense.

Amy then remarks that that was too bad as she had something that he maybe interested in, but Iftach remarks that he'd doubt it. Amy then says that if Iftach told her what was in the bag, she'd tell him what Robbie was really looking for, but Iftach now annoyed just pushes past her and heads off, as Amy claims he's making a big mistake. Back at the Police headquarters, Arik is talking with the chief.

Arik is explaining that when the chief gave Guri his job back, he had asked him, if he thought Guri was alright to continue doing his job, with Arik then saying yes. The chief intrigued, asks what it has to do with anything, with Arik then revealing that he now believed he was wrong in his decision and that Guri's paranoia was starting to worry him again. The chief asks Arik why he thought this, with Arik explaining that he thought something was back, with the chief guessing he meant Naomi. However Arik reveals he had meant something much worse.

Arik then reveals to the chief, that Guri had somehow convinced himself that Perache was taking bribes. The chief in shock, asks Arik what he's talking about, as Arik expresses that he thought it was just nonsense, but that Guri wouldn't let it go, being that he wouldn't listen to him and that he's beginning to be obsessive. Arik then expresses that he felt bad to put it all on his chief, and that it was his own fault. However, the chief assures him it was okay and that he understood, notifying Arik that he'd keep an eye on Guri, as Arik apologizes.

The chief then asks what Arik was sorry for, suggesting he was sorry for doing his job, then revealing that he had had his doubts from the beginning and that he just really wanted to believe that Guri had changed, but then concluding that unfortunately people didn't change. At the gym, Alona arrives in the toilet and takes a sip of water from the nearby water fountain.

Alona then heads into one of the cubicles, just as Boris and Robbie arrive in the room. Boris goes to look down the first corridor, just as Robbie says that Alona would be too smart to hide in the bathroom, but Boris then tells him that just because Alona had managed to get away from him, doesn't mean she was that smart. Boris then ducks down to peer under each of the cubicle doors to look for Alona, but to no avail with Robbie telling him that he had told him so.

Alona then chuckles in celebration, but alerts Boris and Robbie as they head out of the room and Boris creeps up to the cubicle she was hiding in, then karate chopping the door open, as Alona then escapes out of the opposite cubicle. Boris and Robbie then head out after her. Alona then quickly runs down the gym corridor and out of the block, with Robbie and Boris fast on her track.

Alona then makes her way into the main block and heads past the stair-case. Boris and Robbie then arrive in the main block, but have managed to lose Alona, as Robbie asks where Alona ran off to. Boris says he didn't know, but heads straight down the corridor. Alona then reappears from behind the stairs and quietly walks up them. In his computer lab, Matti is using his 3D printer to create a print of Judy's fingerprint.

Back in the science lab, Sophie has seconds thoughts saying that it could be dangerous to head into the cave, saying that no one really knew what was in the cave. But Natalie then asks Sophie if she had a better idea about what to do. Sophie then says that she didn't know, suggesting they head to the police, but Ellali then brushes off the idea, sarcastically acting out what would happen, with Dina playing along too. Sophie then gets the point, as Matti then unveils the 3D print of the fingerprint.

Matti then asks who'd go out to the cave, with Daniel offering himself to go , with Ellali agreeing. However Iftach then stops them, saying that he thinks he should go instead, but Daniel doesn't agree expressing that it's better that he head out as, because if his mother caught them, it'd be better if it was him that she met. However Iftach was still unsure, explaining that he could always just pretend that he ended up at the cave by mistake. Daniel in response says he didn't know, as he really wanted to do it, with Iftach returning the same sentiments.

The two then look to Ellali, who asks them why their looking at her, with Daniel explaining that as she had started it, Ellali should get to choose who went to the cave, between himself and Iftach. Back at the police headquarters, Guri is busy reading a file , being the police report by Arik on the whole shrapnel case. Arik then gets up, having read the report, telling Arik that it was him. Arik in response asks what he's talking about.

Guri then reveals that he believed Arik had sent Perache to blow the car up, explaining that Perach wasn't smart enough to blow the car up by himself, meaning that he must of worked for Arik. Arik then questions Guri as to whether he was even listening to himself, as Guri call himself an idiot as he'd listened to all of Arik's lies, then suggesting that Arik had also sent the assassin to the memorial ceremony as well.

Guri then asks Arik who he was working for, with Arik just bluntly saying he was working for the police, adding that Guri needed to see a psychiatrist. Guri then asks Arik to give him the letter, that he'd given him. Confused, Arik asks what letter Guri was talking about. Guri then expresses that it was Naomi's letter to him and asks Arik to give it back. Arik then further re-iterates his question, asking what letter Guri was talking about.

Guri then angrily re-iterates he was talking about the letter Naomi had given to him, asking Arik to give it to him. Irritated, Guri tries to use force to get the letter off of Arik, with Arik trying to order Guri to get off of him, while calling him a psycho. Guri tries to frantically search Arik's cubicle for the letter, but Arik holds onto him, with help from another officer. The chief then arrives on the scene, asking what's going on.

The chief then orders both Arik and Guri into his office, as one of the officers manages to break up the fight between Guri and Arik. Back in the science lab at the Greenhouse, Ellali expresses it really wasn't that hard to choose between the two boys, suggesting they just use rock, paper, scissors or something of that manner. Daniel then raises his fist in position for rock, paper, scissors, but Iftach doesn't want to do it.

Daniel tries to beckon Iftach to do it, but Iftach explains that a decision as important as that one, couldn't be just left up to chance. Ellali, annoyed says that was fine, but that she didn't want to be the one who decided between the two of them, heading off. Iftach then explains to Daniel that the operation was started by the Ravens and that he was their captain, so in which case he'd get to go. Annoyed, Daniel asks Iftach whether he was serious about it, exclaiming that Iftach hadn't even been in the loop until they'd decided to let him in.

In response Iftach asks Daniel to try and not make him say something that he wouldn't like to hear. In anger, Daniel then sarcastically says that he's shaking in his boots, beckoning Iftach to say what he had to say. Sophie then tries to split up the fight, but Iftach keeps going expressing that the fact Daniel had started to suddenly act like a saint doesn't mean that they had forgotten how he'd acted throughout the year. However Daniel then says that he hadn't asked Iftach to forget anything.

Daniel then continues, saying that then he could make up for what he did that year, then asking Iftach once again to play rock, paper, scissors with him, in order to decide who goes in. Iftach then looks to Ellali, before giving in and getting into position. The two boys then each throw their moves, with Iftach getting scissors and Daniel getting rock. In response, Iftach sarcastically calls it great, with Daniel then mocking Iftach's maturity.

Ellali then announces the result, being that Daniel was going to go into the cave, then asking when the best time to do it was. Natalie then says the sooner the better, tellin g Daniel to pretend that he's going on his morning run, with Daniel agreeing. Matti then notifies Daniel that he'd meet him by the entrance to the cave at 6 AM in order to give Daniel the stickers. Daniel then says great, getting up and walking round to Ellali while Alfie wishes him good luck.

Daniel then tells Ellali that he wouldn't be coming back to the hideout until he had found out how her mother was connected to all of the weird goings on, with Ellali then wishing him good luck, before the two hug. Daniel then heads out. Back at the Police headquarters, Arik and Guri are in the Chief's office.

Arik then expresses to the Chief, that he didn't have a clue what Guri had wanted from him, with Guri then expressing that Arik was a traitor, being that he had sent the assassin to kill the Prime Minister during the memorial day event. In response, the Chief asks what Guri was talking about. Guri then continues, saying that while he knew it sounded insane, it was true and that Perache was also working and that who knew who else would be doing so.

The Chief then looks to Arik and tells Guri that he should take a few days off, asking him to head home and take a rest. However, Guri then asks whether the Chief was even listening to what he had to say, that he was telling them that there was a mole in the police department and then questioning the fact that all the Chief had to say was "Take a few days off". Arik then tells Guri that he had to take care of himself, but Guri tells Arik not to touch him, angrily asking Arik for the letter back.

Curious, the Chief asks about the letter, with Guri then revealing that his wife; Naomi had written him a letter before she died and that he had never opened or read it, as well as the fact that he'd given Arik his letter for safekeeping. The Chief then questions the fact that Guri's wife had given him a letter, but that he'd never read it. However, Arik tries to cover up, telling the Chief that he swore he never had any letter, proclaiming that Guri was hallucinating.

Guri then violently latches onto Arik, exclaiming that he should be ashamed of himself, calling a piece of crap. The Chief then intervenes pulling Guri off of Arik, then asking Guri to listen to him, stating the fact that they'd given Guri a chance and that he'd wasted it, then telling Guri to leave his gun and badge at the station and then head home, expressing that he didn't want to see his face there again..

In Matti's Computer lab, Alona has arrived and is tapping away on a keyboard, then getting up and examining some of the equipment in the room. She then bends down under Matti's worktop and finds some food, spitting it out once she had realized what it was. Alona then takes the Louie out of her bag. Back in the Ravens dormitory, everyone's asleep, just as Iftach awakes.

Iftach sneaks out of bed, getting his shoes on and gets up walking over to Matti's bedside, just as Amy begins to enter the Ravens dormitory. She peeps her head through the bedroom door, watching Iftach take the 3D fingerprint from Matti's bag, before heading off. Iftach tucks the fingerprint into his pocket and heads off. Just then Matti receives the text Alona had sent, however he does not pick up as he is asleep. In response Alona puts down the Louie, just as she hears a knock at the door.

Alona cautiously approaches the door, asking whether it was Matti. However when she opens the door, she discovers Amy standing there who says surprise. Outside at the Cave, Iftach approaches with the 3D print, ducking under the security tape and taking the 3D fingerprint out and pressing it against the nearby wall, opening the entrance to the cave. Iftach then quickly heads in, quietly sneaking down the stairs, with someone then knocking him out.



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