Ellali and Iftach are one of the main couples within The Greenhouse.

The Greenhouse Ellali and Iftach


Season 1

Ellali and Iftach are both very interested in music and have both been shown to enjoy similar sorts of interests, which is ultimately why they are so close within the series. It's shown throughout the series that Iftach has huge admiration for Ellali, even going as far as to try and protect her mother Naomi, from being murdered by Ze'ev and his men by trying to break up Team Galapagos.

However their relationship has been shown to be rocky throughout the series, especially when Ellali starts to work with Daniel on an investigation of the weird going's on around the Greenhouse. He starts to get suspicious of what they're doing, eventually confronting Ellali about it and getting to work on it with them. One major factor of this rocky relationship was also Amy. It turned out Amy was an old girlfriend of Iftach's from Britain, when she showed up at the Greenhouse, she drives a wedge in their relationship, however Iftach soon gains the courage to dump her.

Season 2

In Season 2 , when Ellali begins to date Daniel and eventually joins the Eagles, Iftach becomes a bit of a love sick puppy, desperately trying to make an attempt to win her back, all however are in vain. Throughout the season, when working together in order to help stop the bad guys, Ellali get's confronted a lot by Iftach, much to her chagrin. However in the end, Daniel realises that Ellali's meant to be with Iftach and sends her back to him.

Season 3

In the third season of the show, Iftach gives Ellali a hard time, trying to be his girlfriend, especially when Ellali is sent to an mental relaxation centre at the start of the series and Iftach begins to get closer to Natalie. Later Iftach joins a military like cadets boot camp, in which Ellali joins him. Throughout this process, Ellali finds it hard to keep up with Iftach and his boot camp team mates, having to be picked up on a lot of exercises.

During the finale of the season, Iftach helps Ellali, by working with Daniel to stop Ze'ev from destroying the Israeli Space Shuttle. In the end however, Ellali ends up with Daniel and therefore disbands the relationship with Iftach, who instead gets into a relationship with Natalie.

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