Emanoel Bloch, played by David Tetro is a member of the Ravens and a main character in the third season of The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse Emanoel


Emanoel is a young Israeli man, with dark brown curly hair, blue eyes and flesh skin. He's usually seen wearing a Ravens Red T-shirt, with pea-green coloured shorts, or is seen wearing a grey Ravens T-shirt. Later in the Season 3.5 he shaves his hair off and becomes bold.


Season 3

Emanoel makes his first appearance towards the start of Season 3, where he's introduced as a new student, being placed in the Ravens Team. He's shown in the entry exam and quickly befriends Natalie, who at that time had already transferred to the Ravens. After managing to get in, Natalie introduces him to the rest of the Ravens, who all give him a warm welcome into the team as he shakes their hands.


Emanoel and Dina

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