Emma Geller, played by Aviv Buchler is a member of The Ravens and a main character in Greenhouse Academy.

Emma Geller 2


Emma is a young teenage girl, with long dark brown curly hair, brown eyes and tanned skin. She's commonly seen wearing an blue and white Raven's polo shirt, but has also been seen wearing a black and white t-shirt featuring a diamond pattern and a blue Raven's jacket with a white t-shirt on underneath. She is also seen wearing a yellow, patterned dress, alongside a bow with the same pattern during the Season 1 of Greenhouse Academy in the episodes "Great Scott" and "LDR". During her appearance in Season 2, Episode 12 (Home) she is seen wearing a pastel, light blue skirt matched with a short sleeved blouse that has a floral pattern of poppies.


Emma has been shown to be intelligent, but also very geeky at times. She's seen to value her friendships with her fellow Ravens as expressed when she says she'd take a lie-detector test to help prove Jackie innocent, after she was accused of stealing a park ranger's gun.


Season 1

Season 2


Emma and Max

She is liked by Maximillion Miller, but she rejects him after asked to attend the Halloween Dance with her during the Greenhouse fashion show.



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