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I’d save my family without even thinking twice about it. [...] But my mother should? My mother is just a waitress, but she sacrificed everything so I can get into the Greenhouse. Doesn't her hard work also make her a valuable member of society worthy to be saved?
Emma to Suzanne in Swimming Lessons

Emma Geller, played by Aviv Buchler (in seasons 1 & 2) and Dana Melanie (in seasons 3 & 4) is a member of The Ravens and a main character in Greenhouse Academy. She is the American counterpart to Alona Berger.


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Emma is a young teenage girl, with dark brown curly hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. She's commonly seen wearing a blue and white Raven's polo shirt, but has also been seen wearing a black and white t-shirt featuring a diamond pattern and a blue Raven's jacket with a white t-shirt on underneath. She is also seen wearing a yellow, patterned dress, alongside a bow with the same pattern during the Season 1 of Greenhouse Academy in the episodes "Great Scott" and "LDR". During her appearance in Season 2, Episode 12 (Home) she is seen wearing a pastel, light blue skirt matched with a short-sleeved blouse that has a floral pattern of poppies.


Emma has been shown to be intelligent, but also very geeky at times. She's seen to value her friendships with her fellow Ravens as expressed when she says she'd take a lie-detector test to help prove Jackie Sanders innocent, after she was wrongfully accused of stealing the missing park ranger's gun.


Season 1

Emma's first appearance is in the Pilot of GHA. She is shown to be very smart and very good with computers. Emma is also shown to be a chess prodigy after defeating Max in a game of chess. However, it is shown that Jason makes Emma hack into the satellite in order to disable it. Emma learns that Jason lied to her after he had told her that it was for the good of NASA. She tries to get in contact with Brandon Thomas, the director but Jason makes it impossible for her by tapping her louie. She feels very guilty and skips a lot of activities. Jason finds out and makes Emma attend them. On the night of the dance, Jason calls Emma into his office. He tells her that she needs to leave the Greenhouse. He makes up a story of having a sick grandmother and makes Emma tell everyone that. Emma then proceeds to write a letter to Max before leaving.

Season 2

Jason disables Emma's phone line and taps her louie to make sure she doesn't say anything about the satellite. Max and Jackie realize through the letter that Emma kept something in her chess set. Jason overhears the conversation and takes her chessboard. After Team Eureka dehypnotizes Brooke, they send her to retrieve Emma's chess set. Max inspects the White Knight in which the clue is supposedly hidden and finds a heavily encrypted flash drive. In the drive, the team finds out about what Emma did through a video on the drive. Emma then comes back to the Greenhouse in the last episode of Season 2 and asks Max if they want to be a couple. Max denies and becomes a couple with Jackie instead.

Season 3

Emma and Max remain friends throughout season 3. When Max tells Emma about Jackie, she gets jealous and makes up a fake boyfriend named Leaf. She describes him as athletic and good looking. After getting a piece of magnetite from Ryan, she decides to hang it up. However, Enzo steals the magnetite and frames Emma for it. Emma denies the whole thing after seeing that someone had tampered with the security footage. Emma then joins Max, Parker, and Sophie to figure out what happened to the magnetite and Enzo.

Season 4

Emma reveals that she lied to Max about Leaf, her supposed boyfriend and Max gets upset. Max then reveals that he and Jackie had broken up which then made Emma upset. Emma then tells Max that she wished to be with him but when Jackie came along, she got jealous. Max then tells Emma the same thing about Leaf. They both then kiss each other and become a couple. Emma, along with Max, Parker, and Sophie, tries to track Enzo through his purchases. After doing so, she and Max make gummy bears for Leo. Emma then finds out that a special poison made Hayley sick known by the name, Cortinarius Orellanus. She then keeps cover at the Greenhouse with Max to make sure that everything is going fine. She then manages to take down The Client with the rest of the team.


Emma and Max

She is liked by Maximillian Miller, but she rejects him after asked to attend the Halloween Dance with her in Season 1. However, she then unexpectedly shows up at the dance, and becomes Max's date although he originally came with Jackie. Sadly, she leaves after the dance and is gone for almost all of Season 2. When she comes back, she developed feelings for Max (although he already is in love with Jackie). So she creates a fake boyfriend called Leaf that she is supposedly in love with to try and make Max jealous. Max eventually reveals that he and Jackie had broken up, and he had been making fake phone calls to her. Emma also tells Max the truth about Leaf, and they become angry with each other. Eventually, Emma apologizes for lying and her and Max become a couple for good.