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Emma and Max are one of the main couples on the show. According to Greenhouse Academy's Official Twitter account, their ship name is "Emax". Their full names are Emma Geller and Max Miller.

Season 1

Before Jason forced Emma to leave the Greenhouse, Emma and Max were both members of the Ravens, In Season 1, Max started developing a crush on her after she beat him in chess, and is currently the only Raven that can. Max figures out that Emma is into space and satellites. Using Jackie's help, he then asks Emma out for a picnic to watch the satellite launch to which Emma happily says yes. On the day of the launch, Max sets up the feast but Emma doesn't show up. This leaves Max hurt which then causes him to blank out on Emma. Later, when Emma was on the rock wall, Max helped guide her up perfectly until Jason comes which causes her to fall. In Guilt Free Cupcakes, Emma and Max model a bunch of outfits and act cute around each other. However, when Emma sees Jason, she runs away, causing Max to get even more confused. In Great Scott, Max asks Emma out to the dance and she comes with him in her Back To the Future dress. She and Max are shown to be having a great time. In L.D.R, Max and Emma win best couple of the night and have a dance-off. However, Jason pulls her aside and tells her that she needs to leave the Greenhouse. This leaves Emma devasted. She and Max share one last dance and a kiss before she leaves.

Season 2

Max and Jackie with the help of Team Eureka work to find out how and why Emma disappeared. In A Born Leader, Max and the gang find out that Emma was the one that brought down the satellite through a clue in her chess board. Max and Jackie work to bring the satellite on and Max tries to get back in contact with Emma. At the end of Season 2, Emma transfers back to the Greenhouse, although, Max rejects Emma as while she was gone, he started to like Jackie. Emma accepts this and they both become good friends after everything that had happened.

Season 3

Max and Jackie start to have an LDR after Jackie's mom found her through the news. In The Hike, Max and Emma continue to be friends. Max brings up Jackie in his conversations and Emma listens. She then brings up that she has a boyfriend named Leaf whom she was also in an LDR with. When Max injures himself on the hike, Emma waits with him and comforts him. In A Piece of Moon Rock, Max and Emma try to figure out why Enzo had framed her. They both start working with Sophie and Parker to see what Enzo was doing with the magnetite. In The Hidden Flag, Max and Emma joke around about the game, Capture the Flag. They both stick together and with this strategy, they manage to win.

Season 4

In A Not Totally Bad Person, Emma reveals that she lied to Max about Leaf, her supposed boyfriend, and Max gets upset. Max then reveals that he and Jackie had broken up which then made Emma upset. Emma then tells Max that she wished to be with him but when Jackie came along, she got jealous. Max then tells Emma the same thing about Leaf. They both then kiss each other and become a couple after realizing that they didn't want to wait for the perfect moment to happen. In Gummy Bears, they both make gummy bears together. In the following episodes, they get much more closer to each other and they investigate what poisoned Hayley as well as they stop The Client and foil his plans.