Enzo, played by Rafael Cebrian will be a recurring character and Sophie's ex-boyfriend during the third and fourth seasons of Greenhouse Academy.


Enzo is a young American man, with tanned skin and black and white hair, as well as brown eyes and a black mustache and beard. He is often seen wearing a black bomber jacket, a t-shirt or a hoodie. He can also be seen wearing a lot of chains.


Enzo is shown to be crook at the beginning of season 3. He is shown to be sarcastic, a bit greedy, romantic and a bit hot-headed. He loves Sophie and felt betrayed after she lied to him about her sick grandmother in Columbia just to leave him and her old life. As a result, he gets angry at Sophie and blackmails her.


Season 3

Enzo is shown to still have feelings for Sophie, but feels betrayed by her after what is revealed she did to keep Enzo away from her. After Enzo steals Sophie's louie, he finds a picture which shows Sophie and Parker having fun. He then blackmails Sophie into making him stay as the new groundskeeper (after Marcus was sent to prison) or else he would try to hurt Parker. Sophie agrees and tries to keep her distance from him. However, in episode 7, it is reveled that Enzo gets a mysterious phone call from The Client who asks him to do something for money. Enzo refuses at first but then does it because of greed.

Season 4

Enzo moves into a wealthy estate after gaining money from The Client. He lives a secretive life away from the kids. However, the kids manage to track him down after looking through his purchases. Sophie arrives at his place in episode 7 and pretends to get back together with him to fish out information about The Client. Enzo does so, but after realizing what Sophie did, he gets angry and takes a baseball bat and tries to hurt Parker. Parker manages to escape and Enzo throws Sophie out of his house for what she did to him.

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