Escape Mechanism is the first episode of Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy and the thirteenth episode overall, airing February 14th,2018 on Netflix.


Outside the Cave, a young Ryan is walking down the hill, 20 years prior to the present. Just then a girl calls out for Ryan, but she continues down the path while looking down at her compass. She stops at the bottom of the path, noticing that her compass's needle was turning in all directions. This prompts her to move further forward, causing the compass to go crazy.

The girl then gets fed up and calls out to Ryan once more, with Ryan then assuring them that she'd be on her way. Back in the present, Ryan lying down unconscious on a bed inside the Cave and is being attended to by Marcus who steadies her oxygen mask. Marcus asks Ryan to hold on, just as an alarm goes off. He continues promising her that she'd only need to hang on a little more. Marcus then heads to the main office of the Cave, ducking away behind a wall just as Eric arrives.

Eric brings Brooke into the Cave, notifying her that that was the place he had been telling her about. Brooke, then confused asks Eric what the place was, before pondering whether it had been what Judy had been looking for during the previous night. Brooke then questions how Eric had even known about the place, before he pushed her into a nearby cell.

Brooke orders him to stop, while asking him what he was doing. Eric then locks the cell and heads off, as Brooke calls out after him, before then repeatedly calling out for help. In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Daniel is seeing his mother; Judy, glumly notifying her that his relationship with Brooke was officially over. Judy then asks her son why this was the case, as Brooke loved him.

Daniel then answers, by saying that Brooke now loved Alex, with Judy asking for clarification as to whether he had meant the new kid; Alex. As Daniel nods his head, Judy chuckles and asks him whether he had been sure about Brooke and Alex. However Daniel is quick to assert that he was pretty sure it was the case, due to the fact Alex was slow-dancing with Brooke in front of the entire school. Judy then questions this, adding that Alex didn't hold a candle to her son.

Judy then rambles on, questioning whether Brooke even knew who she was with, before Daniel tells her to stop. Daniel then asks his mother, whether they could stop talking about the subject, with Judy complying, before finally saying that Daniel had been better off. However Daniel then tells her that he wasn't, exclaiming that Brooke had been an amazing girl and that he had been stupid to drive her away.

Daniel then continues, saying that he had just been angry and that as such he acted like a jerk around Brooke, but Judy then points out that a real woman didn't quite when it got a little tough, adding that it had been so disappointing that Brooke wasn't the person she thought she was. Daniel then remembers that Brooke had said the same thing about his mother. Judy then asks him what he had meant, before he quickly brushes it off.

However Judy is persistent and gives her son a content stare, prompting Daniel to mention that Brooke had been convinced that Judy had made the taser barb evidence disappear. Judy then, surprised exclaims "what", before just saying that that was ridiculous. Daniel then laments that he had no longer needed to deal with Brooke's conspiracy theories. Outside in the Greenhouse grounds, Jason walks past the groundskeeper, noticing Eric's car in the car park.

He walks up to it and touches it, just as hears Eric on his way back to his car. Jason quickly dashes away, as Eric notifies Judy that the delivery had been made, while on the phone, assuring her that it had been just like she asked. Jason then peers out from behind the nearby palm tree, just in time to see Eric drive off. Jason then turns and see Judy walking down the path, as she tells the groundskeeper that he missed a spot of raking.

Jason then says hi to Judy, with her then reciprocating the same sentiments. Back in the Cave, Brooke is sitting in her cell, just as Marcus opens the cell door, carrying a tray of food. He lays the tray down next to Brooke, telling her to eat as she must of been starving. Then, seeing the look on Brooke's face, he assures her that he had never meant for this situation to occur, adding that he wanted Brooke to know that.

Brooke then says that she couldn't believe she wasn't able to figure out that he had been on Judy's side. Marcus then says that he had understood how it must of all looked to her, with Brooke then cutting in and saying that she pondered how it would all look to her father when he found out what Marcus had done. Marcus then attempts to leave, but Brooke stops him, adding that he had known her since the day she was born.

Brooke then begs Marcus to let her go, assuring him that she wouldn't tell anyone about it, but Marcus then just bluntly tells her that he couldn't, before telling her that she should eat. Brooke then continues to call out for Marcus, but Marcus reassures her that there was nothing he could do, while apologizing to her. However Brooke then remarks that that had been a lie and that Marcus knew it. Brooke then asks him how he could betray her, just as the cell door re-opens.

Judy then walks into the Cave, telling Brooke to save her voice as they'd need to talk. In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is looking for Brooke, with Daniel then directing her towards Alex, calling him Brooke's new boy-friend. Daniel then corrects himself, calling Alex Brooke's 24-hour re-bound. As Alex scoffs at the thought, Daniel assures him that he was trying to save him some heart-break for when Brooke got bored and dumped her.

Alex then remarks in response, that if he had been looking for dating advice Daniel would be the last person he'd go to. This angers Daniel, with him then asking Alex what he had just said. Alex then states that he wasn't afraid to stand up to him and orders him to not blame him for what happened between him and Brooke, adding that Daniel had done all of that himself.

This only further angers Daniel, with Alex then standing up readying himself to get ready. Sophie then buts in, in an attempt to try and break up the argument, before asking for clarification on the fact that neither of them had seen Brooke. In the Ravens dormitory, Leo is busy reading a book, just as Aspen saunters past him at the table.

Aspen then sits down on the back of the sofa, watching Jackie playing on the Play-station and commending her skill. Aspen then points out an enemy behind a tree in Jackie's game. Aspen then asks Jackie whether she was going to do anything, before being cut off by Jackie, who asks her to stop. Aspen then heads over to Becca and her friend, pointing out where a puzzle piece may go.

Becca then takes the puzzle piece off of Aspen, asking her where she had taken it from, as the pieces had a very specific order. Max then arrives announcing to his fellow Ravens that he needed their help. Leo asks him whether he was okay, as Max reveals that his Warcraft Guild had been stuck in a cage and that the only way he could unlock it was to answer a riddle which none of them could answer.

Leo then sarcastically remarks that it had been worse than he had imagined, just as Aspen reveals that she could help him, as she loved riddles. Max then walks over to Aspen and begins to recite the riddle; "Who are the three who fall asleep in Amsterdam and wake up in Paris?". Aspen then deducts that the riddle was talking about the three musketeers, realizing that they were French.

However Aspen then rubbishes that idea, remembering that Max had said they were in Amsterdam and then guessing that it had something to do with Vincent Van Gough. As Aspen continues to try and crack the riddle, Max sits down next to Jackie, before pointing out that Emma would of loved the riddle. Aspen then realizes that tulips in Holland had something to do with the riddle, as Jackie asks her what that had to do with anything.

Aspen then remarks that she was at least trying, before walking over to Leo and asking him whether he was on her team, asking him to help her. Leo then gets up, with him then suggesting that they all pitch into the riddle as they were Ravens, adding that they could solve anything. Hayley then gets up and heads off, as the group begin work on the riddle.

Leo follows Hayley to the bedroom, and tells her that they needed to talk, while she reads her book. Hayley then tells him to talk. Leo then begins by saying it was hard, before Hayley then sarcastically calls him a poor thing, with Leo then expressing that what he wanted to say was that he hadn't been honest with Hayley.

Hayley then says that she had known that, with Leo then going on to say that he had meant to tell her about Aspen, but that there never seemed to be the right time to bring up the point and that things had gotten complicated after Hayley had kissed him. Hayley then brings him up on the fact that he'd said that she kissed him, before Leo corrected himself, by saying after they had kissed. Leo then says that he just afraid to tell her, as he was afraid the new would ruin everything.

Before Leo could continue, Hayley assures him that everything was cool, brushing off the fact that they had kissed, adding that sort of thing happened between friends and saying it was fine, Hayley then goes on to say that Leo had a girl-friend from London who could sing and who brought him cookies, promising Leo that it was all cool. Leo then asks for clarification as to whether she was mad at him, with Hayley saying no.

Hayley then clarifies for Leo, telling him that at first she was a bit surprised to find out, but that in the end she got over it and that it wasn't a biggie, reaffirming Leo that everything was alright. Leo then asks whether they were cool, as Hayley assures him, with Leo then getting up and heading off. Back at the Cave, Ryan is still unconscious as Marcus watches over her. The scene then flashes back to a young Marcus, who's being visited by Ryan.

Ryan has brought something for Marcus, who tells her that she had discovered something as usual, but that she wouldn't tell him what she'd discovered. Ryan then reveals that she just wanted to ask him 1 question; whether it was possible for an object in the earth to have magnetic polarity. Marcus then explains that every object had a certain level of polarity and that it was just a question of how it was measured.

Ryan then furthers asks him whether he'd ever encountered something that was unusually magnetic, like something in the area. Marcus then jokingly guesses that Ryan had discovered the Einstein-Rosen bridge and that she was actually a Ryan look-alike from another dimension. Ryan then tells Marcus that she'd tell him everything , but that she first needed to check something. Ryan then asks Marcus to hand her a nearby wrench, before she adds that she also needed a few things like a pick-axe, gloves and a flashlight.

Later that night, Ryan is outside at the Cave, making use of the tools that Marcus had given her. Ryan had brushed away some dirt and managed to find a rock, before taking out a pick-axe and knocking away at the rock, as a way of trying to free the rock. She picks it up and sniffs it, putting her pick-axe down on the nearby rocks. Just then the pick-axe gets pulled towards a nearby wall.

In the present day, Judy is telling Brooke that she had always thought that the Greenhouse students had too much spare time on their hands, citing her son as an example with the taser shrapnel, as Brooke cuts in saying that it had been a good thing Judy was there to destroy the evidence of the taser incident. Judy, in response remarks that she wish Daniel knew, adding that he didn't appreciate her enough.

Judy then continues by saying that they weren't there to talk about her son, with Brooke saying no, as Judy sat down next to her. Judy then remarks that they all knew why they were there, asking Brooke whether she really thought that she'd just sit by quietly whilst Brooke spread rumours about her. Brooke then realizes that Eric had been working for Judy as well, asking Judy for clarification. Judy then confirms it, as Brooke laments that everyone had been working for Judy.

Judy then tells Brooke to be grateful that Eric had been the only one she had confided in, otherwise she wouldn't of been sitting in that cell. Brooke then questions Judy on how she could do that to her, as they had known each other for year's, with her having been Daniel's girl-friend, but Judy then reminds her that she had broken Daniel's heart.

Judy then concludes by saying that Brooke had deserved to be sitting in the cell just for that reason, before getting up and heading out of the cell. Back in the Ravens dormitory, Aspen is still trying to decipher Max's riddle, noting that her family had used to jet to Paris every holiday. As Aspen continues, Jackie asks Max whether he could just find a cheat code, alongside his Warcraft buddies so they could get out of the cell.

Max is then quick to point out that that'd be cheating, with Jackie then asking him whether he'd rather listen to Aspen's entire itinerary from her family's holiday, but Aspen then just remarks that it was called brain-storming. However Leo then tells her that he thought she maybe taking the riddle a little too seriously and that it was probably time to give up, asking her opinion. In response, Aspen calls Leo a genius, realizing he had just inadvertently solved the riddle, before kissing him.

Aspen then reveals that she had been talking about the white flag he had mentioned. Confused, Leo asks for clarification on this fact, with Aspen then assuring him that he had solved it, then pulling up an image of the Dutch flag on her Louie. She explains that the red, white and blue stripes are asleep in the horizontal position, then flicking to the French flag and saying that on that flag the stripes woke up. Max then expresses his surprise and thanks Aspen for her help.

Max then walks off and calls his Warcraft group, in order to notify them that he'd managed to work out the answer to their problem. Jackie then remarks that the answer to the riddle had been so simple and as such she wouldn't of guessed it in a million years. Aspen then turns to Leo, telling him that they really did make a good pair, with Leo saying that he told her the Ravens could do it, as Aspen leans in for a kiss, while Hayley watches.

In Louis' quarters, Louis and his son are looking over the riddle that the Ravens had managed to solve, with Louis pointing out the three flags that corresponded to the answers of the riddle on his tablet. Jason, in response calls it a good riddle, as Louis explains that this was what he had always talked about when he mentioned curiosity and that when the kids were engaged they wouldn't need their help.

Louis then says that he wanted to show the riddle to his daughter, while reminiscing on how obsessed Brooke was with riddles as a child. He then attempts to call his daughter via his Louie, but to no avail, getting Brooke's answer machine, with Louis then believing Brooke must of had a busy day. Louis then says that he was going to go and get some tea, asking his son whether he'd join him. Jason, however tells his father that he had to go, with Louis asking whether he had a busy day, before Jason headed off.

Back in the flashback, Marcus has arrived at the rocks to meet with Ryan. He asks her whether she had managed to dig out the entire area herself, before asking her why she did it. Ryan then asks Marcus for his keys, with Marcus then confused, asking her why. Ryan then re-iterates what she had said, with Marcus then giving in and complying, before Ryan tosses the keys up, causing to get magnetically pulled towards the wall.

Marcus then shines his torch on the surface that his keys had been pulled towards, guessing that Ryan had found a magnet, with Ryan the confirming it and adding that it had been a hundred feet from the Greenhouse. Marcus then states that he had to of been there at least a thousand times and never noticed the magnet. Ryan then reveals that she had checked the records and had found no mention of the magnetic field in question in the area.

Ryan continues, stating that she had also checked all of the libraries, real estate records, lab report, microfilms and the like. Marcus then tells Ryan that if this wasn't a trick, she was going to be very famous for this discovery, then adding that Louis had to work very hard in order to get Ryan to attend the Greenhouse. Just then a young Jason appears in the area, asking the pair what they were doing there.

As the two turn round, Ryan says hi to Jason, with Jason notifying them that they weren't supposed to be in the area as it was super late, before threatening to tell his father. Marcus then tries to tell Jason not to do so, but Jason cuts him off, asking Marcus whether he really thought that he didn't know about him, revealing that his father had once told him that Marcus had been in prison. Ryan then cuts in, saying that she was sure Jason would like to know what they had been doing there.

Ryan then asks Jason whether he could keep a secret, with him then assuring her that he could. As such Ryan asks Jason whether he knew about the dark magic of the Greenhouse cliffs, but Jason is quick to brush it off, telling Ryan that he wasn't a kid anymore and that there was no such thing as magic. In response, Ryan beckons Jason to call his father, with Jason then attempting to do so, before his Louie got pulled towards the magnet. In confusion, Jason asks what had happened, before running off screaming.

After Jason had ran off, Ryan tells Marcus to not worry about him, as she knew Jason and as he was so scared Jason wouldn't tell his father a thing. Marcus then turns to Ryan and apologizes for never having told her about his past, but Ryan just says that it was none of her business anyway, prompting Marcus to ask whether she wanted to know why he was in prison, but Ryan shakes her head and expresses that she knew he was a good person and that that was all that mattered to her.

In the Present, Marcus is in the Cave, as Judy asks him whether he knew what he had to do with Brooke. Marcus then looks at his gear and asks Judy whether she was sure she wanted to go through with it, but Judy just gives him a stern stare. From her cell, Brooke asks Marcus what they'd be doing to her, just as an alarm goes off. Judy then sees Jason outside the Cave, trying to signal her out of the Cave. Marcus then says that he thought Jason wanted to enter the Cave.

Brooke asks what was going on, as Judy assures Marcus that she'd handle Jason, getting up and heading out. Outside the Cave, Jason asks Judy where his sister was as she arrived on the scene. However Judy tells Jason that she didn't know what he was talking about, which only further irritates Jason, who tells her not to play with him, exclaiming that family was where he drew the line and that he knew Judy knew where his sister was.

Judy then gives in and assures Jason that his sister was in good hands, but Jason then demands to see his sister. Judy then gives a chuckle and says that he could, adding that she was sure Brooke would like to know that her own brother was working with her as well. One year ago, Marcus was in his office, just as Judy arrives in the room. Judy asks Marcus what was so urgent.

Marcus then tells Judy that they needed to talk, as Judy asks whether Marcus had done as she asked. However Marcus then expresses that what they were doing was wrong and that Ryan's mission was to have all of the magnetite in orbit. Judy then tells Marcus that his mission was to make sure that only part of the magnetite makes it onboard the space-craft. Marcus is then quick to say that he was not comfortable with his mission.

Judy, in response asks whether Marcus was okay with taking her money, telling Marcus that they couldn't afford to lose all of the magnetite, as it'd be too risky. Marcus then asks why they would lose it, prompting Judy to ask where he was on January 28th, 1986 and stating that accidents had happened in the past. Marcus then states that they needed to tell Ryan about what they were doing, but Judy is quick to say no.

Marcus then asks Judy why she brought up the Challenger disaster, before asking what she wasn't telling him. Judy then just bluntly tells him that she was paying him enough, to make sure that she didn't need to tell him anything, telling him to not make her regret trusting him. Annoyed, Marcus questions the fact that Judy had betrayed Ryan, but had just talked about trust. Judy then walks up to Marcus, reminding him that the only person in the room who'd been convicted on treason was him.

Marcus then states that he was framed, but Judy taunts him by saying that the judge hadn't thought so, then going on to say that Marcus had managed to build a new life for himself and that it had been a good thing that his kids didn't know about his past, and not even his real name. Marcus then questions Judy as to whether that was her game; being blackmail , but Judy just tells him that they had a deal and that Marcus just needed to do his part, before heading off.

Later that night, Marcus knocks on the door of the Woods household, with Ryan answering the door. Marcus apologizes to her for calling as late as he did, with Ryan then telling him that she was almost done packing her bags. Marcus then says that he just wanted to check in wit her, with Ryan then asking him whether everything was alright, having seen the look on his face. Marcus assures her that it was, before revealing that he had to tell her something.

Marcus asks Ryan whether she knew about the escape mechanism in her pod, with Ryan assuring him that she did, remembering the amount of times she had pulled it during her training. Marcus then further asks her whether she knew what to do in case something happened. Ryan then looks at Marcus and chuckles, telling him that he could be overprotective sometimes, as Marcus asks her to promise him that if something went wrong, she'd activate the escape latch.

Marcus then re-iterates the question after Ryan gave him a shocked look. Ryan then agrees to do so , with Marcus telling Ryan that he knew she was special the day he met her. In response, Ryan says that Marcus had always looked out for her, before giving him a hug, as he tells her that he'd always take care of her, before heading off. The next morning, Marcus is watching the Athena launch on his tablet, waiting for the explosion of the shuttle.

On his speed-boat- Marcus takes out his binoculars to make sure that Ryan had managed to make use of the escape mechanism in her pod, then starting up the engine of his speed-boat to go and collect her. Back in the present, Marcus is once again watching over Ryan, while in the Greenhouse corridor, Hayley is sat with her back to a wall, alone. In Louis' office, Jason is looking at a family photo of himself, Brooke and Louis, before heading off.

In the Eagles dormitory, Alex is walking back and forth, worrying about Brooke and texting Eric to see whether she was with him. Just then Brooke returns to the dormitory, with Alex asking her where she had been, but she walks past him and to Daniel, telling that she'd made a terrible mistake and going in for a kiss, as Alex watches on.