Escape Plan is the forty fourth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering March 28th 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


Carrying on from the last episode, Iftach has just revealed some ground-breaking news to Ellali; being that her mother Naomi was still alive. Ellali then asks whether Iftach had actually seen her mother, with Iftach then nodding his head, before Ellali then asks whether he'd talked to her.

Iftach then revealed that Naomi was unconscious, with Ellali then in disbelief questioning how he could be absolutely sure it was her mother, but Iftach expresses that it was Naomi and that she had been alive. Ellali then asks Iftach if her mother was well, with Iftach reporting that Naomi was in a pool and that Marcus swore that he could awake her. Ellali then declares that she's going to see her mother, but before she can Iftach stops her.

Iftach expresses that she wasn't going anywhere, as Ellali asks Iftach to let go of her, exerting that Naomi was her mother. Iftach then exerts to Ellali that if she was to go there, they'd kill her, but Ellali in response says she's not afraid of them, before Iftach expresses that they'd kill both her and her mother. After Ellali tries to pull away again, Ellali hugs it out with Iftach after breaking into tears, expressing her amazement.

Back in the Galapagos hideout, Daniel is questioning why Ellali had gone after Iftach, with Dina adding that she had never seen Iftach act like that, wondering what had happened to him. Daniel then declares that they couldn't waste time on it, asking what they'd do next. Alona then says that there was one thing they must do; being calling Boaz Devore. Confused, Sophie asks who he is, with Matti then revealing that he was the head of the Space Agency. Dina then questions what they'd tell Boaz, with Alona saying they'd tell him everything.

Outside, Ellali is recovering from her tears, and declares that she must go and tell someone else about the news of her mother being alive, suggesting her father and possibly Louis. However Iftach then reveals that Marcus had told him that if they were to tell anyone, they would kill Naomi, and that he wasn't even meant to tell Ellali, but was forced to do so in the end. Ellali then questions the fact, that Iftach had lied to everyone in order to rescue her mother.

Iftach then nods his head, revealing that he had, as the two sit back down on the bench. Ellali then realizes that everyone thought that Iftach was crazy, but Iftach believes he'd survive, before saying that they now must stop their friends from putting Naomi in danger. Ellali then asks him what he suggested, with Iftach saying that the first thing they must do is keep the information to themselves, with Ellali then asking whether she could at least tell Alfie.

Iftach then explains that if everything went smoothly, Ellali would be able to meet her mother that night, but Ellali then says that she doesn't know whether she could keep this news from Alfie. However, Iftach expresses that Marcus had been very clear about it and that he believed in Marcus, stating that they must finish their investigation right away and that she was the only one who could do it.

Back in the science lab, Sophie asks Alona what the Space Agency had thought happened to the satellite, with Alona explaining that the Space Agency had thought they'd lost contact with the satellite indefinitely and that they had no idea that it was hijacked by someone else who was operating the satellite behind their backs. Natalie then asks how they could be absolutely sure that he wasn't also co-operating with Judy.

However, Alona expresses that Boaz isn't working with Judy, as if he had been they wouldn't of needed her to steal the satellite codes. Just then Matti notifies Alona that he had sent the person she needed to contact to her Louie. Natalie then says that she hoped Alona was right about her suspicions, as otherwise it could get them in a lot of trouble, as Alona begins to make the call to the Space Agency. Ellali then emerges through the door of the hideout, asking everyone to stop everything.

Natalie, confused asks what she was asking them to stop, with Ellali then asking who Alona was trying to call. Dina then tells Ellali to relax, as Alona was just calling Boaz Tavor. However Ellali then Alona to hang up the call. Daniel then questions what's up with, asking whether she was on Iftach's side now, as both Ellali and Iftach nod towards each other. Ellali then announces that she had something to tell her brother; Alfie.

In the science lab, Ellali has just told Alfie the news, with him in disbelief saying that it couldn't be. However Ellali assures him that Iftach had seen their mother, with Iftach nodding his head and then confirming that she was indeed alive and that Marcus would wake Naomi as soon as their mission was finished. Daniel then asks Iftach where he had seen Naomi, guessing it could of been in the cave.

Daniel, having realized what had happened, angrily says that Iftach obviously had gone in before him. However, Dina just says that it didn't matter, re-iterating it. Natalie then expresses her disbelief at the fact that Naomi was alive, with Ellali then asking if Alfie was alright. Matti then stands up, asking how it could be, as Naomi had been on the shuttle when it exploded. Iftach then reveals that Marcus had told him Naomi was kept in a special pod that had protected both herself and the rock she had brought back from the moon.

Confused, Dina says what, as Alona calls it unbelievable. Iftach then continues, saying that Marcus had told him that he was the only who had still known that Naomi was alive. Confused, Dina asks whether Marcus was one of the good guys or one of the bad guys, with Iftach saying that he wasn't even sure Marcus knew. Angry, Alfie then stands up, asking whether Marcus had actually held their mother there all year and whether Marcus had really just let them mourn and cry for no reason whatsoever.

Iftach then reveals that Marcus was the one who had managed to save Naomi. Unimpressed, Daniel remarks that it sounded like Iftach and Marcus had really bonded, then guessing that Iftach was the one who had told Marcus that he was going to be arriving at the cave, then exclaiming that that was why the guards at the cave where waiting. However Iftach in response just says that he did what he had to, to make sure Ellali got meet her mother, asking whether Daniel had a problem with it.

Sophie, shocked then asks why Marcus had suddenly decided to come clean about it, asking why Marcus had shown Iftach Naomi. Iftach then says that it was so that the group would stop their investigation, then suggesting that they just let the conspirators carry out their plan and get the heck out of there. Dina then questions Iftach on whether that was the reason he had acted like an idiot earlier in the day. Iftach then nods his head. Matti then asks whether the villains would kill Naomi if they were to tell Boaz, what they'd found out.

Iftach then reveals that that was the deal, that they just let the conspirators continue with their plan and then Naomi would be able to live. Alona then laments that they should of known what the villains were planning, but Alfie then questions who'd care about it, telling Alona to put her Louie down as they weren't calling anyone and that they'd wait there in the lab quietly until Marcus woke up his and Ellali's mother.

In Louis' quarters, Orna has come to visit Robbie. Orna expresses her concern over how quickly Robbie took over after his father left for vacation, asking Robbie how he'd manage. Robbie then tells Orna that if there was anyone at the school who deserved a vacation it was her and the rest of the teaching staff at the school. However, Orna then points out that he was the one who'd been injured, but Robbie then tells her that he had slept and that he'd gotten enough rest for a very long time, adding that it was just a team-building activity in Tiberius and that everyone at the school was busy with the upcoming championship game anyway.

Orna then finally gives in, but asks if Robbie is definitely sure about the idea, with Robbie then assuring Orna that the students would be in very good hands. At the Ministerial embassy, Ze'ev has told Mordi that he'd be taking a vacation, with the Prime Minister in disbelief. Mordi expresses that he had never thought that Ze'ev would take a day off, as he signs the form. Ze'ev then mentions that a vacation would help him to recharge his batteries, asking whether the Prime Minister had thought the whole assassination attempt was an easy time for him.

As he folds the vacation slip for Ze'ev, Mordi tells Ze'ev to do himself a favour and turn off his mobile so that no one would bother him, while he was on vacation. Ze'ev then takes the slip and heads off. Back in the cave, Judy and Marcus are preparing their plan, with Marcus beginning to activate the satellite, which causes the on-screen simulation to shake, showing off the effects of the satellite.

At the Tel-Aviv Police headquarters, Arik sees Yuval and says what's up, as he heads into his office cubicle. At the Reshef household, Guri is asleep on the couch, just as he gets a call from Ellali. Back in the science lab, Ellali reports that she's had no luck trying to get in contact with her father, with Alfie stating that their father was never around when they needed him, but Ellali asks Alfie to take it easy on their father, as he was probably busy on duty, assuring Alfie that Guri would see that they were looking for him.

Natalie then tells Alfie that he should be happy, as he and Ellali sit down. As he's sitting down, Alfie says that he'd only be happy when he saw his and Ellali's mother alive, adding that he didn't know how he'd get through that day. Matti then reminds everyone that Robbie was still on the hunt for Alona, with Iftach then adding that was why it'd be better if the group didn't spend the day together and that everyone should pass their time in their own dormitories until the nightmare was over.

Iftach then realizes that both Daniel and Alfie had a basket ball game that day, with Daniel nodding his head as Iftach suggests they head off. The group then begin to get up and head off, but before they can do so, Daniel stops them. Daniel asks them to stop and think about it for a minute, explaining that they had buster their butts trying to work out what was going on and find the connection between Robbie, his mother, Marcus, the Cave and satellite and that they were so close to stopping the bad guys.

In response, Iftach asks Daniel whether he had really thought, they'd let the villains kill Ellali's mother; Naomi in the process, but Daniel then asks him not to put the words into his mouth, then explaining that he was just saying that the villains plan could be so potentially dangerous that it would be a mistake not to stop them. However Iftach expresses that they had made their decision, with Daniel then bringing up the fact that they'd also decided that he'd be the first one to go in the Cave, but that Iftach had gone ahead and ignored it.

In response, Iftach sarcastically says that he's really sorry, adding that he'd found out that Alfie and Ellali's mother was still alive, with Daniel then adding that it was just too bad that they never managed to find out what the villains had been planning. Iftach then questions Daniel as to whether he's blaming him, telling Daniel to first take a look at himself and of course his mother.

Angry, Daniel then clobbers Iftach for bringing up his mother, with Ellali and Dina attempting to break up their fight. As he's throttling Iftach, Daniel exclaims that he'd been spying on his mother, angrily questioning him as to whether he'd thought he enjoyed that. Ellali and Dina then manage to reign Daniel in, as Daniel exclaims that he wouldn't of done it, if he knew they'd all just give up at the last minute like a bunch of losers.

Iftach then remarks that he'd forgotten Daniel wasn't very good at understanding complex situations, which causes Daniel to try and throttle him again, only for Dina and Ellali to step in, before he could do so. Ellali then storms off, expressing that she couldn't listen to it anymore, with Alfie quickly following after. In Louis' office Robbie is talking to Boris, revealing that they'd looked everywhere for Alona, but to no avail.

Robbie suggests that Alona must of left the Greenhouse, but Boris asks where Alona could go, as Alona's parents were in Minsk, as well as the fact that Alona didn't have any other relatives, concluding that Alona was there and that her friends were trying to hide her. Robbie then asks what Boris suggest they should do, with Boris then asking Robbie what they called the communication devices the kids utilized. Robbie then informs Boris that it was the Louie, the Greenhouse's intranet.

Boris then asks whether the information went through one server in the office there, with Robbie then impatiently asking what Boris wanted them to do, with Boris then revealing that he had wanted to listen to the kids conversations. However Robbie says that he couldn't, with Boris then questioning him on whether he can't or whether he meant he wouldn't. Robbie then questions Boris as to whether he knew what Louis would do to him, if he found out that he was eavesdropping on the students.

Boris then exclaims that Robbie's father wasn't there, then asking whether he actually wanted to find Alona or not. Back in the science lab, Matti and Dina have stayed alongside Alona, with Alona thanking the two of them. Dina then asks Matti and Alona whether they had thought the whole Naomi story was the craziest story they'd ever heard, as Alona says that she wishes they could do something instead of wait.

Matti then reveals that they had a lot to do, being that they had to make sure that no one managed to find Alona. However, Alona then asks what they could do besides just hoping that Robbie had forgotten about the science lab, but Matti reveals that he didn't know, expressing that he wished they had some sort of escape plan. Matti then asks Alona whether had used to teach chemistry in the labe, due to her having been there the longest. Alona then reveals that they had, then realizing what Matti's getting at.

Seeing the look on Alona's face, Matti asks whether she was thinking what he was, with her saying that she was. The two then get up, as Dina asks what they are thinking, as Matti tells her that they needed some sugar as he searches a nearby cabinet. He then specifies that he was looking for some potassium nitrate, just as Alona manages to find it in the opposite cabinet. As Matti says great, Dina asks the two what they were talking about, but Matti tells her to just wait as it was a surprise.

Alona then reveals that when she was a little girl she used to have a chemistry set at her home, with Matti also revealing he had one, being a black box with a test-tube on it. Alona then says that that was the kit, calling a coincidence, with Matti expressing that he had loved the set.

In the Eagles locker room, Daniel is getting ready for the big game, getting into his trainers, just as Natalie walks up to him. She sits beside him, asking whether he was alright, with Daniel then asking her whether she believed they were doing the right thing, with Natalie saying that she thought so. Daniel then adds that he hoped they had, because he had already ruined his chances with someone.

Natalie then states that Daniel had just stated his opinion, but Daniel then says that Ellali was already used to him and that she now probably hated him even more than she did before. Natalie then ask Daniel why he thought Ellali hated him, with Daniel then revealing that he thought the entire investigation had been pointless as far as he was concerned, but Natalie expresses that she felt the opposite way.

In response, Daniel then admits that Natalie was right, as Natalie reminds Daniel that both he and Ellali had saved her and that now Ellali's mother would return, meaning they had a lot of reasons to celebrate. In the Ravens dormitory, Ellali is sitting in a seat, looking glum just as Amy comes round the corner.

Amy asks whether she could sit down, with Ellali not giving her much of a rely, so Amy sits down opposite Ellali anyway. Amy then asks Ellali whether she was alright, with Ellai saying she guessed so, with Amy then expressing that she hadn't meant to bother her. As Amy gets up, Ellali then thanks her for helping with Alona, with Amy then saying sure, revealing that she saw Robbie as a creep, with Ellali agreeing. Amy then expresses her disbelief that Robbie had asked for her help.

Ellali then says that as long as Amy was on their side now, everything was ok, with Amy then agreeing. Amy then begins to say that as long as they were talking she wanted to tell Ellali something. Amy then remembers back to the time at the lake, revealing that she didn't know why she hadn't jumped in when she saw Ellali, but expresses that she was scared of the earthquake, but that the whole thing with Iftach was really, before she pauses and says that what she had done was a terrible thing to do and that she'd never do it again.

Amy then tries to continue, just as Ellali realizes it, expressing her disbelief in the fact that she didn't think of it. Confused, Amy asks Ellali what she was talking about as the scene flashbacks. In the Reshef household, Naomi is in her study, just as Ellali comes up. Seeing her, Naomi expresses that Ellali had scared her.

Ellali then expresses that she hadn't meant to, then explaining that Guri had made too much milkshake, asking her mother whether she wanted some. Naomi then tells her daughter to place it on the table, asking Ellali whether she'd brought a coaster with her. Ellali then produces a coaster and places it onto the table, placing the drink on top. Ellali then takes a look at the book her mother was reading, finding it to be "The Biggest Earthquakes in History" and then sarcastically calling it fascinating.

Naomi then jokingly apologizes to her daughter that she was a nerd, with Ellali then hugging her. Back in the present, Ellali realizes what the villains plot is; an earthquake. Amy, curious asks Ellali what she was talking about, with Ellali then quickly covering up, by saying it was nothing and then thanking her, before heading off. Amy, still confused asks Ellali what she had thanked her for, as Ellali races off.

Ellali then emerges out into the Ravens corridor, bumping into Dina who says that she was sick of Matti and Alona. However Ellali tells her that that was too bad, as they'd be going back to go and see the two of them. Intrigued, Dina asks why and what had happened. Ellali then tells Dina to text the group and come over, expressing that she'd found out what the villains plan was.

The two girls then head up the stairs. In Louis' office, Robbie and Boris are dipping into the information server for the Louies, having discovered what they had been looking for. Robbie points out what they were looking for, being a message that read; "Be at the usual place in two minutes". Robbie then expresses that the question was; where the "usual place" was. Boris then tells Robbie he could locate the group with GPS, being that the next one who called would lead them to their hideout.

Back in the hideout, Ellali has gathered the group back together, reminding everyone of the earthquake that they'd had, beginning to explain, before being cut off by Sophie who asks how, with Ellali then revealing that the earthquake had been created from within the cave. Ellali expresses that she was sure of it and that the prior earthquake had just been a dress-rehearsal. Iftach then asks her how she came up with the idea.

Ellali then revealed that her mother had been reading a book about earthquakes in the year prior and that she had always had a reason for reading the books that she read and that it always had something to do with her work. Ellali goes on, explaining that they knew that the satellite the villains had stole was meant to locate places in which there was a high probability of earthquakes occurring, so it must of had something to do with that.

Iftach then asks Ellali whether she thought they wanted to create an earthquake, with Natalie asking why anyone would of wanted to do that, as Ellali expresses that she was sure that non of them had thought the bad guys were attempting to help the needy and that they'd know that they were up to no good. Alfie then expresses that even if his sister was right, they still couldn't risk their mother being harmed.

Ellali then expresses that she didn't know, believing that it was best they re-think it, but Iftach questions what there was to think about, as they had already agreed on what to do. However Ellali expresses that Iftach didn't know her mother and that she was sure, that she wouldn't want them to just stand by idly and let something terrible happen, then asking Alfie for backing. Alfie then nods his head, as Ellali continues admitting that Daniel had been right, in that they didn't just go through it all to give up then.

Matti then asks what Ellali suggested they did, with Ellali then telling Alona to make the call to Boaz. Alona then begins to do so, as Robbie and Boris watch the Louie server from their office, making use of the GPS, they discover that someone was calling. Alona then gets through to the Space Agency, asking if it was Boaz Tavor she was talking to.

Robbie then points out that that was exactly what they were afraid of, noting that it was Alona and that she was calling Boaz Tavor. Boris then points out that the main thing was that Alona hadn't escaped the Greenhouse, asking Robbie to tell him where Alona was calling from. At the Space Agency, Boaz is on the phone to Alona, expressing to her that he understood but that he'd have to cut her off, because they shouldn't discuss it over the phone and that he wanted to hear more about what she was talking about, then asking where Alona was.

However, Alona reveals it'd be better if she came to him, before Boaz asks whether she was at the Greenhouse. Alona reveals that while the bad guys knew she was there, they hadn't found where she was, with Boaz then notifying her that he'd send her a car to pick her up in 15 minutes. Alona then agrees and hangs up the call. Alona then asks whether everyone had heard that, then asking Matti if he'd go with her.

Matti expresses that he would of course he would, asking Dina as well, with her then saying she'd go. Dina then jokes that she couldn't allow two nerds like Alona and Matti to walk around unprotected. Ellali then says that she'd wait there, as it would too suspicious if all of them waited for the car. Daniel then expresses it would be best for them to head out then, with both himself and Alfie heading out with a basket ball to create a distraction if it was needed so that no one notices them.

The group then begin to head off, just as Robbie and Boris arrive outside the door, with Boris exclaiming that he knew they were in there, demanding they open up. As Boris begins bashing away at the door, Natalie asks what they should do, with Matti then assuring them that he and Alona had prepared for this, revealing a smoke bomb. Dina then realizes that that was what he and Alona had been making out of sugar and sodium bicarbonate, calling him a genius.

Daniel then expresses that he still didn't understand how the smoke bomb would help them get out of there, with Iftach then remarking that that was why Daniel wasn't a Raven, high-fiving Matti. Outside the door, Robbie asks Boris what he was doing, exclaiming that they were in a school. Boris then tells him to step aside and let him do his job as he fires a gun at the door. The door then opens, as the two then notice the smoke bomb, believing it to be a real bomb.

The two duck down, as the smoke bomb goes off, allowing the group to escape the room undetected. Outside everyone sees Dina, Alona and Matti off to the Space Agency, with Alfie then saying that he had hoped they'd done the right thing, with Ellali expressing that that was what their mother would of done, then telling her brother to head off and get dressed, as he had a championship game to get to.

Before she heads off, Ellali gets stopped by Daniel, with Daniel revealing that he had just wanted to let her know that she was the most amazing person he'd ever met, as the two then head off. At the Space Agency, Boaz is on the phone to his driver, asking whether he'd picked the kids up. After having been told that the kids had been picked up, he notifies him that he'd meet the kids there at the Space Agency. Just then however, Arik and his men arrive on the scene.

Boaz asks who they are and how they had managed to find their way into the control room, with Arik sarcastically remarking that they had thought that it was the visitor's tour, asking whether they were in the wrong place. Boaz then asks them to leave, expressing that only personnel could enter the area, then calling for the security guard. However Arik and his men raise their guns at Boaz' men, ordering them to get up and leave. Boaz then asks them what they wanted, with Arik saying that a few of Boaz' young friends are on the way and that they thought they'd wait there and surprise them.



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