Final Whistle is the forty fifth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering March 31st, 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


Carrying on from the last episode, Boaz is being held at gunpoint as he asks who Arik and his men are. Arik then jeers that he'd told him that they were just tourists, then pulling up a chair and remarking that it was very nice there in the control room and very impressive. Arik then orders his goon take get Boaz out of there, with the guard then making a move to remove Boaz.

However, Boaz quickly knocks the guard down, causing Arik to arise and point his gun at Boaz, forcing Boaz to stop. The guard then gets back up and takes Boaz away as Arik sits back down in his chair. Back at his headquarters, ze'ev has arrived to make contact with his employer.

Ze'ev taps his employer's speaker and notifying him that their plan was going to be executed that day within just a few hours from then. The client then expresses that he was happy to hear it, noting that his options on the Greek stock index empire would expire during midnight of that night, but Ze'ev assures him that he had nothing to worry about, promising him that the island would be underwater well before said time. The client then asks if his representative; Nicole could hear him, asking her to follow the news.

The client continues, telling her that as soon as she heard of tsunami in Greece, to transfer the funds into Ze'ev and his cohorts bank accounts. Nicole then agrees to do so, before the Client then thanks Ze'ev for the update, ordering him to go and get some results. Ze'ev then nods his head in compliance and heads off.

Back at the Israeli Space Agency, Alona, Dina and Matti arrive to discover the Space Agency's reception area is deserted, with Dina pondering why it was so deserted at the Agency. Alona then adds that it was a bit strange for the Space Agency to be deserted like that, with Matti then expressing that the last time they'd visited the centre was full of people, but also notes that that was on the Binyamin satellite launch day.

Dina then remarks that even a neighbourhood mall had more security guards than the agency at that point, just as Arik shows up. Dina points out that Arik was the police officer who had administered, her polygraph exam, asking what he was doing at the Space Agency. Seeing the kids, Arik walks over to them asking them how they are and how the ride was, with Dina then revealing that they had a meeting with Boaz Tavor.

Arik then states that he knew and tells them that he'd take them to Boaz. Dina, confused asks what Arik was even doing there as he was a policeman. Arik then asks whether they were actually there to report a crime. Alona then asks Arik if Boaz had called him, noting that it would of been more of a job for the military. Arik then expresses that there was so many questions, telling them that they'd head up stairs and discuss everything, before asking for the kids Louies.

Arik then expresses that it was for security reasons only, with the kids then handing over their Louies, as Arik asks them to come with him. As the kids walk down the steps into the control room, they see one of Arik's goons messing with one of the nearby computers. Seeing the goon, Dina asks whether it was Boaz, with Arik then revealing that Boaz couldn't make it, with the goon then turning a raising his gun at the kids, as Arik asks them to put their hands up to which they comply.

In the Greenhouse grounds, Ellali is sitting outside on the bench, just as Alfie rocks up, sitting beside his sister. Alfie then asks his sister if she was coming to his , game, with Ellali then revealing that she was of course going to be in attendance, expressing she'd do anything to make the day pass by quicker. Alfie then asks Ellali whether she realized that if they won the game that day, they would win the championship.

Ellali then asks him whether he realized that he'd be able to tell their mother soon that he had won the championship, however Alfie says that he couldn't really comprehend the thought of it. Ellali reveals that she shared the same sentiments, asking what she was meant to say to their mother, pondering what you would say to someone who you'd thought to have lost forever. Alfie then explains that every time he had a hard time at the Greenhouse, with there being plenty of them he tried to imagine what their mother would say to him.

Alfie then continues, saying that he wondered if their mother would of been proud of him, with Ellali then hugging him, asking him how proud she is of him. Ellali then expresses that she had just hoped that everything worked out and that the villains wouldn't discover that their mother was alive. Alfie then notes that their father still hadn't called them back, calling it strange.

Back at the Space Agency, Dina, Alona and Matti have been tied together on some chairs, as Dina expresses that she had a feeling that Arik was dirty. Alona then expresses her disbelief that after escaping the bad guys in both Belarus and The Greenhouse that she had ended up walking straight into their trap. Matti then laments that everything was ruined now and that it was all over.

However Dina assures him that it wasn't over yet, with Matti then exclaiming that she was right as they hadn't been shot yet. Alarmed, Alona asks Matti really thought that was what they were going to do, but Dina tells them to relax and not to go hysterical, explaining that had Arik and his men wanted to kill them they would of done it already. Just then Arik and his guard arrive in the room.

Arik asks his goon, whether he could trust him, being told that he could. Arik then says great and notifies him that he'd call as soon as the mission had been accomplished. Arik then walks over to the kids, jeeringly calling them cuties and telling them to have a good time, before he headed off. However just as Arik turns to leave, Dina calls him and his goon two pathetic traitors.

Arik then corrects her, calling himself and his goon "two extremely rich pathetic traitors", laughing and then heading off. Dina then tells Matti and Alona that they should try to be optimistic, noting that the computer Alona had been talking about was just across the room from them, with Alona confirming it. Dina then says that they'd just have to find a way of untying themselves and then get to it, then exerting that it wasn't impossible.

Arik then walks by saying just in case, walking over to the control panel and shooting it dead, and then walking off jeeringly saying ta-ta to the kids. After that, Matti asks Dina whether she was still optimistic about it, as Dina struggles to get free from the ropes. In the Cave, Marcus is watching over Naomi in her stasis pod, asking how his beauty was.

Marcus then explains that while Naomi didn't realize it just yet, but that he was going to awaken her that day, revealing that he had already been reducing the amount of anesthetics within her stasis pod, in order to prepare her to come out of her trance state and that he would then give her one little shot and that then Naomi would be back with them. Just then Marcus gets called out, with him then telling Naomi that he had to head off, wishing good luck to the both of them.

In the main corridor of the Cave, Judy has arrived and asks Marcus where he kept disappearing to, with Marcus then covering up by revealing that he had a few last minute preparation to make within the engine room. Ze'ev then arrives in the Cave, with Judy asking him whether he had talked with their employer, and about their payment.

Ze'ev then reveals that their client would transfer the money into their accounts, once he had heard news of the tsunami. Judy then notices Marcus' face, expressing that she didn't like the face that he was making, however Marcus reveals that it was nothing serious, explaining that it was a little cloudy above the earthquake zone. Confused, Ze'ev asks what that had to do with anything, with Marcus then explaining that the clouds could mess with the satellite's accuracy, adding that it'd be a shame to risk it.

Concerned, Ze'ev steps forward asking how long it would delay their plans, with Marcus then notifying him that the clouds would pass in a little over an hour. However Judy expresses that she wouldn't be able to be there at said time. Ze'ev then asks Judy what she had meant, with her then revealing that she'd be attending her son; Daniel's championship basket ball game. Unimpressed, Ze'ev asks what championship it was, asking whether she was kidding him, but Judy expresses that she wasn't. Just then Marcus reveals that the game would finish in 3 hours and therefore it would be perfect for their plan.

In response, Ze'ev asks why that'd be the case, with Marcus then explaining that the weather conditions would be perfect and that the victory celebrations would be able to cover up any of the energetic side-effects; being buzzing noises and quakes, then asking Ze'ev whether he'd mentioned that already. Grudgingly, Ze'ev agrees exerting that the zero hour would be at the end of the game and that he wanted no more postponements for their plan, as he sat down.

At the gym, Robbie is watching the Eagles basket ball team executing their jogging exercises for the game, just as Natalie arrives on the scene. She asks her brother what had happened to him, with Robbie then revealing that some of the Ravens had executed a chemistry experiment. Surprised, Natalie remarks that it looked painful, but just guesses that that was part of her brother's job. Robbie then reveals that he was pretty sure he'd seen someone who had looked like his sister amongst the Raven students.

Natalie then asks her brother whether there was anyone who had looked just like her at the Greenhouse, with Robbie expressing that she'd ran away when he entered the room, with all of them having ran away. Pretending to be surprised, Natalie says really with Robbie then sarcastically saying that he had hoped nothing bad happened to them. In the changing rooms, Gershon is pepping the team.

Gershon expresses to the team that basket ball could be a cruel game; being that players busted their butts all season long, but that in the end one game would decide it all, meaning that if they managed to lose that game, everything else they'd have done would mean nothing, concluding that in which case he wanted to see blood on the court today, with sweat, tears and a trophy, then telling the team to chant it.

Daniel then begins to get the chant started; chanting "blood, sweat, tears and a championship trophy", with the team then repeatedly chanting it as they hit the air with their fists, with Gershon joining in as well. The team then gets up, while still chanting, centering their fists in the middle and raising them, while chanting "Go Eagles", before heading out onto the court.

In the crowd of the game, Ellali has just come off of the phone, with Iftach asking her what was up, with Ellali then expressing she had a bad feeling. Iftach then assures Ellali that Guri was a big boy and that he was there at home and that she was there at the game, but Ellali then notes that boy was the key word. Natalie then arrives and sits down next to Sophie in the seats below.

Natalie then expresses that she had a bad feeling, with Iftach then telling her that she wasn't the first to say that. Ellali then asks Natalie what had happened, with Natalie then revealing that she had talked with her brother, but that he had an arrogant glint in his eye like he knew something they didn't know. Curious, Ellali then asks Natalie what Robbie had said, with Natalie revealing that Robbie had said that he hoped nothing bad had happened to them, referring to Alona, Dina and Matti.

Iftach then exerts that the three of them were meant to check in every hour on the hour and that the last time they'd texted to him was when they were on their way to the Space Agency and that they still had 3 minutes before they needed to start worrying. Back at the Israeli Space Agency, the guard is making use of one of the Louie's, calling it cool.

Dina then orders the guard to get his filthy hands off of her Louie, as Matti expresses that their friends were counting on them and that now there wasn't anyone around to stop the conspiracy. Alona then blames herself for what had happened, believing she should of known the bad guys would be waiting for them there, but Matti expresses he should of known as well. However Alona then points out that she had dragged them all into the mess, with Matti then saying that they'd all dragged each other into the mess and that they were all to blame.

Dina then asks Matti and Alona to stop it, irritated at their constant exchange of taking blames, telling them to stop being defeatists. Matti then sarcastically says he's sorry, remarking that it was the first time he'd been handcuffed, unlike Dina, before he took it back. Dina then however said it was okay, expressing that they'd just need to hope that their friends assumed something had gone wrong on their end.

Matti then asks Dina how their friends could of possibly known that, with Dina reminding Matti that they were supposed to check in with their friends every hour on the hour. Matti then calls over to the guard, expressing that their plan wouldn't work, as their friends would stop them and that if they didn't hear from them in a minute, they'd be onto them. Irritated, Dina then says that Matti was so stupid.

Over at the console, the guard is working out how to use the Louie, seeing whether he'd managed to figure it out. The guard then discovers that Iftach was asking how the three were, with the guard then falsely typing that everything was fine and that they had arrived at the center safely. The guard then sends the text and closes the Louie, expressing that he loved it. Back at the game, Iftach receives the text, assuring him that everything was fine and as such there was no need to worry.

Ellali, unconvinced by the text, then asks Iftach when the last he had heard Matti use the word dope was, but Iftach just brushes it off, guessing that Matti had picked up the word from Dina. However, Ellali is still adamant, expressing that she still felt something was wrong. In the changing rooms, Judy has arrived to see her son.

Daniel upon seeing his mother, says that it was great to see that had made it, giving her a stern stare. In response, Judy asks her son when she had ever missed a game of his, with Daniel saying that he didn't know and that he thought he was busy. Judy then questions the thought of being too busy for the championship game and that nothing excited her more than seeing her son lift the championship trophy in front of everyone. Daniel then asks if she really meant it, with Judy then asking what was up with him that day.

Daniel assures his mother, that it was nothing and that he had just been nervous before his big game. Judy then expresses that the two of them had been through a tough time as of late and that they both deserved a holiday; being just a few days abroad in order to clear their minds, then asking her son what he thought. Daniel then bluntly asks her when she was thinking of going, with Judy revealing that they could leave that night after the victory celebration.

Daniel then asks why there was such an urgency to head off that night, but Judy tries to express that there was no urgency and that she had just thought her son would be happy about it. However Daniel then reveals that he didn't want to just run off after the game. Judy, confused asks who said anything about running off, then once again asking what was with her son that day. Judy then asks whether there was something wrong, asking whether he had gotten into trouble once more.

Judy then expresses they shouldn't keep any secrets between the two of them, with Daniel then sarcastically expressing that they'd never kept secrets between them. Judy then gives her son a kiss for good luck, calling him a champ before heading off. Back at the Agency, Alona and Matti are busy acting out commands in a chess game.

Dina, in response asks the two of them to stop, with Matti then asking her what she had wanted and whether she had something better to do. Dina then says that she didn't know, but reveals that she had a plan; to try and get themselves across to the computers, believing that there must be an electrical outlet at over at the computers, with Alona then asking what it was for. However Dina then just asks them to trust her.

Alona then looks over at Matti, as Dina gives in just telling them to continue playing chess without a chess board. Alona then tells Matti that it was his turn in their game. Matti then asks Dina what she wanted them to do, with Dina expressing she needed them to help her get over to the computers. Matti then asks Dina what she was going to do, with Dina then just asking them to trust her again. Matti assures her that he did, but wanted to know what she was going to do over at the computers.

Dina then reveals that she was going to take apart the outlet, unplug the wires and then electrocute the guard. After revealing her plan to Alona and Matti, she says that she had known that she shouldn't of told them her plan. Back at the game, everyone is applauding as the game begins.

In the game, the referee sends the basket ball up and Eitan manages to catch it dribbling it down the field and then passing it to Daniel, who then passed it to Ron and back, with Daniel then scoring a net for their team. In the crowd, Iftach expresses to Ellali that he had known how nerve-racking it was to wait like that, but Ellali expresses that it wasn't just that and that she was also worried about her father's current condition.

Ellali then calls her friend; Meshi, expressing that it was her. Back at the Agency, Matti, Dina and Alona are attempting to wheel themselves over to the computer, with Dina steadily knocking a chair into place at the computer. As Dina bends over to take the unit apart, Matti warns her to be careful as she could shocked.

Dina then tells them to relax, expressing that while they were good at chess, she was good at what she was doing, managing to take out some wires in the process. The computers then power down, as the guard arrives back in the control room. Seeing the guard, Matti asks what they'd do now, with Dina expressing they'd need to hurry, moving back into their original position, as the guard asks them what was going on.

Back at the game, Ellali is on the phone to her friend; Meshi, thanking her and adding that she had owed her big time. Meshi in response says there was no problem as that was what friends who never called you were for, before revealing that she had been joking. Looking through the window of the Reshef household, Meshi sees that Ellali's father was at the residence, as Ellali asks whether he was alright. Meshi then asks Ellali to define alright for her.

Ellali then asks Meshi what she saw, with Meshi then looking through the window of the Reshef Household. Meshi then reports that she saw Ellali's father and that the TV was on, being set on Channel 1, but that she wasn't about it, then revealing that the living room was in a mess and that it had looked like Guri was lying on top of the TV remote. Meshi then asks her friend to not get too upset, but also reports that she thought she had seen a few bottles next to Guri, as Ellali then asks what type of bottles they were.

Meshi then apologizes to Ellali, with Ellali expressing her disbelief at the fact that her father was drinking again, with Meshi then asking her whether she was okay. Ellali says that she was sort of okay, with Meshi then curious asking whether something had happened, with Ellali revealing that something had and that she was dying to tell her friend. Meshi then asks her to just tell her, but Ellali expresses that she couldn't do so.

However, Meshi then reminds Ellali that she had told her that she owed her one, and adding that she was listening. Back at the Space Agency, the guard is asking Dina, Alona and Matti why they had moved, with Dina covering up by saying that they were bored and that the view from there was just too monotonous.

The guard then sarcastically calls it funny, but Dina expresses that they were serious and that they were actually going nuts in there, asking the guard to get them some cards, suggesting they played Crazy 8's, but Matti notes that the guard didn't look like a Crazy 8's kind of guy and that he probably liked to play War. The guard then jeeringly remarks that the kids wanted to play War, while holding up his gun.

However, Dina asks the guard not to, with him then lowering his gun, remarking that that was what he had thought, calling them crybabies. The guard then remarks that it was too bad the kids hadn't been taught how to shut their mouths at the Greenhous, with Dina then saying that they had been taught how to identify losers. Irritated, the guard gets up asking Dina what she had called him.

Dina then re-iterates that she had called the guard a loser and that he was such a loser that there was a picture of him next to the word "loser" in the dictionary. The guard then attempts to throw the nearby chair, but is electrocuted after due to what Dina had done to the computer's wiring. The guard then collapses on the floor, with Alona and Matti expressing their surprise, with Matti expressing that that was the most amazing thing he'd seen.

Back at the game, Ellali reveals to Iftach that she believed her father was drinking once again, with Iftach then calling it a bummer. Ellali then expresses her disbelief, exclaiming that she had really believed that her father been done with all of that. Just then Judy gets up and heads off, just as Iftach gets a call from Matti. Iftach asks him what's up. Having hear what Matti had reported, Iftach expresses his concern, causing Natalie and Sophie to turn.

Iftach then asks Matti whether he was kidding, before then understanding what Matti was trying to say. Iftach then comes off the phone to Matti, with Ellali asking him what Matti had said. Iftach then reveals to Natalie and co that there was trap set at the Space Agency, just like Natalie had said, with Sophie then saying that she knew it would happen.

Iftach then goes on, explaining that the bad guys were waiting for Alona, Matti and Dina at the Space Agency and that they had only just managed to escape from them, adding that it would be some time before the three of them could neutralize the satellite. Sophie, having noticed Judy's absence, then asks Natalie why Judy hadn't returned, then telling Natalie that she should head off and see what was going on with Judy. Natalie then complies and heads off.

Back at the Space Agency, Alona has just checked the guard reporting that she didn't think the guard would be up anytime soon, with Dina then saying that they should take back their Louies and get out of there. Alona then complies and grabs their three Louies, handing Dina hers back. Dina then asks if Matti had managed to talk with Iftach, with Matti then nodding his head, as Matti realizes someone unconscious on the floor.

The figure turns out to be an unconscious Boaz Tavor, with the three kids then heading over to Boaz. Matti asks Alona whether she knew him, as she tries to wake up Boaz. Back at the game, Judy is on the phone to Marcus, letting him know that there was three minutes till the end of the game, so that he could get ready, adding that as soon as the game had concluded, she'd arrive and that then they could begin. Natalie then rocks up, confronting Judy.

Judy asks Natalie what she was doing there, with Natalie saying that she thought she'd head and get a drink, asking Judy whether she'd like anything. After having talked with Judy, Natalie arrives back to her seat, revealing to her friends that they had a problem. Curious, Sophie asks what it was.

Natalie then reveals that she had heard Judy say that as soon as the final whistle of the game had been blown, they were going to begin with their plan. Iftach, then concerned asks what they were going to do as the game was almost finished and that Dina, Matti and Alona would never be able to stop the satellite in time. Sophie then tells Iftach to leave it to her, just as Judy comes back. Just as Judy sits back in her seat, Sophie gets up and heads out onto the court, just as Ellali climbs over the seats and heads off.

Sophie then calls Alfie over, with him then jogging over to her. Sophie then whispers the situation they were currently in in his ear. Alfie then heads over to the rest of the team and grabs Daniel's attention, revealing to him that the bad guys were waiting till the final whistle of the game to enact their plan. Confused, Daniel asks who he was talking about, with Alfie expressing that it was "them" and that that was when they were going to begin doing whatever they had planned.

Alfie then expresses that they had to stall the game, but Daniel then asks how they could do so, expressing that their team was leading by 15 points and that there was only a minute and a half of the game left. Daniel then heads over to Gershon and asks him to put Alfie in the game, with Gershon then asking Daniel if he had meant for Alfie to be his substitute. Daniel then asks why Alfie would be his substitute, as they could play two point guards and could then run the clock out.

Gershon then gives in, admitting that they were leading by 15 points anyway, so it wouldn't matter. Gershon then tells Alfie that he was in, asking Eitan to go and rest on the bench, just as Daniel winks to Alfie. The team then put their hands into the middle and raise them in the air before heading off into the game one last time. In the Ravens dormitory, Ellali has arrived and is doing her nails, just as Iftach arrives.

Iftach asks Ellali what she was doing there, with her then expressing that she was sick of waiting and revealing that she was going to head over to the Cave. Iftach then asks where she was headed, guessing the Cave and then asking her whether she was crazy, but Ellali then expresses that she was going crazy waiting around and doing nothing, before saying that her mother; Naomi was in the Cave and that she was going to go and protect her. However Iftach stops her, asking her to wait and listen to him, before that it was a bad idea.

Ellali then questions it, with Iftach just expressing that they should stick to the plan, with Ellali then asking what plan they had as her father was drunk at home, Matti, Dina and Alona had barely managed to escape from the Space Agency and that her mother was lying unconscious in a cave, being totally reliant on a psycho, then attempting to head off. However Iftach stops her once more, asking her to listen to him, just as Ellali says that her mother needed her and that that time she wasn't going to ignore her instincts. Ellali then heads off to the Cave, leaving Iftach behind. Out by the shore, Ellali walks to the Cave.



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