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Great Scott is the eleventh episode of the first season of Greenhouse Academy, premiering September 8th,2017 on Netflix.


In Carter's office at the FBI, Eric is reading Ryan's letter to Carter, as it flashes back to Ryan, who takes a seat at her desk. She takes out a piece of paper from her draw and begins to start writing the letter, as she starts to narrate; "Dear Carter, I hope you never have to read this letter. In the last few years, I've kept a secret from you".

"This tore me apart, because we've never lied to each other. But you deserve to know the truth. For the past several years, I've been researching the connection between magnetic and seismic activity. This space mission was a cover story. The public does not know I am actually on a classified assignment to test out my theory." Just then Hayley calls for her, with Carter telling her that dinner was ready.

Alex then tells her to hurry up, as Hayley would eat all of the cake. Ryan then continues her letter ; "If my theory works, we will have the ability not only to detect earthquakes but to predict when they will strike, saving countless lives. Unfortunately if this technology is in the wrong hands, it can also induce earthquakes. I know there are people out there who will be happy to see our mission fail.

I suspect Judy Hayward, my mission's project manager, but I don't have the evidence to prove it. If you are reading this it means that my concerns are correct and that something has happened to me. My dear Carter, you are the love of my life. Just then Ryan arrives to dinner, with Carter suggesting a toast, as Ryan continues narrating; "It broke my heart to hide the truth from you." The four then toasted to Ryan.

Ryan then goes back into narration; "But I did it to protect you and Hayley and Alex. I love you always, Ryan." Eric then takes out his lighter and begins to set the letter alight, contently watching it burn up. In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Sophie is trying to organize the Halloween party.

As the boys carry the DJ booth, Sophie asks them to move the DJ booth over into the corner. She then walks over to Leo, thanking him for bringing his guitar for the occasion, before then telling that one of her fellow Eagles that while she liked the ice sculpture of the fish, it would be better in the back. Sophie then sees Parker with his jukebox and asks him where he had gotten it from.

Parker then explains that his uncle did props for commercials and that he had let him borrow the jukebox for the dance. Sophie then thanks Parker, calling him the best, while hugging him, as he remarks that he was glad she liked it. Sophie then tells him that she loved it, before telling him that she'd see him later. In the Ravens dormitory, Hayley is on face-time to her father.

Carter asks his daughter whether the focus had been alright, with Hayley then sighing and saying that she couldn't decide which dress she liked more, then asking her father for his opinion. However Carter tells her that he didn't have a clue what she was asking him, adding that her mother never wore dresses. Hayley then asks him to let her take a look at the blue dress again. Carter then holds it up, before Hayley asks him to put it against himself.

In response, Carter notifies his daughter that he had already been late for work, with Hayley then assuring him that she knew and that she was excited that he had managed to return to his old job, before emphasizing how important this job was. Elsewhere in the Ravens dormitory, Max rocks up to Jackie, who's reading a book at the table.

Jackie looks up to him, before he sits down on his knees and begins to continually clear his throat. Feeling awkward, Max then randomly says that until the 1980s Jackie's book was the most censored book in American schools, as teachers had felt like the book was a bad influence, which was most likely the reason the book was popular in the first place. Max then clears his throat one more time, before asking whether she'd like to be his date.

Jackie, then expresses her surprise, before Max re-iterates what he said, believing she needed extra clarification. Max then goes on to explain, that he'd already asked Emma, but found out that she wouldn't be attending the dance and as such he figured that he'd ask her, before asking what she thought.

However, Jackie then just bluntly says no, with Max asking her why. Jackie then reveals that she also wasn't going to the dance, with Max then asking her why she wasn't. Jackie then tells him that she was trying to read her book. Back at Hayley's face-time, Hayley asks her father to show her the other dress. Hayley then asks her father which dress was the most 50's, joking that he'd know as he was from the previous century.

Carter then sighs, and says that he'd ignore Hayley's last remark, as he holds up the next dress. Hayley then sees Max at the table, telling Jackie that the dance would be so fun and that she'd even get to wear a 1950's outfit. Jackie then asserts to him, that she wouldn't be wearing any outfit, asking him to leave her alone. Max then gives in and heads off, with Hayley then just asking her father to send her both dresses, before she closes her call.

Jackie then notices Hayley grinning at her, asking her what her problem was. In the Eagles locker rooms, Daniel and Parker are sorting out their outfits, as Parker asks Daniel whether he could talk to him a for moment. In response, Daniels asks him what was up, with Parker then revealing that he'd be asking him for a small favour. As Daniel agrees to it, Parker then reveals that he'd be interested in asking Sophie to be his date.

Daniel then expresses his surprise, with Parker affirming what he had said, before Parker says that he had figured Daniel could talk with Brooke and see whether Sophie was dating anyone as of then. In response, Daniel asks him whether he was in second grade, further asking whether he had wanted him to pass a note to Sophie in maths class, clearly showing disappointment in Parker. Parker then agrees with Daniel, admitting that he was right.

Just then Daniel hears Brooke laughing and looks up to see Brooke taking a selfie with Alex. Daniel to get up and hobble over, as Parker asks him where he was going. Daniel then suggests to Alex and Brooke that he took a picture of them together, but Brooke assures him that she had already gotten some good selfie shots. Daniel then says that he was sure she had, with Brooke then asking what it had meant, before Daniel bluntly said it meant nothing.

After an awkward pause between the three of them, Alex then suggests that he take a photo of Brooke and Daniel, but Daniel just says that he didn't want to be a third wheel to his party. Just then Sophie, tells Alex that she needed some help with the party decorations. Alex then hands Brooke her Louie and heads over to Sophie. Alex then asks Sophie why Daniel had been mad at him.

Sophie then explains that Daniel was mad at the world, but that she had an idea that would calm him down. In the Ravens bedrooms, Emma is watching a news report about the missing satellite on her Louie, before then closing it and sighing. She then picks up the portrait of herself and her mother from her bedside table. Back in the Eagles dormitory, Parker approaches Sophie.

Parker says hi, before asking her whether she had a spare minute, with her saying that she did. Parker then reveals to Sophie that he'd like to go with her to dance that night. In response to his question, Sophie tells him how sweet that had been, but that Alex had just asked her to go to the dance with her and that she'd said yes.

Parker then expresses his dismay, before Sophie apologizes to him. However Parker assures her that it was fine, with Sophie then telling him that he looked nice in his outfit. Parker begins to thank her, before telling her that he'd let her finish with the decorations, then heading off. In the Greenhouse foyer, Leo is singing and performing on his guitar to the Ravens girls. Just then Hayley arrives from round the corner, asking Leo what was going on.

Leo assures her that it had been nothing, before revealing that he couldn't tell her as it was a surprise. But Hayley is quick to say that she hated surprises, with Leo then promising her that she'd love his one. Carter then arrives through the entrance, asking what sort of school it was, as it seemed none of the students had homework.

Carter then brings over Hayley's dresses, as Hayley hugs him. Hayley then says that she had thought her father was late for work, with Carter then revealing that he had told David Diggs that he had a special delivery he needed to make first, handing Hayley her clothes. Looking around, Carter remarks that he hadn't been to the school in years, then pointing to a nearby achievement board, pointing out that Ryan had been up there when she was a student.

Carter then concludes that as such there was no pressure on Hayley, before seeing the portrait of his wife; Ryan across the hall, calling it nice, with Hayley agreeing. This fact reminds Carter that he had also brought something else for Hayley, producing a red box and handing it to Hayley. He tells her that her mother would of wanted her to wear it's contents that night, with Hayley then opening it, to discover her mother's necklace. Hayley calls it beautiful, before thanking her father.

Back in the Eagles dormitory, Brooke is expressing her disbelief about Daniel's behaviour to Sophie. She tells her that one minute Daniel was fine, but that in the next he wasn't. Sophie then points out that Daniel was obviously going through some troubles, but that it didn't mean Brooke deserved to bare the brunt of it.

Brooke, then says that that was what she had been saying, then realizing that Daniel was just mad at her because of the fact that she had accused his mother of the car accident. In response, Sophie says that Daniel may of been right, noting how protective Daniel was of his mother, before telling Brooke to not ruin the dance for herself, as she and Daniel were just going through a rough patch and that in reality they were a great couple.

Brooke then thanks her friend, before asking Sophie about herself and Alex. Sophie then reveals that she had told Alex to ask her out, as a way of getting Daniel off of his back, then remarking that Alex wasn't afraid to be himself, adding that she that was pretty cool. Elsewhere in the Eagles dormitory, Parker is upset at Daniel for not following through on a favour.

Parker exclaims that he had asked Daniel for a favour, once in a gazillion years and that now he had no one to go to the dance with, with Daniel then asking Parker whether had been blaming him. Parker then says yes, with Daniel then expressing his disbelief at how naïve Parker was, before bending in and calling Alex a snake.

Daniel explains that Alex had pretended to be their friend and that then he had gone behind his back and hit on his girl-friend and that Alex was then trying to come between the two of them. Daniel then continues, bringing up the fact that Alex was the one who convinced him to tell Parker to stop running for captain. Parker then expresses his disbelief, just as they see Alex on the phone to his father.

Alex assures his father that he was on his way, before coming off the phone and apologizing to Brooke about what had happened with Daniel, but Brooke tells him that he didn't need to do so, as he did nothing wrong. Alex then heads off, with Parker rudely pushing past him. Alex then looks over at Daniel, before heading off.

In the Greenhouse cafeteria, the Halloween party has been set up, with the students dancing to the music produced by Parker's jukebox. Parker watches Alex and Sophie dancing with each other, while he's DJing. While they're dancing, Alex asks Sophie why Parker was mad at him, with Sophie then saying that she had been afraid of this happening. Alex asks Sophie what she meant, with Sophie reminding him of when she got him to ask her out, revealing that Parker had asked her right after.

Alex then asks her whether they should tell Parker about what had happened, but Sophie tells him that that'd only make the situation worst. Alex then says that he was screwed, while Brooke tries to offer Daniel a nibble over at the adjacent table. In the Ravens dormitory, Max is helping Leo to do up the buttons on his outfit, with Max reminding him that it was best for him to do the top button and 1 other button up.

Leo then tells Max that he knew how a suit worked, just as Hayley arrives. Upon seeing her, Leo wolf-whistles, with Hayley asking him to cut it out as they say hi to each other. Just then Jackie walks out in a red dress, with Max walking up to her, surprised at what she was wearing. Jackie tells him that she felt weird and couldn't breathe. Max then lifts up his goggles and says that Jackie looked so different.

Max then insists that he had meant that in a good way, with Jackie then asking him whether he had remembered the rules. Confused, Max says that he didn't think he did, with Jackie then beginning to list them off. She first says no slow-dancing, with the next rule being not to call her his date. Max then agrees to do so, quoting Doc Brown's famous quote; "Great Scott", prompting Jackie to come up with a third rule; being to not quote Back to the Future, the two then head off.

Back with Hayley and Leo, Leo is busy doing her necklace, as Hayley remarks that he had been dying to kiss her. In response, Leo sarcastically asks Hayley whether she was always willing to get right to the point, with Hayley then saying that she had just remembered that Leo had said that kissing her wasn't a good idea. Leo then remarks that he said a lot of stupid things, with Hayley saying she'd keep that in mind, before the two have a kiss.

The pair then head off to the dance and arrive to the cafeteria, where it was all set up. The two hold hands and meet up with Alex and Sophie, with Sophie asking whether the two of them were dating. Leo then jokes that he was sure they'd find out on Sophie's blog the next day, with Hayley then asking Alex whether he'd seen their father, before remarking that he had looked great.

Alex then agrees with her, saying that he was happy that their dad was back at work, with Leo then cutting in and saying that he was also happy about it. Hayley then asks her brother, whether he had thought that things were beginning to finally fall into place, but Alex then reveals that every guy in his clubhouse hated him.

Alex then looks over at Leo and asks his sister had managed to swing it, as he thought Leo had choked. Hayley then reveals that Leo had indeed come to his senses, with Alex then noticing Hayley's necklace and pointing out that their father had told him that he brought her the necklace. Alex then assures Hayley, that their mother would be proud of her, before seeing the way that Max was dancing in front of Jackie.

As Max continues to erratically dance in front of Jackie, she asks him to stop, as it was embarrassing her. Max then explains that his mother had made him take dance classes since the age of 5 and that she had said the skills he learnt would come in handy if he became the president and had to dance at a state dinner. Jackie then sarcastically says it was the same at juvie.

Max, then naively falls for it, prompting Jackie to give him a funny look. Over the other side of the dance, Brooke is trying to cheer Daniel up, trying to get him to dance. However Daniel then points out his crutches, before Brooke suggests that they just danced slowly, but Daniel just ignores the idea and takes a sip of his drink. In the Raves dormitory, Emma is ready for the dance and standing in front of Max's chess board.

Emma takes a chess piece from the board, putting it back, before phoning Brandon Thomas of NASA. However, Emma is unable to catch Brandon and just gets the answer machine. Emma then attempts to leave an answer, introducing herself as Emma Geller a student from the Greenhouse, explaining that she wanted to talk to them about what happened to their satellite , before then hanging up and finishing her message. Emma then picks up a chess piece, and checkmates the layout on the board.

Back at the dance, Hayley and Leo are dancing, just as Sophie arrives with two glasses of punch for herself and a dejected Parker, who was sitting glumly at the fountain. She offers him a punch, before sitting down and joining him. Sophie then points out that Parker's jukebox was a great idea, before calling him a great DJ. Parker then thanks Sophie, before Sophie holds a toast.

Sophie then realizes the time and notifies Parker that she had to head off to the front of the cafeteria . In Louis' office, Jason has intercepted Emma's message to Brandon Thomas and is listening to it through his laptop. Back at the dance, Sophie announces that she had a special surprise for them, before introducing and inviting Leo up to the stage. Leo then rocks up to the stage, slinging his guitar over his shoulder.

He tells the crowd, that the song he was going to play was an oldie, but a goodie, adding that he hoped they could keep up. Leo then begins to start strumming and playing away on his guitar. Max then continues to dance around an embarrassed Jackie, with Brooke and Daniel watching on. Jackie then tells Max that there was a good reason his dance moves were extinct.

Just then Emma arrives at the Halloween party, with Max walking up to her and exclaiming Great Scott. Max then states that he didn't know Emma liked Back to Future, with Emma then revealing that she had memorized the entire movie, adding that she'd seen it 64 times. Max then takes out his model flux capacitator, with Emma asking whether it was as such. Max then reveals that it was, handing it to Emma.

The two of them then begin to dance, as Jackie nervously watches them. Back up at the stage, Leo continues to play on his guitar. While he's dancing, Alex looks behind him to see Brooke, who then gets up to start dancing. Daniel asks her where she was going, before she reveals that she was going to have some fun, before heading towards Alex, as Leo continues to rock out.

After a while, Leo finishes his song, then introducing the next song as a song that he had written for someone special that he had met recently. The students then cheer, as Leo reveals that the next song was for Hayley, with him then beginning to sing his song. Leo continues, while out in the Greenhouse foyer, a new arrival appears and listening to the music, makes her former beau's music makes her way to the cafeteria.

Back in the cafeteria, Brooke sees the glum look on Daniel's face, with him them seeing Jackie, who's also alone and they share a mutual toast. As Leo continues to sing his song for Hayley, the new girl arrives in the cafeteria, grinning upon seeing Leo. Leo then stops, as Aspen strides up to him, before he asks her what she was doing there. Aspen then says it was a surprise, before leaning in for a kiss, as a shocked Hayley watches on.