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Welcome to the Greenhouse Academy students! here you will learn about the new and upcoming Tween Drama show; the Greenhouse Academy based on the original Israeli version, the Greenhouse by Giora Chamizer. Learn about the characters, locations and episodes in this encyclopedia for the franchise and most of all enjoy!

Greenhouse Academy

Greenhouse Academy is about the fierce and strong Hayley Woods as she and her kind hearted, jock brother, Alex Woods navigate their away around life after their mom dies in a space shuttle crash. A few months later the kids join Greenhouse Academy, a school for future leaders. But behind the school, there are a lot of conspiracies that will threaten the existence of these 2 teenagers and their friends forever.

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Caroline Dorothy Grace Van Dien better known as Grace Van Dien is a well known American actress and the daughter of the famous American actor, Casper Van Dien, who played the role of Brooke Osmondduring the first and second seasons of Greenhouse Academy.


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