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Userboxes like this are a fun way to decorate user pages. However, there are a few rules applied to these userboxes

Hayleo4.jpg This user's favorite ship is Hayleo


  • Do NOT put any of the staff userboxes on your page if you aren't apart of the staff members listed. This includes userboxes such as the admin userbox. You may not put this on your page unless you are an admin/whatever staff member the box lists for that category.
  • Do not tamper with the userboxes. If you mess up the userbox templates, then you will not be able to use it anymore
  • Do not edit the templates for the userboxes. If you would like to make a suggestion about what boxes should be made or if you would like to change anything write it here
  • You can add as many as you would like to your userpage
  • Do not bash another user for their userboxes. Just because someone else doesn't like the same character/ship as you doesn't mean that you have to bash them and report them.
  • These boxes can only go on your user page hence the name Userboxes. Please refrain from putting them elsewhere. However, if you would like to them on a blog post, that would be ok too.
  • Do not make any more userboxes then there already is
  • You may not change the picture of your userbox as that is part of the template
  • Please be mindful and respect everyones opinions with these userboxes